Chapter 15: Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men Chapter 15

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men

This is my own fictional story made solely by me and my fantasies all likeness to real life people have given unto me their permission to be used and this story will take inspiration from but never exactly parody any real-life book, movies, etc. all of it is my own makings




Chapter 15: The Course of Mankind

-One and a quarter day prior-

*Ashley is scouting outside of a large pitched tent with Greggory*

The tent is large enough to be called a small house packed with commodities of an abode within it. It is red and silver just like the carriage that they rode in except made of cloth and not wood. It has many gold Imperial metal decorations on it. Inside of it most things are made of silk except the wooden furniture and candles. The carriage is situated next to the tent. The group themselves are inside of a forest clearing just a bit beyond the border.

Greggory: “Milady Ashley, we saw no one I think we are safe.”

Ashley: “I think so as well. We can head back inside now.”

*Ashley and Greggory head back inside to see Mina and Fella standing in the doorway shocked*

Ashley: “What’s the matter?”

Mina and Fella: “Her.”

Ashley: “Her?”

Young Woman: “Yes, me.”

*a young woman stands in front of the four*

The Young Woman has long brown hair that goes to her lower back and brown eyes with fair olive skin; she stands at about 5 feet 6 inches. She is very shapely, curvy, and beautiful.  She has a light black cloak with what seems to be leather pants and a silk shirt She has a purse that has a gold and blue dress hanging out from it as well.

Young Woman: “I did it okay! I did what must be done. For the Empire!”

Ashley: “Cody?! You look great! I mean if I did not know it was you, I would think you are just some pretty girl!”

Cody (Disguised): “Really? That means this disguise is working.”

Cody’s voice is only slightly changed to make it more feminine and womanlier as Cody had a high-pitched voice to begin with

Mina: “Milord, *ahem* I mean milady. I believe without a doubt that you can pull this off.”

Fella: “Ashley now that you are here, I think we should go over the plan.”

Ashley: “Okay.”

*The group gathers around a square table and they all sit down in chairs*

Cody (Disguised): “This is a map of the Grand City of Alltor, the capital of Alltra. The Dreadlord’s sources say that here (Cody points to a large building next to the Royal barracks) holds a stockpile of documents that contains information of trade agreements, military positioning, and other economic and militaristic information.”

Mina: “Fella and I will escort our Lady Phyla *She points to Cody* to the Alltrian capital and hopefully get a tour of the building and premises. Once that is done, we will excuse ourselves to run an errand for our Lord Governor Germaine, the lord of White Garden, and break into the building.”

Fella: “I will be running back up with Mina meaning that I will help play the part of a servant girl and even an extra bit of muscle should things not go according to plan.”

Mina: “Greggory, we will need you to take out the Royal Guards who guard the front of the building and dispose of their bodies so Lord Cody can get in unseen and unheard.”

Greggory: “Simple enough. I will start preparing a poison brew now.”

*Greggory walks off*

Fella: “Ashley, you will pose as an Alltrian captain who is guarding us while we move about the castle grounds and you will be one to ensure we get out the premises without any questions asked.”

Ashley: (Nervously) “Okay, I will try.”

*Fella pulls out an Alltrian captains robes*

Captain’s robes match those of a regular Alltrian mage but instead of being black and blue they are black and silver, they have some blood stains on them indicating how the Empire got ahold of them

Greggory: (From his brewing station) “It will be another day’s or so walk from here but we have not enough time for that so I have taken the liberty to strip the Imperial marking and decoration from our horse and carriage so that we may get there within a days’ time and hopefully not get detected.”

Ashley: “Hopefully?”

Cody (Disguised): “The color scheme is still red and silver, we need to stop in an Alltrian town and get some white paint so we can make our carriage blend in but other than that we will be certain to make it there with no hassle.”

Greggory: “I had not thought of that milord. Thank you. However, our time is stretched thin as it is, and we cannot afford to be caught in a small town if I may put my opinion out there.”

Mina: “Milady! Milady! It is Milady while Cody looks like this…I mean while Phyla looks like this.”

Cody (Disguised): “I know tis hard, but any slip up and we could be had, and we cannot have that.”

Ashley: “Right let us do this!”

*They all prepare before setting out*

-Many hours pass-

Mina: “We are here.”

*The group is closing in on the outer gate of Alltor*

Greggory: “Remember everyone we are escorting Lady Phyla here on a diplomatic mission to see how the capital fares with its relations to White Garden, Mina and Fella will be the escorts of our dear lady who wishes to make sure Lord Governor Germaine of White Garden, her father, is sufficiently running the village properly. Ashley you are posing as the captain who will show us around the plaza and perimeter of the castle. I will assassinate the guards protecting the Information Store House and let Phyla get in without complications.”

The Group: “Right!”

*The group pulls their carriage up into the rotunda of the castle grounds and is met by Alltrian Royal Guards*

The group is changed into their disguises, Mina and Fella wear servant attire, not too different from their usual battle maid attire, Greggory is still in his butler’s outfit, Ashley is wearing the Alltrian Captain gear as best she can for someone her size, Cody is wearing the blue and gold dress.

