Chapter 20: Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men Chapter 20

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 117

Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men

This is my own fictional story made solely by me and my fantasies all likeness to real life people have given unto me their permission to be used and this story will take inspiration from but never exactly parody any real life  book, movies, etc. all of it is my own makings




Chapter 20: Strength by Leisure

 -The new Hero Matt and the rest of the Imperials return to Castle Draklor-

*The Dreadlord leads the pack of Imperial soldiers while Matt and Ashley approach*

Matt: “So, The Dreadlord? How did you get that cool armor?”

The Dreadlord: “Did I not say all your questions would be answered when we reach the Emperor?”

Matt: “Yeah but, this is a question for you.”

The Dreadlord: “Beg pardon my discourtesy, but I have a question for you then.”

*The Dreadlord stops and turns around to face Matt with the a Broadsword in hands causing everyone to stop as well*

The sword is beautiful and ornate. The blade itself seems to be made of gold while the hilt is silver and jeweled. One giant stone in the middle of the hilt glows as the middle of the blade radiates energy.

The Dreadlord: “This is the Infinite Blade, a weapon once held by a swordsman who mastered all sword techniques on Aragoth. The blade called to me when you first arrived, informing me of a new Hero’s come. If you are truly meant to serve Drakla and its Empire, you will be tested. Face me? Or do you fear being unworthy of this weapon?”

Ashley: “You want to fight him!?”

The Dreadlord: “Nay, I wish to duel him. As I do with you as well, Golden Heart.”

Ashley: “Golden Heart?”

The Dreadlord: “Have you not heard. You saved Cody some week ago, and now the people have come to call you the Golden Heart for your kindness and loyalty to your friend.”

Ashley: “Oh, I kind of like it.”

*The Dreadlord faces Matt again*

The Dreadlord: “Will you face me for an honorable duel?”

Matt: (Smiles) “Sure.”

Ashley: “Are you crazy?”

Matt: “He just said a legendary dude once held that sword and he is going to let me hold it for a duel with him! How could I pass that down? It looks so cool!”

The Dreadlord: “Then face me.”

*The Dreadlord tosses the blade to Matt*

Matt: “Woah this is so cool.”

The Dreadlord sprints at inhuman speeds to Matt and attacks. Matt seems to have time slow around him as he grips the blade and blocks the Dreadlord’s attack.

The Dreadlord: “Most Impressive, few can handle my attacks, even fewer can block them.”

Matt: “How did I do that?”

The Dreadlord goes back on the offensive, charging at Matt and every time their blades connect the Dreadlord launches back to reel in for another superhuman attack.

Matt: “It’s like I know what I am doing!”

The Dreadlord: “Weapons gifted unto man by the gods have the innate power to transfer all their past wielders knowledge onto another worthy host. You now have a myriad of sword fighting skills I wish to test.”

The Dreadlord then runs up and grabs Matt tossing him into the wall then launching towards him. Matt dodges and lets out a flurry of blade swings that the Dreadlord easily blocks and at the end of them he counters by knocking the blade to Matt’s left and kicking Matt in the face.

Matt: “How can you move like that in all that armor?”

The Dreadlord comes spinning towards Matt and Matt dodges under the spinning Dreadlord before the both of them reposition themselves in front of each other. The Dreadlord’s black armor seems to shine in the heat of battle. Both start blazing out fury filled attacks at each other. The Dreadlord will block a few before parrying one of them and going on the offensive while Matt does the same, all the while changing up attack forms and patterns during the duel. Matt starts switching to heavier attacks and ends up locking blades with The Dreadlord for a time before the Dreadlord gets Matt’s blade to the floor and backhands him causing Matt to be disoriented for a moment. In this time Matt, uncoordinated, throws his blade out towards the Dreadlord, who is swinging around to hit Matt with the blunt end of Kriegsbringen, and slices a small part of The Dreadlord’s torso armor and makes the Dreadlord let out an odd sound of pain that echoes across the room.

The Dreadlord: “That was not on purpose?”

Matt battered up at the moment takes time to breath before responding

Matt (Winded) “No I just did it.”

The Dreadlord: “Excellent fight, excellent fight indeed.”

The room is silent as everyone is awe struck by the untouchable Dreadlord being hit, But before anyone can say anything the Dreadlord’s armor repairs itself before their very eyes and the Dreadlord tosses Matt to the ground with one hand.

