Chapter 13: Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men Chapter 13

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men

This is my own fictional story made solely by me and my fantasies all likeness to real life people have given unto me their permission to be used and this story will take inspiration from but never exactly parody any real life  book, movies, etc. all of it is my own makings




Chapter 13: A Duel with Dread

*King Drella is in his throne room with Prince Lorian and Kaylen along with officials and nobles of Alltra*

Noble 1: “The Empire has made no major moves in quite some time. I think we should proceed with caution.”

Noble 2: “Severen’s division has drastically become rebellious since the death of their previous commander, and a divided army is a weak one.”

Prince Kaylen: “This is soon to be a full-fledged war. What are we supposed to expect other than problems?”

Kaylen is about 5’10 with short black hair like his brother but he has much larger eyebrows and a rounder face, while not being overweight. He himself is clean shaved as well and wears similar armor to that of his brother and father but his looks more like steel instead of silver or gold and he has a dark blue cape that flows from the back of his armor. King Drella now is wearing a large golden crown, with at least one of every precious gem on it, around his head with his armor that looks similar to his children’s except it is pure golden with platinum and has a large red cloth that covers most of it which bears the Alltrian marks of royalty.

Prince Lorian: “I will directly take control over Severen’s division if I must to restore order.”

Noble 3: “We must not make the royals work on such trivial matters. We need order, and we need it now so our Princes can work on making tactical moves on the enemy.”

King Drella: “I agree. The more we bicker and squabble amongst each other, the more the Empire will have an upper hand in this conflict.”

Noble 4: “Well said your majesty.”

*Kai is outside the war meeting room talking with a guard*

Royal Guard: “They are in a meeting right now Lord Hero, I cannot let you in.”

Kai: “Oh, perfect, because war is what I need to talk to the King about.”

Royal Guard: “If I lose my head, you are to blame.”

*The guard opens the door and lets Kai in as the room does quiet to his approach*

Kai: “King Drella, I think I will fight for Alltra and help preserve the peace and advance my knowledge of the arcane arts.”

King Drella: “This changes things.”

Noble 2: “The addition of a Chosen Hero will turn the tides.”

Noble 3: “Even those irreconcilable monsters would be no chance against someone of his magnitude.”

Noble 4: “We might just win now.”

Prince Lorian: “We have never seen him even fight. He could be a militaristic liability on the battlefield.”

Prince Kaylen: “Lorian! You think the wielder of Bryndhildr is a military liability? Then I have doubts about your tactical prowess.”

Prince Lorian: (Facing Kai) “Then let him prove it first! (Facing the King) Father, we have reports that the Imperials threaten Rosecliffe, send Kai to see if he will, or can, stop the growing Imperial presence there.”

King Drella: “I thought the Imperials have made no major moves in months?”

Prince Lorian: “They have been stationed there for a day or so and have just bolstered their forces recently which now concerns us however they have made no move against us, so currently nothing to worry about. Currently.”

Prince Kaylen: “If it was nothing to worry about then why are you sending a Hero there?”

Noble 1: “I was not informed of this. I had heard the same thing as the King, no movement from the Empire of Drakla.”

Prince Lorian: (Angrily) “Because I was baiting the Imperials! (Calmly) I wanted to rectify my defeat at Moor Valkor and trap the Imperials and take them down and grab information that could lead us to victory, especially since I suspected the camp to be an observational post, one with tactical information, I needed to bait them into a sense of security.”

King Drella: “You mustn’t sacrifice yourself at that cost! We need to work together not divided. Next time report to me about anything that threatens us or you will be punished.”

Prince Lorian: (Stubbornly) “Yes father.”

King Drella: (Facing Kai) “Now Kai, I want you to go with Lorian to Rosecliffe.”

*A courier runs inside*

Courier: “Milords, Rosecliffe is under attack by the Imperials!”

Prince Lorian: (shocked) “Already?”

Noble 2: (under his breath) “Foolish child.”

King Drella: “What is the status of the area!?”

Courier: “In combat sire! The troops sent me for they need reinforcements, they are burning the city to the ground, noncombatants are being executed!”

King Drella: “Send a contingency detachment right away! Kai, Lorian! Get there now, make haste!”

Prince Lorian: “Yes Father! (To Kai) Let’s go!”

Kai: “Alright, time to test how good this Bryndhildr really is!”

