Chapter 22: Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men Chapter 22

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men

This is my own fictional story made solely by me and my fantasies all likeness to real life people have given unto me their permission to be used and this story will take inspiration from but never exactly parody any real life  book, movies, etc. all of it is my own makings




Chapter 22: A Piece of the Puzzle

-Days later-

Cody, Ashley and Matt are in Cody’s room together while Matt is eating a cheese snack at the table; Ashley is watching Cody at his desk studying magic.

Ashley: “What is this spell?”

Cody: “I am practicing a clairvoyance spell, very challenging and very risky.”

Matt: (Stuffed mouth) “Then why are you doing it in here?”

Cody: “Dear Matt, it is risky to me, not to any of you.”

Cody takes off his dress and puts it gently into a clothing chest at the foot of the bed.

Matt: “Never will get used to seeing my buddy in tights.”

Cody: “Rather be safe than sorry.”

Ashley: “Be careful.”

Cody: “When am I not?”

Ashley gives Cody a suggested smile

Cody: “As you will.”

Cody begins to read the tome and his eyes start to glow as he says the incantation, he stays very still for a time before breaking the spell with a shrill of fear and some short spasms.

Ashley: “What’s wrong?”

Cody: “I saw a dungeon filled with the undead! They were guarding something, something powerful, but….but….but, zombies!”

Ashley: “Wait. You saw zombies?”

Cody: (Fearfully) “Yes.”

Matt: “There is no way, dude.”

Ashley: “Well this is a land of magic and gods after all.”

Cody: (Shaken and uneasy) “I think we should go tell the Emperor.”

Ashley: “I agree.”

Matt: “I will just finish my snack first, see you guys!”

Cod and Ashley leave.

Matt: “This is some freaking fine cheese!”

In the Imperial throne room. The Dreadlord is speaking to Emperor Artorious.

The Dreadlord: “My vision is yet clouded, however I can see a dark evil brewing beneath us all. I seek the heart of truth and I do believe a holy relic may do well to shed some light on our situation.”

Emperor Artorious: “What holy relic may this be?”

The Dreadlord: “The Crown of Thorns.”

*Cody and Ashley enter*

Cody: “What is the Crown of Thorns?”

Emperor Artorious: “The Crown of Thorns is a holy relic given to the First King of the Unified Kingdom back when Aragoth was one giant continent. It was said to hold a small portion of every Gods power within it.”

Cody: “Wait, what happened to that? How did Aragoth get turned into two continents?”

Emperor Artorious: “Aragoth was not so small, not so divided. Back what we think was 100,000 years ago a civilization arose with all the sentient races of the world, which there were much more of them back then, all being united as one to serve the Gods. However Father Grima and his children, the Gods you know now, were experimenting on what would live and die in this world. They created new races with new powers and new mortalities. In the end the Unified Kingdom fell because all those races mixed together and defied the Gods. It is said that back then Human and Sub-Human could breed and mix with each other and nothing stopped men and Halfling from being able to love but this was a crime against the purity of the Gods, and when the Originator’s brother fell from grace and became the Demon King, he used his divine powers to corrupt and control the many of the world to defy the gods. He created men that loved men, woman who loved woman, he allowed the many races to intertwine and intermingle. This taint and blight spread fast through the land. The Gods quickly learned their lesson and wiped out all life on Aragoth with an ancient power and imprisoned the Demon King, with the help of the Originator, and started the world over, however half of the world was lost and the ocean was created to hold all the chaos down below, that is why the waters are so treacherous for they hold the failed mistakes of the early Gods. Thus, creating the two continents and soon The First Dreadlord would be crowned the First Emperor of the Empire of Drakla and would use what remained of the Draconoids, a race of mortal dragons, to help him form the Drachashian people. He would then take the Crown of Thorns to a protected grave so no one could use its power for evil and heretical things ever again.”

The Dreadlord: “The modern Elf, Man, Sub-Human, Halfling, and creature are made absolutely in the Gods image so those heresies could never rise again. Some scribes even predict this is why the Draconites or Draconoids disappeared for they were the first aggressors being mostly God and less mortal, they deigned themselves superior and did what they willed instead of the will of the Gods.”

Cody: (Jokingly) “Perhaps you could teach me this power because my world desperately needs to start again as well for their heresies.”

Emperor Artorious: “None know this power anymore, not even the Gods.”

The Dreadlord: “Is your world truly that plighted for there are many alternatives to handling heretics.”

Cody: (Seriously) “They are all heretics.”

The Dreadlord: “Then perhaps one day I may personally purify your world.”

*Prince Torran and Princess Lelorra enter the room*

Emperor Artorious: “Well Dreadlord, I shall prepare to search for the Crown of Thorns but in the meantime, go. The Gods require you and I have need for Cody and my children.”

The Dreadlord: “As you wish your majesty.”

*The Dreadlord Leaves*

Emperor Artorious: “My children, Cody, Ashley.

The Prince and Princess: “Yes father?”

