Chapter 18: Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men Chapter 18

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men

This is my own fictional story made solely by me and my fantasies all likeness to real life people have given unto me their permission to be used and this story will take inspiration from but never exactly parody any real life  book, movies, etc. all of it is my own makings




Chapter 18: Impromptu Reunion

-(4 days later)-

*Two soldiers approach Kai and Kaylen who are on the balcony*

Soldier 1: “Sire, you were right. Imperial forces have been setting up small camps all along the edges of the nearby towns.”

Prince Kaylen:  “What is their aim? They keep setting up camps but make no moves, why?”

Soldier 1: “Umm sire?”

Prince Kaylen: “Yes soldier?”

Soldier 2: “The scouts returned with a continuation to that report.”

Prince Kaylen: “And?”

Soldier 1: “We may have reinforced this area but we are desperately outnumbered.”

Kai: “Spit it out man! What’s going on?”

Soldier 1: (Nervously) “A large Imperial detachment is almost here! At least a thousand and they are led by a general in golden armor!”

Kai and Kaylen: “What!?”

*Another Alltrian soldier makes their way up to the balcony*

Soldier 3: “Imperial forces spotted milord, and a lot of them!”

*Kai and Kaylen look with binoculars over the small hills nearby*

A large Imperial camp is positioned just upon the small hills nearby overlooking the town. They are well adorned and elegant befitting an Imperial general who inhabits it. The red tent has golden metal holding it up while many sides have the Imperial flag flowing upon it. The Imperial general who watches them from the front of the tent is clad in golden armor that covers his body, he is small for an Imperial around 5’9 with the size of his helmet included and he has a red skirt wrapped around his lassets with a red plume from his helmet which is shaped like a lion face, the armor is form fitting allowing for the body to move as it would in clothing, he carries a black-golden lance with red streamers on it with a medium sized dragon plate shield. The clamor of many soldiers can be heard from the town.

Kai: “This is bad, what do we do?!”

Prince Kaylen: (thinking for a moment) “Soldier! Send a missive to my father we need more men! Kai, you and I need to prepare our men for battle!”

Kai: “Alright let’s kick some butt!”

-Imperial POV-

*Cody is overlooking the enemy position from his newly formed camp while an Imperial knight approaches him*

Knight: “Lord Cody, the men are nearly ready, awaiting your orders.”

Cody: “Get them ready. I need but a moment.”

Knight: “Milord, it is almost daybreak; we need to start the offensive, what stops you?”

Cody: “I know they are looking at us, but look at that man with the white hair.”

Knight: “What about him, milord?”

Cody: “When I was under the guise of a noblewoman he was at the Alltrian Castle, with a room his own, now why would a man who looks like common hired help, a sell sword, be living inside of an elegant castle? Look even closer and the mystery runs deeper he stands next to Prince Kaylen like his bodyguard and he has no sword, but a tome, he is something special. He looks so familiar too.”

*Chanting can be heard from the Imperial forces*

Knight: “They are ready for battle my lord. Please do not deny them that satisfaction.”

Cody: “I surely don’t plan to.”

Knight: “Well then I will join my ranks.”

Cody: “As you were.”

*Cody takes one last look at Kaylen and the Mercenary before walking to give a speech to his troops*

-Alltrian POV-

*Kai and Kaylen are preparing a small tactical outpost just outside the town’s edge, Severus and three other Alltrian commanders are with them*

Kaylen: “Severus, are you sure your division can fight?”

Severus: “I have gained their faith slowly over time, I may not be my brother, but it will suffice.”

Kaylen: “And with all the guards and hired help plus the men assigned here, where are we at?”

Second Commander: “We are at about five hundred men.”

Kaylen: “Not good enough, they double us, at least.”

Kai: “I think we can do it. I have that dark feeling that you did when you got here, but it also feels like it means more than something bad.”

Third Commander: “My Prince…I”

Kaylen: “What did I tell you; call me Kaylen when we are at battle, formality takes up time!”

Third Commander: “Our missive got out and the King is sending soldiers and cavalry men but we can spare no more mages.”

