Chapter 17: Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men Chapter 17

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men

This is my own fictional story made solely by me and my fantasies all likeness to real life people have given unto me their permission to be used and this story will take inspiration from but never exactly parody any real life  book, movies, etc. all of it is my own makings




Chapter 17: Operation Daybreak

*Ashley, Lelorra, Greggory, Mina, and Fella are watching Torran and Cody train out in the courtyard*

The group: (Cheering) “Come on Cody, get him!”

Cody and Torran are geared in their respective armors, Cody, with his lance, is in a fighter’s stance dueling Torran, Torran himself is using a regal Imperial sword teaching Cody new techniques and refining the ones he already knows. Cody charges forward and thrusts at Torran and Torran punches Cody in his helmet clad face which staggers him for a moment as he steps back

Torran: “Good work Cody, for this time your helmet is attached correctly, however I could have claimed a killing blow upon thee with the time it took you to recover. That was sloppy form and should you accept that sloppiness then brace yourself for the punishing counter that will come after.”

Cody: (Angrily) “I will not fail!”

Torran: “Then calm down and listen to my lessons for once. The Dreadlord may accept your blind rage on the battlefield but not I, I will refine you into the perfect warrior in time, if you would only listen.”

Torran with his left hand behind his back rushes at Cody using his sword in his right and swings, Cody blocks the first strike and then, with the second strike being long and hard, he parries it and shoulder bashes Torran.

Torran: “Good choice.”

Cody: “One of many, princeling!”

Cody jumps and lunges forward and Torran dodges to the right and tries to cut the distance between them but Cody drags his lance on the ground and trips Torran.

Cody: “It may not be a halberd but I can sure use it like one.”

Torran gets up and falls forward using his left hand to summon energy and use it to boost himself in the air and land behind Cody. Cody predicting this, slides forward and turns to face Torran.

Cody: “Not going to be able to beat me with just fancy tricks.”

Torran: “Not if you keep falling for them.”

Cody: “What?”

Torran left a rune on the ground where he previously was standing and it explodes as Cody looks down upon it, covering him in ice. Torran then takes the opportunity to advance on the slowed Cody and takes some swings at him, which Cody only blocks with his armor.

Torran: “No! Cody, you must not use your armor as a shield, should it become damaged or face great magical stress, and it won’t block a magical weapon like it would traditional steel!”

Cody: (Growls)

Cody quickly recollects himself and starts slashing at Torran. Torran blocks and dodges many of his strikes, but every now and then Cody uses the blunt end of the hilt to whack or bash Torran disorienting him and giving Cody the advantage. Cody then turns his lance to a non-fatal position and slices Torran’s face leaving just a cut.

Torran: “Excellent work, but do try to stay calm, I want to know you will fare well fighting if you were not in a fit of rage.”

Cody: “Then let us continue.”

Torran: “I think I have had my fair share of training you today, it has been hours, but I have another idea.”

*Torran turns to Ashley*

Lelorra: (Surprised but excited) “Brother, you don’t mean?”

Torran: “I do.”

Ashley: “What? Why are you looking at me?”

Torran: “Ashley, show Cody what you are made out of.”

Ashley: “What? No! I can’t, I can’t hurt a friend.”

Lelorra: “Come now Ashley, two Heroes fighting, nay dueling for training. Not only will it be beneficial for the both of you but it will help us all in the long run.”

Greggory, Mina, Fella, and the other Servants: “Duel! Duel! Duel! Duel!”

Cody: (Cockily) “As much as I hate it too Ashley, the people demand it.”

Ashley: (Smugly) “If I have to, I guess I will too.”

Cody: “I will not go easy on thee just because of you being a girl either.”

Ashley: (Memories flood back to her) “Maybe go a little easy, please, not just because I am a girl, but…”

*One of the servants shout out the preparation of the duel and people gather*

Cody: (In Drakesh) Orvis Carrisi:

(In English) You’re already dead.”

Ashley remembers the stories of Cody from back on Earth. He would get suspended a lot at school due to his unstoppable anger and despite his small non athletic build he could take on anyone when consumed by rage. Ashley grows fearful if the duel escalates, she may have to deal with something more than a friendly training session. Royal Servants, Knights and Citizens who roam the Castle ground soon amass.

Imperials: “Du, Du, Du, Du, Du, Du!”

Cody prepares himself in a stance and Ashley starts to focus and summons her Axe and armor. Cody starts side stepping to the left slowly making his way towards Ashley as she braces herself. When Cody finally makes his way to her, he lunges his lance forward and at that moment the combat skill clicks back to Ashley and she dodges and does an overhead strike which Cody parries and slides the hilt of his weapon along the ridge of the blade to knock it back and get up close to Ashley and bash her to the floor. She quickly gets up and Cody is walking slowly around her, staring, with the soulless lion shaped eyes of his helmet. Ashley takes the fight to Cody by jumping forward and swinging her axe around unpredictably causing Cody to roll off to the side to avoid attacks and is knocked to his knees before shooting his lance out sideways towards Ashley, it nicks her but does no damage to her armor.

Cody: (laughing deviously) “Come now Ashley, show me some sport, lass!”

Ashley back steps giving some distance between the two and they stare down at each other for a couple moments before yelling out war cries as they charge at each other. Cody shoves his lance forward and Ashley knocks it away from her path as she swings her axe at Cody, he spins his lance above his head before swiping the attack and deflecting it and taking two directional steps forward to lunge his lance forward which Ashley jumps over and Cody seeing the similarity slides down to where Ashley is going to land and trips her.

