Chapter 1: Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men Chapter 1

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men

This is my own fictional story made solely by me and my fantasies all likeness to real life people have given unto me their permission to be used and this story will take inspiration from but never exactly parody any real life book, movies, etc. all of it is my own makings





Chapter 1: A Day of Disappearance

*On the route 1 bus taking children home from school*

Cody: (with a joking smile) “My day was awful”

Friend: “You think your day was bad? Just ask me about mine! Come on I dare you!”

Cody: “I will take my chances and say, so how bad was your day?”

Friend: “Well it all started in 2nd period”

Cody: not this again

*after the bus drops off kids at the first stop*

Cody: (walking) “boohoo the kids made my feelings hurt. Gods she will need to learn how to deal with stuff like that if she ever wants to function in society.” (Touching bruises) “She does not know true pain yet.”

*inside of Cody’s house, a light off Cody is rummaging through his backpack*

Cody: I do not feel good I am going to lie down *some time passes* “Ugh, I have not been feeling good all day and I do not know why. I do not FEEL sick” *proceeds to lie down in bed and closes eyes*

*A cold wind starts to blow over Cody’s face and a voice beckons*

???: “Wake up Champion, you have much to do.”

Cody: (with wide eyes) “huh? Where am I?”

*What was once a dark and almost unhospitable house is now a beautiful landscape covered in lush green fields and nearby a large blanket of snow*

*Cody looks towards the fields and the snow and ponders*

*Cody proceeds to walk towards the snow covered landscape and disappears behind a forming snowstorm*

*Two days pass* *News reports plays across the nation*

News Anchor: “In other news, a local family is still searching for their son who mysteriously disappeared Monday afternoon on January 1st; we go to Bill with the story”

*In front of the school*

Ashley: (to a friend) “I can’t believe he is just gone now”

*Inside a classroom*

Aiden: (to a group of students) “What do you guys think happened with Cody going missing?”

*In the parking lot*

Kai: (looking at phone) Bro, we talked just yesterday. Why won’t you respond?

*During the school news*

Student Anchor: “An update on the missing student case, Police Officers reveal some shocking information about the missing student, Cody.”

Recording of the Officer: “He was last spotted entering his home on Monday, and thanks to the parents and landlord’s permission we were able to investigate and one thing stands out. Cody was home that afternoon but he never left, there were no signs of any struggles or tampering with the household, and no other person or persons entered the house after Cody. It is almost as if he vanished from thin air”

*Students clamor and gossip*

Kai, Ashley, and Kai: (In Unison from their respective classrooms) “How?”

*Meanwhile inside of a snowstorm*

Cody: I picked a bad day to not bring a jacket, how long have I been walking for, it feels like my body is slowing down

*Cody walks for a while longer then his body begins to tremble uncontrollably*

Cody: No I have to keep going… if I don’t I will freeze here… (Begins to cry) “I DON’T WANT TO DIE!”

*Over the hills of the mountainous region a band of soldiers are marching not far from Cody’s location*

Soldier 1: “Princess! Did you hear that?

Princess: “That I did. Where did it come from?”

Soldier 1: “Just over those hills, Milady”

Princess: “All forces with me, to investigate!”

*Cody begins to collapse in the snow*

Cody: (life draining from his voice) “no, not like this. I was supposed to be more than this disappointment of a person”

*The Princess’ hand reaches to pick up the near dead Cody*


*Cody passes out and is awaken hours later in a large wooden room lit with candles and flying lights on a bed made of a silken and smooth material*

Cody: “Huh, where am I?!”

Masked Man: “Finally awake are we? Good, she has been awaiting your resurrection”

Cody: (silent with a face of fear and losing color in his face)

Masked Man: “Get me a Cleric! The color has drained from his face once more!”

Cody: “C…C...Cleric?”

Masked Man: “Aye, boy. To heal your wounds”

*The Princess enters the room with a woman cloaked in black and white carrying a staff*

Cleric: “He lives.”

Princess: “The lot of us thought you dead, yet here you lay”

Cody: “Who are you?”

Princess Lelorra: “I am High Princess Lelorra of the Drakla Empire.”

Cody: “Whoa, whoa, whoa, Princess? Empire? There are no Empires left on Earth. The last of them fell after the end of the Third World War.”

Princess Lelorra: “Earth? I have not heard of that nation and we have mapped the entirety of Aragoth and no such nation exists.”

*The Princess turns to the Masked Man*

Princess: “Mage, is he weak of the mind?

Cody: (in the background) “MAGE?!”

Masked Mage: “Not from what I could tell from what was recovered from his sack. He is rather intelligent if not a bite clumsy and lazy”

Cody: (still shouting in the background) “WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? WHAT IS A ARAGOTH?!”

*The cleric approaches Cody and attempts to calm him down*

Masked Mage: “Horrvik told me that there was a gargantuan spike of magical power erupting from the world just mere moments ‘fore the boy was spotted, and look at his clothing. It is not from here, perhaps he speaks truth and he is some outlander from far away.”

*Princess Lelorra returns to Cody*

Princess Lelorra: “Forgive my rudeness, young sire, but may I ask that you elaborate on this Earth you speak of?”

Cody: “Yes, I can.”

Masked Mage: (angrily) “He lacks discipline; you were told who you speak to, were you not? You will address the princess with her full title or not at all!

Cleric: “Master, Be easy on the boy. He has been through much to get here. Pray tell he may even be more worthy of respect from where he comes from.”

Princess Lelorra: “Hyfer, Crimsa, you are both excused so that I may converse in peace. Please wait by the doorway for me.”

Cleric: “Of course, Milady”

Masked Mage: “If I must. Be wary, Princess. He may very well be an assassin from Alltra.”

*The masked mage and cleric leave the room*

Cody: I am dead, I am in purgatory, this is me repaying for my sins in life

Princess Lelorra: “Now that we have some peace, pray tell me of where you hail”

Cody: “I do not know how you cannot know what Earth is? Earth is the world we apparently live on, and I… hail… from a place called Germany, but I was raised in a land called America.”

Princess Lelorra: “You said the world was called, Earth? Nay, young sire, the world is called Aragoth unless you hail from another world all together” *Lelorra begins to laugh before she dons a straight face and stares into the distance for a time* “Do tell me what these Germany and America are like?

Cody: “Germany is located in Eastern Europe, it is a land of the most powerful people in the world who have faced terrible hardships throughout history” *Lelorra’s curiosity becomes piqued* “It is a harsh land with a harsh language, but it is home to me and the best of my family. America… Ooooh how to explain that? America is a den of disparity. Home of the vilest people on the planet!”

Princess Lelorra: “Sounds as if we share many views on some of our bordered people. Come I seek to learn much more about you and everything you can tell me, but my father wishes to have an audience with you.”

*Lelorra reaches down to help Cody out of bed*

Cody: (with surprise) “Woah!”

Princess Lelorra: “What troubles you?”

Cody: “You are a woman, but your … hands are so big and muscular. They are almost as big as mine.”

Princess Lelorra: “Ah that makes sense. Here in the Empire men and women alike must be strong and capable or we cannot survive the harsh condition of Drakla’s weather, but please come forth my father is anxious to see you.”

Cody: “You said you were a princess? So WHO exactly is your father?”

Princess Lelorra: “Emperor Artorious: The Dragon Fire.”

*Cody and Lelorra walk off into the dark hallway beyond the room*


Submitted: January 16, 2019

© Copyright 2020 12345Megas. All rights reserved.


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