Chapter 10: Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men Chapter 10

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men

This is my own fictional story made solely by me and my fantasies all likeness to real life people have given unto me their permission to be used and this story will take inspiration from but never exactly parody any real life  book, movies, etc. all of it is my own makings




Chapter 10: The Lord of Drakla and Alltra

*Everyone in Cody’s quarters is groggily and slowly getting up from their minimal amount of sleep*

Fella: (With composure) “Milady Ashley? Have you seen the Lord? He is not in his bed.”

Ashley: (Sleepily) “Cody? No I have not.”

Mina: (Already prepared) “Fella. He said that he was not feeling ‘mentally ready’ and that he was going to get some fresh air on the rooftop.”

Fella: “Thank you sister. (To Ashley) Milady, could you please fetch him? I would but, we need to clean up and get Greggory up for he is sleeping still.”

Ashley: “Of course.”

*Ashley goes around the castle asking guards for the easiest way to the rooftop and then proceeds up there where Cody is sitting in his golden armor, looking to the sky*

Ashley: “Good morning Cody!”

Cody:*looks over to Ashley* (Quietly) “good morning.”

Ashley: “What’s wrong?”

Cody: “Nothing of consequence.”

Ashley: “Really?”

Cody: “Indeed.”

Ashley: “I know you’re lying, Cody. Please tell me what’s wrong?”

*Cody sighs*

Cody: “You know I take medicine for my condition right.”

Ashley: “Yeah.”

Cody: “It is supposed to help me be mentally stable all the time and be able to function in society better, well I never take it anyway but I feel like it might help with something like this.”

Ashley: “Like what?”

Cody: (tearing up a bit) “Stopping me from seeing dreams of the soldiers who died at that battle, cursing me, saying that if I had done better, they would still be alive and well!”

Ashley: “Oh my god I’m so sorry.”

Cody: (Somberly) “I had one of the Battlemages early this morning show me your fight in the arena through astral projections. You did amazing, if you were at Moor Velok instead of me so many more people would be alive and that Alltrian Commander would not have escaped, you would have brought him to justice.”

Ashley: “You mean killed him? Please Cody I know I have not done anything like that yet, but if I am a Chosen Hero like the Emperor says I will have to do exactly what you did soon enough. It is the price of war.”

Cody: (Angrily) “YOU THINK I DON’T KNOW THIS!?” (Calmly) “I am sorry, that slipped out. I am not mad at you, I am mad at myself, because I was raised in a family that taught me to understand that, but I am too much of a coward to actually carry it out.”

Ashley: “It’s okay, I’m sorry I pushed you like that.”

Cody: “Artorious wants you to meet the gods soon and answer whatever remaining questions you may have.”

Ashley: “Wait? The gods?”

Cody: “Yes, they are very much here and alive. We leave soon, once the Emperor is prepared. They owe me some answers as well.”

Ashley: “Oh?”

Cody: “Smell that air? Clean, crisp. Nothing like home.”

Cody looks towards the cold and bright blue sky and takes a breath of the clean air of Drakla and Ashley proceeds to sit next to Cody and continue to speak to each other

*Some time passes and then an Imperial guard comes up onto the roof*

Imperial Guard: “You two! Milady, Milord. The Emperor requests of you.”

Cody: “That’s our que.”

*Cody and Ashley follow the guard and walk to the steps outside the castle leading to the Temple of the Three where Artorious meets them*

Emperor Artorious: “I am pleased you two could make it so early.”

*The sun is shining brighter in the sky now giving some warmth to the cold snowy landscape*

Cody: “Anything for you, your excellency.”

Emperor Artorious: “Now we head for the Temple of the Three.”

Ashley: “What is the Temple of the Three?”

Emperor Artorious: “You will soon see.”

*Ashley, Cody, and Artorious walk off towards the Temple*

Emperor Artorious: “Now, Ashley when we get there please be on your best behavior, you will be speaking to gods after all.”

Ashley: (Nervously) “Okay!”

