Chapter 19: Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men Chapter 19

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men

This is my own fictional story made solely by me and my fantasies all likeness to real life people have given unto me their permission to be used and this story will take inspiration from but never exactly parody any real life  book, movies, etc. all of it is my own makings




Chapter 19: Matt the Infinite Blade and Daniel the Ascended

-Meanwhile at Castle Draklor, 1 week later-

Cody, in his thin body suit with bandages wrapped around his torso, is inside the Imperial throne room with the Emperor along with Ashley, Greggory, Mina, and Fella.

Emperor Artorious: “So, to clarify, a Chosen Hero slipped through our grasp and now serves the enemy?”

Cody: “This is correct.”

Emperor Artorious: “I will need to speak to the Dreadlord about that. You also said he was one you knew personally?”

Ashley: “Yes, his name is Kai. He is my ex-boyfriend.”

Emperor Artorious: “Meaning?”

Cody: “Relationships are not set in stone on Earth; he abandoned his love from her and left her.”

Emperor Artorious: “Your world is most foul, but we need focus on the task at hand. How fare you Cody?”

Cody: “Other than a stomach ache, I am fine.”

*Artorious laughs at the pun alongside Cody who grips his sides as he chuckles*

*Torran and Lelorra enter the room*

Emperor Artorious: “Ah, my children. How are the repairs of Lord Cody’s armor?”

Torran: “They go sour. It can be repaired, yes, but we found something during the repair process.”

Lelorra: “There were runes hidden within it that we had not discovered during its initial construction. We believe those are what kept Cody alive as long as it did, but the power than emanates from them, Grandmaster Villach speculates they are bio-astral in origin.”

Cody: “Bio what?”

Torran: “bio-astral, meaning a physically manifestation of the gods powers.”

Cody: “Are you saying the gods gave me a secret power in my armor?”

Lelorra: “It would seem so, they want to keep you alive and powerful it seems.”

Cody: (Quietly) “It’s compensation.”

Emperor Artorious: “it will take time but we will get you all prepared for combat once more very soon, Cody.”

*Grand Master Villach appears in a black mist into the room*

Villach: “Your grand excellence, a report.”

Emperor Artorious: “Yes, Grandmaster.”

Ashley: (Shocked) “I will never get used to you mages doing that.”

Villach: “A large rift of magical energy mass around the northern forest close to the border.”

Emperor Artorious: “How massive is the energy?”

Villach: “Heroes, It has to be, the energy is even more off the spectrum than before.”

Emperor Artorious: “Then, all of you make haste! Save Cody of course, you are unfit to battle.”

*Cody dips his head shamefully as Mina turns to face him*

Mina: “Milord, Fella and I shall protect Ashley on this mission, but we will miss you.”

Fella: “Rest my liege, we need you to recuperate.”

Greggory: “Worry not milord, I shall keep them all safe.”

Cody: “Danke Schon, thank you.”

Ashley: “Hey Cody, don’t worry about it, okay? We will be fine and soon enough you will able to go on adventures with us again.”

*The groups leaves*

Cody: (Facing the door) “Is my leisure armor almost ready?”

Villach: “As a matter of fact, yes. A little longer to imbue it with magic and it shall be finished.”

Cody: “Thank you, Grandmaster.”

Villach: “Of course, milord.”

Emperor Artorious: “Worry not, child, all is well and things will be return to day soon enough.”

Cody: “I have to be honest, it feels nice to relax once more, but it feels wrong to let my friends leave and maybe die without me there to protect them.”

Emperor Artorious: “Have faith. If you believe in them, they will believe in you, but you must not let that faith waver or so will their spirits.”

Cody: “My faith has never been stronger, in anyone or anything since coming here.”

-Meanwhile in Alltra-

*Kai sits in the Alltrian throne room drinking something while a messenger runs up to the throne*

Messenger: “Your radiance! Spectral energy is off the scopes it can only mean one thing!”

King Drella: “Heroes, Then it is time to send a detachment to intercept.”

Messenger: “It is a spike unlike any other; the Imperials have sensed it too no doubt.”

King Drella: “Then I suppose I will need to send more than one detachment.”

*Kai runs up*

Kai: “I volunteer to go.”

King Drella: “Huh, excited to go?”

Kai: “No, I… Yes.”

King Drella: “For whatever reason?”

Kai: “Answers. If my friend Cody is with them. I need answers!”

King Drella: “I will not stop you. The more I have the better. Just make sure to bring the Hero back.”

Kai: “Alright!”

*Kai leaves just as the Alltrian forces amass to leave*

King Drella: (To himself) “Your friend? Your friend serves the enemy?”

Messenger: “You do not think, my master?”

King Drella: “Have some men search Kai’s room, if anything connected to the Empire is found… Bring him to me. I will not have a saboteur amongst my ranks.”

