Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

After Cameron forsakes the Empire for the Holy Kingdom the unrest towards the Heroes reemerges but Cody's fury will not allow anyone to question him again and has plans to ensure Drakla sees things
his way.

Chapter 29 (v.1) - Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men Chapter 29

Submitted: September 11, 2019

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Submitted: September 11, 2019



Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men

This is my own fictional story made solely by me and my fantasies all likeness to real life people have given unto me their permission to be used and this story will take inspiration from but never exactly parody any real life, book, movies, etc. all of it is my own makings




Chapter 29: A New Order

-Minutes Prior-

*Thousands are gathered around Cody from all sides, the Emperor alongside his inner court, his children, and the Heroes are all watching to see what happens next*

Dreadlord: (Through Telekinetic Connection) “Cody, you need to do something now. Your Cousin just betrayed the Empire, a man you so fervently brought here. The Warborn will use this against you.”

*Cody pauses and the Crowd starts murmuring amongst themselves*

Spectator 3: “A Hero brought here betrayed us. We had trusted them and now it seems to have bit us back for being so careless.”

Spectator 4: “First Cody’s unworth then we had made a gamble with Ashley and Matt, now this one seeks our destruction.”

Spectator 5: “What if Ashley and Matt are spies!?”

*Cody begins to enrage at the words he’s hearing and he decides to speak*

Cody: (Loudly and Clearly) “Alltra! Look what their corruption has done!”

*The crowd begins to quiet down*

Cody: “My own flesh and blood, my cousin! Made traitor by the evils of Alltra. We went there to save him but it was too late. Corrupted by an Alltrian sword, corrupted by their abusive bounty, corrupted by their existence. In mere seconds I lost a man who was once kin!”

*The Crowd has become silent but now the Warborn whisper to each other*

Arabelleck: “What is he doing?”

Tortta: “I…. I…. Do not know.”

Cody: “I am not the only one who has fallen victim to Alltra’s scourge! Nay! I am but one of many! How many of you have lost loved ones, family, and friends to the raids of Moor Velok, Valkor, and Menscis before my arrival!?”

*The Crowd begins to nod and murmur in agreement*

Cody: “The Alltrians want a war and they openly wage it against us, yet what does your nobility, your Emperor do? They wait and wait and let countless others die all in the name of peace? Blasphemy! Even the Gods themselves train the Dreadlord and myself to be Hero killers so we can fight the biggest threats to you, yet we stand idly by and do nothing as Rebellion grips the North, Bandit raids ravage the South and the Alltrians to the East plot against us! The Gods do not and will not approve of this but it seems the will of one man outweighs your Gods, your creators!”

*Cody starts to signal with his hands and move around a bit more during his speech as the Crowd grows louder and louder with agreement*

Forneyus: “Not since you first set foot on the throne has anyone dared to challenge your rule! We should have killed that wretch when we had the chance, your majesty, do something!”

*Emperor Artorious looks directly at Cody, shocked, before turning to the Dreadlord who becomes very invested in the spectacle*

Spectator 1: “I lost my mother at Velok!”

Spectator 10: And my Brothers and Sisters at Valkor who were set ablaze and raped!”

Spectator 8: “So much for the Holy in Holy Kingdom!”

Spectator 9: “Why has the Emperor not done anything to avenge our people?!”

Cody: “I will tell you why! Because he cares not for his people but for what you offer! He sent me to liberate Valkor of Alltrian control, not to save the people, not the protect what was left, but merely to rout the invaders who illegitimately invaded us! All for what? To save the Manor of some Noble who wanted his land back?!”

Innipti: “He… He is twisting your words!”

Spectator 7: “Artorious was born from Atmora, he is part God how could he do this?!”

Cody: “So are all of you! We are all born from the Gods. They choose who we are to be before birth! Emperor Artorious is no different from the rest of you! We are all the Gods holy children, yet he uses that title to rule over you without responsibility as he hunts, eats and drinks, and even baths while Alltra contests our borders, our people, our very lives!”

*The Crowd begins to thrash around violently in applause and anger*

Tortta: “We need the Guards now! Get them down there!”

*Guards from the castle begin to rush to the square*

Cody: “Look now as even now the Warborn and your beloved Emperor seek to silence truth and justice for crimes committed by the vile Alltra!”