*The crowd roars with applause*

Ashley then gets up and charges Cody but instead of attacking upwards like she has been doing she strikes down wards and causes Cody’s knees to veer off in different directions making him fall. He scrambles to get up as Ashley is letting loose a flurry of strikes to end the duel, Cody now is precisely dodging, blocking, or deflecting the attacks with composure but as he reels back to attack, Ashley takes advantage of timing  mid swing and knocks Cody in the head with the blunt axe head and it puts him on the ground.

*The crowd cheers*

For Ashley this moment is silent and filled with dread. She can hear Cody’s heavy breathing amongst the crowd’s thunderous cheers. It is devilish. Cody quickly looks directly into Ashley’s eyes and an almost red glow can be seen from the eye slots of his helmet. He gets up and runs his left hand on his lance igniting it in lighting and an aura of lightning starts to surround him and he lets out a rage filled cry.

Ashley: (fearful) “Okay Cody, we can stop now!”

Lelorra: “What’s going on? We need to stop the fight! Brother!”

Torran: “No, this is what I wanted; Cody needs to learn to control his anger or Ashley will need to learn how to combat someone like him, either way, this will benefit both of them in the end. Have faith.”

Cody drags his lance on the floor as he is charging at Ashley, screaming in rage, creating sparks to fly around him and scorch the ground, as he approaches Ashley he swings his lance up launching a current of lightning at Ashely, She dodges it, He then shoots fire from the mouth of his helmet at Ashley, the fire itself is imbued with ice, and unstable, Ashley instinctually braces herself and gets an ear shattering explosion of fire and ice in front of her before the combat truly begins. The crowd, unknowing of what is happening, is roaring with applause. Cody quickly closes the gap between them two and spins around swinging his lance outwards smacking Ashley across the face and then he reels down into a squat and wraps his lance around him and shoots it out from behind him confusing Ashley, Cody then jumps up to do a spinning side kick knocking Ashley down and away, Ashley despite her beyond imaginable skill level of combat when she is like this, being bested by the fear, it is over taking her sensibility. With Ashley on the ground Cody rushes towards her and spins his lance in his right hand before igniting it in flames and jumping to land a killing blow to her. Ashley looks up at Cody with eyes filled with nothing but fear and sadness and then, at that moment, Cody seems to recollect himself.

*Cody takes off his helmet and looks at Ashley*

Cody’s eyes are the perfect imagine of regret with tears now rushing down his face, his eyes still glow meek embers of red and his teeth seem to be returning to normal as they were, unknowingly to Ashley, spiked during his rage.

Cody: (Bewildered) “A….Ashley. I am so sorry! I do not know what came over me! I…I….Are you okay?”

Ashley: (Grateful) ‘Oh, I am glad that is over. I am okay Cody don’t worry, I know you didn’t mean it.”

Cody: “I….I…”

*Torran and Lelorra break up the crowd and walk up to the two*

Torran: “This has been a great learning experience for the both of you; it has forged you both into stronger warriors because of it.”

Ashley: “How if I may ask?”

*Cody is looking down at his hands fearfully just like he did back during his duel with Forneyus*

Torran: “Because now Cody understands the price of his rage and you have gained some skill in combatting it.”

Lelorra: “Now I think it is time that you both get some rest.”

*Imperial Guards burst into the room*

Imperial Guard 1: “My crownlings, Heroes, we need of you!”

Ashley: “Crownlings?”

Cody: (Stuttering) “The Prince and Princess are called crownlings.”

Imperial Guard 2: “Please come with us.”

*The group leaves with the guards, however they leave their servants behind to tidy up the mess*

Greggory: “I suppose we must clean up this mess.”

Mina: “As would be expected of us.”

*Cody and Ashley enter the Emperor’s throne room*

Emperor Artorious: “Heroes! The time is now!”

Ashley: “For what?”

Emperor Artorious: “We are taking the fight to Alltra for once!”

Cody: (Recollected) “We are?”

Emperor Artorious: “Yes, The Dreadlord just reported back to me, the camps are in place. The first battle against Alltra begins soon, however this will be the first battle where the two of you will not be fighting it together. I need Cody to head to Heathland with his retainers, and my daughter Lelorra. Ashley I need you and your retainer with Torran to go Help Forneyus at White Garden and well, the Dreadlord will watch Rosecliffe to make sure reinforcements never arrive. With one blow we aim to show Alltra what we are made of and hopefully force them to surrender before these battles forge a war.”

Ashley: “I think that is not a good idea. Cody and I need to fight together now especially after.”

Cody: (Cutting off) “Your decision is most wise, your majesty.”

Emperor Artorious: “Cody before I send you away to battle I must note to you, this is a real battle now, nothing like the little skirmishes you have been in. Do not stay your hand or else the thousand soldiers I am putting under your command will be lost.”

Cody: “Thousand?”

Emperor Artorious: “Yes, you will be a commander for this battle, do me proud!”

*Cody gulps before speaking*

Cody: “For the Empire, for the Emperor!”

Emperor Artorious: “Now go both of you, the fate of the world rests in your hands!”

*Guards come in to lead Ashley and Cody to where they need to go*

Cody: “I am sorry Ashley.”

Ashley: “It’s okay, just stay safe Cody, you’re the only friend I have here. I can’t lose you.”


Submitted: March 25, 2019

© Copyright 2020 12345Megas. All rights reserved.


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