Cody: “Don’t worry it’s not so bad when you get to know them.”

*The sound of a small explosion in the distance*

Emperor Artorious: “What is that?”

*A flare can be seen in the sky by a nearby Imperial City and just below the Emperor, the Dreadlord can be seen running slowly up*

The Dreadlord: “Your excellency! The Alltrians have been spotted at Moor Valkor! The Alltrian Prince, Lorian leads them!”

Cody: “No, not Lorian!”

*Cody runs off to join the Dreadlord who hands Cody his weapon and shield*

Emperor Artorious: *Grabs Ashley’s arm* “You need to fight with them, and so will I, but I need you to come with me to the Temple first, now!”

Ashley: (Nervously) “Okay, okay, okay.”

*Emperor Artorious runs to the temple with Ashley behind him while Cody and The Dreadlord make haste to Moor Valkor*

*The Three gods are already in waiting for the Emperor and Ashley to arrive*

Atmora: “Artorious, you are late.”

Ashley: Oh my god why are they so scary looking?

Emperor Artorious: “You know what is going on don’t you my master.”

Atmora: “Of course we do!”

Lorvek: “You there, Ashley!”

Ashley: (scared) “mah… me?”

Lorvek: “Yes you! We have need to speak with you, but you must first deal with the traitorous Alltrians first.”

Tallsen: “Take this axe.”

*a golden axe that seems to be made out of light appears*

Atmora: “That is the Holy Axe, Kremhildt. It will keep you safe in the battle to come.”

Emperor Artorious: “Tis one of the most valued treasures here in the Imperial Armory.”

Ashley: “I thought this was a Temple?”

Atmora: “Tis many things young dear. Where better to harbor legendary treasure than with the gods themselves. Now make haste!”

*The gods fly up and away leaving a giant gust of wind to knock over Ashley*

Emperor Artorious: “Now as you hold the axe say this spell.”

*The Emperor speaks in an ancient dialect and Ashley stumbles while repeating it while holding the axe and armor appears around her body*

Ashley’s armor glows with a golden light. The helmet has no face mask or plate and lets the user be revealed and is made entirely of gold and has horns on either side and gleaming blue gem on the forehead of the armor. Her armor has a turtle neck style gorget that covers her neck and she has golden pauldrons that cover her shoulders and her upper arms, 2 golden armbands are on either side of her upper arms as well made of metal. She has form fitting metal armor that clings to her chest and lower body. She has a golden skirt that almost matches her helmet with a blue gem at the belly button and it covers down to her upper thighs and her metal boots cover up her legs to just below her metal skirt with bulging golden knee pads and form fitting boots to protect the user while her golden gauntlets cover all of her hands and lower arms. All made from a divine golden metal. Her axe is shaped like a key and covered in a flowing gold mist that glimmers when moved and is one handed which makes it fit in one hand but is big enough to be held in both hands. It seems to be able to change its form to the users liking.

Emperor Artorious: “Now go! I will meet you there. A Wyvern Rider will take you to Moor Valkor.”

*Ashley now donned in her armor and holding her weapon runs out of the temple with the Emperor following close behind her as Wyverns take to the sky and a Wyvern rider comes to fetch Ashley*

Wyvern Rider: “Hero! Get on!”

The wyvern rider is wearing armor that looks to be made from some kind of bronze stone and has a helmet that covers his entire face with a small slit for eyesight and horns jetting from each side like a fantasy Vikings helmet, his broad shoulder pads are made from the same material as the rest of his armor and are shaped like the top half of a dragon’s maw. The armor is meant to look draconic like the beast they ride on with the body armor made of the bronze stone but forged to look like a dragons rough stomach hide. The gloves and books are circular and fitting to the wearer but have indents and forging that make it look like the hands and feet of a dragon underneath he wears a blue leather for clothing for where the armor does not cover around his upper thighs to allow for movement. He has a long silk skirt around the lassets of his armor, which spikes downwards and could poke someone and hurt them quite badly. And the armor has feathers arranged into wings around the shoulder blades of the armor. His lesser wyvern is black with a large purple saddle on it that hocks up to the dragon’s mouth for reigns.