-In the middle of a forest-

*Two boys wake up*

Matt: “Woah, bro, Daniel where are we?”

Daniel: “We were just playing on the Nintendo. How did we get…Here?”

Matt: “What do we do?!”

Daniel: “I don’t know.”

Matt: (Concerned) “We can’t just stay here. We need to get home. Wherever that is.”

???: “Perhaps this is your home and you just have yet to see that.”

*Matt and Daniel look to their left where the Dreadlord stands*

The Dreadlord: “I am the Dreadlord, The Infernal Blade, UberGeneral from the Empire of Drakla, and the wielder of the Legendary Blade, Kriegsbringen.”

*Just as the Dreadlord says that Imperial forces alongside Ashley and the retainers arrive*

Ashley: “Dreadlord? When did you get here? Are these the Heroes?”

The Dreadlord: “They are indeed, just look at them, outlanders through and through.”

*From Matt and Daniel’s right the Alltrian forces with Kai arrive*

The Dreadlord: “How predictable.”

*The Imperials and Alltrians brandish their weapons and face each other*

Kai: (Yelling) “Stay away from them! They are evil!”

The Dreadlord: (calmly) “Do not be fooled by their lies, they are the evil ones, come with us and all your questions will be answered.”

The Imperials and Alltrians face each other will all their weapons facing each other with Matt and Daniel in the middle each of them looking between both factions and thinking

*The Dreadlord clasps onto a long broadsword attached to the hip with its left hand and looks at the two boys, Kai is looking desperately at them*

Matt: “Dude! What do we do?”

Daniel: “We chose who we go with?”

Matt: “How can we trust them?”

Daniel: “How are we supposed to trust people with…wait… swords and… magic pointed at us?

Matt: “Wait, did we die and go back in time?”

Kai: “Just come with us and we will tell you everything.”

Ashley: “No come with us and we will answer everything, we promise.”

*The Dreadlord summons Kriegsbringen in front of himself and waits*

Matt: “Well, if we have to choose. I think I know which one.”

Daniel: “Ummmm. Yeah.”

Matt and Daniel: “That one.”

*Matt points to the left and Daniel to the right*

Matt and Daniel: “What?!”

The Dreadlord: “You there. Bulky one, wise choice.”

Kai: “Skinny guy, quickly over here!”

Matt is 5’9.5 with a larger build but not fat, he has dark brown hair in a bowl cut and deep blue eyes. He has stubble around his loose yet triangular face; his skin is a fair white. Daniel has a very thin build standing around 5’7.5 he has tanned white skin with a very triangular face with a small goatee and mustache made up of teenage stubble on his face. He has hazel eyes; Matt and Daniel both are wearing casual attire befitting an American teenager.

Daniel: “Why them? Those knight guys look like bad guys.”

Matt: “There is something really creepy about those blue guys though.”

*The Dreadlord walks up to Matt and places a hand on his shoulder*

The Dreadlord: “Come, the Emperor will want to meet you.”

Matt: “What about Daniel?”

The Dreadlord: “He has chosen his path, and he has chosen poorly.”

*Kai rushes in front of Daniel and faces the Dreadlord*

Kai: (Grumbly) “You monster.”

The Dreadlord: “Now, Kai. we need not make a spectacle in front of our dear, new heroes now would we?”

Kai: “Don’t you dare speak to me!”

The Dreadlord: “Do you…want to die?”

*The Dreadlord’s voice seems to echoes across the entire forest plain and sends shivers down everyone’s spines*

*Kai looks back to his men as the Dreadlord gestures to them*

Kai: “I will have my revenge.”

The Dreadlord: “Perhaps, in time.”

Kai: (Angrily) “Come on.”

*Kai takes Daniel and starts walking away with him as Daniel looks back at Matt who Ashley is now meeting with, and Matt looks to meet Daniel’s gaze*

Ashley: “Hi, my name is Ashley. What’s yours?”

Matt: “Matt, it’s cool to meet you. Wait. Did you go to middle school with me?”

Ashley: “Did I?”

Matt: “Yeah! You were one of the cheerleaders. Man I remember that! Cody used to be scared of cheerleaders back then.”

Ashley: “You know Cody? Wait.”

Matt: “You know Cody too?”

Ashley: “Yeah! And he is here too!”

Matt: “No, way! We all thought he died! Where is he!?”

Ashley: “The Imperial castle!”

Matt: “Well then let’s go!”

*Ashley starts leading the troops back with Matt, but the Dreadlord remains to watch the Alltrians walk away*

Kai: “The name is Kai, what’s yours?”

Daniel: “Daniel.”

Kai: “Hey, don’t worry bud. We will take care of you okay?”

Daniel: “Okay.”

*Daniel and Matt both take one last look back at each other from afar before returning their gazes to their fronts*


Submitted: April 09, 2019

© Copyright 2020 12345Megas. All rights reserved.


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