Kaylen: “Then we have to hold out until reinforcements arrive, and most likely it’s no more than two thousand.”

Fourth Commander: “The Imperials are already singing. The battle will begin shortly.”

Kai: “Kaylen, what are they saying?”

Kaylen: (Stressed) “I have no clue, Drakesh is a complicated language. I need to focus though and their singing is no helping!”

Severus: “Men, we must make to battle.”

Kaylen: “Kai, go with them.”

Kai: “You are not coming?”

Kaylen: “No, I…I do not know how to fight. Take this though.”

*Kaylen hands Kai a long dagger*

Kaylen: “This is an Alltrian long dagger, it has the ferocity of a sword but the speed of a knife, use it if you need to, I hope you do not.”

Kai: “Thank you.”

Severus: “Come! The enemy approaches!”

-Imperial POV-

*Cody is situated with his men atop one of the small hills near the town giving a speech*

Cody: (With Vigor) “Today marks the day that the Empire of Drakla delivers a crushing blow to the malignant Kingdom of Alltra, today we fight in the pursuit of peace! This town will stand as a symbol of Imperial strength and Alltrian weakness! When we emerge victorious here today we will show the validity of our cause to the Alltrian dogs that plague this landscape, and with our victory we will be ever closer to peace and unity for all of mankind, nay, for all sentient beings! Those of who distinguish yourself here will be rewarded, handsomely, and those who survive will be given accolades befitting a battle such as this! Fight for me, for the future of all who will come after us! Now what do you fight for!?”

A thousand soldiers: (In Unison) “For the Empire, for the Emperor!”

-Neutral POV-

The Imperial soldiers charge from their hilltop and run down towards the Alltrian forces that have congregated on the outer walls and plains outside the town. The first thing they do is have Imperial archers and crossbowmen clad in their bulging armor, with their bowl shaped helmets, metal face masks, and large leather backpacks filled with arrows or crossbow bolts and have circular bendable iron armor that clads them head to toe leaving only the hands and feet free of their metal and instead have gloves and boots made of leather to allow the wearer to use them effectively in combat, they have turtle necks that protrude from their body armor and have belt buckled leather skirts cover their waist and allow them to judge wind currents. They do not follow the black and or red leitmotif of the Imperial soldiers as they are either seen with their iron armor and either gray, green, or brown leather instead of red or black allowing them to blend in the environment better, They shoot out flaming arrows towards the Alltrian mages atop of the walls and set fire to it allowing the Imperial knights, who lead the charge with their shields up to block the oncoming flurry of magic, access to the town when the time comes. Legions of Knights charge with their shields to the mages of Alltra from many directions but yet the Alltrians still give out coordinated attacks that lead to infernos and blizzards of magical energy to be flung at them at every moment. When the Imperials finally get into range for melee combat against the Alltrians is when the true fighting begins as knights drop their shields and soldiers bum rush as many of the Alltrians as they can stabbing or impaling them. The mages are unrelenting as many giant, powerful, or explosive magic are being used to try and thin the Imperial numbers, while Imperial knights cleave and dismember as many mages as they can. By the time that the outer walls start to burn down the Imperials are already in the town using houses as cover and leverage against the Alltrians who care too deeply for their architecture. hundreds are still fighting on the plains outside of the town in a chaotic and devastating fury for their enemies. Everywhere one looks they can find hundreds of people stabbing or blowing up another person. Imperials let out another volley of arrows which coat the town in arrows, now not coated in fire, which damage many mages but bounce off the armor of the Imperials who get caught in the crossfire; Alltra retaliates with giant fireballs that cross over the battlefield aiming for archer encampments or groups of knights. Cody is leading a group of knights, clad in golden Imperial knight armor, against a division of Alltrians.

Cody: (Screaming) “701st Legion form up on me! Attack with us using Imperial Offensive form A1!”

701st Legionnaire: “Yes my lord!”

701st General: “You heard the hero, attack!”

701st Protector: “Protect the Hero, destroy the enemy!”

