Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Daniel and Kai seek the beggar they spoke too before and are forced to tread into the unknown territory of the Alltrian Slums.

Chapter 26 (v.1) - Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men Chapter 26

Submitted: June 12, 2019

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Submitted: June 12, 2019



Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men

This is my own fictional story made solely by me and my fantasies all likeness to real life people have given unto me their permission to be used and this story will take inspiration from but never exactly parody any real life  book, movies, etc. all of it is my own makings




Chapter 26: An Inch of Truth

*Outside the Alltrian Mage Academy, near the Slum border gate*

Kai: “I know where we are going and I do not like it one bit.”

Daniel: “I know you know but I do not care.”

Kai: “Okay genius, what do you think we are going to find out?”

Daniel: “Answers.”

Kai: “Of course you would.”

*Kai and Daniel approach the gate and are stopped by four guards*

Guard 1: “Hello Heroes, to what are you doing here?”

Daniel: “We are looking for someone, have you seen a gross beggar around this gate recently?”

Guard 1: “Many beggars come through here I could not tell which one you speak of.”

Kai: “Guess that means we leave.”

Daniel: “Can we have access to the Slums?”

Guard 2: “My, … Lord?”

Guard 3: “Let them in.”

*Two guards above the gate open the door for them*

Guard 4: “Tread carefully.”

Guard 1: “Are we going to let them in? Truly?”

Guard 3: “His kingliness said to let the Heroes do what they wish.”

Guard 2: “Heroes, I advise caution, the filth of the Slums is unforgiving.”

Kai: “Oh no, we are not going in there.”

Daniel: “Yes, we are.”

Kai: “No, you are going in there along, I am not going in there.”

Daniel: “And leave me to all that peril?”

Kai: “Okay, lets make a deal, we do this but we leave when I say so and we see that Sage guy after.”

Daniel: “Deal.”

*Kai and Daniel enter the Slums and walk around*

The Slums show their history with most buildings made out of what seems like precious materials like the rest of Alltra, however they are rotting and rusting. Most of the people are rummaging through trash and picking up what scraps they can while also either laying on the street, doing meager jobs, or confining themselves to their homes. Kai and Daniel walk around and see that Guards consist of men who would fit the title of unofficial bouncer and as they tread further into the Slums, more and more people set their gazes towards them.

Slum Citizen 1: “What are you doing here, Inner Men?”

Kai: “Inner men?”

Daniel: “We are looking for someone.”

Slum Citizen 1: “Who and why?”

Daniel: “A tall man with broken gray hair but a youthful yet unhealthy appearance, he is from Drakla and has a wife and kids.”

Slum Citizen 1: “What do you want with him?”

Daniel: “We need more answers.”

Slum Citizen 1: “For?”

Slum Citizen 2: “Don’t indulge those swine, they won’t give us their time, why would we give them ours?”

Slum Citizen 3: “Magical dogs. Go back to your playpens!”

The people of the Slums grow restless and angry and as such guards move to Daniel and Kai

Kai: “We leave now.”

Daniel: “I need to hear things about Alltra from his perspective because something about the King and the Sage are a bit. Concerning.”

Slum Guard: “I am going to need you two Inner Men to leave, now.”

Daniel: “He owes us, we gave him a gold coin!”

Slum Citizen 1: “You gave Vietegen that gold coin?”

Slum Citizen 4: “He would not stop talking about it!”

Slum Guard 2: “Truly?”

Daniel: “Yes, it was us.”

Slum Citizen 1: “He works at the Bakery. His bosses might let him see you, if he is done.”

Kai: “A Bakery? He works?”

Slum Citizen 1: “Yes, most, of us work to no avail other than to keep the system alive.”

Slum Citizen 4: “Vietegen usually takes the old bread and hands it out to us, if there is any left for us, I only wish his family would take that bread more often. They are always giving it to us instead.”

Slum Guard 1: “I will escort you two there.”

*The boys start walking to the Bakery*

Kai: “Okay, quick question, how come you all work if there is no point?”

Slum Guard 1: “I would not expect Inner Men to understand but with all the people here and underground and no connection to the other Trade Cities, we have to or die, and we won’t give the Inner Men the luxury.”

Daniel: “And how come you all know Vietegen?”

Slum Guard 1: “Everyone knows everyone in the Slums.”

*The group arrives at a medium sized bakery that looks to be half submerged into the ground*

Slum Guard 1: “Here. He should be inside working or in the cellar, sleeping, Have fun.”

*The guard leaves*

Daniel: “Let’s go.”

*The two enter the drab and wet interior of the bakery*

While being wet and drab there is also a strong heat from the ovens that causes a disgusting and humid air to be in the building, as the two men look around, a decrepit man walks out of a back room to the front desk.

Shopkeeper: “Inner Men, what are you doing here?”

Daniel: “We are here to see Vietegen.”

*The Shopkeeper brandishes his blade*

Shopkeeper: “and what do you pigs want with him?”

Kai: “Calm down. We just want to talk to him.”

Shopkeeper: I can’t stop them if they force their way in, Gods damn it all. “He is in the cellar; you keep to your best behavior now.”

*Kai and Daniel proceed to the cellar*

It is a fairly long distance down, Kai and Daniel can tell they are underground and about half way through to the cellar they see an opening where an underground city can be scarcely seen, they eventually see the cellar and open it to see Vietegen, his wife, and two girls eating bread. It is cold in the room but there are plenty of warm blankets and mattresses around. They noticed he has 2 silver coins and 12 bronze coins next him. Vietegen turns to face them

Vietegen: “By the Gods great graces! Honey, these are the men who gave me the golden coin!”

