Chapter 21: Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men Chapter 21

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men

This is my own fictional story made solely by me and my fantasies all likeness to real life people have given unto me their permission to be used and this story will take inspiration from but never exactly parody any real life  book, movies, etc. all of it is my own makings




Chapter 21: An Arrogant Assassin

-Same Day-

Kai: “So Daniel. What happened just before you showed up in that clearing?”

Daniel: “I was playing video games with my friend, Matt, the guy who went with the evil looking guys.”

Kai: “I had almost fallen asleep in my car when I, all of a sudden, showed up here.”

*Alltrian mages approach Kai*

Alltrian Mage 1: “My lord, may we set up a teleportation sigil here and cast ourselves back to the Crystal City of Alltor?”

Kai: “Yes. You may.”

Daniel: “Teleportation…sigil?”

Kai: “That’s right! Welcome to Aragoth. Some other worldly dimension stuck in the medieval age of might and magic, or whatever.”

*Daniel gives a silent stare*

Kai: “Don’t worry you get used to it.”

The mages finish casting the sigil sign on the ground and they teleport everyone back to the outskirts of the Alltrian capital city, Alltor.

Alltrian Mage 2: “Now follow us new Hero. Our king wishes to have a word with you.”

*Kai follows Daniel but stops just outside the throne room*

Kai: I wonder does he know them. If his friend is also from…No it could not be, could it?

Kai becomes lost in thought and loses track of time as an hour passes and Daniel returns

Kai: “Hey man.”

Daniel: “Wow, A lot is happening here. A war, Heroes from other dimensions, magic, and gods.”

Kai: “Hey man this is going to sound stupid but can I ask you something?”

Daniel: “O…Ok.”

Kai: “Do you know the name Cody….”

*Before Kai finishes his sentence Daniel interjects*

Daniel: “Everyone does, he was the first to disappear. One of my best friends too.”

Kai: “I knew it!”

Daniel: “What?”

Kai: “Cody is one of my very close friends too, but why does everyone who comes here from our world know him?”

Daniel: “Where is he by the way?”

Kai: “With Drakla.”

Daniel: “So he is with Matt? Both of my friends are with them? Why?”

Kai: “I don’t know but there is some weird connection between us all and Cody, and I want to find out what it is and why.”

Daniel: “W…What do we do?”

Kai: “I don’t know.”

*As Kai and Daniel stand in silence King Drella walks in*

King Drella: “For starters there are three…People… I want you to meet.”

Kai and Daniel: “Okay.”

*Kai, Daniel, and King Drella alongside his royal guards walk through Alltra*

King Drella: “Is it not beautiful Daniel? Every building made of a precious material. Gold, silver, ivory, all of it, nothing but splendor and glory.”

Daniel: “All of it, how?”

King Drella: “Our gods keep us well stocked in all things blissful and luxurious.”

Kai: “That is why Drakla is warring with us?”

King Drella: “Well it is not a FULL war just yet, but yes, I do believe they are jealous we have all of this and they refuse to let us share it peacefully.”

Daniel: “You both attack each other but it is not a full war?”

King Drella: “No, it is customary in the lands of Aragoth to have meetings of peace… and war. If Emperor Artorious and I wish to truly war with each other we will have to meet and solidify the war.”

Kai: “When?”
King Drella: “Pardon?”

Kai: “When do we truly start this war?”

King Drella: “All in due time. There is much to prepare before that.”

Kai: “Like?”

King Drella: “First you need to meet your father and mothers.”

Kai and Daniel: “What does that mean?”

*They arrive at an underground entrance located at the middle of the city which is surprisingly empty at the moment*

King Drella: “Down below is the Temple of the One. It is a holy place where currently the three patron gods of our lands reside over, in the name of the One.”

Kai: “Wait! We are meeting the gods?”

Daniel: “Here and now!?”

King Drella: “Yes, now it would be unwise to keep the gods in the waiting.”

*Kai and Daniel proceed deep below into the temple which hides in the dark*

Inside the temple is filled with many seats and pews. Despite being underground it is a three level temple covered in white luxury items and golden displays. Draperies hang over the second and third levels which have the same design to them. Many small statues in the temple have imagery of white and gold dragons. There is a golden silk carpet that lines the floors towards an altar which glows blue with three golden chalices upon them and a giant stage, large enough to fit hundreds of men, with sigils on the floor. Behind the stage is another large opening with a matching sigil on it like the ones on the altar however it is more of a perch as it sits higher than the altar in an almost regal fashion. As Kai and Daniel approach the three chalices glow even brighter and the sigils ignite in black fire. Emerge the three gods of Alltra, Corrmin, Gwendolyn, and Lelannia. Corrmin is the patron gods as he sits upon the perch situated above the other two. Gwendolyn is a white Wyvern with golden skin underneath said white scales while Lelannia is also a white Wyvern but with blue skin under her scales. Corrmin however is a black and golden Greater Dragon, he glows a bright gold just like his skin which can be seen glowing underneath his deep black scales.

Corrmin: “So cometh the Heroes of Lore.”

Gwendolyn: “Destined to do battle.”

Lelannia: “To live and die for us.”

*Kai and Daniel are awe struck and unable to move or speak*

Corrmin: “Stricken mute and immobile by our mere presence.”

