Chapter 11: Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men Chapter 11

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 150

Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men

This is my own fictional story made solely by me and my fantasies all likeness to real life people have given unto me their permission to be used and this story will take inspiration from but never exactly parody any real life  book, movies, etc. all of it is my own makings




Chapter 11: Kai: The Invincible

*Kai is sitting in his car outside of his house*

Kai: Man my head has been hurting all day. I think I will head in lay down and maybe hop on some games after this headache goes away.

*Kai puts his face in his hands and holds them there for a few minutes before removing them to see a wide beautiful forest, he now sitting atop a rock*

Kai: “What!? Where am I?”

*Kai begins wandering through the forest, he runs into shining trees and green lush brushes*

Kai: “Okay, what happened? Did I get drugged?”

*A group of Alltrian mages are near the forest with spells in hand that glow bright to illuminate the clearing, peering in narrowly spotting Kai*

Alltrian Mage 1: “Sire! I think we found one!”

*An Alltrian mage wearing a similar outfit to the last Alltrian commander walks up to Kai with his men*

Alltrian Commander: “Good. Seems our luck has taken a fair turn.”

Alltrian Mage 2: “Sire, what are our orders?”

Alltrian Commander: “Scour the woods. Find the outlander. Bring him to me. We can’t let the Imperial scum get to this one, lest those dogs defile our border!”

Alltrian Mage 1: “Yes, sire!”

*The Alltrian mages begin to enter the forest*

Kai: I hear rustling

Kai: “Is someone there!?”

Alltrian Mage 3: (Looking back) “I found him!”

*The small Alltrian group converges on Kai’s position and the Alltrian Commander approaches Kai*

Severen: “My name is Severen. Do you speak All by any chance?”

Kai: “Sup bro. The name’s Kai. What are you wearing?”

Severen: (clears throat) “Yes, it is good to know we speak the same language at least.”

Kai: “Where am I, man?”

Severen “You are in the border territory of the Holy Kingdom of Alltra, Aragoth’s finest kingdom, blessed by the gods themselves.”

Kai: “The what? What is an Aragoth? What’s Alltra?”

Severen: “Oh yes. You are of a different world. There is much to explain to you. Will you come with me to the Golden City of Altor? Our King will explain all there.”

Kai: “Yeah, sure. It beats being stuck outside and starving.”

Severen: “Then please, come with us.”

*The mages and Kai start to walk out of the clearing*

Severen: “Pray tell, Kai? How is your world like?”

Kai: “It’s pretty cool, I mean, I can’t complain. Got food, a home, a beautiful girlfriend. I mean what couldn’t you want?”

Severen: “Then you have something to fight for, well, well.”

Kai: “huh?” what is this feeling?

*Kai turns around to see a black knight with a cape made of darkness and grand armor watching him from a distance then disappearing before his eyes in a dark veil*

Kai: “Yo ho hoho!”

Severen: “What is it?”

Kai: “Nothing man. Nothing.”

*The Alltrians and Kai march for a good amount of time reaching Altor, The Crown Jewel of Alltra*

Altor is bustling with people. Many people are conversing with each other while at market stalls or inside of stores and customer service centers like saloons and barbers. Almost everything in the large city is made of ivory, gold, or some prismatic mineral. The city itself could be worth trillions of dollars. Towers dot many parts of the city with blooming lights erupting from the top of them, lighting the sky with a golden gleam. Kai and the Alltrians start to walk on a pathway made completely out of a refined marble through the city and to a giant gleaming silver castle. Kai notes that the people are adorned in glamour like and expensive looking dress suits or ball gowns. Every person in the city looks to be rich and or in high standing.

*As the group approaches the castle they are stopped by knights wearing silver armor with white and golden feathers*

The knights have silver winged helmets that are jagged and pointy but crisply refined. The men have standard ornate shoulder guards which cover exactly that, they have engraving of most likely Alltrian history upon them. Their gauntlets reach to where their shoulder guards end covering them in modest but protective armor that would be fitting of a knight of old Earth. However their breastplate and most of their upper body armor is shaped like a tower protecting the wearer in stone shaped metal, they have waist lassets that have a chainmail skirt attached to them that only goes down to about their thighs, in their front and back regions they have a leather cloth that comes down to just above the ankles and flows in the wind, and the chainmail is underneath their armor covering over it like Earth knights. They have feathers that are formed like winged that come from their shoulder blades meant to make them look like angels and each knight has a large two-handed sword engraved to look holy and religious. Their metal boots and leg armor match their gauntlets and upper arm armor almost to an eye other than they are designed for the legs instead of the arms.