The Dreadlord: “Yet I am still very much capable to continue fighting while you are not.”

Matt: (Gasping for air) “I…I….I give.”

The Dreadlord: “Your skills with that blade are unmatched but your endurance is lacking.”

Emperor Artorious: “Most excellent, truly invigorating, Hero.”

*As the Emperor approaches the lesser knights kneel before him while upper knights salute to his Excellency*

The Dreadlord: “Master.”

Emperor Artorious: “So you are the Hero that caused such a powerful surge of energy? Excellent, it is a pleasure to meet you, I am Emperor Artorious: The Dragon Fire Emperor.”

Matt: “Matt of… California? Nice to meet you.”

The Dreadlord: “Your majesty. He is one of two.”

Emperor Artorious: “Aye, that makes sense, so where is the second Hero.”

Ashley: “Probably in Alltra now.”

*Artorious’ face turns almost sad*

Emperor Artorious: “You mean to tell me the enemy claimed another?”

Ashley: “…Yes…”

Emperor Artorious: (Normal expression) “So be it.”

Matt: “So what’s up with all the swords and stuff?”

Ashley: “Oh Yeah! Welcome to Aragoth the land of knights and magic in another dimension entirely.”

Matt: “So?”

Emperor Artorious: “You were brought here to fulfill your destiny, Chosen by the gods to save us from a great travesty.”

Matt: (Ecstatic) “Dude that’s awesome!”

*The Dreadlord grabs Matt by the throat*

The Dreadlord: “Know your place! That is Emperor Artorious you talk to, not some of your filthy little friends from Earth!”

Emperor Artorious: “Dreadlord unhand him this instant!”

*The Dreadlord lets go leaving a petrified Matt in its place*

The Dreadlord: “My apologies, Hero.”

Emperor Artorious: “You must have many questions; come let us indulge in some food and festivities and explain everything to you.”

Matt: (Recollecting himself) “Sounds cool.”

Emperor Artorious: “Ashley, Dreadlord. You may return the soldiers to their barracks, Mina, Fella, and Greggory, Lord Cody has need of you.”

Matt: “Cody that’s right! Is he here?”

Emperor Artorious: “Yes, he is in his quarters having some wounds tended to. Do you know him?”

Matt: “Yeah I do, but what wounds?”

Ashley: “He was injured fighting another Hero from our world. Someone we both know personally too.”

Matt: “All the more reason to see him now!”

Emperor Artorious: “I do believe he can answer any of your questions as well. Go, find your friend.”

*Matt follows the three servants but is stopped by the Emperor just before he leaves*

Emperor Artorious: “Please excuse The Dreadlord for the brash nature exhibited, The Dreadlord does not like the idea of, to quote The Dreadlord, Earth filth disrespecting honored royalty.”

Matt: “I am sorry for being so disrespectful to you, your majesty.”

Emperor Artorious: “Think nothing of it. Now go.”

*Matt and the rest set off*

*Cody is in his quarters with Princess Lelorra*

Cody is back in his nice and expensive dress while Lelorra is wearing her leather and chainmail that she wears underneath her armor.

Cody: “The healing process has gone very well all things considered.”

Lelorra: “You took direct assaults from the legendary tome of life, Bryndhildr, I am so glad you’re okay and not dead of course! Moreover you are healing from the after effects of a legendary weapon far more quickly than anyone has.”

 Cody: “That is most pleasing to hear.”

*Cody attempts to get up from sitting on his bed and falls to his knees on the floor in sharp pain and Lelorra helps him up*

Lelorra: “Are you okay?”

Cody: “Yes, I am fine, just…”

Lelorra: “Just what?”

*As if on cue Greggory, Mina, Fella, and Matt enter*

Mina: “Milord!”

Fella: “Master!”

Greggory: “Hello, Hero.”

Matt: “What’s up dude?”

Cody: (Shocked) “By the holy blazes! Matt!?”

Matt: “Holy crap I almost didn’t recognize you with the long hair and …Dress? Dude!”

Cody: “Welcome to the Empire of Drakla.”

Lelorra: “A friend of yours?”

Cody: “Oh, yes! Matt has been a dear friend of mine since I was quite young, since what we call middle school.”

Matt: “Man what are you doing here?”

Cody: “I could ask you the same thing.”

Matt: “Dude after you disappeared, things got bad! People got depressed and scared that they would disappear too and then they closed your case saying that you died and then some girl goes missing and they reopen everything and then a guy goes too and now well before me the whole fricking nation is in a frenzy blaming other nations of kidnapping people.”

