Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men

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Kai and Daniel train at the Alltrian Magic Academy and hone their skills while also making an unlikely informant.

Chapter 23 (v.1) - Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men Chapter 23

Submitted: May 15, 2019

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Submitted: May 15, 2019



Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men

This is my own fictional story made solely by me and my fantasies all likeness to real life people have given unto me their permission to be used and this story will take inspiration from but never exactly parody any real life  book, movies, etc. all of it is my own makings




Chapter 23: A Spy and His Purpose

-At the Castle Alltor-

*Kai is sitting with Daniel in a dining area of the castle*

Kai: “Something is wrong.”

Daniel: “What do you mean?”

Kai: “Both sides have calmed down for a fair bit. It’s just not right that now we are both just sitting here doing nothing.”

Daniel: “It is great time to train though.”

Kai: “I suppose. The library here is stocked with so much magic I can learn. I just wish it was a little bit less reading.”

Daniel: “I have been around the training yard. The closest thing to assassins here are the Royal Guards and they are not exactly up to par, but it has helped me a bit.”

*A mage comes up to them*

Mage 1: “Perhaps you both could come downtown and train with the Mages Guild it could help you both. Hero Kai, you could learn directly from some of the best Mages in Alltra, and Hero Daniel, we can channel the collective energy around you to simulate situations which you can train your skills in.”

Kai: “Sounds too good to be true.”

Mage 1: “I assure you heroes that it is not. It is the only way to train against the Imperial threat.”

Kai: “Alright let’s go.”

Mage 1: “One thing I should warn you about is that our training ground is right outside the slums so be careful with who you talk to.”

Daniel: “I don’t like the sound of that.”

Mage 1: “We promise your safety as long you remain within the Royal and residential districts.”

Kai: “I need this, let’s go.”

*The Mage gathers his squad along with Kai and Daniel and they set off to the training grounds*

The training ground is a large marble building with meters upon meters of grass fields around it, at least the size of 4 football fields going each way. It is located at the very edge of the Royal district. The Slums can be seen just over the wall that is constructed to protect and section off districts of the city.

Kai: “Wow this is a nice place.”

Daniel: “Right.”

*Another mage approaches*

Mage Captain: “Heroes? Truly you honor us with your presence, to what do I owe this distinguished visit?”

Kai: “Training.”

Mage Captain: “Oh of course. What would you like to train on?”

Kai: “Arcane magic.”

Daniel: “Stealth skills.”

Mage Captain: “Well I think I have stuff for the both of you legends, please, follow me.”

Kai is directed into the building where a large study is at, mages can be seen all over, filled with books, tomes and side rooms for practicing the magic. Daniel is brought to a dark back room where mages make specters of certain scenarios for Daniel to train on. Kai practices with some of the higher ranking Mages on many new arts and forms of magic.

-Hours pass, the sun begins to set-

*Kai and Daniel meet up once more*

Kai: “How did your training go?”

Daniel: “Hard. I have never been in such difficult situations, but when I started to get used to it and Kremvah started to help me…I never knew I could assassinate kings and topple governments. What about you?”

Kai: “There is so much to learn about magic, it is unbelievable. I learned so much and I have still only touched the surface. I even met a mighty fine treasure of a priestess that came in to tend to an idiot mage who nearly blew himself up, we talked for a while and she made my break from the books and reading quite pleasant.”

Daniel: “It’s dark already… almost.”

Kai: “We should probably head back to our rooms.”

Daniel: “Yeah.”

*Kai and Daniel begin walking back until they are stopped by a voice coming from the other side of a gate*

Man: “Spare a coin, misters? Per chance a meal, anything?”

*Kai and Daniel face the man*

He is 6 foot 9 inches and looks nearly deprived of food, despite his large image he is unhealthily thin. He looks to be about 90 by Aragoth standards, quite young in fact, but his hair or what’s left of it is gray, thin and split. Yet his face and body remains somewhat young looking.

Man: “By Atmora’s scales! The Heroes! Your renown has spread like a plague down here and trust me that is a good thing!”

Kai: “You know us?”

Man: “Indeed, Kai: The Invincible and the new Hero Daniel.”

Daniel: “He does know us.”

Man: “Please forgive me but… My family needs you. Do you by chance have any food or drink to offer or a few silver coins?”

Kai: “Why are you begging, you look capable can’t you get a job?”

*Daniel shoots Kai a stare after hearing him say capable*

Man:  I wish I could sire. No one will hire me and there are few jobs in the Slums.”

Daniel: “Few jobs in the Slums?”

Man: “Very few at all milords. They just put us in here to rot away until we are all gone and they can take what is left of our disheveled homes.”

Kai: “That sounds pretty harsh, what did you do?”

Man: “I am an immigrant. I was born in Drakla and I came here to learn the art of magic, when the war started to warm up a bit more and they found out I could not do any magic they locked me in the Slums and I eventually married an Alltrian woman and now we have two kids but now we can’t support ourselves or them. Not enough in the waste baskets for anyone anymore.”

Kai: “I don’t believe you. You must be a criminal and I won’t help you.”

Daniel: “Why do the Alltrians do this?”

Kai: “Daniel let’s just go back its almost dark.”

