Chapter 12: Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men Chapter 12

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men

This is my own fictional story made solely by me and my fantasies all likeness to real life people have given unto me their permission to be used and this story will take inspiration from but never exactly parody any real life  book, movies, etc. all of it is my own makings




Chapter 12: The Inching War

*Kai walks out of the tomb with Bryndhildr in hand*

King Drella: “Kai? Is that you?”

Kai: “Yeah.”

King Drella: “My, what a drastic change you went through.”

Kai: “I felt the changes happening; I could hear voices telling me how to use spells and powers that were used over the centuries. It was trippy.”

*The King throws his cape back and places his hands on his hips revealing his garments*

Drella is currently wearing a white silk gown, around the neck and around his wrists are rubies trimmed inside the silk and gold runes are set all along his waist and down to the end of the gown.

King Drella: “Does your mind feel any different?”

Kai: “Yes, I feel almost like a different person with all the arcane knowledge I have now.”

King Drella: “What if I told you, currently, Bryndhildr holds about one percent of its magical power.”

Kai: “You mean…”

King Drella: “There is still so much for you to learn. White, Black, Blood, Moon, Holy, Corrupted, Dark, Upper, Lower, Time. All the magics to learn, even Enchanting, Incantations, Magical Alchemy, and more.”

Kai: “I could learn all of that?”

King Drella: “All of that and more if you would fight for us.”

*Kai stands in silence thinking about all the options and what he could do with the magic if he controlled it all*

King Drella: “I will not force you into anything, tis’ your choice. I only hope you will help preserve this splendor and happiness with us. Alltra is a land of beauty and magic so you would not be in any short supply of anything you desire.”

*Kai raises his head to meet the King’s*

King Drella: “Worry not. Give it time. I do not expect an answer right away. Let us head back, rest in your quarters while you decide; I will have some of my servants make you lunch. It is rather late after all and you have not eaten since you’ve arrived here.”

Kai: (Smiling) “Thank you, my king.”

*Kai and King Drella walk back to the castle through the main streets, King Drella with a knowing smile on his face*

The main street, Gala Street, is large and long that stretches around the main section of the city titled, The Beauty Sector. It is lined with stores or service companies and houses dedicated to nobility. Marble streets, ivory pillars holding silver and gold buildings up, and people dressed in extravagant and expensive looking attire ranging from unique tunics to the most elegant of dresses. Men strut around in their golden or diamond studded tunics and women in their ruby and emerald trimmed dresses. Kai and King Drella soon make it back to the silver castle

*Inside the King’s throne room*

Kai: “So, King Drella. Does everyone in Alltra live that like?”

King Drella: “If you mean in luxury. Then yes, most people.”

Kai: “Most?”

King Drella: “Alltra is the land of the gods and therefore most people here are born with innate magical abilities that helps bring them closer to the gods however some forlorn souls are abandoned by the gods and are without magical abilities and cannot be functioning members of our society. They get cast out to the Slums, which were once beautiful before the inhabitants let it dry out and lose its splendor, where they live alongside more of those who are unable to cast even the simplest of magic. It is sad that the gods abandon these people, but I refuse to send them away destined to die in the harsh world outside of Alltra.”

Kai: “Dude, that sucks. At least you care about your people though. I would probably never get to live like this back home.”

King Drella: “Being a King at times is hard. Speaking of, I have business I need to attend to, so if you would, rest in your quarters or adventure around the city and become accustomed to it. I will send someone to retrieve you in time to get your answer on my proposal. Oh, and do not be a feared to open your mouth, the people are my servants therefore they will not hesitate to help you should you need anything.”

*King Drella leaves the room and Kai stands in the throne room alone except for Royal Guards that guard the entrances and exits to various rooms*

Kai: I guess I will head back to room and see if I can get anything from there. King Drella did say something about lunch

*Kai walks off towards the hallway to his room where a shapely young woman in a black cloak runs into him on his way back to his room*

Young Woman: “Oh! Milord, I am so sorry. I…I…I was trying to…”

Kai: “Hey, hey, don’t worry about it okay. Why are running around?”

Young Woman: “Oh I’m sorry, my lord father told me to fetch some food from the market stalls for our dinner later tonight.”

