Chapter 28: Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men Chapter 28

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men

This is my own fictional story made solely by me and my fantasies all likeness to real life people have given unto me their permission to be used and this story will take inspiration from but never exactly parody any real life, book, movies, etc. all of it is my own makings




Chapter 28: The Peace Maker

The scene is set inside the Imperial Castle at Draklor, the Emperor, Artorious, is sat upon his throne surrounded by his Dragon Guard, Nobility, and Matt before the Dreadlord, Cody, Ashley and a Guardsman run inside

Dreadlord: “My Lord!”

Emperor Artorious: “Yes, I know! Come quickly!”

The scene is now inside the Crystal Castle of Alltor as King Drella is speaking with a golden trimmed armored mage as he walks out of his war room towards Kai and Daniel.

Kai: “You called for us…. Sir?”

King Drella: “look outside.”

*Kai and Daniel quickly make for the nearest balcony*

A huge rift is opening just outside the city walls, it is a torrent of purple energy that slowly forms a tornado that inches its way towards the ground

Daniel: “What is that?”

Sage of the One: “Our Hero!”

*The Sage appears behind Kai and Daniel and slowly walks in between them*

Sage of the One: “Well, what are we waiting for? Go get him!”

King Drella: “Worry not, Sage. It is right there. We need not worry about the Imperial Savages this time.”

Sage of the One: “I would rather advise caution. Those barbarians are willing to do anything for power.”

King Drella: “Then I suppose. Kai, Daniel. Take my Royal Guards and bring me that Hero.”

Daniel: “Yes sir!”

*The Sage of the One walks up to Kai*

Sage of the One: “And make sure to give him this.”

*The Sage hands Kai a glowing blue sword that has ice emitting from it profusely*

The Silver armor clad Royal Guards rush to Kai and Daniel, and while Kai is able to hold the sword, he knows it to be a legendary weapon because it encumbers him greatly, because of this fact he knows he is not meant to be its wielder but its courier. Kai and Daniel alongside the guards rush off towards the forming magical energy as it slowly nears the land. Lightning and fire begin rushing from it as a magical orb appears from its eye of the storm and descends towards the tip of the storm destined to meet the ground at the same time as the magical tornado.

-In Castle Draklor-

*Grand Master Villach walks in*

Villach: “it is powerful! So very powerful! I can feel exactly where it is, my lord.”

Emperor Artorious: “Just outside the Alltrian Capital City!”

Villach: “We simply cannot….”

Dreadlord: “My Lord! Let Cody, Ashley, Matt, and myself take to the planes beyond and intercept!”

Emperor Artorious: “We already slipped up once with our spy operation there! We can not afford to start a war now!”

Dreadlord: “Are we to leave them to grab another Hero then?!”

Villach: “Your Grace, I am of a mind with the Dreadlord. We have to do something.”

Emperor Artorious: “Imperial Knighthood Personnel stepping directly onto the grass of the Alltrian capital. It would spark war and we are not yet ready!”

Dreadlord: (Angry) “Enough of this! I am not your thrall, Artorious! I will not squander this opportunity!”

Arabelleck: “you dare!?”

Forneyus: “Silence Arabelleck, not now!”

Lela: “He is stepping out of line!”

Innipti: “Behave in front of the Emperor!”

*The Dreadlord goes to grab Ashley*

Dreadlord: “Cody, get Matt! We teleport to Alltor!”

Emperor Artorious: “Halt Dreadlord!”

*The Dreadlord reluctantly stops*

Emperor Artorious: “You swore an oath of loyalty to me, and do not forget your pact with the Gods.”

*The Dreadlord begins to shake violently with fear and hate*

Even underneath his armor the anger and wanting to take action is palpable from the Dreadlord’ s posture, he wants to acquiesce this Hero.

Dreadlord: “Your Supreme Excellence…”

*The Dreadlord turns around and bows before Artorious*

Dreadlord: “…Please…”

-Outside Alltor-

*A young man appears from the storm that immediately disappears after him*

Cameron: “Where am I? What the Hell?!”

*Kai and Daniel alongside the Guards run up to greet him*

Kai: “Hey, what’s up dude. The name’s Kai, welcome to here, bro.”

Cameron: “What?”

Kai: “I know this is going to sound crazy but are you from Earth?”

Cameron: “uh, yeah, why?”

Kai: “Well, you’re not there anymore. This is Aragoth some magic world or whatever. Like I said my name is Kai and this over here is Daniel.

*Daniel waves*

Kai: “We are from Earth too.”