*Members of the crowd brandish their weapons and intercept the Guards and fighting ensues in the streets with many of the spectators shouting for retribution*

Cody: “Your Nobility has betrayed you! Your neighbors seek to destroy you, your allies have abandoned you! But I have not, I swore an oath to the Empire, to protect you and you alone! I will not forsake you; I will not abandon you! I will never let my bonds break from my purpose to you! The time for change is now! It is time we sent a clear message to the Emperor! We will not be ignored, we will not be denied, we will have our vengeance and we will save all of Tibrum from Alltra!”

*The crowd begins to chant in Drachashian ‘Hailes Alt’ meaning ‘all hail’*

Cody: “The Empire of Drakla was formed from the most righteous and loyal of the Kingdom of the One! To create a more perfect and holy world and yet you were willing to share it with those demons in the East! Where did they come from, who did they serve?! They served themselves because they were the filth who hid themselves away instead of fighting the First Heretics! Their whole nation is a nation of power hungry, privileged, and corrupt lords of evil! This is self-evident just as Drakla’ s birthright is self-evident! Our birthright to rule over all of Tibrum and bring an age of peace, order and unity!”

*The crowd thunders with applause and grunts of conflict*

Cody: “Why do we speak their language? Follow their customs? Your rich and beautiful culture is that of the Gods and is destined to reach to every edge of this continent!”

*The crowd now in full on civil unrest with guards but still with thousands avowedly listening to Cody’s speak, they now sing an old Drachashian military song in their language*

Crowd: “Sienen od Melt! Sienen mine Pater, Sienen mine Getar, Sienen mine loomen vous od Gots! Vor des Lant isd mine unt mine alnec! (See the world, see my father, see my mother, see my purposes, to serve the Gods, for this land is mine and mine alone!)

Cody: “Rise up Imperials! Rise up! For this land is yours and it is time to take…it…. back!”

*The crowd roars with applause*

Cody: (In Drackesh) “Unde mi, Ei wil gibst od lant tu becken als (Under me, I will give your land back to you all)”

Cody: “Unde mi, Ei will tecke ellten vodden du tecken becken tu! (Under me, I will take back everything that was stolen from you!)”

Cody: “Unde mi! Ei will conectur Tibrum unt remoden dies lant turres non alnec! (Under me I will make this land yours and remove all who are not!)”

*The crowd bellows at the top of their lungs ‘Hailes Alt!’ as Couriers and Criers begin writing down as much as they can remember and begin to make way for other Imperial towns and cities across the nation*

Dreadlord: “Simply magnificent.”

*The Warborn look terrified at the Dreadlord’ s reaction, the Emperor merely retreats to his chambers ushering the Dreadlord in*

Tortta: “Are you going to see the Emperor?”

Dreadlord: “I am, I am indeed.”

*The Dreadlord lets out a small cackle before joining the Emperor in his quarters and sits himself down in one of the luxuriously tailored chairs*

The Emperor’s personal quarters are located in room just behind his throne, it connects to the war room, throne room, the main hall, and a secret exit. The room is larger than Cody’s, much larger, making up a portion of the back end of the castle. The room is filled with many luxury items collected over the many generations. From the Throne Room entrance you are first faced with a large wooden, gold trimmed communal table and then a huge bed fit for at least 6, the walls are laced both with scones for light and different flags that Drakla has had over the years, the left most and right most walls are covered in golden trophy cases with many luxurious trophies acquired over the years, a large black and red circular carpet is beneath the communal table and covers most of the immediate room space on the floor. There are dressers, tables, and footlockers of various kinds for storage of course. The Emperor is waiting at the head of the communal table, sitting in a smaller version of his throne.

Emperor Artorious: (Fuming) “WHAT IN THE NAME OF THE GOOD GODS IS GOING ON!?”

Dreadlord: “I beg your pardon?”

Emperor Artorious: (Sarcastically and Angrily) “Do not insult me, Master Dreadlord! Why is there a coup happening IN MY OWN CITY!?”

Dreadlord: “It seems that Lord Cody is making the most of a bad situation, and quite superbly if I do say so myself.”

Emperor Artorious: (Baffled) “Making the most? … I should have the two of you hanged! You promised me you would keep him under control, you promised me that would instill enough fear into Alltra that war would never come, YOU PROMISED ME THAT WE WOULD ADVERT THIS PROPHECY!”

