Chapter 25: Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men Chapter 25

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 50

Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men

This is my own fictional story made solely by me and my fantasies all likeness to real life people have given unto me their permission to be used and this story will take inspiration from but never exactly parody any real life  book, movies, etc. all of it is my own makings




Chapter 25: Together as One

-On a mountain path-

The Dreadlord: “Mina, Fella I need you two to cover our rear and keep an eye out for any enemies.”

Mina and Fella: “Yes, master.”

*The Imperials are walking along the mountain side while Mina and Fella fall back*

Cody: (Slightly exasperated) “I grow weary.”

Matt: “I am tired but not that much.”

Cody: “Well unlike you, my armor actually weighs me down.”

The Dreadlord: “You grew too accustomed to the armor made from a God’s scale, nearly weightless, this good for your strength.”

 Ashley: “How much longer until we get there?”

The Dreadlord: “Perhaps another few hours if we are headed to where I believe we are.”

Cody: “Gods help me.”

The Dreadlord: (Aggravated) “Pray tell then! should we make camp then? I cannot stand such childish ramble from any of you for much longer.”

Cody: “Yes please!”

*The group makes it to a crossroads on the mountain path and sets up camp*

Ashley: “Dreadlord, how do you know when we will be there exactly?”

The Dreadlord: “I can sense it. It grows more powerful the closer we get.”

Matt: “What do you mean you can sense it?”

Cody: “We have a map for a reason.”

The Dreadlord: “I am more than a swordsman dear boys. I am also a master of the arcane arts.”

*Kai and Daniel watch over them from a clifftop*

Kai: “They stopped?”

Daniel: “I guess we have to wait again.”

Kai: “They said some interesting things.”

Daniel: “Not good things either.”

-At the camp-

The Dreadlord: “We leave when the sun starts to set. Rest now while you can.”

*Cody begins to meditate*

Ashley: “What are you doing, Cody?”

*A projection of a woman singing starts to appear in front of Cody and her song can be heard across the camp*

Matt: “Whoa.”

*Cody is visible straining*

-The air grows cold-

Singer’s projection: “A smile well and dear to combat the fear, yet man be stained by the greed and lust gained. Man, woman, child, all impressionable to the Gods desires. Till the day where life is lived by sire and sunder…”

*The Dreadlord walks over to a ledge*

The Dreadlord: “Hmm.”

*Daniel watches him closely while shivering*

The Dreadlord: “What a familiar feeling. I will be back for you dear friend. It is high time I repay my debts.”

*Mina returns and whispers into where the Dreadlord’s ear would be.”

The Dreadlord: “Yes, I know.”

-An hour passes-

The Dreadlord: “Time to march.”

*There is a group moan at those words*

Ashley: “It is so hard sometimes. I get used to the sun never setting in Drakla then I come back out here and it gets dark again.”

Cody: “It is odd.”

Matt: “I don’t think I will ever get used to it.”

*The group packs up and marches away*

The Dreadlord: “Soon, very soon.”

*The Dreadlord looks up and meets Daniel and Kai’s gaze for a moment before turning around to join his company*

Kai: “He knows we’re here!?”

Daniel: “How!?”

Kai: “I don’t know!”

Daniel: “We need to catch up with them fast now!”

Kai: “Let’s go!”

*Kai and Daniel quickly catch up as fast as they can*

-The sun is almost completely set-

The Dreadlord: “Stop!”

*The group looks back to the Dreadlord*

The Dreadlord: “Proceed no further. If we continue onward we will only end up back at our previous camp.”

Matt: “What, how?”

Cody: “But I can see the mountain just over there, according to the map it is right in front of us. These Three days are almost worth it.”

Ashley:  “If we do not go forward then what?”

The Dreadlord: “Down.”

*The Dreadlord jumps down the mountain side towards the dark crevice down below*

Cody: “WHAT!?”