Daniel: “Wait. Sir, tell me why?”

Man: “It’s not the Alltrians, it’s their damn Gods! Their Gods think any non-magical creature was abandoned by the Originator and undeserving of life and because they rule over Alltra it became law that any non-magical person was to be abandoned and the magically inclined were to prosper in their over indulgence.”

Kai: “So what a few people stay in the Slums while most prosper? I don’t believe you, I still think you are trying to swindle all our money.”

Man: “I can’t force you.”

Kai: “Our Gods are better than your Gods of savagery!”

Man: “Is that what they told you?”

Daniel: “Here.”

*Daniel throws a golden coin to the man through the gated fence*

Man: “Sire! This is a gold coin! Are you mistaken?”

Daniel: “No, use it well.”

Man: “Sire this will keep us all fed for a week, thank you milord, thank you.”

Daniel: “Now repay me with answers.”

Man: “Whatever you need I will tell you!”

Kai: “You cannot believe this guy can you? Where did you even get that coin?”

Daniel: “I stole it from the commander of the training facility but never mind that. we already heard the Alltrian side of the story, fighting the Imperials who are barbaric savages who want to conqueror the world and kill every non-Imperial in it, but now I want to hear the Imperials perspective.”

Kai: (Baffled) “You stole!? Ugh. Fine.”

Daniel: “Sir, what do you know about the war?”

Man: “I know Drakla and Alltra have been at odd for over ten thousand years ever since the first wars between our nations ended, and that we have had bouts of cold and warm war since but nothing ever large scale.”

Daniel: “What is Drakla fighting for?”

Man: “We are not fighting. We are defending. Alltra attacked our cities first according to legends and the Empire would retaliate against them again and again and eventually when peace came to rise, Emperor Ondorus would convey a meeting with the Alltrian King Mikael, but the Alltrian King assassinated Emperor Ondorus and the Imperial Dragon Guard would kill King Mikael leaving Artorious and Drella to rule over their lands with hate and anguish for each other.”

Daniel: “If Drakla won. What would they do with the conqueror territory?”

Man: “They would probably do what the First Dreadlord did. Force assimilation into Imperial society.”

Daniel: “What do you mean by what the First Dreadlord did?”

Man: “After the United Kingdom fell and left the world in shambles, the First Dreadlord would round up Human, Loggel, Laguez, Komen and many other remaining species like the Dwarves and Elves and force them to become Imperials and make the First Drachashian Empire under the Gods. I assume they would do that will Alltra. Turn Alltrians into Imperials and weaponized your creatures just like we did with the Ogres, Giants and Orcs and tame your people.”

Daniel: “Fair enough.”

Kai: “Fair?”

Daniel: “Well we bid you farewell. Will we ever see you again if we have more questions?”

Man: “Well with this I probably won’t have to beg at this gate for another week or so. I believe we will meet again soon, however, I will tell you though to beware Alltrian and Imperial both, the empire has always been obsessed with conquest but the Emperors kept them in check and the Alltrians fear the non-magical almost as much as the Gods as they fear spies.”

*The man gives Daniel a sly look before he stumbles to his feet and starts to slowly walk home*

Kai: “I still do not believe him.”

Daniel: “That is okay. At least he gave us valuable information.”

Kai: (sarcastically) “Yeah, valuable.”

*Daniel and Kai head back to the Castle to get ready for the next day*

Daniel: “He left me with more questions than answers though.”

-A day passes-

*Kai and Daniel are in a war meeting with King Drella and his nobility*

Noble 1: “I think the time is nearing your majesty.”

Noble 2: “I agree. Milord we need to officially declare war with Drakla.”

Noble 1: “No more of this back and forth nonsense. All-out war.”

King Drella: “Soon, soon, my dear nobles. I have a plan before that time and if we are lucky…”

*A messenger runs into the room*

Messenger: “King Drella! The Dreadlord was spotted at the Crossroads Tavern inside our territory!”

King Drella: “Just as the Sage predicted.”

Kai: “What Sage?”

King Drella: “There are Sages here in Alltra. They keep to themselves up on the mountains of the north; however they are loyal to Alltra and her Gods, so inevitably they would assist us against Drakla. The Sage told me that the Imperials were looking for a powerful artifact and I want you and Daniel to track them down and stop them.”

Daniel: “How would this Sage know about that?”

King Drella: “These Sages train for decades in the arts of wisdom to become near omnipotent beings that assist us greatly. I have full faith that they have tipped us onto a very meaningful endeavor against the Empire.”

Messenger: “I implore you two to make haste! Imperials were spotted there for a spell but no one thought any the wiser until one of us saw the Dreadlord snooping about the outer premises, we do not know how much longer they will stay!”

King Drella: “Kai, Daniel. Away with you both. Time to serve! Find those Imperials and stop them at all costs!”

Kai: “Alright!”

Daniel: “Okay.”

*Kai and Daniel leave the room*

Daniel: “It was a shame. I wanted to meet up with our little informant from a couple days ago.”

Kai: “The beggar? Come on this is more important. We need to get to the Mages Guild and ask for a teleport so we can get there faster!”

Daniel: “If we must.”


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