Chapter 16: Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men Chapter 16

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men

This is my own fictional story made solely by me and my fantasies all likeness to real life people have given unto me their permission to be used and this story will take inspiration from but never exactly parody any real life  book, movies, etc. all of it is my own makings




Chapter 16: The First Front

-Present time-

*Kai is walking into the throne room of Castle Alltor*

Two Royal Guards stand watch as they approach Kai.

Royal Guard 1: “Good, you’re finally back.”

Royal Guard 2: “King Drella would have a word with you.”

*The guards open the door to let Kai in*

Kai: “About what?”

Royal Guard 1: “I do not know.”

*Kai walks up to the throne where King Drella resides*

King Drella: “We have much to discuss and quickly!”

Kai: “Yo, calm down. What’s the matter?”

King Drella: “I heard from Lorian that you faced the Dreadlord, and well here you are alive and well. How did you survive?”

Kai: “He said he would gain no glory from the defeat of an underdeveloped Hero.”

King Drella: “He knew you were not from here!?”

Kai: “He seemed like he knew more than that as he slaughtered most of the people in Rosecliffe just to have me there.”

King Drella: “What was he like? The man who has been decimating my forces across the countryside.”

Kai: (Almost entranced) “Armor as black as night, glowing red with what looked to be pulsing blood, a gorgeous sword that he could hold with one hand despite it being like 7 feet tall or something, faster than anything you could ever know, even though he was covered head to toe in his midnight armor.”

King Drella: (quietly) “….no”

Kai: “Sorry what was I saying again?”

King Drella: “How well did you fare wielding Bryndhildr?”

Kai: (Excited) “Oh my god dude! I never knew I could do such things! I summoned like godly power from my hands it was awesome!”

King Drella:  “It is a good thing you like the feeling of power because I need you more than ever now.”

Kai: “Why, what happened?”

King Drella: “Spies entered our home and made off with sensitive military documents about our troop movements, we think the Empire is going to try to make a move to end this war before it even begins.”

Kai: “What do you mean? Has the war not just started?”

King Drella: “I forget you came into this land at a quiet time. We have been in a cold war for a long time and it has slowly been heating up for the past fifty years.”

Kai: “Fifty!?”

King Drella: “When Emperor Ordonnes sat on the Imperial throne, the sub-father of Artorious, he wished to meet with my father Calean, now dead, to sign an official peace agreement, however this was a ploy as not soon after the negotiations began the Imperials attacked us and by the end of it Artorious and I had lost our fathers respectively and ignited a conflict between our people for the first time in ten thousand years.”

Kai: “I have a few questions. What is a sub-father? Why do you talk about it like you knew Artorious personally, and have you been in a cold war for ten thousand years?”

King Drella: “By Imperial standards a sub-father is one of the terms for a man who takes care of and loves a child who is not born by their blood, same with sub-mother, and yes Artorious and I were friends once upon a time. Even during the cold war Imperials and Alltrians would travel between the nations and mingle, I met Artorious, the rambunctious boy, and made fast friends with him while we were younger. We would play and make games with the people of both our nations, but as we grew older and older so did our loyalty to our nations, and sooner or later we were destined to drift apart and deign each other enemies.”

Kai: “I am sorry man; I would never want to have to ever fight my friends. That sounds awful.”

King Drella: “Nothing to be sorry about, we are both doing what we think is right. I already forgive him, but that does not mean I will show him mercy. I must do what is best for my people.”

Kai: (apprehensively) “I understand.”

King Drella: “I need you to go towards the border city of Heathland, Kaylen is already there, but with the Empire securing territories along the borders I will need a strong presence coming from the easiest path into Alltra.”

Kai: “I just got…”

King Drella: (Cutting off) “I know you just got back. I do not wish for you to ride today and now. Tomorrow, I will get my mages to teleport you there. For now rest or train, I have an extensive library in the back halls if you wish to advance your arcane knowledge.”

Kai: “I do want to learn to teleport. I think I will learn up on some magic.”

King Drella: “By all means, just head down the back corridors and you will find your way quite easily I assume.”

Kai: “Thank you, King Drella.”