*The astral projection of the Dreadlord appears in front of the group*

The Dreadlord: “I suggest you three get down here now.”

*The group looks over*

Matt: “So… Who is going to go first?”

Ashley: “Ummm.”

Cody: (Nervously) “I will.”

*Cody begins to climb down before he slips and falls*


*Ashley an Matt stand there pale with fear*

Cody: (Screaming) “Hey there are trees down here!”

Ashley: “Huh?”

Matt: “Okay bud, Ima coming!”

*Matt slides down the mountain side and Ashley soon follows*

The Dreadlord and Cody are waiting down below inside of a lush green jungle. The mountains can barely be seen to their sides but a long tree covered path lines up their sights. Every little rock and boulder has green moss covering them and bushes and brush are all over the ground with no indication of another human every stepping foot here. Many little critters scurry about the ground hunting for food and shelter from the human invaders of their homes.

Cody: “It’s beautiful down here.”

Ashley: “Wow. It feels warm and soothing here.”

Cody: “I feel so much, the many hearts and minds of the creatures that reside here to the ever cracking noise of settling wood. I can sense it all. This place must be rich with magic.”

Matt: “Then we are close?”

The Dreadlord: “We still have a long trek ahead of us, but I would rather deal with our extra company first.”

*The Dreadlord summons Kriegsbringen and faces it towards where Ashley and Matt slide down from just as Kai and Daniel slide down*

Kai: “Oh fuuu.”

Cody: “Kai, Daniel?”

Ashley: (Irritated) “Kai.”

Matt: “Daniel?”

Daniel: “Matt.”

Kai: “Ashley. Cody?”

The Dreadlord: “Have you two come to die? I swore next time we met that I would not hold back. Are you prepared to meet you end?”

Kai: (Violently) “Dreadlord.”

*Kai and Daniel are trying to hide their shivering bodies while they stand in the presence of the Dreadlord and The Dreadlord prepares to swing Kriegsbringen*

Cody: “Wait!”

*The Dreadlord stops*

Cody: “Kai, what are you doing here?”

Kai: “We have order from King Drella to follow the stench of the Dreadlord and stop him from doing whatever he is doing in Alltrian territory.”

The Dreadlord: “Have you never stopped to reconsider your position? King Drella does not do things in halves. He knows about the Crown, he wishes to use us to acquire it. It would be a shame if his lackeys never returned with the Crown.”

*Kai looks at Cody and immediately changes the subject*

Kai: “Cody, I’m sorry I didn’t know it was you!”

Cody: “How did you even grow a beard Kai and when was your hair white?”

Kai: “After I got this.”

*Kai pulls out Bryndhildr*

Kai: “It changed me.”

*The Dreadlord uses telekinetic magic to grab Bryndhildr*

Kai: “Hey!”

The Dreadlord: “The tome of life. How interesting.”

*The Dreadlord flips through the pages*

Cody: “What does it say?”

*The Dreadlord hands Bryndhildr back*

The Dreadlord: “The lesson of many spells of life… and death.”

Cody: “Kai, I know you did not know it was me when you fought me, but why do you march under Alltra’s standard?”

Kai: “Because they are the ones who took me in and showed me the Empire’s savagery.”

Cody: “You think me a savage?”

Kai: (Lost for words) “No, uhm, I, I mean you are a. Him, the Dreadlord!”

*The Dreadlord is unfazed by Kai’s comment*

-Daniel and Matt are also talking with each other-

Matt: Daniel, how is it over in Alltra?”

Daniel: “Good I guess. I got food and a bed in a castle.”

Matt: “Same.”

Ashley: “Dreadlord just get rid of Kai and we can continue on.”

Kai: “Ouch, harsh.”

Ashley: “You had no reason to follow us and you have no reason to be alive.”

Kai: “Ooooh feisty still aren’t we?”

Cody: “Dreadlord, these are my friends perhaps they can earn a temporary pardon by helping us search for the Crown?”