The 701st Legion wears the knight armor of the Empire but instead of the armor being primarily red and then black it is full black with a secondary color of red, opposite of the standard armor, with the numbers 701 painted onto the chest and back pieces of the armor. Cody and the knights quickly make it to the dug in Alltrians who are preparing powerful spells to cast at them, Cody leads the charge making him arrive inside the Alltrian dugout first and he swings his lance at the nearest mages and slices their necks open, he then proceeds to follow down the right path of the dugout with his Legionnaires behind him, using his shield to block attacks and dropping it only to impale or stab an enemy while the legionnaires fight the mages who would come up on their sides or behind. Behind them, the legionnaires of the 701st Legion fight on the left and right side of the dugout with as much efficiency as Cody. Cody manages to make it through the small dugout, which was created by the use of powerful magic, and make it inside the town where he summons magical energy from within his lance and shoot it up into the air causing a rain of devastating magical energy to lace the town clearing out many opponents who stood in his way, he then proceeds to enter combat with Mage Knights of Alltra who approaches Cody. Mage Knights wear the standard mage gear of Alltra but the armor that makes up their face plate is also used to cover their upper body, feet, and hands. They are adept in the use of summon able weapons. Cody enters a duel with these knights alongside his legionnaires. Meanwhile Kai is found within the walls of the town raining hellfire down upon Imperial Knights who are trying to enter the town through the burning front gate. He is relentless causing giant spears of ice to appear and launch at the unsuspecting knights. He then charges up a spell that causes a small wave of energy to erupt from the ground and launch a group of knights into the air and smashing them into the ground. A messenger appears behind Kai to deliver a missive.

Messenger: (Distressed) “Kai! The enemy has made it inside the walls, their general is with them! He is destroying our forces! He knows magic!”

Kai: (Concerned) “Where are they!?”

Messenger: “South-Eastern sector!”

Kai quickly heads out and meets with the invading Imperial forces just in time to see their General holding a mage knight to the ground as he resists him plunging his lance into his face, however unsuccessful, the golden general ends the life of the Mage Knight just as two women in maid outfits come bursting out of a house, The Imperial slowly pulls his lance out of the Mage Knight’s face and turns to face a soldier who spotted Kai and points towards him, the general then turns to face Kai. His golden lion helmet gazes ominously at him, as he draws his lance out.

Cody: (To the maids) “Mina, Fella. Report to Princess Lelorra on the Southern Front, tell her we are nearly successful.”

Maids: (In unison) “Yes, lord!”

*The maids both run off*

Cody: “Mercenary, sell sword, your town is besieged, your forces near ruin, surrender and we will consider your honor and ferocity in our mercy of you.”

Kai simply shoots a stream of magical energy at him that he narrowly deflects with his lance, causing it to hit the ground.

Cody: “You dishonorable, impudent fool!”

Kai: “Don’t talk to me about dishonor! I saw what you Imperials did, I saw Rosecliffe!  You Imperials slaughtered them all!”

Cody: “You marred the great imagine of the Empire, the least we could do is take one of your measly, pathetic towns. The slaughter you speak of is lies, for the true slaughter has yet to begin amongst you rabid dogs!”

Kai: “I will kill all of you for what you have done!”

Cody: “Why do you sound and look so familiar, mercenary?”

Kai: “Stop talking!”

Kai summons a sword of magic and rushes at Cody; Cody quickly prepares himself for combat, letting out a small chuckle at the thought of a worthy battle. Cody uses his lance and blocks Kai’s attack and uses the end of his lance to bludgeon Kai. Kai now bleeding from his mouth spits blood out onto the ground and gives a bloody, toothy smile at the Imperial. Cody throws his arms up into the air victoriously which antagonizes Kai. Kai then shoots a ball of energy at Cody and Cody grabs the ball and makes it disappear before laughing. Cody now takes the offensive and blitzes Kai and goes to stab him but Kai grabs the lance and forms energy in hands before punching Cody exploding the energy and knocking him over. Cody growls beastly now being invigorated by his pain and he gets up with haste and runs and grabs Kai at the waist and lifts him in the air before running forward a bit then throwing Kai to the ground. Cody grabs back ahold of his lance and spins it in a circle making lightning course from it and his armor, Kai then summons power from the ether and covers himself in it as they both charge at each other. Cody uses his shield and bashes into Kai disorientating him and then Cody uses his helmet to bash him once more before striking at Kai with his lance which Kai just narrowly blocks with a ward spell. The Imperial Knights are now forming a circle around the two clashing warriors in an arena like fashion while chanting an Imperial war song. Then Imperial Wyvern Riders arrive and start raining fire on the battlefield coating it in red flames while Alltrian Mages take to the skies with levitation spells and start combating the aerial units of the Empire leaving Kai and Cody to duel at each other in the midst of utter destruction and chaos.

