Chapter 3: Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men Chapter 3

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men

This is my own fictional story made solely by me and my fantasies all likeness to real life people have given unto me their permission to be used and this story will take inspiration from but never exactly parody any real life book, movies, etc. all of it is my own makings




Chapter 3: An Imperial Invitation

*Cody stands next to Emperor Artorious, Princess Lelorra, Prince Torran, and 14 Imperial Guard 4 of which are The Emperor’s Dragon Guard*

Emperor Artorious: “Now then. I have some things I need to prepare. Lelorra, Torran if you would please take out guest Cody here on a tour of the castle and the city.”

Torran: “Of course Lord Father, it would be my pleasure.”

Lelorra: “Come quickly Cody, we still have much to discuss and we can do so during the tour.”

Cody: “That sounds rather nice actually. Please lead the way you two.”

*Cody, Lelorra, and Torran walk out the room towards the city and the Emperor walks to a large ballroom*

Emperor Artorious: (Speaking to servants) “Tinley, prepare the empty quarters for our new champion. Mina, Fella I need you two to get our best interior designers on those quarters immediately. Fowler I need you to come with me to the armory for something.”

*Out on the streets of the Imperial Capital City, soldiers are marching around the streets and the people are going about their days*

Imperial 1: “Did you hear? The Empire finally has a Chosen Hero that the prophecy spoke of.”

Imperial 2: “Truly? Then the war is nearing its peak. Will we finally see peace once more?”

*Cody, Lelorra, and Torran enter the market district*

Torran: “Now, Lelorra let us not go too out of sorts with the shopping today.”

Lelorra: “Oh Brother, please. We need to get Cody clothes, and … well other things, but I would not mind getting myself something from our jeweler.”

Cody: (looking around) I suppose women are the same no matter what world you are in “Prince Torran, you speak rather similarly to my people despite being in an era we from my world would call Medieval and we speak the same tongue.”

Torran: “Aye, that was a welcome surprise that you spoke All like us, but we do speak Drakesh as well, and do tell me what the medieval era like is from your world.”

Cody: “All?”

Torran: “Yes, there are two primary languages of Drakla, All and Drakesh. You speak the language of the Alltrians, All. However many Imperials speak it for its simplicity but since the war began again people have been…forgetting it out of hate for the Alltrians.”

Cody: “Oh, and about the medieval era. It was a time in mankind’s history where knights of yore fought with swords and shield against beasts and other knights for glory and chivalry however despite your society mirroring that era in my world’s history, you all are much more refined in the technology aspect. I mean I thought I saw a stove in that bakery we passed and that is a modern commodity of my time and people.”

Torran: “Most interesting. There is much I still wish to learn from you, but the tour begins now.”

Lelorra: “Brother, you seek knowledge far too fast I would like to speak to Cody as well.”

Torran: “You will plenty of time…after the tour.”

Lelorra: “Ugh.”

Cody: “So…”

Torran: “This is the market district, the central square and shopping central of Draklor.”

Cody: “I guess it is starting.”

*The group visits many places around the Empire’s capital first of which is a clothing stand*

Lelorra: “Torran! Clothing stand! Now!”

Torran: “I do suppose we need to get Cody out of his Medical Gown.”

*The group enters the large stand*

The stand is outside but it extends into a large building that houses all the clothing. The interior is a vibrant red with black carpets on the floor there are shelves and cabinets all around the room with different clothing attire hung on or put in them.

*An Imperial Loggel walk up*

Imperial Loggel: “Your majesties it’s an honor to have you both in my store. Of how may I be of service?”

Cody: “By the holy Nine he has bunny ears!”

Lelorra: “Do you not have Loggel in your world, Cody?”

Cody: “If you mean half bunny people? Then no.  Humanity is the only sentient race on my world!”

Torran: “Most intriguing.”

Imperial Loggel: “Another world? Is this the Chosen Hero the criers have been speaking of your excellences?”

Lelorra: “Yes, this most certainly is.”

Imperial Loggel: “Then please good sire, ignore my race, and only see me as a humble store clerk to you and nothing more.”

Cody: “Uh…”

Lelorra: “We need clothing for Cody.”