Severen: “And why are the Royal Guards stopping me now?”

Royal Guard 1: “You know all too well, Severen.”

Royal Guard 2: “Citizens are not permitted in the King’s castle without his majesty’s direct summons.”

Severen: “Not even a Chosen Hero?”

*The guards are physically taken aback*

Royal Guard 1: “If you speak truth. Then.

*The Guard takes a moment then looks back towards the gate*

Royal Guard 1: “Open the gate!”

*The gate opens to a bridge over a mote leading to the insides of the silver castle*

Kai: This place is freaking lit

*The groups walks inside the main chambers*

The main chamber has golden decoration and decorative furniture all over the place with large tables and gleaming glass chandeliers. rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and all sorts of gems are put into every decoration including shields and swords made to be plastered on the walls. The ground is made of marble with a beautiful blue silk rug. There are at least a dozen people in the main chambers currently tending to it all, cleaning the glass of trophy cases, using magic to vacuum, and cleaning and re-arranging the castle to look as pristine as possible. Pictures of the King Drella III are put onto each side of the room along with praying stations underneath them. The hallway that leads to the throne room has silver carved depictions of beautiful looking dragons blowing fire through their mouths into a torrent above a man holding an orb. As Kai and the Alltrian Commander Severen enter the throne room, the remaining mages leave them behind and let the two walk in alone. Kai sees that the King’s throne room almost mimics the main chambers except it has a large throne made of a giant diamond and expensive looking furs in the center of the room, with large circular tables around it, obviously for the King to give his decrees.

Kai: “This place is awesome.”

Severen: “This could become your home for a time. If you let it… Let me get his majesty.”

*The Alltrian Commander Severn walks off*

Kai: “I wouldn’t mind living here for a while if I get some of this.”

*Severen and three men come into the room*

Two men are dressed like butlers and are holding the long flowing red and white cape of the third man. The third man is blonde with blue eyes and a long beard. At least 6-foot-tall and wearing shining golden armor similar to the depictions of King Arthur. He is King Drella III of Alltra.

King Drella: (With a welcoming smile and manly voice) “Welcome, welcome! I am King Drella the third of the Holy Kingdom of Alltra. What is your name?”

Kai: “Hi, I’m Kai.”

King Drella: (Scowling a small bit) “Kai. What a wonderful name. Please you must have many questions.”

*Kai and the King converse about many things such as how and why Kai is here and what the future entails for him and how he might get home*

King Drella: (Stroking his blonde beard) “This is quite the conundrum. First let us get you settled in one of the private guest rooms before we solve all these riddle now why don’t we?”

*King Drella claps his hands and three maids appear and bow before him*

King Drella: “Girls, please escort Kai here to his chambers for the time being.”

Three Maids: (In unison) “Yes, my King.”

*Kai is led by the maids off to a room similar to the throne room but far more compact *

Kai: “Hey!”

The room is large enough for multiple people, but it is somewhat compact as it is filled with elegantly designed wooden furniture, golden decorations, and many other unneeded commodities. At the middle end of the room is large king-sized bed with blue silken drapes around it and to the left and right side of the bed are dressers made from a light carved wood trimmed with ivory. The room is dark but it can be lit with the clap of anyone’s hands and like magic the room lights up to a bright shine. Revealing that there is a large sauna tub in the far right of the room and it is accompanied by everything for a spa day and to the far left of the room is a large mirror with a table stand and chair for preparing oneself in the morning and in the middle of the room is a large circular rug with a small six person table for sitting and dining leaving much of the golden walls barren of anything but ivory edged windows and glass chandeliers upon the ceiling leaving much of the room still open for customization.

Kai: “This is mine?”

Maid 1: “Yes it is.”

Kai: “Cool.”

*King Drella enters the room*

King Drella: “What do you think of your new room, Kai?”

Kai: “Dude, it’s awesome.”

King Drella: (with a face of visible discontent) “I am so glad you approve. Now I think you would do me a favor in return.”

Kai: “What might that be?”

*Prince Lorian and Prince Kaylen walk into the room*

Lorian: “Fight for us. Fight so that we may beat the Empire of Drakla and have peace return to Aragoth.”

Kaylen: “We know you are a Chosen Hero, anyone can tell by the clothes you wear. Not of this world they are.”

King Drella: “We need your help if we are to have any chance to fend off the evil of Drakla from infecting our great kingdom.”

Kai: “You want me to fight a war?