Dreadlord: “For your first question, he is very much in control. If he was not, he would not be talking right now. And yes, I promised to stop war through fear but ever since Kai’s arrival the Alltrians have grown bold and with now two more under their ranks.

*The Dreadlord pauses*

Dreadlord: “It seems inevitable now.”

*The Emperor merely looks at him with contempt*

Dreadlord: “Now it seems that only one path to stop this catastrophe is clear… We must unite Tibrum under our flag and bolster our ranks for when catastrophe arrivals, so we may fend it off.”

Emperor Artorious: “You agree with him?!”

Dreadlord: “How could I not?”

*The Emperor pauses for a moment before opening up a compartment underneath his bed and bringing out two drinks*

Emperor Artorious: “Soda?”

*The Emperor hands over the carbonated sweet water soda to the Dreadlord who puts a magical ward over the door and takes off his helmet and summons his hood from his cape of darkness and begins to drink*

Emperor Artorious: “It is because you do not know the history behind us.”

Dreadlord: “You cannot change the will of the many.”

Emperor Artorious: “Perhaps not but perhaps you could change public opinion.”

Dreadlord: “With?”

Emperor Artorious: “The Second Dreadlord’ s failure.”

Dreadlord: “I am intrigued.”

Emperor Artorious: “After the formation of the Empire of Drakla the First Dreadlord became Emperor, but after his death, his son took up the mantle as Dreadlord. He was known as the Great Crusader. He waged wars against tribes, bandits, sub humans, heretics, and monsters, he wished to expand Drakla across all of New Tibrum. He exterminated or enslaved all that crossed his path. He was nearly successful in removing the last traces of the Heretics that routed the Kingdom of the One as well, but he bit off more than he could chew. For one day he ran into a new Kingdom, Alltra. A magical and bountiful land filled to the brim with Mages of unimaginable power, and Three Gods who ruled over a High King. The Great Crusader met his match during the battle of Adria, the city named after their High King Adrian, where High King Adrian killed the Second Dreadlord with his blade, The Peacemaker. It was then with the peace agreement that the Eastern half of Tibrum would be ruled under Alltra, while the West would belong to Drakla. It was here that pact of peace and understanding was made, but as the generations past, the hate grew.”

Dreadlord: “Most interesting.”

Emperor Artorious: “It was not until my father that we would finally seek to reconcile the past with Alltra but that lead to his death and my ascension and since then I promised to avoid war at all costs and give Drakla a golden age of peace and prosperity so that we could ever prevent another Great Crusade from ravaging Tibrum and tarnishing our name.”

Dreadlord: “You are a venerable yet weak man, Artorious.”

Emperor Artorious: (Taken aback) “Excuse me?!”

Dreadlord: “Alltra completely abhors Drakla and the Drachashian people but since war is a very cultured process here, they have resorted to illegitimate war through plausible deniability. This is not a growing conflict; this has and always has been a war and now more than ever Drakla must unite and face an enemy that threatens the stability of the world. If we do nothing, we will be destroyed for they want to exterminate us all. We have gone from being the aggressors to being the defenders, this is the cruel cyclical nature of even your world and it must be embraced if you are to protect your people. It is simply too late for peace but it is not too late to fight for peace.”

Emperor Artorious: “Not yet. There is still a chance for peace I can feel it. I can feel it!”

Dreadlord: “I dread in your name, my emperor.”

Emperor Artorious: “For whatever reason?”

Dreadlord: “I know Cody too well; he will get his way. One way or another.”

*The Dreadlord chugs the remains of his soda before magically equipping his helmet and leaving the room with parting words*

Dreadlord: “I am preparing for war and so should you. If you need counsel. I will be speaking with the Gods.”

*Emperor Artorious goes towards his secret exit and makes for his gardens*

Emperor Artorious: Drella, my dear old friend. We can still fix this. Just. I need you to talk to me!

-At the Temple of the Three-

Dreadlord: “My Lords Above! I beseech you! Come unto me, your loyal and absolute servant and give unto me guidance!”

*From a dark portal from bellow their respective pedestals the Three Dragon Gods emerge*

Atmora: “So the Dreadlord comes.”

Lorvek: “He comes for guidance.”

Tallsen: “For mortality is blindness.”

Dreadlord: “Yes my Gods! I seek to know the path of time.”