Gwendolyn: “Such is the fate of those who look upon raw beauty.”

Lelannia: “These are those who will save Alltra from the vile grips of the Empire?”

Corrmin: “I am less than amused. Speak now! Are you not the Heroes we summoned for?”

*Daniel drops to the floor*

Kai: “We…Are? Yes!”

Gwendolyn: “They are fools.”

Lelannia: “Worthless. This is why Mother did not trust mortals.”

Kai: “Mother?”

Corrmin: “The boy of white does not even know our beloved savior.”

Lelannia: “What an impudent serf.”

Gwendolyn: “Tell me Alltrians. How do you not know the story of the Great Mother?”

Daniel: “Alltrians?”

Kai: “Because we are not from Alltra. Daniel here does not even wear clothes from around here.”

Lelannia: “Perhap they are the Heroes.”

*Kai begins to choke*

Corrmin: (With one claw in the air) “Perhaps nearing death will teach you not to speak in such a manner to your gods.”

*Kai starts to turn blue*

Daniel: “Please stop! He is sorry, I am sorry. Do not kill him. We serve you!”

*Kai breathes again*

Corrmin: “This one knows proper respect, at least a modicum.”

Gwendolyn: “Yet weaponless.”

Lelannia: “That one holds Bryndhildr.”

Corrmin: “What is your name boy?”

Kai: “Kai, Kai Kelley.”

Corrmin: “Wielder of Bryndhildr? Interesting.”

Gwendolyn: (Pointing to Daniel with one wing) “What do YOU wield?”

Daniel: “Me?”

Gwendolyn: “Is there any other of YOU?”

Daniel: “No.”

Lelannia: “I sense fear inside you. Tell me what fear is?”

Daniel: “Um when you have something you cannot bear because you run from it because your heart beats and umm.”

Lelannia: “Wrong. Very wrong. It is a weapon that topples Empires and forges Kingdoms.”

Gwendolyn: “It is the weapon that hides in the shadows, that by neither night nor day can it be escaped from.”

Corrmin: “I can see it. You are hidden in plain sight. You are not accustomed to the spotlight. You would fulfill that purpose quite dearly.”

*Corrmin summons a dagger from inside his claw and shows it to Daniel*

Corrmin: “This is Kremvah: The Dagger of Destiny. Take it. Will it deem you worthy?”

*Corrmin comes close to Daniel and reaches out to him*

Daniel: “Umm.”

Kai: “Take it. For it may be yours.”

*Daniel reaches out to Kremvah and takes it and it glows and Daniel starts to shiver*

Daniel: ‘So much skill, power. It will be mine?”

Kai: “What is happening?”

Corrmin: “You know this already do you not? When a legendary weapon is passed down so are the skills and powers of the previous wielders.”

Lelannia: “You give your soul to the weapon in exchange for its power and all it has learned is. You given to it as well, when your time of death comes to pass.”

Gwendolyn: “We need you to serve as the pillar of the gods and to be our fang of justice.”

Corrmin: “You, white one. You and the wielder of Kremvah have a very important task.”

Daniel: “What is it my Lords?”

Kai: “What do you need?

Corrmin: “There is a devilish soul who lingers in the Empire’s employ!”

Lelannia: “This beast needs to die! For its continued existence threatens to shackle and torment all that Alltra stands for.”

Gwendolyn: “Do this and you will both be rewarded with powers unlike anything you have seen yet!”

The Three Gods: “Eradicate The Dreadlord of Drakla!”

Daniel: “It will be done.”

Daniel swings his dagger in the air and it summons a white assassins cloak around him with a black face mask and black hardened leather gloves and boots. The symbol of the gods is on the front and back of the robe like cloak that now covers Daniel. The hood and most of the cloth that makes up the cloak is white but also kind of transparent, blending in with whatever someone who looks at it is nearest to just like a chameleons camouflage.

Corrmin: “Now leave us!”

*The three Gods disappear into the same black flames they appeared from and the room becomes unsettling quiet*

*Kai and Daniel exit the temple but just before they leave Kai approaches Daniel*

Kai: “We cannot fight the Dreadlord let alone kill him.”

Daniel: “You wield a legendary tome and you are afraid of one man?”

Kai: “And you wield an assassin’s blade but have no idea what you’re talking about! It is not a man, it’s a monster!”

Daniel: “What do you propose we do then? Disobey the Gods?”

Kai: “No, we need to be smart about this!”

Daniel: “Then tell me what do we do?”

Kai: “I…I…I will come up with something. Just give me time. For now we need to go back to the King.”

Daniel: “Agreed.”

*Kai and Daniel walk back out of the Temple*

-Back inside the Temple-

*A mysterious robed man stands on the altar of the Alltrian Gods*

Mysterious Robed Man: “The death of the Dreadlord would further accelerate our plans.”

Mysterious Voice: “Do not be fooled. The Dreadlord is a mantle passed down not lightly. Proceed as planned, do not deviate. Any failure and it rests with you Sage.”

Mysterious Robed Man: “We have come too far to fail now. I will have my associates make sure all goes according to plan.”

Mysterious Voice: “Good, good.”


Submitted: April 17, 2019

© Copyright 2020 12345Megas. All rights reserved.


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