Emperor Artorious: “The Dreadlord has informed me that our current military operation will become a failed advent within days.”

Prince Torran: “I thought the Dreadlord was a tactical mastermind, how could the operation fail?”

Emperor Artorious: “The Alltrians have become quite tame in the past weeks, and their commanders have not been present for the most recent of battles. They know of our plan somehow.”

Princess Lelorra: “Then what now, father?”

Cody: “Prince Torran, Princess Lelorra?”

Princess Lelorra: “Cody? I have not heard you call me by my title in a long time.”

Prince Torran: “Is something the matter?”

Cody: “No, my apologies. I may have some information that will be of use.”

Emperor Artorious: “What is it then?”

Cody: “I believe I have an idea of where this Crown of Thorns might be.”

Prince Torran: “How?”

Cody: “I may have been practicing with the clairvoyance and proxy spells.”

Princess Lelorra: “Both of those spells are master class spells, which if used by an amateur, could hurt you beyond repair.”

Cody: “I understand however.”

Emperor Artorious: “I admire your conviction to our cause, but you are in no condition to do this!”

Princess Lelorra: “If you hurt yourself more… I could not forgive myself for not being able to stop you.”

Cody: “Well we do not know what is wrong with me! Why should I stand idly by and let people die while I lounge around in bed all the day long?!”

Ashley: “Cody, calm down please.”

Cody starts breathing heavily and then slowly calms down

Cody: “My apologies, your majesty. I have been an affront to your presence.”

Emperor Artorious: “Your apology is accepted. Now against my better judgement, where do you believe the Crown of Thorns is located?”

Cody: “In my vision I saw death, shambling corpses protecting a long ruin, no, a catacomb, up far into the mountains, likely in the North.”

Emperor Artorious: “It is possible.”

Prince Torran: (Disappointed) “The Mountains of the North? Why there?”

Ashley: “Why do you not like the northern mountains?”

Prince Torran: “The further north or south you head, the more dangerous it gets. The mountains are treacherous, Imperial Cities far apart and scarce with monsters and beasts roaming the wild crags and crevices.”

Princess Lelorra: “The south is filled with highwaymen and bandits of the worst accord, however in the heat of the southern plains we have created many hidden cities, but they are far and few in between as well. We are slowly expanding. The optimal conditions of living in the midland have caused us to tame these lands before we could do much with the north and south.”

Cody: “Perfect places to hide long dormant powers, yes?”

Emperor Artorious: “Indeed. I will send specialized scouts ahead to both the north and south, just to be certain. However, to locate the Crown, I suggest meeting with Grandmaster Villach now. He said your armor is complete at least until we can fully repair the Armor of the Gods.

Cody: “Thank you, your majesty.”

Ashley: “When will Cody’s armor be repaired?”

Emperor Artorious: “We know not. We are missing runes from its original creation, and without those runes we cannot recomplete the set.”

*Cody bows then leaves*

Ashley: “Cody, wait!”

Emperor Artorious: “He is headed to see the Grandmaster, but I can see his frustration at the situation and I understand. Perhaps I should let him take up jousting to pass the time when he recovers more.”

*Ashley turns to follow Cody*

Emperor Artorious: “Ashley.”

Ashley: “Yes, your majesty?”

Emperor Artorious: “I have a task for you. I need you to go with Torran and Lelorra up to the Temple of the Gods and get the Dreadlord for me.”

Ashley: (Hesitantly) “As you wish.”

Lelorra: “Come hither Ashley, I have need of all the latest news of you heroes.”

Torran: “We must away.”

*Ashley, Torran, and Lelorra leave to the Temple*

As Matt is rummaging through all the many cabinets and drawers in the room he looks out the back window and sees Ashley, the Prince, and Princess and quickly runs out to follow them.

Matt: “Hey! Wait up!”

Ashley: “Oh, hi Matt.”

Torran: “I suppose there is no better time for him to meet the Gods.”

Matt: “Gods?”

Lelorra: “Come Hero, we will show you.”

*The group climbs the long mountain path up to the Temple of the Gods*

As the group enters the Temple they see the Dreadlord surrounded by many specters with the Gods watching over the Dreadlord from their perches. The Dreadlord with inhuman speed and power is practically flying around the room doing quick slashes against the specters that are actually able to block the Dreadlord’s attacks and cause the lord to try new tactics to beat the impressive specters. It soon ends when the Dreadlord ignites Kriegsbringen in a black lightning and strikes it at the ground causing the specters to fly up into the air from the explosion of lighting and while they are airborne the Dreadlord moves for the kills, using a purple energy from the blade, the Dreadlord shoots it out and this energy flies around the room to cut in half all the specters that are stuck airborne by an odd electromagnetic pull.

Atmora: “Excellent work, Dreadlord.”

Tallsen: “We have visitors.”

Dreadlord: “This is your potential, Heroes. This is the fury that you can bring upon a battlefield. If only you would train more instead of paling around with the fool.”

Torran: “Master Dreadlord, our father wishes to speak with you. We have a lead on the Crown of Thorns.”