The Dreadlord: “You ask me to put my faith into the enemy?”

Cody: “I proved that Alltrians and Imperials are not that different at the crossroads and I can prove it here too.”

*The Dreadlord places a hand on Cody’s shoulder and faces him towards Ashley and Matt*

The Dreadlord: “I shall permit it, but know that those two right there, your friends, your comrades, your saviors. Should they fall today know it is because you let Alltrians walk among us and take their lives away from you, because of your inability to let.. Go.”

*Cody gulps*

The Dreadlord: “Alltrians.”

*Kai and Daniel jump to attention at the Dreadlord’s voice*

The Dreadlord: “You have done a fair job keeping up with us so far, but should you hinder us in any way from this point on, I will personally relieve your heads from your bodies.”

The anger from Kai and fear from Daniel is palpable.

*Mina and Fella appear from behind Kai and Daniel*

Cody: “Dreadlord, tell me again why Mina and Fella had to leave us to begin with and how the heck they even got here?”

The Dreadlord: “You think me a fool? I sensed Kai and Daniel quite a long time ago and sent your beloved retainers to counter spy on them for our safety.”

Cody: “Good job, Master Dreadlord.”

*The group starts to walk through the large forest*

Cody: “So, Kai. How does it feel to wield real magic?”

Kai: “Dude it is so cool. I can like shoot fireballs and stuff from my hands!”

Cody: “What is the hardest spell you have cast so far?”

Kai: “I think it would have to be this spell where I caused like godly energy to fall from the sky and stuff. I used it on the Dreadlord and it did nothing but when I used it on you… Yeah let’s forget about that.”

Cody: “I am sorry.”

Kai: “You? No, I am sorry I nearly killed you! I…I have been having nightmares since that day and instead of seeing an evil Imperial general, I see you and I am trying to kill you and I always wake up with hot sweats, fearful, that I almost killed one my only friends.”

Ashley: “Maybe you should think on that more. You never know who is behind a mask or helmet.”

*Kai turns to face The Dreadlord at that comment*

Kai: “Yeah, you never really do.”

Daniel: “Matt, how has the Empire been treating you?”

Matt: “Nice. I get to eat really tasty snacks and swing an awesome sword that turns me into like a samurai ninja.”

Daniel: “Sounds fun.”

*The group chats with each for a long time as they adventure through the forest and Cody grows more jovial and fun loving as the time passes and everyone readjusts to each other*

Matt: “I got this huge room we all live in and it all looks like we are living in a mini mansion and that’s just the room alone!”

Daniel: “I got a room that’s covered in gold and ivory and stuff!”

Matt: “Dude! That’s awesome!”

Cody: “Look at this everyone! Look how we are getting along! We are not Imperials and Alltrians, we are all friends, people, and maybe we can end this war with peace after all.”

*Cody starts to jump around excitedly before sitting on a rock and leaning back falling into a grove*

Cody: “Hey there is something down here!”

*The Dreadlord lets out an interesting cry that sounds like it is mixed with pain and excitement*

The Dreadlord: “Let us not tarry.”

*The group jumps down to find they are in a burial crypt now*

It is a large hallway with resting chambers for people carved into the sides of the walls with little images above each and every one of them; there are markers for where torches probably once were lit up.

Cody: “This is cool.”

The Dreadlord: “Keep your guard up.”

*The group starts to adventure through the crypt*

Cody: “What are these on the walls?”

The Dreadlord: “Legends. The humans of old wrote on the walls of their tombs to tell the tales of those who rest within.”

Ashley: “What do these one tell of?”

The Dreadlord: *Examining* “They tell of soldiers, many soldiers. Fighting, serving, they are important as you can tell by the images making these people bigger than the others. They are fighting against.”