Cody: “Typical scum, not doing proper investigations and blaming a scapegoat to keep the people from the plain truth hidden just in front of them!”

Matt: “People are saying another World War is about to start because of it.”

Cody: “Oh don’t tell me!”

Matt: “They are blaming Germany again.”

Cody: “How predictable!”

Matt: “I know and now things between the Soviet Union are getting tense again.”

Cody: “Russia is in no place to fight another war and neither is Germany. After Hitler died and ended the Third World War the world has been in chaos.”

Matt: “Yet America blames them for your disappearances.”

Cody: “One day I want to return there just to show those blasphemous pigs the error of their ways.”

Matt: “You think we will get to go home?”

Cody: “Perhaps one day, but this is my home now. I am more here than I could ever be back on Earth. I am a Lord, I rule land, I fight for a cause greater than my own and for an Empire that will not fall. Back on Earth I was just the retard people humored or made fun of, but here should they dare speak ill of me… They lose rights to their heads.”

Matt: “So you did it?”

Cody: “Pardon?”

Matt: “You said you always wanted to become royalty and now you have done it.”

Cody: “By the gods I did not even realize it… Back on Earth the one thing I wanted before I died was what I have now. I need a new life goal!”

Matt: “Yeah, dude, I’m happy for you.”

*A moment of silence*

Cody: “Is Germany still a Democratic Empire?”

Lelorra:  “I thought you said there were no more Empires on Earth?”

Cody: “Well for the Russians and Germany’s sake there are not. Since the end of Third World War Germany was forced to become a democratic empire which is just a fancy way of saying an empire that is no longer ruled by the emperor but from an outside source, so technically it is not a real empire, and neither is the new Soviet Union by those same standards.”

Matt: “Well, to answer your question. Viktor Hess is the current Fuhrer and Europe is still under their control but America watches them very closely, also Russia, Asia, and Africa was reformed back into the Soviet Union, and now The New Asian Federation, and the United Democracy of African Nations.”

Cody: “Good, good. The child of the Deputy Fuhrer how befitting.”

Matt: “Why so interested?”

*Cody dons a devious smile*

Cody: “Viktor Hess would not be the Fuhrer if I went back to Earth let me tell you that.”

*Matt and Cody both start to laugh hysterically*

Cody: “Ow”

*Cody clutches his side and the three servants walk up to him*

Lelorra: “Greggory, he is still hurting.”

Greggory: “It is expected.”

Mina: “He is lucky to be alive.”

Fella: “We just need to tackle that lingering pain and he should return to normal.”

Matt: “What happened?”

Cody: “Do you know the name Kai? He went to middle school with us as well.”

Matt: “I think I do, I didn’t like him if he is the guy I am thinking of.”

Cody: “Well he is here and when Imperials wear helmets and the dude grows a beard in 2 seconds, well we did not realize who we were and we fought. My holy lance versus a legendary tome of yore. I lost the fight and nearly lost my life but Ashley saved me and helped us realized who we were and now I rest here in the Empire I call home in a suite that borders the elegance of the gods.”

Lelorra: “Cody, if you don’t mind can we heal you up a bit?”

Cody: “Yes please. Thank you.”

*Cody disrobes and leaves his thin bodysuit on as Lelorra’s hands begin to glow as she drags them along Cody’s sides*

Matt: “Whoa! What’s that?”

Cody: “You will not believe me. Real magic. Arcane magic.”

Matt: “Seriously!”

Cody: “It is a rarity here though.”

Matt: “Really?”

Lelorra: “Yes it is, my father, brother and I are a few of the most notable mages in Drakla with Grandmaster Villach teaching all who have magical abilities, it is much more prominent in Alltra to have magical powers however.”

Matt: “What’s the deal with Alltra and why is magic so scarce here?”

Lelorra: “Alltra sparked a war between us many years ago when they killed my father’s father, the previous Emperor, and we killed their previous King. We have had bits of cold and… warm war since but nothing all out…yet.”

Cody: “I still want to know more about this.”

Lelorra: “Well I guess I can say what I know, but to answer your second question. Matt was it? Drakla’s gods want us to be strong and powerful and not rely on magic for everything, rather they want us to be intelligent and strong ourselves without help from the arcane arts. It is why most people here are tall and bulky while in Alltra they are small and thin.”