 King Drella: “Yes. Drakla is an Empire ruled by Artorious: The Nefarious. He is known by his people as the Dragon Fire Emperor. He sends his troops across the border to burn our towns, villages, and cities. They slaughter our people like animals and skewer  and hang them out as a symbol of their barbarism. They will ravage Aragoth until there is nothing left. We are the few that will fight out against those monstrous men and preserve peace and bliss in these lands. We will not succumb to evil and we will defeat them! But recently they have taken a new General into their forces. He has been given the title of Uber General, The Dreadlord they call him, a monster in armor that destroys all that stands in its path. I also hear that the first two Chosen Heroes who came here got captured by the Empire of Drakla and are being tortured and kept in Draklor. Poor souls lost in that hellhole, suffering, we need not only stop Drakla, but save the Heroes as well from those barbarian brutes.”

Kai: “What!? That’s awful. I would help, especially if I get this, but I have never fought in a war before. How could I help you stop an Empire?”

Lorian: “We know you have power beyond measure. We felt your coming. My brother and I are very magically sensitive.”

Kaylen: “You, along with the other heroes who came here, unleashed massive amounts of magical energy when you arrived.”

King Drella: “I can feel magic within you, Kai. You need only unlock it.”

Kai: “Magic? You serious? Yeah you look like medieval times things, but magic too? I can’t believe that.”

King Drella: “Then let me prove it.”

*King Drella summons a large axe made completely out of light and stabs it into the ground and it sends a shockwave through the room and out to the city grazing everything with its magical light.”

Kai: (Shocked) “Holy! …. Okay. I believe you now!”

King Drella: “Since you have been here I have heard the calls of the gods. I think if you concentrate for a while you will hear it too. Please try. I shall return shortly.”

*The King waves his hands and the three maids along with the Princes leave the room*

Kai: concentrate he says, ha

*Kai walks towards his bed and lays down with his feet hanging off the side with his hands on his forehead and begins to drift off to sleep*

Kai: “Huh?”

*Kai, in his slumber, can see pictures running through his mind of the golden city of Altor and the pictures lead him through a maze of districts to a large grave site where inside a tomb he can see a pedestal with a lone book sitting on top of it*

Kai: “A book.”

King Drella: “You can see it can’t you?”

Kai: “What? When did you get in here?

King Drella: “Just now, dear boy. I would know if you could see it. Above them all, Bryndhildr: The Tome of Life.”

Kai: “What does that mean?”

King Drella: “It means follow me.”

*King Drella and Kai walk through the city to the large grave site*

King Drella: “This is the Garden of the Fallen, the royal grave site of Alltrian royalty. Here lies the Tomb of the Elders where we store holy and legendary artifacts from long ago. It is said the room inside changes to whoever enters. Go face the inklings of your destiny Kai.”

Kai: (skeptically) “Okay, your majesty.”

*Kai walks up to the tomb and opens the door where a grey smoke emanates from the floor as he walks in*

Kai: “Woah.”

Kai is in an empty stone room with rays of sunlight shining on a pedestal with a tome upon it. The purple and black book glows as Kai approaches and when he picks up the book he begins to change. Kai’s hair begins to grow somewhat as it turns from a dirty blonde to a golden white and grows out below his shoulders and just above his pecks, he grows a beard that reaches about a few inches from his chin and wraps around his face, despite his new hair color Kai does not look old as it is not the typical white you would see on a graying old man, His hair shines with the sunlight and the book launches itself onto Kai’s waist and a beam of light surrounds him and causes his clothes to change into a lightweight armor. Kai now has a jacket shaped turtle neck armor that covers his body. Inside is a light white fur that warms the wearer. His shoulder pauldrons are made of hardened leather with chainmail forged into it making it light but very protective and his gauntlets are made with the same hardened leather but strapped with small flexible metal rods. His torso armor is made again from the same hard leather but it has many pouches and bags which can be used to carry additional items, and as layered protection, the entirety of his legs are covered in the same armored leather that covers his body and underneath the armor he has a small flowing cloak which allows him to move and be covered up in either warm or cold environments comfortably. The tome, Bryndhildr is now attached at his waist and glows energy that goes into Kai’s head filling his brain with the knowledge of countless spells and incantations he can use alongside base magic and enchantments. He can also use it to enhance himself. The room is now a little emptier with the book gone from the pedestal and without the light shining on that same empty pedestal, the room seems to have naught more for Kai so he walks out of the room adorned with his new outfit and powers.



Submitted: February 16, 2019

© Copyright 2020 12345Megas. All rights reserved.


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