-Meanwhile at White Garden-

*Ashley is driving Alltrian forces back from the city*

Ashley: “Forneyus, the last of them are hunkered up there!”

Forneyus is now clad in his diminutive black and gold Heavy Crusader armor and instead of using a battleaxes he wields two great maces.

Forneyus: “Troops! Run through their ranks, kill them all!”

The knights under their command start attacking the strong encampments as countless spells are ejected from the site. Torran is leading his men around the left side to flank the enemy position while Greggory is attempting to infiltrate the enemy position to distract the Alltrians long enough to push them from the surrounding area.

Forneyus: “Hero, let us end this!”

*Ashley is hesitating*

Ashley: “Can you and your men finish this battle off without me?”

Forneyus: “Easily, once that encampment falls the remaining soldiers will be forced to evacuate the city to our command and we can get what we need here, but to what reason do halt yourself?”

Ashley: (Face turning white) “Something is very wrong, I need to see if Cody is alright, I can feel it. He needs my help.”

Forneyus: “Heathland is at least a day’s walk from here even if he did need help you would not make it in time!”

*Forneyus turns to face the battle at hand*

Forneyus: “If he is worth his grains of rice, he will survive.”

*Ashley looks at her weapon and breaths in then her axe starts to glow and wings made of light erupt from her back*

Forneyus: (Turning around) “What!?”

Ashley: (Coyly) “I think I can make it.”

Forneyus: (Shocked) “As you wish, milady. The Prince and I shall finish things here.”

*Forneyus runs off to join his men in the assault while Ashley smiles and flies off with the skills of an angel*

-Meanwhile at Rosecliffe-

The Dreadlord’s devilish cackling can be heard echoing throughout the civilian abandoned, half rebuilt city. The Dreadlord’s personal guard cloaked in their pitch black armor and cloaks are fighting the bolstered Alltrian forces that make up the entirety of the city’s current population while Imperial knights in Heavy, deep black, and crimson red armor, bearing the numbers 000 on them, are fighting alongside them. The Dreadlord fights against the Alltrians across the city launching through the air with jumps unlike any man and with blade strikes as furious as a gods judgement. Together all, they are trying to rout the Alltrians from the city once and for all.

The Dreadlord: “Come pigs, come! Face your destiny!”

-Back at Heathland-

Kai and Cody are still locked in a heated battle. Whenever one of them gets too far back and bumps into one of the Imperial knights, who make up their arena, they get pushed back into the fight either with a helping or a hindering hand depending on who bumps into them. Countless bodies lay dead upon the battle-scarred land, fiery sky, and broken town. The fires in the sky, the dead man’s lands, and the endless sound of steel clashing with magic pervades the air around everyone. Divisions of Alltrian mages and guards are fighting the unyielding masses of the Imperial army. None are able to make a move to change the tide of the duel as near every man is too busy with their own fight to interrupt the duel between Kai and Cody. Those who get distracted are either incinerated or have their limbs severed from their bodies. Meanwhile Cody is still on the verge of utter rage barely keeping his cool against the assault brought from Kai who gets up close to discharge large amounts of magical energy in the form of punches and kicks which knock Cody back, but Cody refuses to give in and continues to block the projectiles Kai sends at him when he get to far away, and when he gets close he tries his ever hardest to match his opponents skill in unarmed combat. Despite everything Cody still uses his lance and shield at times. At this point both of them are fueled with almost only rage and adrenaline and no clear winner seems to be in sight, however as time passes the battle seems to slowly turn to Kai’s favor. Cody now striking with his lance at his opponent with vigor using what he can still remember, while in his blind rage, to best his foe, Kai himself is using his anger appropriately and makes him able to endure the strong blows against him that he blocks with his body instead of spells and the few scrapes and slashes he gains from the lance his foe wields. Cody lets out a blood curdling battle cry as he plunges his lance into the ground in front of Kai and causes a surge of fire and lightning to explode in front of Kai and sear his skin while sending him back a few feet. Cody charges at Kai and aims his lance to deal strike to rend Kai’s head from his shoulders and as he does Kai narrowly dodges and loses a couple long locks of his hair and retorts, Kai now blesses himself in divine energy making the ground quake beneath his feet and he is ready to end this, with a time slowing, bone shattering blast of magical power he sends Cody soaring into the Imperial knights who made up the arena and now are on the ground with Cody. Cody’s armor is cracked and lodged into his stomach making it hard for him to breath, he is now snapped back to reality and is crying visibly in pain.