*They reach the end of the first room and enter the main chambers*

The room is a large circle with images of soldiers all around the sides up to the front where they are attacking a large dragon. Due to its underground location the entire room is made of stone. At the middle of the circular room there is a large a pedestal with a crown on it but it is surrounded by multiple skeletal dead bodies and all around the room are coffins and resting chambers for whoever fought the dragon depicted in the images on the walls, the ceiling has a large glass ball that shines light even in this underground crypt rather than torches which did light the first room some time ago.

The Dreadlord: “I can sense so much power from that Crown, it is real. It is the Crown of Thorns, The Gods Crown!”

 The Group: “It’s real!?”

Mina: “Well what are we waiting for?”

Fella: “I vote Lord Cody is the first to touch it.”

Kai: “You know what, go for it!”

Ashley: “Just like from a movie.”

Daniel: “Explore the dungeon and take your treasure.”

Cody: “Well, alright.”

The Dreadlord: “Something does not feel right.”

*Cody takes a step forward and hears a click*

Cody: “You have got to be kidding me.”

*The door closes behind them and the coffins and resting places crack open and the undead protectors of the crypt reawaken*

Cody: (With pure fear) “AHHHHHHHHHHH!”

*The room quickly fills up with shambling corpses of soldiers from times long past still holding on desperately to their weapon, armor, and skin while Cody backs away and cowers in the corner filled with fear*

The Dreadlord: “Pathetic coward! These walking piles of bones are weaker than anything you have faced so far and you cower like a whimpering babe who lost its mother! I will have to deal with this threat myself!”

*The Dreadlord quickly runs into the middle of room to face the horde*

Mina: “My Lord? Please get up.”

Fella: “Mina, we need to protect him! Heroes, please get the Crown!”

Kai: “Right.”

Ashley: “Let’s go!”

Matt: “Time to kick some butt!”

Daniel: “Yeah!”

The Heroes rush headlong into the Legions of zombie soldiers and clash with them. Ashley swings her axe at one but it manages to fling its body around it and riposte with an axe of its own hitting Ashley but she is unfazed by the divine armor that protects her, however she still is knocked back from the weight of the blow. Kai walks slowly ahead spewing fire from his hand and lighting the zombies aflame but due to their undeath they remain undeterred and rather powered up by now being covered in flames. Daniel and Matt are slashing quickly and effectively at a group of them. Mina and Fella are repelling any of the zombies that come to clash sword with them, however one of the bigger zombies swings it battle-axe at Mina and due to its size manages to throw her to the side and into a wall, the zombie quickly turns around to grab Fella and throw her to the side as well. It slowly bars down onto Cody, who is practically seizing with fear, and stops right in front of him. Mina and Fella are in a frenzy trying to get to the thing before it hurts their master. The zombie bends down and grabs the sword from Cody’s hip, all the while moaning and groaning, and places it in Cody’s hands before walking off to face Mina and Fella again. The Dreadlord is in the middle of the circular room slashing and decapitating as many of the Dead Soldiers that dare face him with the wondrous blade Kriegsbringen, leaving no survivors even amongst the dead. Ashley is shooting magical energy from her axe to knock them down long enough to cleave down the zombies while Kai is using a summoned magic sword to duel with the zombies now. He is quite successful as he used magic wards to block attacks and the counters with an unblockable sword made from pure energy. Daniel and Matt are perfectly in synchronous trying to outmatch each other by how many of the zombies they can kill. While the zombies are quite skilled, they cannot stopped by the combined efforts of Matt and Daniel, who are able to use each other’s bodies as tools to do crazy acrobatic moves before surprising a zombie with the removal of one its limbs. Mina and Fella finally finish off the hulking zombie and rush back over to Cody who is still gripping his sword with a death grip hold.

Fella: “My Lord, are you okay!?”

Cody: “They…they…they.”

Mina: “Hold fast we are here to protect you.”

Cody: “Test us.”

Mina: “Pardon my Lord?”

Cody: “They are testing us!”

Fella: “Come again?”

Cody: “They don’t want to kill us but will if they have to! They are testing us if we are worthy of the Crown!”