*She gasps and bows then takes off her hood*

The Young Woman has long brown hair and brown eyes with fair olive skin; she stands at about 5 feet 6 inches. She is very shapely and beautiful and she is covered in a light black cloak with what seems to be leather pants and a silk shirt underneath the cloak

Young Woman: It can’t be, it’s impossible. My eyes are, merely playing tricks “I am from far up north from a small village known as White Garden. I am daughter to the governor who rules the village in King Drella’s name.”

Kai: “Oh really? That’s interesting. Would you like to come with me? A Chosen Hero, to talk more about where you come from. I am still new here and would like to get used to this place.”

Young Woman: “Oh, I would love to, it would be an honor, but I have errands I need to run. I am sorry.”

Kai: “Don’t worry about it.”

*The young woman runs off again and Kai makes it back to his room and sits on his bed*

Kai: This place is interesting, but there is almost something familiar about it

*Kai grabs an elaborately designed pillow and looks at the trimmings of the Alltrian crest*

Kai: “Huh, a crown surrounded by lightning.”

The Alltrian Crest is a golden crown surrounded by two pillars of blue lightning on a white background.

*Kai can hear some clamoring going on outside and he can just make out some words from the people*

Alltrian 1: “Where did she go?”

Alltrian 2: “Find her!”

*Kai gets up and heads to the door to see what the ruckus is all about and when he opens the door he sees Prince Lorian mid-knock standing there.*

Prince Lorian: “Hero! May I have a word with you?”

Kai: “Yeah, for sure dude.”

Prince Lorian: (somewhat insulted) “Thank you.”

*Prince Lorian walks into Kai’s room*

Prince Lorian: “His royal highness, my father, said that you went through magical changes once you obtained Bryndhildr. Did you by chance see…The future?”

Kai: “No, I did not. Why?”

Prince Lorian: “Just some jesting cur made a fool of me a week back and I wanted to see if my tactical wit alongside the knowledge of the future would help me get my vengeance.”

Kai: “Vengeance? On who?”

Prince Lorian: “The Dreadlord. He killed one of my best commanders and I want him to pay.”

*Lorian walks away and into the light of a torch revealing the intricacies of his armor*

Lorian stands at about 6 foot with short black hair and a clean shave. His armor mimics his fathers in some ways but is silver instead of gold and is without a large cloth covering the torso armor. He is currently without a helmet and has a silver gorget that meshes with his shoulder pauldrons which are smooth and flow gently over his shoulders. His torso armor is tight and form fitting showing Lorian’s thin appearance, he has 2 lassets on the side of his waist connected by a chainmail skirt which goes to just above his knee. His leg and arm gear is nothing special and of normal design fitting and protecting the wearer but the armor upon his knees and elbows are large circular plates with the Alltrian crest engraved upon them.

Prince Lorian: “I am both a magical and tactical protégé of Alltra and being bested by some Imperial dog will not be what I am known for! I need to…”

*Prince Lorian is cut off by a knocking at the door*

Kai: “I’ll get it.”

*Kai opens the door and in walks in an Alltrian mage*

Alltrian Mage: “Milord Lorian, we must speak.”

Prince Lorian: “It seems our time has come to an end. Kai, we will speak more some other time.”

Kai: “Alright. See you.”

*Prince Lorian and The Mage leave the room*

Kai: I think I will fight. These people are so passionately against the Imperials of Drakla, there must be something evil about them. I might as well do my part for this luxury I have been given.

*Kai looks at the door and then to his table which has a hot lobster dish prepared for him*

Kai: “Oh, I almost forgot about that!”

*The scene is now at Castle Draklor inside the throne room, The Dreadlord enters*

The Dreadlord: “Emperor Artorious!”

Emperor Artorious: “Yes, Master Dreadlord?”

The Dreadlord: “Another one! Alltra took him!”

Emperor Artorious: (concerned) “You mean?”

*The Dreadlord merely nobs its helmet-clad head*

Emperor Artorious: “Then we must take extreme measures. Mobilize the troops. We need to send a quick message and I know just the way to grab Drella’s attention. Make for Rosecliffe and occupy the town, for the time being, and make sure no one is harmed.”

The Dreadlord: “Yes, Milord.”

*The Dreadlord starts manically cackling as he walks off from the throne room*


Submitted: February 19, 2019

© Copyright 2020 12345Megas. All rights reserved.


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