Imperial Loggel: “Hmm, I was wondering why he was parading around in a medical gown. Please come let us see what fit you milord.”

*Lelorra pushes Cody into the dressing rooms while Torran takes out a tome and begins reading it*

Cody is now wearing a deep red tunic that has black on the arms, leggings that are black as well with silver boots

Imperial Loggel: “What do you think? It is a rather exquisite and expensive piece”

Lelorra: “No. I think he honestly looks better in longer clothing.”

Imperial Loggel: “A men’s dress then?”

Lelorra: (gasping) “Yes!”

*Cody has a confused look on his face*

Cody is now wearing a long black dress with golden trimmings and a light red fastening belt with a light red under suit that is visible from his neck, ankles, and wrists. Professionally embroidered as it has The Imperial Crest on the left and right of the chest and many exquisite golden designs made all along the dress and a light white fur on the inside of the dress.

Lelorra: “He looks perfect!”

Torran: “Are we done yet!?”

Lelorra: (To Torran) “Yes brother. We are.” (To the Store Clerk) “We will take it.”

Imperial Loggel: “Thank you for your hospitality your majesty.”

Cody is looking into a mirror with deep thought in his eyes clearing enjoying what he is wearing he has his left hand on his heart and his right at his sides and he is smiling.

Lelorra: “Cody you look beautif… I mean handsome.”

Cody: “Please say it. Call me beautiful it actually makes me feel…nice.”

Lelorra: (with a smile) “Then, you look beautiful Cody, a dress suits you.”

Cody: “I feel rich wearing this.”

Torran: “NOW!”

*Cody and Lelorra quickly rush out of the store to the prince waiting outside*

Cody: “Sorry Prince Torran.”

*The group continues their tour through many districts of the Imperial city and chat*

Cody: “So? Why are you at war with Alltra?”

*Torran stops walking*

Torran: (with noticeable rage in his face) “Because Alltra, unprovoked, attacked a small Imperial town and burnt it to ash and slaughtered the townspeople!”

*Cody is physically taken aback*

Torran: “My apologies for that outburst that was very unbefitting of me.”

Lelorra: “Brother do you need…”

Torran: (cuts her off) “No, he needs to know. Alltra is a very beautiful and vibrant land that is teaming with life and bounty. Every inch of their land is fertile and can grow crops while their cities are practically made entirely of precious materials provided to them by their gods and their people are some of the most magically adept in the world, but that has made them self-righteous. They believe that it is Alltrian birthright to rule every inch of Aragoth. After countless years of waiting Alltra has started their conquest once more and…we don’t know what caused them to do it now of all times.”

Cody: “War never changes.”

*Cody and Torran continue to exchange history lessons and every now and then Lelorra would spot some ‘girly’ thing to do with Cody in place of her brother, almost every time they leave a building a crowd of people would gather around to see Cody and the two scions of the Emperor*

Cody: (shocked) “Wait you’re telling me Artorious has ruled for 130 years? How old is he?”

Torran: “Our father is 176 years of age.”

Cody: “He looks like he is in his middle 40’s to me.”

Torran: “It seems time and age is very different here. Have you by chance felt the world going slower to you?”

Cody: “Actually now that mention it, yes it has.”

*Torran is thinking*

Torran: “From what you told me about your people. I would say if you now follow the rules of our world, you will live… Four times as long.”

Cody: “Oh please be true!”

*The group continues around meeting new people and learning all about the culture throughout the tour*

Cody: “The sun it hasn’t moved in the hours we have been out. Does it not set here?”

Torran: “Very perceptive of you Cody. Indeed, in Drakla we have a saying ‘the sun never sets and the moon never rises’ … sounds better in Drakesh. Dormir naar boor, Morgen viir nacht.”

Lelorra: “I think it is time we head back to Castle Draklor now?”

Torran: (To Lelorra) “I do believe it is as well. (To Cody) Come let us make haste.”

*The group heads back to the Castle and once there they enter the Emperor’s Throne*

*Emperor Artorious and Dragon Guard are awaiting their arrival*

Emperor Artorious: “I trust everything went as planned.”

Torran: “Of course Lord Father, other than the thousands of fans who wanted to meet the new Chosen Hero it went smoothly.”