Cameron: “Oh cool dude alright.”

*Cameron shakes Kai’s hand*

Cameron: “You know this sounds crazy, right?”

*Kai shrugs*

Kai: “I know dude, but there is a lot to explain and well our luxury suite is waiting for us in that city behind us.”

Cameron: “Luxury suite?”

Kai: “Yeah come on, we will show you and explain everything.”

Cameron: “Okay.”

*Kai remembers the sword and walks up to Cameron*

Kai: “Wait, I am supposed to give this to you.”

*Kai gives the sword to Cameron*

-At Castle Draklor-

Emperor Artorious: “Go.”

Villach: “Truly?!”

Dreadlord: “My Liege Lord?”

*The nobles look confounded at the Emperor’s response*

Emperor Artorious: “I know you have the Empire’s best interest at heart over merely me and my wishes so there is no use trying to stop you, however should anything happen I expect you to take full burden over the situation that may occur.”

Dreadlord: “I solemnly swear it, My… Lord!”

Emperor Artorious: “Well what are you waiting for? Go, make haste!”

*The Dreadlord practically jumps up and grabs Ashley and quickly teleports away, Cody runs to Matt to do the same*

-Outside Alltor City-

Cameron examines the sword, the blade is a blueish white that radiates icy and powerful energy, physical ice particles fall from the weapon. The hilt and cross guard are both a carved gleaming white crystal that has magical energy running around inside. The sword is longer than a short sword but smaller than a longsword or great sword giving it fast powerful swings with range but without compromising the wielder of their defense or stance. A sheath magically appears on Cameron, he then sheaths the blade in it and begins to walk away with Kai before a black and purple portal opens up right behind Kai and the Dreadlord flies out of it swinging his large sword hitting Kai in the shoulder pad and spinning around in the air to then lock sword with Kia who just cast his magic sword in time to block the Dreadlord’ s blow. Cody and Matt appear just above the Silver clad Royal Guards, Cody proceeds to slam his spear down into the ground letting out a large electric shockwave that pushes the guards away and then he moves into combat with two of them. He uses his spear to fend off the two, Matt appears just after Cody and with his Infinite Blade begins to hold off the remaining Royal Guards for Cody. Ashley soon steps out of the Dreadlord’ s portal before it closes and merely looks around the battlefield and notices that Alltrian mages are taking to the walls just nearby and are preparing to volley magic down upon them.

Ashley: “Dreadlord! Magic attacks from the walls!”

*The Dreadlord bashes Kai away before looking over and squatting down then thrusting his arms out and forming a dark yet transparent bubble around them all protecting them from the blasts*

Dreadlord: “That should keep us safe for a decent amount of time.”

Ashley: “Now, the Hero.”

*The group turns to Cameron who is inside the bubble with them, he is stunned*

Cody: “No. it, it cannot be!”

Ashley: “What?”

*Cody slowly takes off his helmet to reveal his face*

Cameron: “Cody!?”

Cody: (Taken Aback) “Oh my Gods…”

Matt: “What? Who is this?”

Dreadlord: (Laughing) “Now this will be interesting.”

Cody: “That is my cousin, Cameron!”

Ashley and Matt: “Cousin?!”

*The Dreadlord begins to laugh profusely and maniacally*

Cameron: (Shocked) “Is this where you have been?! We all thought you died!”

*Cody merely goes in for a hug*

Cody: “I can not believe it, first my friends and now my family is being dragged into this conflict.”

Cameron: “Conflict?”

Cody: “Conflict? Conflict!”

*Cody quickly turns around*

Cody: “Dreadlord we need to leave now!”

Dreadlord: “Our time is indeed up!”

Cody: “Cameron, will you come with me? I need to explain so much and help you understand.”

Cameron: “Umm okay. How, where, why?”

Cody: “Not now! Dreadlord!”

*The Dreadlord rips open a portal to Drakla and throws Cameron inside then rushes in himself before having the group follow suit just as the protective bubble begins to fade*

Kai: “Get in there now!”

Daniel: “But….”

Royal Guard 1: “Yes Sir!”

*Kai and the Royal Guards begin to break through the weaken magic bubble but are unable to enter the portal before it disappears and Kai lets out a cry of hate*

Kai: “Damn you Dreadlord! Damn you to Hell!”

-Inside Castle Draklor’ s throne room-

The nobility along with the Emperor, and now entering Lelorra and Torran, wait for the return on the Dreadlord and on que he walks through a portal.

Emperor Artorious: “Well then, what news of the Hero?”