*Kai sets off towards the libraries of the castle*

King Drella: (Looking towards the throne room doors) “Your move, Artorious.”

*Kai enters a large room filled with books upon books*

Kai: “Looks like I made it.”

Kai while somewhat bored having to read books is quite fascinated by the contents of what he is reading, ancient and powerful magic, new abilities and magical techniques, history and lore of Alltra and Drakla, and even some clues about forbidden and divine tools and magic. Kai pours over the books for hours every now and then stopping to chat with a mage who comes to study and then finally heads off to bed.

-The next day-

*A knock on Kai’s door*

Kai: (Groggily) “Yes, what is it?”

Servant: “Rise master Hero! The King has need of you, tis past midday!”

Kai: “Midday? Okay I am up!”

*Kai slowly gets dressed and the servant leads him to the throne room*

The King along with a group of four mages is congregating in the middle of the throne room and has created a glowing circular plate on the ground.

Kai: “Woah, what is that!?”

Mage 1: “A teleportation ring. It will send you to Heathland.”

Mage 2: “Be wary you may feel sick to yourself for your first time.”

King Drella: “I know you were up quite late last night studying the arcane art so I can almost say for a certainty you will feel sick, but at least you will be prepared for what comes next. We thank you for your help in this conflict Hero, without you; we would not stand a chance against the Empire.”

Kai: (With conviction) “I am ready.”

Mage 3: “Step into the circle please.”

*Kai steps into the circle and the mages raise their hands into the air and speak in an ancient tongue and Kai appears outside Heathland*

Heathland is a rather large town located far out of Alltra very close to the border of Alltra and Drakla; it is surrounded by large hills and small forests of lush green landscapes. The houses are made of fine wood or carved stone and are elegantly designed despite the simple resources used to make them. The town is bustling with people who are enjoying their day to day activities and now, most recently, soldiers have been patrolling doing their guard duty and military services. Inside of the town hall, made up of wood and stone, are Prince Kaylen and his advisors.

*Kai enters the town hall*

Prince Kaylen: (Noticing Kai enter) “Everyone! This is Kai, he is a Chosen Hero of Alltra.”

The many soldiers and nobles: “Hail Hero!”

Kai: “Hi everyone.”

Prince Kaylen: “Now Kai, what brings you here?”

Kai: “Well your father sent me here.”

Prince Kaylen: “A well enough answer.”

*Kaylen signals people except his advisors to leave*

Prince Kaylen: “But come, since you are here let me show you something.”

*Kai, Kaylen, and the advisors walk outside on one of the town halls lower porches*

Prince Kaylen: “See that smoke over there?”

Kai: “Yeah.”

Prince Kaylen: “Another Imperial encampment.”

Kai: (Shocked) “This close? Have they tried anything?”

Prince Kaylen: “Luckily, no, but the most disturbing news is that they don’t have a commander over there.”

Kai: “What?”

Advisor 1: “It is sometimes hard to tell ranks in the Empire due to them always wearing full armor plating, but you can easily tell members who are high ranking if you know what you are looking for as they have ornaments and exquisitely designed armors, they lack any individual who meets that mark.”

Advisor 2: “It is a camp of nothing but grunts.”

Kai: “Could they been traitors?”

Prince Kaylen: “No, they wave the Imperial flag proudly, they still serve the Empire. I just want to find out what an Imperial camp is doing so close to this town and with no commander to lead them.”

Advisor 3: “Do you sense that my Prince?”

Prince Kaylen: “I do.”

Kai: “Sense? What does he mean?”

Prince Kaylen: “You have not refined your magic enough yet, but in time you will be able to sense things, and right now I sense a dark premonition. Somethings not right here.”

Kai: “We’ll find out then.”

Prince Kaylen: “How do you mean?”

Kai: “Let us go and spy on them.”

Advisor 1: “Sire I highly advise against that.”

Prince Kaylen: “Perish the thought, let’s go.”

Advisor 2: “Milord! You are royalty not some lowly peasant. You need not spy on some Imperial rabble.”

Prince Kaylen: “And you are an advisor. Who are you to give me orders? (To Kai) Let’s go.”

