Chapter 2: Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men Chapter 2

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 89

Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men

This is my own fictional story made solely by me and my fantasies all likeness to real life people have given unto me their permission to be used and this story will take inspiration from but never exactly parody any real life book, movies, etc. all of it is my own makings




Chapter 2: A Lord’s Story

*Inside of a weight training room*

Valen: “He is still not back is he?”

Zack: “No, I honestly think he won’t be”

*Daniel approaches*

Daniel: “He can’t be dead. You heard what the officers said, he vanished, and… he’s not dead!”

*In a classroom filled with cameras*

Dominique: “Cody won’t respond to my texts anymore.”

Nick: “Do you think that is what the lockdown was about? Is Cody back?”

Sydney: “I doubt it.”

*In a math classroom*

Moises: “Have any of you felt like…. I don’t know…weird since Cody disappeared?”

Jonah: “Something feels off but I would not say I feel weird”

*During lunch*

Ashley: (groggily) “I have not felt good for a couple days now, but I am not sick. What’s happening?”

Ashley’s Friend: “I don’t know. Things have not been the same here since….”

*meanwhile in Aragoth Cody and Lelorra are walking down a long hallway*

The hallway is made of a dark wood and is decorated with many golden trimmed lanterns that dot the sides of the walls. The floor is covered in a large red and black carpet that bears the Imperial Crest, a dragon with an inferno around it. Lelorra is clad in silver armor without gauntlets or boots. The armor looks like usual Medieval Earth knight armor except of the large Imperial Crest which is adorned on her chest plate. She is not wearing a helmet and in place of boots she is wearing brown fur socks of sorts. Lelorra stands at about 6’2 in height and has a stalky build varyingly different from most women from Earth who have more curvy figures. Cody is wearing a long silk white dress which the Cleric informed him is an Imperial Medical Gown, he has bandages wrapped around all parts of his body except his face and he is without shoes.

Cody: “Princess?”

Lelorra: “Yes, Cody.”

Cody: “I have to apologize for my previous behavior. I am not used to basking in the presence of royalty, so forgive me if I offended you in any way.”

Lelorra: “(laughs for a moment) worry not Cody. I mind not. You need not refer to me by princess, I rather like having someone that does not act uptight merely because of my station. If I may be Empress someday, I need to demand respect for my prowess and skill not my station of birth. I need to earn that respect first. You may even call me by my first name if you would like?”

Cody: (shocked) “Really!? In my world royalty would never say the words you just did. Respect comes from station where I am from.”

Lelorra: (angrily) “Your world sounds like the Kingdom of Alltra if they ruled the world.”

Cody: “What is the Kingdom of Alltra?”

Lelorra: “We will speak more on this later. We are nearly to the Throne Room.”

*Cody and Lelorra approach a giant red and white door that has gold indents and trimmings with the Imperial Crest on either side of the door*

Two knights stand guard at the door. They are at least 6 feet tall and have all red armor that covers them head to toe, the armor is rather bulky and big, the helmet is in the shape of a dragons head and the chest plate protrudes outwards in a triangular form, they have large square-like shoulder pads that extend down their upper arms, and have 4 girder plates around their midriff and waist covering the chainmail underneath they have large boots that extend upwards into the knee guard and large shield that look like the shape of a dragon’s head. Both knights have halberds.

Knight 1: “Princess Lelorra, Guest, you may both enter.”

Knight 2: “I am watching you Outsider.”


Cody: (nervously) “Thank you for that.”

*Lelorra scoffs at the knights and opens the door which reveals the Emperor’s Throne Room*

The room is huge with a second story built into with even rafters and ramparts. There is an outlook made almost like an opera house around the edge of the ginormous room. The room is covered in trophy cases holding heads of great beasts or golden treasures. The long rug from the hallway extends into this room and at the edges of the rug are large cauldrons with fires flaring inside of them giving the room light. Little embers dance around the sky in the room yet it is rather cold in it. The rug leads up to a long table which seats Imperial Nobility and has stairs at the end of the room that go up towards the Emperor’s throne which is covered by a thin drape at the moment but you can see the outlines of the Emperor through it. He is tall and obviously wearing armor.

*Cody stops and starts to shiver*

Lelorra: “Cody? What is wrong?”

Cody: (shakily) “I … I am scared.”

Lelorra: “Worry not; my father is a kind and generous man. I promise you are safe from all threats here.”

*Cody breaths in and begins walking again and two more knights wearing the same armor come out of the shadows of the edge of room and follow Princess Lelorra and Cody to the throne*

*as Cody passes the seats where the Nobles are sitting, the Nobles glare at Cody studying him up and down*

*The Masked Mage and Cleric from before are standing at the side of the Emperors throne just outside the drape that covers it.*

Masked Mage: “Cody, please bow and remain there. Princess, you may do as you will.”

*Cody does as ordered and kneels before the throne with his head down*

*Lelorra rolls her eyes at the Mage*

Lelorra: “Lord Father we are here.”

*The Emperor’s head rises from the shadowy outlines that can be seen of him and speaks*

Emperor Artorious: (in a rather calm and relaxing voice) “Most excellent!”

*The Emperor arises from his seated position and opens the drape to reveal himself*

The Emperor is wearing black and gold armor from toe to neck that is all shaped like that of a dragon but with distinct features. The boots of the armor look more like talons same with the gauntlets and the metal around his stomach moves as he breaths and it is light enough to move, his breast plate looks like it is made of a black and sleek metal with normal sized shoulder pads but they have large spires that erupt from them, the rest of his armor is form fitting metal that seems to move with him,. He is at least 6’11 in height.