*The three Gods visibly perk to attention at that statement*

Atmora: “Young Torran, beautiful Lelorra. It has been quite some time.”

Lelorra: “My lords. It is a pleasure to see you three again.”

Lorvek: “Now, what would you plan to do with the Crown of Thorns should you find it?”

*Torran begins to speak*

Dreadlord: (Cutting him off) “To end the Alltrian blight once and for all in your name!”

Atmora: “Do you understand the power inside of that crown?”

Dreadlord: “A portion of each Old Gods power, enough to drive a man mad or to destroy him entirely.”

Atmora: “The path is treacherous and we will not help you with this quest. Do you still wish to challenge the power of the Old Gods to further your cause?”

Lelorra and Torran: “Without a doubt!”

Dreadlord: “You have your answer, your radiances. May I be excused to assist?”

Lorvek: “Against my better judgement I say let them.”

Tallsen: “I concur. Only the truly righteous can handle the Crown’s power.”

Atmora: “It will test them and prove to us once and for all who amongst you are truly worthy of the title, Hero.”

*The Dreadlord bows*

Dreadlord: “Then we make haste. I know where it might be, the Northern Mountains.”

*The group leaves*

Matt: “Are we going to brush over the fact that I just looked at freaking dragons!?”

Ashley: “Oh, right. Sorry about that, but well, no rest for us now.”

Matt: “Unbelievable.”

Dreadlord: “I suggest you hold your tongue. It would do you no good to spit idly nonsense while we are on a mission.”

Ashley: “Speaking of. How did you know it was somewhere in the Northern Mountains?”

Dreadlord: “Cody could not best me by the sword so he wishes to match me by magic, unfortunately for him, I know a plethora of magic and I continue to grow stronger with every passing moment. He will never best me, not by sword, nor magic. I saw its location before he even attempted such risky magic.”

Matt: “You act all super human but that does not make you better than him you know?”

Dreadlord: “You would do well to govern yourself.” 

*The Dreadlord pulls Kriegsbringen from the ether*

Dreadlord: “It does, so I advise you to mind yourself child, lest you face the consequences when I am not holding back.”

Ashley: “So, where are we going?”

Dreadlord: “A tavern near the border of the mountain ranges.”

Matt: (Uncertain) “A tavern?”

Dreadlord: “Yes, a tavern.”

Ashley: “Why?”

Dreadlord: “This particular tavern is located on both the border of the two nations and the geographical sections of the north and midland. Patrons from both sides regular there even if they are split, because of this, word spills out like wine. We can either retrieve or pry as much information as we can from the patrons about legends and locations that may assist me into piecing the puzzle that is the tomb of the crown’s location.”

Ashley: “What about the Imperial Scouts the Emperor mentioned?”

Dreadlord: “If I am correct then the easiest location to leave the range is actually right at the border the tavern is located at, meaning that with a legitimate report alongside legend and gossip we should be able to locate it ourselves. After all it is a place not meant to be found.”

Matt: “I feel like you are not the best person for getting information out of good people.”

Dreadlord: “I would pry it from their dying lips if I must! But this is the reason we are going to have Cody accompany us. His…Personality may prove useful for a less…Violent approach.”

Ashley: “I thought the Emperor demanded he be resting?”

Dreadlord: “My will is paramount to the success of the Drachashian people and the expansion of the Empire of Drakla and for this fact alone my will takes precedence over the Emperor’s. Cody WILL accompany us.”

Matt and Ashley: (Thinking the same thing) That pride of yours is dangerous, Dreadlord.

Ashley: “Okay then. When are we meeting him?”

Dreadlord: “I already sent a missive. He will meet us at the Daybreak Tavern just outside Draklor.”

Ashley: “Are you sure? I mean he is still injured.”

Dreadlord: “I already have a solution for that. You need not fret.”

*At the Mages Guild*

Cody is talking with Grandmaster Villach just as Prince Torran and Princess Lelorra enter.

Villach: “I suppose it is time for you to leave. Take this.”

*Villach hands Cody some black armor to take*

Cody: “Thank you for your insight, Grandmaster.”

Villach: “Of course. Should your path ever waver, come to me, I shall grant you as much help as you may need.”

*Cody turns to face Torran and Lelorra*

Cody: “I am ready.”

Torran: “Let us get you that new armor on you before we head out.”

Lelorra: “Mina and Fella will be heading to the Daybreak Tavern shortly to meet you and the Dreadlord there.”

Cody: “Of course.”

Torran: “Time for you to reenter the cause.”

*Cody gulps in fear*

Cody: “I hope this armor can protect me especially in this state.”

Lelorra: “We will not be able to accompany you outside of the city but stay safe and know you won’t be put too much in harm’s way in this mission, not until you get healed better.”

*Lelorra gives Cody a hug then Torran follows suit*

Torran: “Come on now, let us not tarry, get that armor on you.”


Submitted: April 25, 2019

© Copyright 2020 12345Megas. All rights reserved.


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