Cody: (In tears while chocking up) “Oh gods! Please help me! Aggghhh it hurts!”

Kai: “Time to end this!”

While Kai’s power let out a blinding light across the battlefield the soldiers of both sides carry on their battles hell-bent on destroying the other, however the soldiers of the 701st Legion get into defensive positions to repel Kai and extract Cody from the battlefield

701st Legionnaire: “Protect the Lord Hero!”

Second 701st Legionnaire: “Don’t let that scum anywhere near him!”

Kai merely throws his left hand out and the Knights are shot in that direction leaving Kai facing down at the defeated Cody.

Kai: “This battle is over! You and all your allies will die here and I will make you pay for everything you have done to make a mockery of me!”

Cody: (Unable to coherently speak) “No! I. I. I. No!”

Kai blasts Cody one more time with Gale-force and it pushes him further away while making Cody groan in agony as it stirs his wounds.

Cody: (Pained) “Uhh! Ugggh! How did my armor break? It is made out of the gods’ power. Aghhh!”

Kai approaches Cody and looks down upon the golden armored knight who writhes in agony. Cody begins to breath blood.

Kai: “Don’t worry, I’ll make the pain stop now.”

Kai summons a sword made up of a dark aura and reels back to lay the finishing blow, but Ashley comes flying in at the last second and deflects the strike with her wings made of light then swings her axe at Kai and smacks him away. Both Kai and Ashley collect themselves before facing openly to one another before Kai quickly recognizes Ashley as her helmet does not have a face guard.”

Ashley: (To Cody) “Cody are you alright?”

Kai: “ASHLEY!?”

Ashley: “Wait I know that voice! Kai?!”

Cody: (Pained yet baffled) “Kai!?”

Kai: “What the hell are you doing here? Why are you fighting? And why for Drakla?”

Ashley: (Stunned) “Oh my god! You two have been fighting?”

*Ashley looks at Cody who grovels on the ground in pain*


Kai: “Wait Cody!?”

*Kai points at the golden Imperial general who is Cody*

Ashley: (Furiously) “I can’t believe you would do such a thing to him!”

*Ashley kneels next to Cody and helps him take his slightly broken helmet off and Cody takes a deep breath*

Despite Cody’s new figure and long hair, Kai is able to immediately recognize his friend from back on Earth.

Kai: “No! It can’t be! Is this where you have been?”

Cody: (groggily) “Ashley! It is a trick it can’t be Kai, Kai would not do this, kill that mercenary, hurry before he kills you too.”

Kai: “Cody? Dude, it’s me buddy.”

After hearing his familiar voice and something Kai would say, Cody then believes that the man who nearly killed him was in fact his friend Kai.

Cody: (Bewildered) “No, Kai! Why did it have to be to you! Why did you have to fall victim to Alltra’s evil embrace?”

The fighting still is roaring around them but Ashley slowly helps Cody to his feet, Cody is groaning in the pain the whole process of trying to get him off the ground. Kai approaches them calmly.

Ashley: (With a fiery passion) “GET AWAY FROM US!”

