Chapter 27: Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men Chapter 27

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men

This is my own fictional story made solely by me and my fantasies all likeness to real life people have given unto me their permission to be used and this story will take inspiration from but never exactly parody any real life, book, movies, etc. all of it is my own makings




CHAPTER 27: Troubled Times

-Some few hours prior-

*The Heroes are resting inside of Cody’s large room; they are currently accompanied by servants*

Cody: “So, we shall inside doorways inside the far end of the room connecting it to new rooms that will be the personal quarters of Matt and Ashley?”

Servant 1: “Yes, Lord. The Emperor requested their construction so they will no longer need to share a room with you.”

Servant: “It will hardly take from you, my Lord. T’would be of little consequence to you we assure you of this.”

Cody: (With a glint of sadness) “While my bed is open to all, it would be more than fair that my dear friends get rooms their own.”

Servant 1: “It should only take about a weeks’ time as well.”

*Ashley and Matt both look content with the news*

Cody walks over to the table containing snacks and grabs a small treat and carbonated drink and seats himself in the middle dining table. He looks towards the servants and dismisses them promptly and proceeds to indulge before turning to Ashley and Matt who are sitting across from him.

Cody: “It seems our sleepovers are not long for this world.”

Ashley: “It has been fun but we all need our own rooms and privacy.”

Cody: “PRIVACY!”

Matt: “Hey, what’s wrong?”

*Cody looks around, then a knock at the door, Cody goes to then answer it*

Dreadlord: “Hello there.”

Cody: (While bowing) “Master Dreadlord.”

Dreadlord: “May I enter?”

Cody: “Of course.”

Matt: “I did not know you were one to be so polite.”

Dreadlord: “Do not slander my name, Hero! My title may be ‘Monster’ but I am no less monster than you or anyone else in the face of war.”

Cody: “To what do I owe the visit?”

Dreadlord: “Discussion of matters pertaining to the state.”

Cody: “I always wanted to be a politician.”

*The Dreadlord seats himself at the table next to Matt who shifts uncomfortably*

Dreadlord: “My audience with the Gods has been accepted and they will summon me when their best convenience arrives, and the Emperor has passed along some information he believes you all should know, as well as he requests feedback from you lot.”

*The Three Heroes nod in response*

Dreadlord: “The factory town of Moor Andar has successfully invented a sight mechanism for Tri Ballistae and the Uber Catapult that allows us to more accurately see the place of bombardment on the battlefield, it even allows for mortar tactics. Patriotism seems to be at its highest with Imperial pride rising as well as worker participation. The economy once again is flourishing, however an anti Alltrian sentiment has arisen that has caused issues at border towns and disputes with former immigrants to the Empire. Bandit and Sub-Human raids have become more common in the Southern Plains and there is even talk of two Vassal Kingdoms defecting from Imperial rule in the Northern Mountains.”

*Matt and Ashley seem stunned while Cody is contemplating*

Ashley: “Are things really that bad?”

Matt: “And we are not even officially at war yet.”

Dreadlord: “Many details are omitted from prying eyes and waging tongues in order to keep the peace.”

Cody: “What news of the Crown?”

Dreadlord: “How do you mean?”

Cody: “You put it on and saw a vision but the Mages Guild has determined it is nearly depleted its magical power. We need it, what can we do.”

Dreadlord: “I will have to speak to the Gods about that. Pray tell, what do you think of the news I just delivered?”

Cody: “I am going to be blunt. It is less than satisfactory and something needs to be done.”

Dreadlord: “I agree, any suggestions Heroes?”

Matt and Ashley: “uummmm.”

Cody: “We can not spare men in the south right now for bandit raids, but we can prepare them. We can inform local guard and townsfolks to always have sabers with them and be prepared every night for a raid, help the guard as much as they can, if a citizen has free time they can serve in benefit of the town for now. As for the rumors of insurrection that is where we need to spare men, we need to put them down before they get out of control, the North in proximity to us is closer than the South and will allows to move troops more freely despite the harsher terrain as Imperials are more suited for it than big open fields that could be laced with traps. Merchants and Traders should consider hiring armed guards and sellswords when dealing with the South for now until we can reallocate troops, once the Rebellion in the North has been quelled, we can reunite them and use some of their troops to reinforce the South before we make any moves towards Alltra. If we let rebellions fester and grow the Empire will be weakened and Alltra will have another reason to attack and take us. Those new designs for the catapults and ballistae could be put to use on these insurrectionists, we can use the new sight design to attack them without getting into true eyesight of their cities and devastate them before we risk moving troops into the territory they know like the back of their hands.”