*Kai and Prince Lorian run out of the castle*

King Drella: (solemnly) “Gods protect you both.”

*Lorian leads Kai to the stables where a white-gold horse and a brown-black horse are waiting for them*

Prince Lorian: “Kai, you know how to ride a horse, yes?”

Kai: (proudly) “No.”

Prince Lorian: (With a frown) “Good thing this horse listens to orders. Okay, Kai, just get on the horse and it will follow mine. We head to Rosecliffe.”

*Kai mounts the brown-black horse while Lorian mounts the white-gold one as they set off quickly*

Prince Lorian: “Have you ever fought anyone before?”

Kai: “Oh, yeah! I have my fair share of fighting experience.”

Prince Lorian: “Good, anything helps.”

Kai: “Where is Rosecliffe?”

Prince Lorian: “It’s a quite fair way away from here actually.”

Kai: “What’s it like? How will I know when we get there?”

Prince Lorian: “You can’t miss it. It is a large village set atop a mountain cliffside overflowing with roses.”

Kai: “Sounds like a nice place.”

Prince Lorian: “Very much so. We would vacation there when we were little to play in the rose fields, my brother and I, Father would normally be doing business with the Lords of the town.”

Kai: “Then let’s save your childhood.” (Kai starts laughing at his joke)

Prince Lorian: “I hope we can. From what I have heard the … Imperials, leave nothing standing, nothing alive. It all ends up in ruins.”

(A dark aura starts to fill up in Kai and Lorian)

*Kai looks down at his horse and then back up to Lorian before going silent the rest of the trip there, which takes about two hours from the full speed of the horses, which go quite fast compared to horses on Earth*

Prince Lorian: “We are here.”

The entire town is either burnt to the ground or in absolute shambles, with some fires still burning on the fields, the Imperial camp can be seen from the top of cliffside, the camp is on the other side of the ravine dividing this section of Imperial and Alltrian territory. Everything that was once part of the town is practically gone leaving a large no-man’s land from the town to the base of the mountain. Alltrian mages are assembled outside on a rose field just below the mountain side.

*Kai and Lorian quickly ride to the group of mages*

Kai: “How did they get here!?”

Prince Lorian: “They used teleportation magic, and before you ask, no I did not do it because then you would have probably got lost trying to get here.”

Kai: (sarcastically) “You read my mind.”

Prince Lorian: (To the troops) “Report!”

*The troops line up and do a quick bow before an Alltrian commander, in their usual white and gold mage outfit, walks up*

Commander: “All Alltrian forces and a good portion of the townspeople have been vanquished sire. Men, woman, and children gone. By the numbers though only about a fifth of the town was put to rout, many escaped, but no soldier survived.”

Prince Lorian: “Why is it so quiet then? Where are the Imperials?”

Commander: “The Imperials left for their camp on the other side of the mountains, sire.”

Prince Lorian: “How did this happen so quickly, what was done to stop our men, what allowed to get here to begin with, why did they destroy the town instead of occupying it!?”

The Dreadlord: “Now those are the very questions that vex me as well.”

*The Dreadlord is standing atop the broken town hall and his voice can be heard even from the Alltrians who are at least 100 meters away*

Commander: (Fearfully) “The….The Dreadlord.”

*The Dreadlord leaps from the town hall and crashes onto the ground leaving a small crater. his black and red, cape and dress long armor skirt flows in the wind as he walks up to the Alltrians, slowly, wielding his large 6-foot sword in two hands*

Prince Lorian: (From atop his horse) “Hold fast men!”

The Dreadlord: “Worry not coward prince. I am not interested in you. I seek answers, especially from the one who stands before you.”

*The Dreadlord points to Kai*

Prince Lorian: “Coward? How dare you!”

*Kai quickly interrupts*

Kai: “Who are you? What do you want? Why did you do this?”

The Dreadlord: “I am the Dreadlord: The Enigmatic Blade of the Empire, the Flames of Oblivion, the Inexorable Lord. Like I said I want answers!”

Kai: “Why me? Why this town?”

The Dreadlord: “I tire of repeating myself. I seek to know what transpired here!”

Prince Lorian: (Concerned) “You are either a liar or a fool! You set this flame on my town!”

The Dreadlord: “I see you are being quite irksome, even more so than your usual, Prince. Perhaps your friend there will be more compliant.”