Atmora: What a most interesting question to ask, Dreadlord.”

Lorvek: “Was it not the Crown you sought knowledge for?”

Tallsen: “Now he beseeches for his destiny.”

Dreadlord: “What must I do to earn this knowledge of both?”

Tallsen: “You already have.”

Atmora: “The timelines that are being affected were slowly but surely pointing towards an absolute end. Now, however, something has happened that has sped forward destiny at unprecedented speed towards a more … visible timeline.”

Dreadlord: “How so?”

Atmora: “With Cody’s rallying cry he has defied many paths of destiny that were once foreseen and now closer and closer we inch towards seeing the truth of this world.”

Dreadlord: “He was not meant to?”

Tallsen: “No and as a result we have deduced that we are in one of a potential thousands of timelines that may become true here.”

Dreadlord: “Thousands?!”

Lorvek: “Down from trillions.”

Dreadlord: “What am I to do?”

Tallsen: “Prepare.”

Dreadlord: “How? Please, your excellences!”

Atmora: “The Crown!”

Tallsen: “The Ten Rings.”

Dreadlord: “What?”

Lorvek: “When we created the Crown for the King of the One. We created it because we foresaw the Collapse! We created it to protect Aragoth from total collapse but in the end, it fueled the powers we sought to destroy. We drained the power from it and created rings to hold it in case the Crown was ever needed again.”

Atmora: “Grima, our father. Mallana, our mother, myself and my brothers and sisters, as well as the Originator took a ring each save for the Originator who took two and gifted them amongst Humans who would watch over them for generations unknowing of their true power.”

Dreadlord: “Where do these rings hide?”

*The Gods look at each other*

Lorvek: “This is where things get complicated.”

Tallsen: “Emperor Artorious holds the Ring of Order, King Drella holds the Ring of Luxury, Vassal King Cardel holds the Ring of Prowess, Traitor Queen Shelba holds the Ring of Fertility, A merchant by the name of Orbard currently has the Ring of Honor, The Ring of Glory is said to be housed within the Grave of the First Dreadlord, and the Ring of Corruption is held captive under a strong ward where our Father, Grima, resides.”

Dreadlord: “That makes seven. You said ten!”

Lorvek: “We know not where our sisters and brother hid the Rings, they had responsibility of holding onto.”

Dreadlord: “What am I to do with seven of ten rings?!”

Atmora: “We sincerely doubt you would ever be able to get your hands on the Ring of Glory or Corruption even with our help so in reality you could only claim five of ten.”

Dreadlord: “Then what use telling me how to restore the Crown?”

Atmora: “They can partially restore the Crown as it holds a portion of our powers!”

Dreadlord: “Will it be enough?”

Tallsen: “What is a portion of infinite?”

*The Dreadlord quickly turns to face the Gods before devolving into hysterical laughter*

Dreadlord: “I do not need all of the Rings, but merely enough to restore the Crown and bear the Gods power and destroy Alltra for good and all!”

Atmora: “Now go! You have your purpose and we have ours!”

Dreadlord: “Where should I start?”

Lorvek: “Inform the Emperor.”

Tallsen: “His ring is more than an heirloom!”

*The Dreadlord makes his way out of the temple*

Tallsen: “Should we inform him?”

Atmora: “In time.”

Lorvek: “If he truly gives power returned to the Crown. He will need to know.”

-Inside a dark Cathedral-

*A messenger walks in*

Messenger: “High Confessor Ondolamar!”

High Confessor Ondolamar: “Yes?”

Messenger: “We may have the perfect opportunity that we have been waiting for!”

High Confessor Ondolamar: “What is in the happenings?”

Messenger: “Social uprising against the Emperor’s rule, the people seek change and vengeance against Alltra. They are being spearheaded by Cody, one of the Heroes.”

High Confessor Ondolamar: “This is perfect indeed. The time for the Gods will to rule again is neigh. I think I would like to speak to Cody… Personally.”

Messenger: “Yes, your holiness.”

-Inside Castle Alltor-

*King Drella sits upon his throne as the Sage of the One and Cameron walk in*

Sage of the One: “My Lord, I brought a most excellent treat for your eyes to bear.”

King Drella: “The Hero!?”

Sage of Hero: “He is willing to serve us, if the price is right.”

King Drella: “Oh?”

*Cameron smiles before bowing*


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