Mina: “How do you know this for certain?”

Cody: “He told me.”

*Cody points to the now dead, again, corpse of the hulking zombie*

Cody: “When I was unable to move I entered a weird state where their noises made sound and voice. He told me he was a Knight of the Kingdom of One and he is here to test us if we are worthy of the Crown. The dead bodies by the Crown are highwaymen who somehow found their way here by accident and tried to steal the Crown for coin and they were smitten for their heresy and impudence, but they know why we are here and are testing us!”

Fella: “Are you certain?”

Cody: “Absolutely.”

Mina: “How do we prove our worth then?”

Cody: “Beat them in fair combat.”

*An eerie mood settles in the room as the zombies all back up and what remains of them bow down on one knee*

Ashley: “Why did they stop?”

*The door opens and five large, giant knights with all their armor and weapons still intact enter*

Crypt Protector 1: “Heroes, you stand upon holy ground. Now show us if your cause is true.”

*A clinking can be heard from behind the Heroes as The Dreadlord walks up with the Crown in his hand leaving a pile of corpses behind him*

Crypt Protector 2: “Master? You live?”

The Protectors of the crypt who just walked in are still capable of speaking words

The Dreadlord: “Nay, I am the Third Dreadlord. Your master died many millennia ago.”

Crypt Protector 3: “Then New Dreadlord, face us and prove your causes validity.”

 The Dreadlord: “With pleasure!”

*The Crypt Protectors scream and the zombies rise to continue their fights with the Heroes*

Each of the Protectors pull a rusted weapon from their completely brown and rusted but intact armor, all large and strong weapons, great sword, battle-axe, war hammer, scythe, and great lance. The Heroes begin fighting once more and even Cody manages to face one zombie and initiate a duel with it. They both bow and shakily Cody begins his attack. Ashley is soon to finish her battle and end it by cleaving the head off of her final zombie while Kai removes most of the limbs of the ones he faces. Together Matt and Daniel end the zombies body ability to function by how many stab wounds they suffer and finally are able to rest and now are jabbering about who got the most kills. Cody is in a heated duel with a single zombie both blocking each other’s attacks and trying to counter only to have the same done again to them. Cody finally wins after a fair bit of dueling when he parries a sword swing by the zombie and proceeds to kick it in the face then turning around to shove his sword into the zombie from behind. The Dreadlord is in combat with the large Crypt Protectors and they are holding their own against the unstoppable creature that is the Dreadlord. The biggest Crypt Protector manages to grab The Dreadlord from his inhuman sprint and throw the Dreadlord to the nearest wall causing him to drop the Crown. Kai manages to sneakily go up to where the crown lies and take it, putting it into one of his many bags. The Dreadlord does not relent against the protectors; energy is being spewed into the air as a result from the many lunges and acrobatic stabs the Dreadlord puts into the Crypt Protectors, severing the armor and body parts from the smaller ones. It an array of combative slashes and strikes it takes some time but before long they are all gone but for one as the Dreadlord spins and flies across the room flailing a humongous sword with ease and now it is just the Dreadlord and the first Crypt Protector.

Crypt Protector 1: “I was there when my Kingdom fell. I saw the First Dreadlord rise to power and I had to betray my King so that the will of the Gods could remain among the world. You, you are merely a knockoff to the power and pride that was my master.”

The Dreadlord lunges halfway across the room to plunge his sword, Kriegsbringen, into the Great sword wielding Crypt Protector only to be caught by him.

Crypt Protector 1: “YOU ARE NOTHING TO ME!”

The Crypt Protector grabs the Dreadlord by the helmet and tosses him all the way back into the other end of the room and the Dreadlord smacks, with incredible power, into the stone carving of a dragon near the pedestal where the Crown was once held.

*The Crypt Protectors who died slowly start to reassemble themselves*

The Dreadlord: “The difference from me to him is one thing! I was trained by the Gods; he was a servant of them!”