Prince Lorian: “No! Men prepare to rid yourself of this scum!”

The Dreadlord: “As is the way of Alltra, Incompetence personified.”

*Lorian puts his right hand in the air and throws it outwards signaling his troops to attack the Dreadlord*

The Dreadlord: “Good.”

Four Alltrian mages quickly run up igniting fames in their hands preparing to fight. The air and sky is dark gloomy and gray caused by the dying fires of the town. The Dreadlord starts walking slowly up to the mages with his sword in both hands. The Mages start throwing fireballs and other flame-based spells at the Dreadlord. He either side steps to dodge them, blocks or deflects them with his sword. The mages then cause torrents of fire to come flying at the Dreadlord. The Dreadlord now practically on top of them swings his giant sword and despite the mages agility the sword is too big to dodge at such close range and one mage has his entire body cut in half with one swing. The Dreadlord quickly spins over to the next mage and with a swift, yet extravagant, movement cuts off the other mage’s head. Another four mages call out for reinforcements and this gives the Dreadlord time to close the gap and cut the legs off one, and spins around to blast a blue magical force from his chest launching the other mages flying away. The Dreadlord leaves them there to suffer and turns to face the oncoming mages and now arriving cavalry knights of Alltra.

Kai: “Stop! Fight me, not them!”

Prince Lorian: “No, Kai!”

Kai: “I will fight you mano a mano.”

The Dreadlord: (Jovially) “Finally, an honorable one. (Sternly) You face the wielder of the legendary blade Kriegsbringen, slayer of gods and destroyer of men. (Vigorously) Let me see your convictions!”

*The Alltrian troops, at Lorian’s reluctant command begin to back off to give Kai and the Dreadlord ample room to fight*

Kai: I can do this!

The Dreadlord: “Would you offer me proper sport, perhaps entertain our consciousnesses for a while?”

The Dreadlord starts to slowly walk to Kai with his giant sword in hands while Kai can feel a rush of adrenaline and ignites ice and wind on his right and left hands respectively. Kai shoots a gust of magical wind with his left hand at the Dreadlord who strikes at it with his sword and stops the magic. Kai then shoots large icicles from his right hand at the Dreadlord who puts the sword in front of himself to block the barrage of deadly ice. Just before the Dreadlord is in striking range Kai backs up and throws his hands in a circle above his head and shoots a volley of magical arrows down at The Dreadlord who grabs his cape and uses it to block all the arrows. Kai continues to back step and move around not letting the Dreadlord get too close and put himself in danger.

Kai: This guy is easy! How did those soldiers die fighting him?

The Dreadlord sticks his sword in the ground with much might and it stands there like the sword in the stone as the Dreadlord speaks

The Dreadlord: “Tis high time you face my magical might.”

Prince Lorian: (From the background) “GET BACK!”

The Dreadlord makes fists with both his armor covered hands and becomes covered in black fire and red lightning; a storm starts to pour rain down from above on them. The Dreadlord cups his right hand and throws it up causing a volcanic eruption of black fire to come from the ground and hit Kai causing him to fall over. The Dreadlord laughs manically at the sight. With his left hand he causes lightning to strike directly on top of Kai wounding him badly. He then Launches clusters of fire and lightning to hurt and toy with Kai. The Dreadlord, for a moment, gives Kai time to recover.

The Dreadlord: “Is that all for a Chosen Hero?! Ha, pathetic urchin! Just as weak as the lapdogs of this foul state!”

*Kai recollects himself and stands up ignoring the searing pain*

Kai becomes angry and can feel the power from his emotions and starts throwing countless spells at The Dreadlord ranging from volleys of magical energy to blast of fire and ice, going as far as to even summoning rocks to try to club the Dreadlord with. With each magical attack the Dreadlord blocks or dodges, just barely, and tries to riposte with his magic but is too focused on surviving the attacks instead of countering them and misses most of the counter attacks. Kai wants to end this duel and he summons large quantities of magical energy and light appears above the Dreadlord, Kai now glowing with magical power starts floating as volleys of godly rays fly from the sky above The Dreadlord and pound into the Imperial General furiously. As Kai calms down to see The Dreadlord squatting on the ground he is relieved to see the battle is over, however, slowly, the Dreadlord gets back up to reveal that on his body covering armor, not one inch of it is even scratched.