Matt: “So you all are very tall then?”

Fella: (Checking Cody’s wounds) “Mina and I are relatively small in comparison to many people in this land.”

Matt: “oh.”

Lelorra: “Few people are allowed to have magical powers in Drakla, but those who do are chosen by the gods to have them.”

Matt: “So other than being royalty, why? Why you guys?”

Emperor Artorious: “I suppose it is story time.”

Lelorra: “Father?!”

*Emperor Artorious walks in to check on Cody*

Emperor Artorious: “How are you doing boy?”

Cody: “Well enough if not for some pain but my skin is still as smooth and untarnished as before.”

Emperor Artorious: *Chuckles* “Glad you have your priorities straight.”

Matt: “May I ask why you have magical powers?”

Emperor Artorious: “Tis a long story, one I will shorten by quite a lot for you. I was given life by the god Atmora, my mother had many heirs but a traitor Emperor stole the throne from our royal blood and slaughtered all of my brothers but left my mother alive. My mother would then plead to the gods while surrounded by the corpses of her lover and her children and Atmora answered, she gave my mother a vial of blood to drink and three days later she was pregnant with me. During this time the traitor ruled but my Mother knowing full well an Empress needs an Emperor, and did she marry a young suitor who would be my bound father. This man who would later rule for me in my young age, he was seen as the true Emperor and helped fuel the rebellion against the traitor. When I would be eight, very young, infantile by our standards, I would kill the Traitor Emperor with my magical powers given to me by the gods by my sole birth itself. The people rejoiced as I was a coming for a new Imperial Ascendance Era, but My bound Father would rule for a hundred years in my place, beloved by the people mind you, before being brutally murdered by the Alltrians at a peace meeting between our nations and I would ascend to the throne to take on the task of leading my people.”

Matt: “You are over a hundred years old? You look forty at most!”

Lelorra: Age is different here due to how our time streams work”

Cody: “By Imperial standards, Matt, we are minors still.”

Matt: Dude this is crazy!”

Cody: “It is a quite a large sum to swallow, I know.”

Matt: “So what is the deal with us?”

Lelorra: “The prophecy.”

Matt: “What?”

Lelorra: “A prophecy states that Heroes from another world would come unto Aragoth and save us from a great travesty that ,if left to grow, would send the world asunder a hundred times over.”

Matt: (Stunned) “That’s a lot of pressure.”

Cody: “When drenched in luxury you start to forget about the stress.”

*Ashley enters the room*

Ashley: “He is right. I forgot we had to do that too.”

*Cody changes the subject*

Cody: “The Grandmaster of the Mages Guild said the magical energy flowing from the dimensional rift was tremendous, so how powerful are you Matt?”

Matt: “Well I have something called the Infinite Blade.”

*The Dreadlord walks in*

Cody: (Irked) “Sure just everyone come into my room without permission, no, that’s fine.”

The Dreadlord: (With a hint of sarcasm) “You will want to hear this…Milord.”

*a moment of silence*

The Dreadlord: “He was not alone.”

*The Dreadlord points to Matt*

Cody: “Matt?”

Matt: “Daniel is here, with the other guys.”

*Cody’s face turns pale with fear*

Cody: (Enraged) “No I could have been there! I would have stopped him from going with them! He now serves Alltra!? No, what have I done!”

The Dreadlord: “He is an enemy of the Empire and will face judgement for his lack of vision.”

*The Dreadlord exits*

Cody: “Is this what we have come to? Destroying our friends?”

*The group looks at each other*

Lelorra: (With a hand on Cody’s shoulder) “Worry not my friend, through every trial and tribulation you have faced here you have become stronger. I know you can find a way to end this without hurting your friends.”

With Cody sitting and Lelorra standing the height difference between the average Human and Imperial Human is apparent He looks at Lelorra then to his group of friends.

*The group all look at each other and nods*

Cody walks over to the tabled area of his room and gets himself a glass of Cider Water, a sweet candied drink, and also pours everyone a glass.

Cody: “To victory my friends. We will prevail and I will get you all home, and protect my new one!”

Group: “Yeah!”

*They all raise their arms up*

Cody: The time will come when we must face out friends and when that comes, we must be ready. I will steele my resolve, come time I will smite all who stand before me and salvation.


Submitted: April 11, 2019

© Copyright 2020 12345Megas. All rights reserved.


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