Emperor Artorious: (jovially) “Look at you Cody a few days in the Empire and you are already known by everyone.”

Cody: “Thank you, your grace. It felt good to have people look at me with happy smiles for once.”

*Lelorra looks at Cody in concern at his comment*

Emperor Artorious: “Now then to your quarters Cody.”

Cody: “What now? … Your Excellency?”

Emperor Artorious: “Your quarters.”

*Cody, the Emperor, Torran and Lelorra* walk down a set of corridors before reaching a room with a large plain red door*

Emperor Artorious: “While it is not completely finished we had out top architects and interior designers work on the inside of your room. We hope that you can customize your door with your own unique crest and design in time. You merely need ask, but come let us show you the interior.”

*The group steps inside the room*

Cody: *gasps* “Woah!”

The single room is about the size of an above average American household that has all the things a house would have a kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom, living room, office and dining room. To the left of the entrance is a large King-sized bed equipped with drapery around it for privacy, the bed has drapery that is embroidered with the most elaborate designs possible flowing with elegance and regal nature. Next to the bed on each side is a nightstand with 4 drawers for storing objects, they are made from a dark wood that seems to have gold carved into them for decoration and a rich looking lantern is atop each nightstand lighting the surrounding area. Some few feet from each of the night stands are 2 large dressers for clothes and the sorts, designed similarly to the nightstands but are made with red designs instead of gold ones. There are 2 to 4 Imperial flags hung onto each wall of the room, they are red with the black Imperial Crest on them and along the ceiling are exquisite glass chandeliers with many ornate candles lighting the rest of the room. To the far right is a large table able to easily fit 20 people if so desired with great light wood carved chairs covered in elegant and soft silk and comfortable black fur, the table itself is made of wood but a large cloth is set across the whole table, made like a tapestry, it is white with red sigils running along it and a couple of golden candle stands with candles lit inside them. To the left of the table is a furnace, next to it something that functions like a fridge or freezer. There is a side section far away to the right of the dining table that has a large desk with parchment, candles and ink obviously for studying, reading, or writing the desk is made out of the same dark wood that the nightstands are made out of but it merely has carvings on it for design and some ways away from there is a large board covering a portion of the far right corner of the room which is told to be where you would change and use the restroom respectively and beyond that to the left is a magical spring imbued by the Imperial Mages where one can wash themselves off and the remainders of the room is covered in shelves, other armor and weapon stands and a few dummies for training the floor is covered in large black and red rugs that bear the Imperial Crest as well. Overall the room is above all expectations as it even has room for customization on Cody’s part should he wishes it and nothing is cluttered and cramped.

Cody: “This is for me!”

Emperor Artorious: “Yes it is. I am sorry though as I must ask something very serious of you.”

Cody: (confused) “Yes? Milord.”

Emperor Artorious: “You are a Chosen Hero that is certain. Will you fight for the Empire of Drakla? Will you fight for peace, order, and strength? Will you help us end a scourge?”

*Cody stands silently for a few moments Princess Lelorra and Prince Torran are looking at him with baited breath on their lips*

Emperor Artorious: “I know you told me from where you come from you are the equivalent of a peasant and that you have never fought a day in your life, but I must plead for your help Champion. We need you and we will help along the way realize your true potential and worth.”

*Those words seem to spark a fire in Cody*

Cody: “Every bone in my body is telling me to say no, but there is a feeling even stronger telling me that I can do it! I will fight for Drakla; I will be the Chosen Hero you know I can be!”

*The Emperor smiles at the response as his guards all stand at attention throw their right fists into the air in a sort of roman salute but with closed fists and start chanting*

Imperial Dragon Guards: “Hail to the Hero, Hail to Emperor, Hail to the Empire!”

*The Guards begins bashing their weapons onto their armor as they chant*

Emperor Artorious: “Welcome to the Imperial Legion Cody. Thank you.”

Torran and Lelorra: “Congratulations!”

Lelorra: (happily) “Yay!”

Torran: (calmly) “Welcome aboard.”

*Cody begins to smile as the fires of determination burn in his eyes*


Submitted: January 16, 2019

© Copyright 2020 12345Megas. All rights reserved.


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