Royal Guard 1: “What is the meaning of this? I was not informed of any visitors coming in today.”

Phyla/Cody: “So sorry milord, but I am Phyla daughter of Lord Germaine of White Garden, my dear father sent me to ensure good will between us still existed in these troubled times with the barbarians of the Empire.”

Ashley: He’s gotten good at that.

Royal Guard 3: “Phyla? Great, that man plopped out another child. Well Milady it is good to have you here. I do not think this warrants a visit with the King, but I will send an envoy to deliver a missive to one of his representatives to deal with this matter. For now, please enjoy the grounds, we will send an escort to show you around the plaza.”

Phyla/Cody: There is no conceivable way that this is going so smoothly! There must be a catch! They must know!

*The Royal Guards leaves and an Alltrian mage shows up soon after*

Alltrian Mage: “Hello my name is… *he pauses looking at Phyla* and I will…. around plaza.”

*Mina and Fella smile slyly*

Alltrian Mage: (Recollecting himself) “I was not informed such a beautiful woman was coming to the Castle today. Welcome to Alltor, my sweet.”

Phyla/Cody: SON OF A…! “(Coyly) My sweet? My, my, I just met you. Are you already trying to claim me as your own, the daughter of a governor?”

Ashley: Oh, he’s got him wrapped around his finger now

Alltrian Mage: “Come Milady let me show you and your servants around. We can speak more along the way. Perhaps you can even see what I am made of.”

*The Mage looks toward Ashley*

Alltrian Mage: “Captain, sir.”

Ashley, masked by the Alltrian mages face mask, merely nods in response

Phyla/Cody: “How delightful!” Kill me now. Gods strike me down now!

 *The group is shown across the Castle grounds like they were on a tour up until they spot the Information Store House*

The Store House is a large silver building mimicking that of a modern-day government building

*Cody spots the building and plots*

Phyla/Cody: “Oh dear tour guide may we rest I am getting quite parched and wish to rest in the gardens under the cooling shade.”

Alltrian Mage: “Oh of course milady. Come hither, sit.”

*The group sits down and eyes each other knowing that they need to act soon*

From just out of eyeshot four Royal Guards watch over the building entrance looking around constantly ever vigilant

Phyla/Cody: I know what I need to do *Cody scoots up close to the Mage and runs his hand down the mage’s face plate* (With a devious smile) “You know, I want to see how much power an Alltrian mage truly possesses.”

Alltrian Mage: “Oh? Now please milady, this not the place nary….”

*Cody casts a spell over the Alltrian’s face and he falls asleep onto Cody, Cody then grabs the Mage and quickly tosses him into the nearby bushes*

Phyla/Cody: (With Contempt) “What a waste of space.”

Ashley: “Wow I have never seen you flirt before.”

Phyla/Cody: “And you will never see me do it like that ever again or gods help us.”

*Cody pulls out a small disc from his purse*

Phyla/Cody: “These are Signal Discs. They will help us communicate. They come in blue, red, green, yellow, orange, black, and white. Take some, all of you. I had the brilliant idea of creating these for spy missions like these, but I never thought I myself would have to use them.”

Ashley: “No way really That’s super cool!”

Phyla/Cody: “Truly, try it out. Throw the green one, it will let Greggory know we are ready for him. Wherever he is”

*Ashley tosses a green disc into the air*

Greggory: That’s my que

Ashley: “So? Now What?”

Cody: “Now it is time to get to work.”

*Cody starts walking towards the Information Store house as two darts shoot out and stab both guards at the main entrance and cause them to collapse, Greggory comes out of a nearby alcove and drags the bodies off with the help of Ashley, Mina, and Fella*

Phyla/Cody: “My turn.”

*Cody enters the room quickly and notices most of the material is organized by date of arrival located on all the boxes that are stacked inside the huge storehouse*

Phyla/Cody: “Section 1 from 10,000 years ago? Then section 10000 present day? Okay so that means *Cody looks around*…Here section 9895, some of the newest information. *Cody opens the drawers from the large metal cabinet and collects papers that read ‘trade line’ ‘military movements’ ‘high value target locations, and ‘economic missives’* Okay let me have a quick read of these first.”

*Cody reads through a few of the manifestos*

Phyla/Cody: (Reading aloud) “Troops moving to the western border to reinforcement forward guard, 1,000 troops to the Southern border, and a new garrison to Rosecliffe including an extra 25 soldiers, soldiers from White Garden coming back, recent battle loses of 175 soldiers. Ha I think I got what we need.”

*Noises can be heard outside the building, they seem to be clamorous and worrisome*

Phyla/Cody: “Okay, okay! I got to go!”

*Cody feels a strange aura and walks up a part in the floor that is tampered with*

Phyla/Cody: “What is this?”

*Cody reaches down and picks up a part of the floor revealing a hidden info store*

Phyla/Cody: “Woah!”