The Dreadlord gets up and ignites himself in a blazing black fire and jumps, practically soaring through the air, towards the Crypt Protector who goes to grabs him again, but to his dismay the Dreadlord teleports behind him and in a moment nine Dreadlords are surrounding the Crypt Protector.


Crypt Protector 1: “What, how?!”

The Dreadlord summons the purple energy from his sword and all nine Dreadlords swing their swords at the exact same time and cause the purple energy to combine once they hit the Crypt Protector and a blinding purple light engulfs him and in mere seconds the Crypt Protector is not a corpse on the floor like the other, but completely eviscerated with no signs of him ever standing there.”

*The Dreadlord: Shrugs*

The Dreadlord: “Shame even the ancients are just as impudent and foolish as today’s common wretch.”

The Nine Dreadlords merge back with the original and become one whole being again and the group is left with gaping mouths, complete startled, at the display of power they just witnessed.

Cody: “That was awesome!”

Ashley: “I never thought.”

Matt: “Holy crap. I am so sorry if I ever upset you ever! I promise never to do it again!”

Kai: “When enraged you are even more powerful, great, so who can possibly beat you?”

Daniel: “Did you say trained by the Gods?”

The Dreadlord: “We can chat once we have left this holy place. Now let us leave.”

Crypt Protector 2: (Now fully reassembled) “Such power and resolve.”

Crypt Protector 3: “Go now with our blessing O Great Master. Serve your destinies and save Aragoth from an evil that has been long in the making.

Cody: “Thank you, Your Lordships.”

*The group is stunned but slowly leaves and comes back out inside the forest*

Kai: (Jokingly) “Hey, Dreadlord. Since you were so interested in Bryndhildr you must let me try out your blade huh?”

The Dreadlord: “As you wish.”

*The Dreadlord tosses Kriegsbringen to Kai who, when he grabs it, is immediately encumbered by it and falls to the floor unable to pick it up*

Kai: “This thing is heavy!”

*The Dreadlord comes and picks it up as if it weighed nothing*

The Dreadlord: “It is because you are unworthy of it. Only the Chosen Heroes and the ones the weapon deems worthy can wield a legendary weapon.”

Kai: “Wait but you took Bryndhildr from me. Does that mean it thinks you are worthy to have it?!”

*The Dreadlord chortles*

The Dreadlord: “Indeed it does.”

*The Dreadlord throws out his hands and all the legendary weapons come flying towards him and he grabs at each and every one of them.”

The Dreadlord: “The blade of shadow, the tome of life, The War Bringer, the Infinite Blade and the Axe of light! Now who amongst you can wield these weapons?”

*The Dreadlord tosses the weapons to the floor and everyone except Cody tries and fails to pick up a weapon not theirs*’

Kai: “Seriously?”

Daniel: “No fair.”

Matt: “Rigged.”

Ashley: “Cody, who don’t you try?”

Cody: “I know I am not worthy.”

Ashley: “Don’t say that about yourself

Kai: “Yeah, man come on try it! I almost got one of them up, almost.”

The Dreadlord: “Why do you think yourself so unworthy?”

Cody: “I…I am supposed to be a Chosen Hero but I do not even have a legendary weapon and… I… I got injured I’m the only one here who has been crippled, both in mind and body, I do not even understand why I am here if I am so unworthy by nature.”

The Dreadlord: “These are all true. You are weak, pathetic, and even heretical at times. You have proven time and time again that you do not belong here. I have seen your true form and I have seen your disgrace, I know far too well why you should have been brought to the chopping block by Forneyus all those months ago. I would deliver you unto the next world if I had the chance to.”

*Cody looks somber for a moment before seeming to steam with rage*

Ashley: “What’s wrong with you!?”

Kai: “Yeah, leave him alone!”

Matt: “He is just as worthy as you, Dreadlord!”