*The Dreadlord gestures towards the portal where Cody, Ashley, Matt and Cameron walk through*

Arabelleck: “He did it?”

Forneyus: “Impressive.”

Cody: “And then everything exploded into fire, it was a sight to behold!”

Cameron: “I have never experienced a more intense culture shock in my life, you do realize that don’t you Cody, if you told me about magic and war, I would have thought you went crazy, I still can’t understand any of this. What if its all not real and we are all just dead, living some fantasy?”

Cody: “Perish the thought! If this was a dream, things would be going very differently for me, believe me.”

Matt: “Hi I’m Matt.”

Ashley: “And I’m Ashley.”

Cameron: “Cool to meet ya. You guys from here?”

Ashley: “Oh no, we went to school with Cody.”

Cameron: “Oh?”

Emperor Artorious: “Oh Hero from beyond, I am Emperor Artorious of the Empire of Drakla, it is a relief to hear that you were saved from the villainous clutches of the Alltrian Kingdom. I am here to guide you now. You wield a legendary weapon created from the Gods to avert a prophecy of destruction. It may seem like much now; however, we are all here you assist you, Hero.”

*The nobles bow before Cameron*

Cameron: “Um thank you.”

*Cameron looks to the weapon on his hip then back to the Emperor and dons a less than amused look, Ashley, Matt, and the Dreadlord notice this and look at each other while Cody is merely bouncing around excitedly*

Emperor Artorious: “Servants! Bring us the table and chairs so we may celebrate this day and inform our new Hero of his weapon, his duty, and his new Accomdation he will be given.”

*Dozens of servants enter the room and prepare a huge table and set down many chairs for the nobles and Heroes to sit in, Emperor Artorious begins telling Cameron about himself before speaking of what it means to be a Hero, where he is, and what’s happening*

-Many Hours Pass-

Emperor Artorious: “Yes, I understand. Our days are slower, there is another month in a year, we all age slower, and there are more days in each month but you should age at our rate now and in time you will become well educated in our customs and traditions.”

Cameron: (Nervously) “Your Emperor…ness? May I step outside and get some air?”

Emperor Artorious: “Certainly. I will, as well, prepare your temporary quarters with Cody until I can get another contract for a room of your own in the meantime.”

Cameron: “Thank you.”

*Cameron quickly walks off outside and Cody follows suit before being stopped by the Dreadlord*

Cody: “What is it now?”

Dreadlord: “Caution. Something does not feel right about your cousin. Please pick your words carefully.”

*Cody unlatches his hand from the Dreadlord’ s grip and heads outside*

Cody: “Thank you Dreadlord, but I know my cousin.”

Cameron is sitting on a bench outside close to the castle, he is distraught and obviously perturbed. He looks around and begins shuffling about in his seat before standing up and preparing to move before being stopping by Cody who shouts to him.

Cody: (Joyously) “Cameron!”

Cameron: “What are you doing here Cody?”

Cody: “What do you mean?”

Cameron: “Why are you helping these people?!”

Cody: “How do you mean?”

Cameron: “Do I need to spell it out for you?!”

Cody: “I?”

Cameron: “Have you not put it together. The Emperor said he values strength, if you are strong of mind and body you have a place here but if you are weak you have no place here and are removed.”

Cody: “Yes and no? The weak are guided from the strong unless they are worthless then they are removed, your point?”

Cameron: (Angry) “They only care about their people, they want to conqueror the entire continent, they have a strong military personality for a society, their flag is everywhere and what does their flag look like? WHAT DO THEY LOOK LIKE?”

Cody: “The Empire has done nothing but care for me! It would do the same for you! Why do you resist having a true purpose in this world instead of being the waste you were in our world!”

*Cameron grabs Cody by the collar of his armor and screams at him*

Cameron: “Do you know why your father brought you to America?! Do you know why he left Germany?! Because he knew if the Nazis found out anything about you, they would have ‘euthanized’ you for being weakness to the German blood. These people sound exactly like them, they are Nazis 2.0!”

Cody: “You dare compare this beautiful, bountiful, and purely strong empire with them! You insult the Reich in which you came from!”

Cameron: “I am the son of your Mother’s sister not your Father’s, I am not a Nazi like you.”

Cody: “No longer am I either!”

Cameron: “Then why do you serve them?!”