Emperor Artorious: “You are the one they call Cody, yes?”

Cody: (with a stutter) “Yes, Your Great Excellency.”

Masked Mage: good response boy

Emperor Artorious: “Then rise please, I wish to look upon you.”

*Cody stands slowly up*

Cody: “Anything for you, your majesty”

Emperor Artorious: “I appreciate the enthusiasm, but it is unneeded.*the Emperor points to the Nobles* “All of you, leave us.”

*The Noble all rise and bow their heads before departing*

Emperor Artorious: “Ha Ha boy, I heard from my son that you had braved an Imperial snowstorm in such risqué clothing. You are quite bold!”

Cody: (blinking quickly before speaking) “Risqué?”

Emperor Artorious: “Aye, your leggings were so short they did not even cover up to your knees and your tunic was very well lacking in sleeves and a proper collar. Tell me who were you trying to impress when you came here? Because you impressed me Child.”

Cody: “My apologies for that Your Grace. In my world those are rather acceptable clothing. Risqué would be the exact opposite of what those represent in my world.”

Emperor Artorious: “Ah yes. Your world. Please you must tell me everything, and then I have something to show you.”

*Cody and the Emperor exchange stories of their respective worlds for hours while guards continue to watch over them*

Cody: “You fight? You?”

Emperor Artorious: “HA! Yes I do. It is quite odd to hear that your leaders stay at the sides. An inactive leader is a weak leader unbefitting of his people.”

*Cody’s eyes light up at the response*

*They continue to speak or what seems like forever, every now and then getting into long elaborate stories of each other*

Cody: “And then I jumped off the container and fractured my ankle.”

Emperor Artorious: (laughing strongly) “quite the adventure you and your friends had!”

*Time passes still The Emperor and Cody exchange pleasantries*

Emperor Artorious: “Then I rent the head from his miserable body and it rolled all the way down the mountain.”

Cody: “Truly!?”

Emperor Artorious: “Aye, Tis be the beasts head over yonder. Battleshein has brought me much glory”

Cody: “I never knew you could see a great sword as a friend.”

Emperor Artorious: “Yes it serves as an extension of your mind, body, and soul on the battlefield it is a shame that this world is much different than yours I had hoped our worlds would be more alike, but I have an inkling feeling you will enjoy your stay here.”

Cody: “Thank you, your majesty.”

Emperor Artorious: “You are most welcome Cody. Now there is something I need to show you.”

*Artorious waves his hand up and a man wearing the same armor as Lelorra comes up*

Emperor Artorious: “This is my son, Torran. He will be escorting us to the Mural of Champions.”

Prince Torran: “It is an honor to meet you Hero.”

Cody: (hesitantly) “Likewise.”

*Cody Artorious, Torran, and Lelorra walking with 4 of the Emperor’s guards down another long hallway*

Cody: “Wow every inch of your house is so exquisitely designed, and well… golden!”

Torran: “Aye, The Castle was designed by the best of the Empire’s architects.”

Cody: “Castle? So this is a huge castle?”

Torran: “Indeed it is.”

*Cody tries to speak once more then is cut off*

Torran: “The castle itself, Castle Draklor was made by the gods themselves. They say Grima, the father god and his three children Atmora, Lorvek, and Tallsen built the castle with the very first Imperials 100,000 years ago.”

Cody: “Wow 100,000 years! The Empire has stood for a long time.”

Torran: “It certainly has.”

 *the group passes by a huge window with the glass artwork of a dragon on it and Cody looks out at the people*

Cody: “Woah!”

Lelorra: “What is it?”

The streets of the Empire are filled with snow and people brightly walking, talking, and shopping about. Everyone seems happy as they parade around their large city that is lit by big street lanterns and small dancing embers that fly throughout the sky, the buildings are made similar to old Gregorian and Victorian design.

Cody: “It is beautiful.”

Emperor Artorious: “Then you see the beauty we are trying to protect?”

Cody: “I do.”

*The group makes it to another large door and 10 soldiers approach with swords and lances*

Soldier 1: (facing the Emperor) “You are all here then your majesty?”

Emperor Artorious: “Yes, we are.”

Soldier 2: “Open the door immediately!”

*The large door opens and reveals a big room with nothing but a large mural in it*

The soldiers who wear red armor the covers most of their body follow, the armor is much different from the knights before as it is not nearly as huge and lets them walk with more freedom in places around the neck and other joints of the body, the armor has white fur obviously providing heat for the wearer


*The group and guards proceed inside and stare at the mural*

Cody: (to all) “Is that…Me!?”

The mural is large with a very descriptive scene painted on it. A figure very closely resembling Cody is at the very top with his left leg on the ground with his right one bent up in the air and his leg arm is to his sides while is right is in the air skywards with a large white light blaring from it. Cody is devoid of body hair and his bodily acne and his figure is more feminine than now but is almost an exact depiction of him. He seems to be wearing nothing in the mural but a long white and blue cloth that snakes around his body gracefully. Cody along with many other people who very closely resemble many of Cody’s friends are standing atop a large pile of purple bones and seem to be both celebrating.

Emperor Artorious: “Now that I get to look at you in person I can say without a doubt that it is indeed you.”

Torran and Lelorra: (in unison) “A Chosen Hero.”


Submitted: January 16, 2019

© Copyright 2020 12345Megas. All rights reserved.


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