Emperor Artorious: “The whole city is marching! Who gave this command and how did so many come to know of it?”

*Ashley gets on the wyvern and flies off reaching the city quite fast*

Wyvern Rider: “When the Dreadlord came to know of the attack he sent out an Astral Projection to most all of us, my lord!”

*Ashley is fidgeting on top of the wyvern*

Ashley: “Oh my god!”

*When Ashley is finally set down upon the dragon, the wyvern rider flies off to engage in battle with the Alltrians*

When they arrive they see the Alltrians have mages who are flying in the air firing magic at the Wyvern Riders, Ashley is set down on a big hill above the city, before the Wyvern Rider flies off, and she can see Imperials and Alltrians have already engaged in combat with each other, thanks to the distance from the Imperial Capital and other military cities the Empire has Knights who have already arrived on foot. Moor Valkor is much larger than Moor Velok. Valkor looks more like an actual city with hundreds to thousands of citizens either fleeing from battle or grabbing their armor and weapons to join the Imperial Military in combat against the Alltrian mages who are trying to raze their city to the ground. From the hill Ashley can see Prince Lorian of the Kingdom of Alltra on a beautiful white horse with silver and gold armor but its details can’t be noticed very well from where she is at. He is commanding his troops from the back lines of the battle just outside the city and he has a silver sword that is perpetually on fire in which he uses to give out commands and, on an occasion, shoot a long-ranged torrent of fire at an Imperial flying or coming too close to him. Artorious can be seen atop his black and red dragon in the sky, it is not a wyvern like the rest of them but a Great Dragon that does not need a saddle but listens to every command of the Emperor. The Emperor is wearing his black and gold dragon armor but he now wears his helmet which is shaped like Atmora’s serpent head, and he has a long black caped flowing from his back, tightened to his armor. He has a long sword that looks to made to look like a chainsaw blade which, despite its large size, he can easily wield with one hand as he slashes at his enemies in the sky and on the ground. Unlike Lorian, the Emperor is giving his commands from the front, fighting with his men instead of holding fast in the back. Every now and then he jumps off his dragon and lands on the ground to attack some mages before going back onto his mount and fighting in the skies. Cody can be seen near Ashley’s location with Mina and Fella. He is doing battle with multiple Alltrian mages. Except he is wearing his full armor with his helmet and a red short cloak and his spear and shield. He is doing very well other than the fact that he looks like he is trying to fight like someone from a video games. At one point he impales a mage and puts his spear on the ground pointed up and kicks it to let the mages body fall onto the ground in an elaborate and time consuming fashion. His war cries can be heard from where Ashley is. He is clearly angry as that is when his true strength comes out, and he savagely attacks the mages who throw many elements and spells at him to try and kill or hinder him. Sometime during the battle Cody charges lightning through his armor and weapon then shoots it from his spear at the mages and going from each of the mages killing them all in seconds. The Dreadlord can be seen every now and then through buildings, normally walking slowly, with bodies impaled all across his huge blade. Ashley, shocked, finally finishes up taking in the battlefield and runs to join Cody just as Imperial Archers and Alltrian mages shoot volleys of arrows or fire at each other. Mina and Fella seem to have smitten a good many enemies for Cody on the battlefield and are battling Alltrian reinforcements nearby letting their master fight his fight without any interruptions, but they constantly look back to check on him to make sure he is doing well.

Cody: (almost crazy sounding) “Nice of you to joins us Ashley. Arth thou ready to kill these godless pigs!?”

Ashley: “This is a lot to take in I didn’t know this is what war was like.”

Cody: “You get used to the battling, but not what comes after.”

*Cody rushes off to intercept Alltrian mages who just came into view and he skewers one before dueling the other and finishing the mage off with a stab to the head*

Cody: “Come hither Ashley! To arms! For The Empire!”