*Kai and Kaylen leave to spy on the Imperials while also leaving the advisory dumbfounded*

They don’t go far as they go onto a top balcony above the roof of the town hall and use binoculars to spy on the Imperial camp from Heathland

Kai: “You know I thought we would go a lot closer than this.”

Prince Kaylen: “As much as I hate to admit it, my advisors are right, best not to get into trouble without anyone to help us against fully trained soldiers. I have never fought before neither has my brother, we are tacticians not soldiers.”

Kai: “That’s why you always have commanders leading the charge of battle.”

Prince Kaylen: “That is true. Now look for yourself at the Imperials.”

*Kaylen hands Kai the binoculars and Kai surveys the camp*

Kai: “Woah!”

Prince Kaylen: “What is it?”

Kai: “That man has a tail!”

Prince Kaylen: “Oh, yes. I have seen him; he is a Laguez, a sub-human.”

Kai: “What is a sub-human?”

Prince Kaylen: “Well I need to delve into the species of Aragoth to explain that. There are four classes of species here on Aragoth. High-Beings, as the ancient words for us come from, Sub-Humans, Halflings, and Elves. Humans are High-Beings since the gods seem to favor humans above all else, for whatever reason. It is how we are made it is just superior by nature to all other species. Then Elves who vary widely in appearance and ability but are the majority of Archana, the continent east of here. We see them every now and then due to their magical prowess but we do not converse much other than in trade and practice. Then the Sub-Humans: Laguez, ground based animal like humanoids, Loggel: Sea based animal like humanoids, Komen: aerial animal like humanoids, and Draconoids: dragon like humanoids, but they have not been seen in millennia.”

Kai: “Oh, wow.”

Prince Kaylen: “Do not be fooled however the Sub-Humans are not a mix between a human and another race but are their own race that came to be because of the gods experimenting. Halflings include Giants, Dwarves, Orcs, Imps and Goblins, anything that is particularly low on the evolutionary chain really you name it., all of them have minimal intelligence and weak magical prowess but great strength of will making them to be considered half of a being. Then of course we have animals and creatures which include of many of our livestock, pets and unfortunately eldritch monstrosities that survived the Great Purification of Aragoth.”

Kai: (seriously) “Do you fight to protect these things?”

Prince Kaylen: “You’re asking why I fight then? Well I fight to protect the beautiful land that we convey and all that it is, I fight so that the Empire will not destroy everything and everyone I have come to love, I fight because if I do not, who will!?”

Kai: “Then you fight for the same reason I would fight for. I needed to hear that, thank you.”

Prince Kaylen: “I hope one day you can see Alltra as just another home you can love as well.”

Kai: “I hope so too. I have one more question though?”

Kaylen: “Have at it then.”

Kai: “What was the Great Purification of[CA1]  Aragoth that you mentioned?”

Kaylen: “It is a very long tale, but to summarize it. There was once a Kingdom that ruled over the whole world, lead by a King, The King of the One, he was said to have gained the favor of the Originator himself and ruled over every race known to Aragoth and could even control many of the monsters of our realm, however one day the Demon King appeared and sowed sin into the hearts of many a people who longed for the power of the King to be theirs, and they were willing to do anything to take it. They were the First Heretics and they sought to destroy the Kingdom. It is told that back then the races could intermingle, and they breed and breed, interbreeding with as many races as they could and created half breeds that outnumbered the pure breeds and nearly won the war and narrowly brought ruin to Aragoth. Then the Originator appeared on the final day of the war and erected a spire that sundered the realm and left only the pure and righteous alive, it was on this day the Kingdom of the One fell, and the survivors would go off to create the Empire of Drakla and the Kingdom of Alltra. Now, bound by a new biological rule, mankind would reshape this world into a vessel truly fit for the Gods.”

Kai: “Woah. That sounds awesome and horrible, bro”

*Scene changes to the Imperial camp where the Dreadlord is appearing to look over the town*

The Dreadlord: “Alltrian vermin again test my patience. You will not cross our borders again, filth. I will make sure of that.”

*The Dreadlord starts to laugh deviously and manically*



Submitted: March 20, 2019

© Copyright 2020 12345Megas. All rights reserved.


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