*Cody looks around for anything useful as quick as he can, but he can only grab one paper*

Phyla/Cody: “I feel cold.”

*Cody reads through some of the words on the page before quickly packing it up and running out the building as fast as he can*

Alltrian Guard 1: “Hey! You! Woman! You are not supposed to be in there!”

Phyla/Cody: “I uh?”

*Cody focuses his magical power to send a telepathic message to his comrades, but it leaves him drained and disoriented*

Cody: Everyone I have been spotted! Get to the rendezvous coordinates and meet me there for our escape I need to outrun these guys

Cody quickly takes off the blue dress ‘she’ is wearing to reveal ‘her’ leather pants and silk shirt and takes the black cloak out of the purse and shoves the dress in it covering the documents

Alltrian Guard 1: “Arrest her! Sound the alarm!”

The six Alltrian guards who are under the command rush to grab Cody, but ‘she’ quickly bolts off. Without the Armor of the Gods Cody can run much faster than usual not being weighed down. Cody makes ‘her’ way through many corridors and finds ‘herself’ inside the castle walls in no time making a large distance between ‘her’ and the guards

Phyla/Cody: “Oh, where am I?’’

Ashley is quickly walking around in her disguise making haste to the main gate where Greggory is hiding in a tree waiting for them to arrive.

Ashley: “He is not here yet?”

Greggory: “Not yet.”

Ashley: “We did so well for a while!” Come on Cody I believe in you.

Cody is quickly running through the many halls of the Castle before bumping into someone where ‘she’ puts the facade back on

Phyla/Cody: “Oh! Milord, I am so sorry. I…I…I was trying to…”

Unknown Warrior: “Hey, hey, don’t worry about it okay. Why are running around?”

The Warrior is wearing leather and chainmail armor and has pasty white skin with long white hair and beard. There is something familiar about him to Cody.

Phyla/Cody: “Oh I’m sorry, my lord father told me to fetch some food from the market stalls for our dinner later tonight.”

*Phyla gasps and bows then takes off her hood*

Phyla/Cody: “I am from far down South from a small political village known as White Garden. I am daughter to the governor who rules the village in King Drella’s name.”

Unknown Warrior: “Oh really? That’s interesting. Would you like to come with me? A Chosen Hero, to talk more about where you come from. I am still new here and would like to get used to this place.”

Phyla/Cody: “Oh, I would love to, it would be an honor, but I have errands I need to run. I am sorry.”

Unknown Warrior: “Don’t worry about it.”

*Phyla runs off again and The Warrior makes it back to his room and sits on his bed*

Phyla/Cody: (running) “His voice sounds so familiar. He looks quite familiar. Where did I?”

Cody eventually makes his way outside and sees that Alltrian guards are on the ground dead while Ashley, Mina, Fella, and Greggory have brought the carriage up to the gate and the sounds of soldiers making their way to them is loud.

Phyla/Cody: “What happened here!?”

Ashley: “No time to explain, get in!”

*The group quickly gets into the carriage and rides off out of the city as fast as they can*

Phyla/Cody: “Did we do it, are we okay?”

Fella: “Yes, there is no way they can catch up to us in time or even realize we are gone, but unfortunately they know we have been here.”

Ashley: “Then we win?”

Mina: “For now yes.”

*Greggory comes inside the carriage from outside where he was directing the horses and Mina instinctually takes his place*

Greggory: “We just left Alltor, albeit we made a lot of noise, but Milord what did you find?”

*Cody quickly changes himself back to normal*

Despite reverting to normal not many changes happen except his bulging bosom retracts back into his body, His hair returns upwards to his shoulder blades, and his voice gains a slightly lower pitch than before. He still retains many feminine features but the look he has on his face is not satisfactory, but dread.

Cody: “I found the troop and trade movements along with the positions of many high value military officials but.”

*Cody takes the documents out of his purse and places the paper onto the table in the middle of the carriage*

The scene is now The Dreadlord on a Cliffside with an Imperial Knight walking up to him

Imperial Knight: “Master, the camp is complete, and the guidance torches and bonfire have been lit.”

The Dreadlord: “Excellent work.”

Imperial Knight: “My master? If you do not mind my asking. Why do you insist we put ourselves in so much danger by making it known we are here?”

The Dreadlord: “This is all part of a larger plan, my friend. Tis the nature of this mission. With our garrison here I have secured key territory along the border with the Alltrians throats in full view. This will make them scared and bolster their forces here, and in other key locations, minimizing military activity in places we don’t want them at. Especially tonight, in the dead of the night, you all will make your way over there in the shadows, while they will be watching vigilantly over this camp, you will be at their doorstep come dawn, and they will know the true price of their arrogance. We will have beset ourselves upon them and hold a key location that should hopefully prompt the arrival of a dear friend of mine.”

Imperial Knight: “I understand, my lord.”

*The sun begins to set and The Dreadlord starts to head off into the night*


Submitted: March 13, 2019

© Copyright 2020 12345Megas. All rights reserved.


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