As mages attack Cody and Ashley with lightning and fire the instincts Ashley gained at the arena come back to her but they seem to be in overdrive compared to before and she grips her weapon and reels back and then jumps farther than she ever has before and cleaves the head of a mage right off and as the mages reel back to start shooting lighting, frost and fire at Ashley, Cody comes up and blocks their spells with his large shield. Cody uses his length of his spear to grab one mage and bring him towards him while Ashley goes after the other mage realizing that her armor lets her fly by forming golden mist wings, she soars over to them. She is letting instinct take over and help her fight. The mages take tomes from their many belt pockets and summon weapons made up of elements one mage has a fire sword and the other has a lightning sword. She enters a vigorous duel with the mages blocking attacks then countering with most of her counters are simply grazing but some manage to cleave a mage, ending with them being defeated at her hands.

Cody: “You’re pretty good at this for it being your first ever true battle!”

Ashley: “Thanks, I don’t know just instinct takes over and I start doing this!”

Imperial Knights lead by small time battalion leaders pass by every now and then in large defensive formations blocking attacks from Alltrian mages and then letting soldiers rush the enemy and dwindle their numbers. The Knight’s commanders are wearing the same armor as the knights but with either ornaments or some degree of color or metal alternation to show position like as if they were patches on a uniform. While the battle seems to be going into the Empire’s favor it is not without cost as the many dead bodies of Alltrian mages are next to piles of ash or shattered remains of a once Imperial Knight. Ashley and Cody continue to fight through the mages into the centers of town where they can see the hill where Alltrian Artillery Mages are shooting at the Imperial Archers and Crossbowman. They continue to fight in the town square rescuing survivors until a familiar voice to Cody is heard.

Alltrian Commander: “Look who is all grown up and a die-hard killer now.”

Cody: (With contempt) “You!”

Alltrian Commander: “That’s right you irreconcilable urchin!”

The Alltrian Commander this time does not wear his face mask and his pale white skin and glowing veins are open for the eyes to see except his eyes are now glowing a light blue energy but instead of looking holy it looks rather evil since his hooded robe is casting a shadow over his face that makes him look like a monster.

Cody: “You…You nearly got me executed!”

Alltrian Commander: “They tried to execute you for failing to kill me (Laughing) how true to them! Do you not see boy? Those barbarians will do that to anyone they deem weak. Why do you fight for such savages still?”

Cody: “Fighting for savages? People who acknowledge strength as comparable to position rather than by superior or inferior birth is beyond base savagery.”

Alltrian Commander: “Then you are no better than them.”

Ashley: “Cody? Who is that?”

Cody: “A man who I will enact my vengeance upon!”

The Alltrian Commander reels back and grabs his tome and summons his swords made of fire once more but now they have a gleam of black inside of them. Ashley can feel Cody’s anger at the mage commander and prepares herself for a fight.

Alltrian Commander: “For Alltra! For the future of mankind!”


The two charge at each other, the commander throwing slashes of fire that travel towards Cody but he blocks them with his shield and when he gets within range Cody shoots lightning from his spear at the commander who dodges with acrobatic precision. Every time their blades meet fire and lighting clash and create a large boom that can be heard across the entire battlefield. Alongside the sounds of the Imperial’s and Alltrian’s war songs being played from a safe distance away. Imperial Knights can be heard fighting the Alltrians around the square where Cody and the commander do battle.

Cody: “Tell! How did you get your men this deep into Imperial territory without detection?!”

Alltrian Commander: “Your lot do not deserve the answer!”

Ashley flanks around and tries to cut the commander’s back but he dodges with impressive skill and Ashley ends up hitting Cody who is unaffected by the attack due to his armor’s impressive protection factor. Across the battlefield the Emperor decides to assist his men, and to the detriment of the town, he orders his dragon to breath fire around the nearby Alltrian secured parts of the city, it effects part of the square, and now Ashley and Cody do battle in a scorched flaming town square. The Alltrians are now confused and fighting less effectively and even the Commander is losing his way in the chaos. Nevertheless they continue to do battle for a while, exchanging blows, guarding, and countering until a wave of energy come blasting through the city and breaks a building in half causing it to fall and break in the town square staggering everyone nearby and in this opportunity Cody shoots a lightning bolt from his hand at the commander and it hits his foot blowing a hole through it and causing to him to fall.