*The sounds of the two arguing have attracted the attention of people inside and outside the castle alike who slowly amass around them*

Cody: “The Empire of Drakla cares not what species you are, so long as you serve. The Empire cares not about wealth and privilege you must be strong to earn your keep not buy it, they are pure by perfect design not by genocide and war! The Empire here is everything of the Third Reich and more, it is America and more, it is perfect and more! They are absolute! they are perfection! Hitler would have lost everything if he dared challenge this Empire, this Empire that chose me to rule as a Lord of my own design! It is more than anything our world has ever seen; all you see is the necessary evil all societies are built upon! Where here I can live freely!”

Cameron: “Freely? Freely! You live under subjugation from tyrants!”

*The now large crowd gasps at hearing their philanthropist Emperor insulted so*

Cody: “Where and how did you get these backwards ideas of Drakla? You have only been here mere hours!”

Cameron: “This sword. When I touched it, it showed me horrors and at the end of the nightmare it showed me the banner of this Empire. I did not believe it, not for a second, until I came here and heard that monster Artorious talked about the ‘glories’ of his Empire. The sword was right, they are medieval Nazis and need to die, and Alltra needs to bring peace and order to this, what is it called, Tibrum?”

Cody: “You sound just like the ones you preach out against! Conquest, order, peace, subjugation they are all the same! Just this banner, the Imperial Banner seeks to truly bring peace and order no matter the cost for the greater good because even though they do not have a word for it yet, they are Meritcratic National Socialists they care about their people and the greater good of them all! Not just the corrupt aristocracy! Did that sword even show you the savage villainy of Alltra?!”

Cameron: “It showed me that it is a place of luxury, relaxation and peace, and that is all I need to know.”

Cody: “So you can go back to your alcohol and recreational drugs and be a bum like you were back on Earth? This is a place of action where your destiny can change the fate of the world and all you want to do is nothing!”

Cameron: “Beats being a psychopathic murderer!”

Cody: “What happened to you?!”

Cameron: “Nothing, you changed into whatever it is you are now, and because of it I hope your Empire and everyone in it dies maybe that’ll teach you only the good guys win.”

Cody: “So you wish my death and the death of countless innocent people?!”

*The crowd is growing visibly angry and even the Nobility is getting involved*

Cameron: “None of you are innocent and if I have too, I will drag you back home and away all of this, in a body bag if I have to!”

*The Emperor begins viewing the spectacle from the balcony of the throne room*

Cody: “So be it. For I am going nowhere! And neither are you.”

Cameron: “I. Am. Leaving. And you can’t stop me.”

Cody: “Where will you go? Alltra? You came with us they will scorn and even execute you for that alone! Will you drift with no money, no home, no life and die impoverished and in the dirt like a pig? Or will you stay here and earn the right to be called a Lord and make something of your life?”

Cameron: “Anything is better than here.”

*Cameron tries to leave but is stopped by members of the enraged crowd*

Spectator 1: “Where do you think you are going, lout?”

Spectator 2: “This outlander thinks he can just come here and mock our beloved Emperor and proud people and get away with it?”

*Some of the spectators begins to brandish knives and short sword before the Emperor booms at them from above*

Emperor Artorious: “Enough! Let him leave peacefully!”

Noble in the Crowd: “My Lord you cannot entertain this insolence?!”

Emperor Artorious: “We are a proud powerful people, but we are no savages, let him leave in peace! Cameron! Should you ever return to us we will welcome you with open arms, but for now you are free to leave.”

Cameron: “Yeah right. You are open to the sword’s power not me. Goodbye!”

*Cody’s head dips sorrowfully as Cameron walks away not even looking back once*

-Just past the outskirts of Draklor-

*Cameron is walking away still fuming with rage and a flurry of thoughts*

Cameron: How many years did we put up with him and his horribly cruel ideology just for this? Just for him to finally put his sick tricks into action. His father never should have even brought him to America and just left him to get euthanized in Germany. We all would have been better off!

*Three Masked Mages alongside the Sage of the One appear from portals just in front of Cameron, surprising him*

Sage of the One: “Cameron Purella. Wielder of the Legendary Blade: Peacemaker. I beseech you; I am the Sage of the One, humble advisor to his Lordship King Drella of the Holy Kingdom of Alltra. We must have a word with you.”

Cameron: “How do you know me?”

Sage of the One: “I am the Sage of the One, they do not call me a Sage for naught.”

Cameron: “What do you want?”

Sage of the One: “Merely to speak with you and ask your help, of course it entails some danger and that is why you will most handsomely be rewarded.”

Cameron: “How handsomely?”

Sage of the One: “Gold is a rich and luxurious treasure in your world is it not?”

*Cameron smiles as the Sage of the One opens a portal for him to enter and Cameron does so very willingly*



Submitted: August 28, 2019

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