*Matt and Ashley looked stunned while the Dreadlord goes to pick up a glass of water*

Dreadlord: “I have always admired that about you, when dealing with war and politics you are cut throat, unforgiving and pragmatic. It is exactly what I wanted to hear. I have a few differing opinions on the situation of the South as the South is a strong trading and agricultural sector, we must secure it but you are indeed right about the North, we must end the potential rebellion and that is exactly what I wanted you to say with that information. Now lastly, what are we going to do with the Anti Alltrian sentiment?”

Cody: “Simply put, nothing, hate is needed.”

Ashley: “What?”

Dreadlord: “Elaborate.”

Cody: “You can not win a war without hate, if you do not hate your enemy you can not kill him. If we accept the Alltrians behavior now we will be enabling our enemy with our complacency. If we show empathy to our enemy where they give us none in return it will lead to our men second guessing each soldier they kill and, in those moments, allow our men to die, we cannot allow that. If anything, we need to spread the hate and even turn those former immigrants into outspoken Imperial loyalists, if we do not rally now against our enemy we will be divided and shatter beneath the weight of the unified armies of Alltra.”

Dreadlord: “It is still a wonder to me that you did not rule your own land back in your world.”

Matt: “That is an interesting point.”

Dreadlord: “Excellent, I will….”

*The Dreadlord pauses before rushing to the door and opening it to show an Imperial butler waiting outside the door*

Butler: “Oh, Master Dreadlord, please forgive me I was just about to knock upon Lord Cody’s door.”

Dreadlord: (Partially angered) “What could you possibly need now?”

Butler: (Flustered) “I…. Well I was to…. Bring…. Let him know…. I was ordered to see if he needed anything.”

Dreadlord: (Recollecting) “Indeed you were. My apologies, he needs nothing, but rather I do. Would you care to accompany me?”

Butler: (Nervously) “Oh, of course, my Master.”

*The Dreadlord turns and towards Cody before leaving the room with his final words*

Dreadlord: “I will return with words from the Emperor and the Gods.”

*Cody sits down for a moment shaking before he throws some dishes onto his floor then clenches his sides*

Matt: “What’s wrong dude?”

Cody: “Spies!”

Ashley: “Spies? For Alltra.”

Cody: “No, the Lords of Drakla.”

Matt: “What would they have against you?”

Cody: “I was once deemed weak, unworthy, a heretic even. I have done things to myself and to others than the Gods do no approve of. The Lords have tolerated me, they do not accept me, the Gods are currently focused on other matters than me, and the Emperor is the only one protecting me at this time as he believes I am a Chosen Hero but if it is ever revealed I am not…. I will be executed.”

Matt: “What did you do?”

Ashley: “Was it just for failing once at that battle you told me about when you first got here?”

Cody: (Solemnly) “Umm…. Yes. That is why. Yes… Yes indeed.”

*Matt and Ashley look at each other*

Cody: “I need to practice more magic; you guys can do whatever you wish.”

*Cody slinks to his desk and begins working with a tome*

Matt: “I am probably going to go out to the courtyard and train a bit with my sword…. It’s so cool! What are you going to do Ashley?”

Ashley: “I want to go for a walk, I’ll be back later.”

Matt: “Alright.”

*Matt and Ashley leave, Ashley takes a look back at Cody before leaving*

Ashley: I don’t like it, Dreadlord, Cody, even the Imperials. They are hiding things. I wonder… Is it because of? Could that be it? We did have our concerns with Cody about that, something just seemed off… Different. I don’t know how I could talk to him about it, its private and personal, and considering where he came from. Would he even consider talking about it, The Germans do not appreciate those type of people?

*Ashley snaps back to reality revealing she is being followed by dozens of guards asking if she is okay and where she is going*

Castle Guard: “Lady Ashley! Please what bothers you, to where do you head?”

Ashley: Oh, I am so sorry, I am just going for a walk. I will be back.”