Kai: “I had no idea it was him! He is wearing a helmet for god’s sake! Please let me help!”

Ashley: “No! You have done enough; you nearly killed him, Kai! Let that sink in real quick. You have no idea what either of us have been through to get to this point and what has happened here and you really think you can just come here and murder your friend as if it was justified?”

Kai: “I didn’t know it was him! I thought it was just some truly evil Imperial who slaughters children for fun!”

Ashley: “Oh, I’m sorry, but it is you who are fighting alongside the baby killers!”

Kai: “Oh yeah? The Holy Kingdom of Alltra kills babies? Say it to those Imperials who I saw murder an entire town of people and laugh about it!”

Ashley: “You’re crazy! I have seen record of Alltrians burning children and women when they attacked Drakla and by the looks of this battlefield I would think that may be true!”

Kai: “Plain lies from an ungrateful…”

Ashley knows what Kai is going to say after that word and accidently drops Cody as she prepares to smack him, and Cody lets out a vile sounding squeal of agony.

Cody: (Painfully) “Please, both of you. I know you hate each other, but Kai, come with us, and let us show you that you are wrong. Come to the Empire.”

Kai: “No, Cody I can’t they are evil! Come with me let us help you!”

*Alltrians and Imperials are now congregating around their respective Hero’s position ready to initiate the final face off*

Ashley: (Facing the Imperials) “What are you looking at? Get us the Clerics, Cody is injured!”

Kai: (Facing the Alltrians) “Hold! Stop!”

Cody: “Kai, I swore an oath to Drakla, to the Empire. I cannot betray them!”

Kai: “I did the same thing with Alltra.”

*Cody begins to cry again*

Cody: “Do not do this Kai, you understand not!”

Kai: “I understand enough. I can’t fight for anyone who follows your beliefs Cody I’m sorry.”

Cody: “No! Kai! No!”

Ashley: “Why do you have to be such an awful person, Kai!?”

*Imperial Clerics quickly arrive, thanks to their magic, and start to take Cody away onto a medical carriage and the soldiers of both sides prepare to finish the battle*

Cody: (With as much energy as possible) “Full retreat!”

Imperial Knight 1: “What? Milord we can finish this!”

Cody: “No, the Emperor needs to know this. Full retreat. Our survival now takes precedence.”

*Cody’s vision begins to fade as the Clerics start using healing spells on him as they carry him into a carriage*

Kai: “Let them go.”

Alltrian Mage 1: “You can’t be serious?”

Kai: (Angrily) “Oh but I am!”

*The Imperials retreat the battlefield and the Alltrians hesitantly stand there and let them go while Kai walks off back to Prince Kaylen*

-Inside of the medical carriage-

Ashley is sitting still in her divine armor next to Cody who is barren of his armor with three clerics around him two of which are casting spells with their staves to shoot some white orbs into Cody while the third has her hands on his stomach and using a white light and mending the wounds of his armor collapsing inside of him. Cody is gripping his hands into fists at the pain and relief of the clerics’ work, still very disoriented. Ashley slowly puts her hand on Cody’s forehead and for the first time in his life Cody did not shiver when touched by another person.

Ashley: “Will he be okay?”

Cleric 1: “He will be, milady.”

Cleric 2: “I still do not understand.”

Ashley: “What?”

Cleric 3: “bits and pieces of his armor was everywhere inside of him, How did the armor made up of the gods resilience break?”

Cleric 2: “What kept him alive? He should have died long ago, not too long after his happened.”

*Ashley looks at Cody gratefully that he is alive*

-Inside of Heathland’s town hall-

*Kai is sitting on a bench solemnly*

Visions of the battle are flashing through Kai’s head, he can see the fight stretched before him again, more specifically, the fight with Cody and instead of seeing the golden armored general, he can see the face of his friend in his head, and can only imagine the pain and suffering he caused him while he himself is almost none the worse for wear.

Kai: What have I done? Cody I am so sorry. Please don’t be dead. I know you don’t want to be here either, we can find the way out together just please don’t be dead.

*Prince Kaylen walks up to Kai*


Submitted: March 28, 2019

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