The Dreadlord: “So you do have some power after all. Well then let me show you mine!”

The Dreadlord throws out his right hand with his claw like armor and Kriegsbringen leaves the ground it was stuck in and flies into the Dreadlord’s hand, and The Dreadlord menacingly lunges the sword forward, with one hand easily wielding the blade. Kai readies himself, but to no avail as the Dreadlord reels his body back into a full sprint. He is running at inhuman speeds, crossing the large gap between Kai and himself almost instantly and violently swings his sword at Kai hitting the ground just beneath Kai’s feet and destroying it causing Kai to fly up into the air a few feet. The Dreadlord does not miss a beat and jumps into the air, not even encumbered by the giant armor he wears, and grabs Kai then throws him back down to the ground. The Dreadlord now floating in the air throws his sword forward and he soars down towards Kai, Kai opens his legs just enough to let the blade cut into the ground right in between his legs. This opening allows Kai to back up as quickly as fear would allow. The Dreadlord with the grace of a dancer uses the weight and speed of the fall to spin around the sword and fly off the other end towards Kai and unlatches the sword from the ground at the same time and swings it at Kai’s head which he just barely misses. Kai now frantically throwing spells at the Dreadlord to save his life. He is giving the Dreadlord much splendor as The Dreadlord is laughing constantly throughout the fight, easily dodging Kai’s frantic deadly spells, spouting words like “Disgraceful weakling” and “Impudent worm”. The Dreadlord then jumps up and he soars through the air using magical powers, unseen by Alltrians before, and then violently launches towards the ground, shattering the ground as soon as it makes impact causing rubble to launch off into many directions. He then puts his sword in the air and energizing it with a dark purple energy and shooting it out of the sword by thrusting it forward exploding the ground on impact and lighting the plains in an evil looking purple inferno during the duel. Soon after much more one sided fighting and constant bone shattering blows to Kai, and with its cheetah like speed, The Dreadlord blitzes forward, dodging Kai’s spells, and puts its sword at Kai’s throat and stopping just before the blade cuts through, making the air blast around them, he then looks at Kai with his helmet covered face, now glowing a devilish red, and stops. The Dreadlord puts his sword down causing it to disappear into a red mist, and then covers up in the darkness flowing cape attached to his armor and summons a cowl from the cape, itself made of darkness.

The Dreadlord: “The desperation, the power. It was not enough to keep you alive, but I will spare this day for you would gain me no glory, no accomplishment from killing an undeveloped Hero. Next time we face each other, it will be to the death, and you had better be prepared.”

*Kai merely breaths relieved to be alive and watches as The Dreadlord walks away and then disappears into a black mist*

The Alltrian mages are just as shocked as Kai, as many of them stand there bewildered by the spectacle of pure savage and unbridled power of The Dreadlord

Commander: “What was that!?”

Prince Lorian: “The man who made my forces look a fool, that’s who!”

*The Alltrian soldiers merely look upon the ground disappointed in themselves and the inability to protect the people of the town*

Prince Lorian: “Kai, are you unharmed?”

Kai: (dizzily) “I….I am fine. Just…That was crazy.”

Prince Lorian: “Well it seems we have much to do. I need to reinforce this position due to the growing Imperial threat, and we need to rebuild while we can, but for now. Kai, head back to my father. He will want to know what happened here, and know what we are up against. We will face him again soon and I want us all to be prepared.”

Kai: “Thanks, I need some rest. I have had enough excitement for today.”

*An Alltrian mage walks up and directs Kai to the horse he rode in on and leads him back to Alltor while the mages begin to get to work and send astral messages calling for reinforcements, Lorian merely looks over the ridge at the Imperial encampment at the other end of the ravine dividing the town from the Imperial territory*

Prince Lorian: (Thinking out loud) “What are you planning Imperials?”

*The Dreadlord arrives back at camp through his dark portal and is greeted by Knights*

Imperial Knight: “Hail Dreadlord!”

The Dreadlord: “Stand at ease and begone, I require some time to recollect my thoughts.”

Imperial Knight: “Yes sire!”

*The Knight walks off*

The Dreadlord looks towards the town that has been set ablaze and now only remains as tattered ruins

The Dreadlord: This is quite vexing.


Submitted: February 26, 2019

© Copyright 2020 12345Megas. All rights reserved.


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