Holly: “Them? Men, firstly welcome and secondly thank for this.”

*The two girls scurry behind their mother as Vietegen approaches Kai and Daniel*

Daniel: “I am so sorry to arrive unannounced.”

Vietegen: “Please, all visits are unannounced here. Please sit down and have some Green Tail Tea.”

*Vietegen takes a previously used teabag and uses it to make 2 cups of tea for Kai and Daniel*

Vietegen: “So what do I owe the visit?”

Daniel: “We have questions.”

Vietegen: “Don’t we all.”

Kai: “Okay, buddy. Do you have answers or not?”

Vietegen: “I owe you whatever answers I may have, after all you have fed us well, I have been able to use all of the old bread to feed the neighbors and even purchase some good food for us to eat for once, thank you for that.”

*Kai slowly goes quiet and a bit embarrassed*

Daniel: “Who is the Sage of the One?”

Vietegen: “You met the Sage?!”

Kai: “Is that odd?”

Vietegen: “The Sage is rumored to be the only person in the Kingdom to speak to the Gods, not even his Majesty Drella may speak to them!”

*Kai and Daniel look at each other surprised*

Kai: “How long has he been here.”

Vietegen: “I do not know… Some say he has been around a lot longer than a mortal should.”

Daniel: “How do you mean?”

Vietegen: “People say the Sage has been alive since before the Kingdom of the One was an established power.”

Daniel: “Impossible, he would be over one hundred thousand years old then.”

Vietegen: “I don’t believe it for a second but what I can not truly believe is that you saw him, he only ever speaks to the King, I hear, and even that’s on rare occasion.”

Daniel: “Speaking of, what do you know of the King, Drella?”

Vietegen: “What is not to know? He is the proper Hierarch of the Kingdom of Alltra, inheritor of King Mikael and currently ruling under the Gods commands.”

Kai: “So nothing we don’t already know?”

Vietegen: “Well I have hearsay but nothing more about him.”

Kai: “And that is?”

Vietegen: “When I first came here, they say that King Drella had no quarrels with the non-magical and that he actually sought to link the Slums back to the Inner City and bridge the divide of our people. Then the issues with the Empire reemerged and everything changed back to when King Mikael ruled and I was outcasted along with many of brethren who came here looking to hone magical prowess if there was any there.”

Daniel: “So things were supposed to be different?”

Vietegen: “Indeed.”

Kai: “What do you Imperials know of the Crown of Thorns?”

*Vietgen’s eyes become huge at that word*

Vietegen: “A legendary artifact said to have been gifted to Man as a gift to the King who united all mortal kind. Why do you ask?”

Daniel: “Well…….”

Kai: “What would happen if someone used it?”

*Vietgen begins to shift anxiously*

Vietegen: “The tales claim that each and every God put a tiny bit of their power into the crown leaving the wearer the most powerful mortal to ever exist at that time.”

Kai: “What could you do with it?”

Holly: “Nothing.”

*Kai and Daniel shift to meet the gaze of Holly, still holding her two daughters, comforting them*

Kai: “What do you mean?”

Holly: “I used to be a Librarian, it is a prestigious title in Alltra, and well I learned a lot about the ancient relics of our world. The fables say the Crown lost its power after the collapse and only the Rings of the Lords could save it.”

Daniel: “Rings of the Lords?”

Holly: “When the Crown was made its power was meant to be finite, not to be used for eternity so that the wearer would not go mad with power or cause rebellion to seek the Gods power, the day it left the head of the King of the One so did its power. The rings were made to restore it should it ever be needed, lest it remain a shadow of its former self.”

Kai: “Where are these rings?”

Holly: “The world only knows the location of two. The Ring of Luxury lies upon the hand of Drella, the Ring of Order lies within the Grasp of Emperor Artorious.”

Kai: “If it is powerless or near powerless, why would anyone want it?”

Holly: “I don’t know, considering its history it could have many non-practical uses.”

Daniel: “Well, Vietegen and…”

Holly: “Holly”

Daniel: “Holly, thank you for your time.”

*Vietegen grabs Daniel’s shoulder*

Vietegen: “No, thank you. The both of you are welcome here anytime.”

*The boys return to the surface taking another glance at the subterranean city before returning to the Bakery and back to the gate of the Slums once more*

Daniel: “Well, we got lot to think on.”

Kai: “Yes we do, I just wish it was not…. In there.”

*The two begin to walk back to the capital but are stopped by an eerie and familiar figure*

Daniel: (Nervously) “HAHAHAH.”

Kai: “Sage?!”

*The Sage of the One stands in front of them*

Sage of the One: “The King has immediate need of you two!”

Kai: “What does he need.”

Sage of the One: “A rift has been opened; I can feel it. Another Hero is nigh, he must be ours!”

Daniel: “He?”

Sage of the One: “Return to the King and report, now gentlemen!”

*Kai and Daniel run off to the Capital while the Sage looks back at them before looking to the Slums*

Sage of the One: “Hmmm.”

*Two Gate Guards walk up to the Sage? *

Gate Guard 1: “My Lord?”

Sage of the One: “Keep an eye on the locals of the Slums, and inform me of any unnecessary activity, and should you see the Heroes return.”

*The sage looks to the sky*

Sage of the One: “Report to me immediately.”

Gate Guard 2: “Yes, my lord!”

*The Sage walks off before disappearing into a purple mist*


© Copyright 2020 12345Megas. All rights reserved.


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