*The Guards stop and bring themselves to attention and salute before heading back off, Ashley then walks out of the Castle and to the nearest park*

Ashley’s trek to the park is filled with fans and onlookers who become enamored by her presence and Ashley has to meticulously avoid them as she is not used to the close-up attention of hundreds of people. She walks slowly and carefully to the middle of the City Square where a huge snow-covered park that is lined with beautiful paths and trees with auburn and bluish colored winter leaves. Ashley takes a seat on a lovely white park bench and looks around. The more common folk of the Empire dress differently than the nobility, instead of their elegant decorated and militaristic outfit the people seem to, despite the luxurious designs of attire, have more practical clothes. She spots a family watching their eight children, the mother and father are wearing similar clothes, black full body tights with a big brown fur coat with white trimmed fur on the edges. The coats go down to just above their groins where instead long fur standards flow instead of pants, they both have knee high fur boots as well and the only difference between their cloths is that the man has more rugged demeaning looking fur while the mother has more frilly feminine looking fur on her coat. Ashley gets to relax and enjoy the scenery for a time before she spots the Dreadlord looking directly at her from a gazebo looking structure to her left.

*Ashley walks up to the Dreadlord and sits next to him*

Ashley: “What are you doing here?”

Dreadlord: “Looking for you.”

Ashley: “Why me?”

Dreadlord: “For you are the only one not busy training.”

Ashley: “Oh.”

Dreadlord: “Do not take me for hostility. I would like to take this moment to discuss what happened earlier and a request I have for you because of it.”

Ashley: “Are you sure we should be talking about this here.”

*The Dreadlord shrugs*

Dreadlord: “Worry not, no one can see or hear me.”

Ashley: “Wait what?”

Dreadlord: “I have an active spell field up, only those I want to hear or see me can.”

Ashley: “You can do that?”

Dreadlord: “Magic itself is one’s ability to connect with the astral, divine plane of existence beyond this one. You can do anything if you study and train hard enough, Magic is infinite, unstoppable, unbounded.”

Ashley: “Wow, okay then. What is it you needed?”

Dreadlord: “I identified that butler as one in personal service of the twins Arabelleck and Lela. They are amongst the Emperors Chosen also know as the Warborn. They were some of the Nobles who agreed with Forneyus that Cody is nothing but a hindrance to the Empire and a false Hero, even now they rally the Nobles to spy on him so if he ever slips up, they can sanction his execution without need of the Emperor.”

Ashley: “But why do they want to do that?!”

Dreadlord: “Because they believe him not a Hero.”

Ashley: “Why?!”

*The Dreadlord summons Kreigsbringen*

Dreadlord: “He lacks a legendary weapon.”

Ashley: “But, but, but we saw him take Matt’s, he can use them, he is a Hero!”

*The Dreadlord gestures his hand in front of Ashley*

Dreadlord: “I know, it is actually a good thing they would not know the truth, and the heresy some people think of him helps immensely.”

Ashley: “Helps!? How can it Help!? How can you say it helps when he could die because of a lie!? Why are you doing this?”

*The Dreadlord looks around distraughtly*

Dreadlord: “There are a great many things I want to tell you, but I simply cannot.”

Ashley: (Concerned) “Why not?”

Dreadlord: “You must prove yourself loyal to the Empire first.”

Ashley: “More than I already have?”

Dreadlord: “Yes.”

*Ashley pauses*

Dreadlord: “Dear Ashley, you must spill merciless blood comparable to me ‘fore I trust you with the knowledge even the Gods know not.”

Ashley: (Shocked) “What type of monster are you to demand me to murder people just for you to tell me something?”

Dreadlord: “Like the secrets of Stonehenge or the Ancient Pyramids, I am a monster of necessity who is driven into the dark with the secrets of time.”

Ashley: “Stonehenge? That’s from my world! How do you know that?”

Dreadlord: “I have given you all yet you do not see the truth in front of you. You know me.”

Ashley: “No, I don’t know a monster, a murderer, a psychopath!”

Dreadlord: “Dear, Darling Ashley…Yes… You… Do.”

*Ashley is taken aback and falls to her seat next to the Dreadlord*

Dreadlord: “I wish… What is that!?”

*Cody alongside a guardsman run up to the two*

Cody: “I thought I would find you two here. You made quite a ruckus Ashley, leaving the castle without a word.”

Ashley: “Cody? What are you doing here?”

Cody: “Oh! Yes! That is right. Guard.”

Guardsman: “A rift has been open! A Hero is nigh!”

Dreadlord: “No, no. That cannot be! I feel that powerful presence in front of… Alltor! There is no way we could even set foot near there!”

Cody: “We can not lose another Hero though!”

Ashley: “What are we…?”

Dreadlord: (Thundering) “TO THE EMPEROR NOW!”



Submitted: July 25, 2019

© Copyright 2020 12345Megas. All rights reserved.


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