The Dreadlord: “Is he? Prove it. What does this vile disgrace of a man have that could possible make him worthy of anything other than death?”


*Cody uses his magic to grabs ahold of a legendary weapon, he grabs Matt’s Infinite Blade*

Cody: “Come then Dreadlord, test my worth now!”

Cody enters a fighting stance completely ignoring the pin at his sides and the fact he is holding a legendary weapon that is not his. Everyone has their mouths wipe with a huge smile.

The Dreadlord: “I already have. Look at what is in your hands.”

Ashley: “You did it Cody!”

Kai: “By all means.”

Matt: “Wooo!”

Daniel: “I knew you had it in you!”

Cody: (Shocked) “The Infinite Blade? It deems me worthy?”

The Dreadlord: “It always is the case that the most unlikely of Heroes are born from worthlessness and made something much more.”

Cody: “Thank you, Master Dreadlord.”

The Dreadlord: “You can prove your thanks to me in the coming battles.”

Ashley: “Yeah, now let’s get out of here I’m tired.”

Matt: “Ha agreed. It is time we went home.”

Cody: “Well come one guys! We did it we can go home as a group of friends again! Come on Kai, Daniel, I want you guys to meet Emperor Artorious and High Prince Torran and High Princess Lelorra.”

*Cody is jumping about excitedly*

Kai: (solemnly) “Cody, we can’t go back with you.”

Cody: (saddened) “Why not.”

Daniel: “We have to go back. Back to our rooms and our people, not yours.”

Cody: “But you can become Imperials you can serve the Empire and a better future!”

Kai: “I would love to be able to join you and Ashley back in Drakla.”

*Ashley scoffs*

Kai: “But what would the Alltrians do to me? What would the Imperials do to me?”

Daniel: “We pledged ourselves to fight against Imperial tyranny and protect Alltrian liberty.”

Cody: “But, but, but you have it all wrong!”

Ashley: “Give up Cody. You cannot change their minds especially Kai’s I would know.”

Cody: “What are we supposed to do, just go back to fighting each other?”

The Dreadlord: “That is precisely what we are going to do. Our truce is over now Alltrians, get out of here before I remove you from existence.”

Kai: “With pleasure.”

The Dreadlord: “The Crown first please, gentlemen.”

*Kai pauses*

The Dreadlord:  ‘We don’t want things to get messy now would we?”

*Kai pulls out the Crown*

Kai: “We helped you get this you know!”

The Dreadlord: “And you played your part. Now hand it over.”

Kai: “You know what? No!”

Daniel: “Kai, you saw in there. The Dreadlord is never alone when fighting even if his company is himself, we can’t beat him here.”

Ashley: “Give it Kai!”

Matt: “Well Daniel, time to settle who beat the most zombies now.”

Daniel: “You bet.”

*Kai, Ashley, Matt and Daniel brandish their weapons*

Cody: “Stop this!”

The Dreadlord teleports right in front of Kai and back hands him ,launching him backwards leaving the Crown in the air where Kai’s hand was at, and The Dreadlord grabs the Crown only to bend down onto his knees and let out a horrific shrill of fear before standing up causing everyone to stop fighting.

Cody: “What happened?”

The Dreadlord: “We depart for the capital now!”

*The Dreadlord teleports away with the Crown*

Ashley: “He left us?”

Matt: “Come on let’s go.”

*Ashley and Matt leave and it is just Cody, Mina, Fella, Kai and Daniel who remain*

Cody: “I’m sorry. I thought you would come home with me and we would all find out way back to Earth together.”

Kai: “It is already too late for that. We picked our sides and we have to stick with them.”

Cody: “What happens when we have to cross blades again?”

Kai: “Well I hope you will give me a run for my money!”

*Kai gives Cody a pat on the back but Cody starts to cry*

Daniel: “Hey. Come on let us walk you back out of here at least. We can catch up on the way.”

Cody: (Sobbing) “Back, back to …to Drakla?”