Alltrian Commander: “Filthy savage, I can’t believe you had it in you, even if you did have help! I will see you again and when I do, I will kill you and take my prize as Hero Hunter.”

*He starts cackling as he starts to motion his hands for his teleportation spell*

The Dreadlord: “Not so fast wretch.”

*The Dreadlord appears from the wreckage of the house and teleports quickly behind the mage and grabs the commander’s hands and then releases one to grab at his neck hoisting him in the air and beginning to choke him*

Alltrian Commander: (Choking) “What? No!”

Ashley: “What are you doing? He was beat, let him go.”

*Cody puts a hand on Ashley’s shoulder*

Cody: “His continued existence is hurting the Empire, he must die. If he does not, all the innocent people who died here will be for naught.”

Alltrian Commander: (Choking) “Please don’t kill me! I’m sorry! I don’t want to die, please!”

*The Dreadlord’s grip become tighter and the color starts draining from his eyes and face all turning a bloody red*

Ashley: “No! Stop!”

*Cody takes off his helmet and merely looks away and covers his ears*

Cody: “Do it.”

*The Dreadlord snaps the commander’s neck with his hand just before he asphyxiated and throws the lifeless body onto the floor*

Prince Lorian: (Rides up) “No! He was one of my best commanders.”

Alltrian mages: “The commander is dead! What do we do Prince Lorian?”

*It seems the snap of the commander’s neck caused the fighting to stop as all the Alltrians felt his life leave him and stopped fighting*

Prince Lorian: *looking around at the enraged Imperials*

Prince Lorian: “Full retreat!”

*Prince Lorian rides off on his horse with a few of his cavaliers behind him and the mages begins to teleport out of the city*

The Dreadlord: “The day is won.”

*The Emperor lands to give out a victory speech to the saluting and shouting Imperials while, Ashley and Cody converse*

Ashley: “Did he really have to die like that?”

Cody: “Die, yes. Like that, no. He was a monster that did not care if people lived or died. He needed to be stopped to help end this conflict, such are the sacrifices, but we should not stoop to their level of barbarisms”

Ashley: “I know but is it right to kill someone who surrendered?”

*The Dreadlord walks up to them*

The Dreadlord: “Yes and no. In war there is no right or wrong, good or evil, there is two sides each fighting for what they believe is best. Even the worst of men have the best intentions or believe what they are doing is for what we would consider ‘the greater good’.”

Ashley: “I…Think I understand”

*Emperor Artorious walks up Mina and Fella as well*

Emperor Artorious: “Another victory thanks to you all! Come we head back to Castle Draklor for a feast to celebrate and the people of Moor Valkor will join us for the feast and sanctuary until their city is rebuilt.”

Cody: “Huzzah!”

Ashley: “Wow that sounds nice right about now.”

The Dreadlord: “Pay heed who we let in. I will, regardless, meet you at the castle, your excellency.”

Emperor Artorious: “Make haste and do not be late and keep me waiting.”

*The Emperor and all the Imperials walk or ride off*

Cody: “Ashley, we should go now too. I am starting to not feel too good.”

*Cody begins to shiver despite it not being cold out*

Ashley: “Mina, Fella I need help getting Cody back!”

Mina: “Yes, Milady!”

Fella: “On my way!”

*The four begin to catch up slowly with the rest of the Imperials, Cody on Mina’s back*

The Dreadlord: “hmm?”

*The Dreadlord walks to the dead commander of the Alltrians*

The Dreadlord: “Why here? Why now? What purpose does it serve attacking these locations?”

*The Dreadlord grabs something from the commander’s many tools*

The Dreadlord: “I wonder.”


Submitted: February 14, 2019

© Copyright 2020 12345Megas. All rights reserved.


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