Kai: “Well, maybe at least to the half way point.”

*Kai and Daniel walk Cody back out of the canyon of the mountains, talking about their individual adventures, and then they leave, Cody, Mina, and Fella are left to catch up to Ashley and Matt*

-Back at Castle Draklor, days later-

A war congregation is being held and The Dreadlord walks in with the other Chosen Heroes with the Crown.

Emperor Artorious: “You return! With good news I hope.”

*The Dreadlord places the Crown of Thorns on the table*

The Dreadlord: “Heroes, do you remember the dossier we stole form the Alltrians?”

Ashley: “Yeah.”

Cody: “Why?”

The Dreadlord: “It told the legend of the Great Collapse. A false god arises to destroy mankind and corrupt them under their control, yes? Well when I held onto the Crown of Thorns it showed me the Dragon from the stone carvings on the wall and gave me a name, Moldulga.”

Emperor Artorious: “What do you think this means?”

The Dreadlord: “I don’t know, but I think the Gods will. I have need to speak to the Three.”

Cody: “You said you trained with them, yes? So why don’t you just go whenever you want?”

The Dreadlord: “They have forced me to train tirelessly to become unstoppable, day and night, rain and shine, but they have not prepared me for this and they are still holy figures that cannot be barged in on a whim. They must summon me or I beg for an audience with them.”

Emperor Artorious: “I shall make haste after this meeting.”

*The Dreadlord leaves*

Forneyus: “I take it the mission was successful.”

Emperor Artorious: “Indeed, but something does not sit well with me.”

*Artorious turns to the Heroes*

Emperor Artorious: “Go, rest. You all have earned it. I will make sure you all are properly compensated for your service.”

*The Heroes leave*

-At castle Alltor-

King Drella: “So they were chasing a myth and it turned out to be nothing but legend and a hoax?”

Kai: “Yes, they were after some artifact of power but meaninglessly wandered for days to no avail.”

Daniel: “We had risked out necks for another one of the Imperials barbaric legends of lies.”

King Drella: “I was a fool to even think Artorious found anything!”

Kai: I can’t believe he fell for that lie so easily.

Daniel: For a king he is a little stupid.

*The Sage of the One enters*

Sage of the One: “Your elegance. While their mission may have been unsuccessful I do come bearing good news.”

King Drella: “What is it Sage?”

Daniel: “Who is he?”

King Drella: “This is my most trusted advisor, the Sage of the One; he has helped Alltra regain its rightful power and uses the clairvoyance of the Gods which will help us win this coming war.”

The Sage wears a dark purple robe that covers over his entire body, he has thin metal gauntlets, boots, and a metal half face plate. He also wields a large elegantly carved wooden staff that radiates power. He is quite tall around six foot four and has an interesting figure that is almost non-human. Only his mouth can be seen through the half face mask, but he shoots Kai and Daniel a knowing look.

Sage of the One: “I feel a great power stirring. More Heroes will be arriving shortly and I do believe they will be on our side most indefinitely.”

King Drella: “Why do you think this so certainly, Sage?”

Sage of the One: “Because of this.”

*The sage pulls out a blue shining sword that radiates a cold aura and has ice falling from it*

Sage of the One: “The Ice Blade, Peacekeeper. The weapon formed by our Gods of old to end wars. I do believe a Hero will be coming very shortly who will aid us in our victory against the Empire and claim that victory in your name, my king.”

King Drella: “Heroes, get your rest. I will need you ready when our Chosen Hero comes to join you. I refuse to lose the key to victory!”

Kai and Daniel: “Yes King Drella.”

*Kai and Daniel leave*

Kai: “I don’t like people who conceal their face. Reminds me too much of the Empire.”

Daniel: “I felt darkness coming from that supposed Sage.”

Kai: “Something is going on here and in Drakla, something malicious.”

Daniel: “And we are going to find out what. I have a plan.”


Submitted: June 02, 2019

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