Chapter 30: Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men Chapter 30

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men

This is my own fictional story made solely by me and my fantasies all likeness to real life people have given unto me their permission to be used and this story will take inspiration from but never exactly parody any real life, book, movies, etc. all of it is my own makings




Chapter 30: Purging Weakness

-Inside the Throne Room of Castle Alltor-

King Drella: “So? Have you become acquainted with at least common knowledge of this world?”

Cameron: “Yeah, it is only a bit different than mine. Just those differences are big when they are there.”

King Drella: “It will become the norm soon enough. Please indulge in anything. I will return shortly I have business to attend to.”

*Maids bring out a tray filled with many snacks and drinks and they lay them on the table*

Cameron: I could get used to this!

-An hour pass-

*King Drella enters with Kai, Daniel and a merchant carrying three bags*

King Drella: Everyone sit. It is time to distribute wealth!”

Kai: “What?”

*They all sit*

King Drella: “I have neglected something incredible and I know you have been thinking on it. Your pay.”

*The merchant hands Kai a 12-ounce bag of gold pieces, Daniel a 10-ounce bag and Cameron a 4-ounce bag*

King Drella: “Golden pieces are the second most expensive currency we have. You each have earned as much as you are worth. Kai you get 12 ounces for your extended service, Daniel 10 for the same results though somewhat smaller service and Cameron for your arrival.”

*The merchant leaves and the three boys look at each other with huge smiles on their faces*

King Drella: “You can expect this and more for continued service to Alltra and its Holy Kingdom.”

Kai: “Count me in.”

Daniel: “Me too!”

Cameron: “For just coming here?!”

King Drella: “I reward proper for those of higher positions and there is no higher job than serving under me in the Mage Corps.”

Cameron: “You can count me in, its nothing but manual labor and I am used to that.”

King Drella: “Good, good.”

Kai: “Not to mention our weapons give us enhanced physical ability.”

Daniel: “And the skill of every previous user.”

King Drella: “Now to business.”

*King Drella gestures to his Royal Guards who close all doors and lock them*

King Drella: “Everyone has a price and the price of my nobleman has gotten lower and lower.”

Kai: “What do you mean?”

King Drella: “Since the growing conflict with Drakla our economy has been in a steady climb however instead of bolstering our military my nobleman, including my inner court, have been profiteering from it. Taxing their servants more since they are working more, and paying off people of high standing who want to or want their children to join the Mages Corps. It is a corruption I can not have. What good will the luxury of our new and even more flourishing economy be if its all in the hands of Drakla?”

*Drella lays his hands on the table and Kai looks at a ring that is larger than the others*

Kai: I can feel power… Power coming from that ring. The one on his index finger.

The ring is silver with a golden trim. It has a large gleaming sapphire in the middle of it shaped like a star with 8 edges that radiates with untold magical power, but the power feels like it is hiding itself.

Cameron: “What would you have us do then?”

*13 Men dressed in all black cloaks fall down from the ceiling and surround the Heroes but quickly stand in attention*

King Drella: “First of all I will begin a mass military recruitment program for every city in my Kingdom and start hosting celebrations and events for the people and Lords. You all will have the task of fighting alongside my Dark Psion in rooting out the corruption in my Kingdom. You will be tasked with finding out and removing all Nobleman and vocal out criers of this campaign and help bring unity to my people so we can face down the Imperial threat with no issues on the Homefront. You all will be paid quite handsomely for this as well.”

At the mention of incredible coin, Daniel, Kai, and Cameron’s moral compass shrinks as they agree to the job and accept the mission to become political assassins, blinded by the money they are unknowingly contributing to the corruption of Alltra.

Dark Psion Captain: “My Heroes, we all look forward to working with you.”

*The Dark Psion Captain puts his hands on Cameron’s head and reveals the location of their secret base, underground and behind Castle Alltor*

Dark Psion Captain: “We will see you soon.”

*With that the Dark Psion vanish into thin air*

Daniel: I thought I sensed something, I guess I need to work on my skills some more.

King Drella: “Your job will shape the future of Alltra! Without you we will fall, but so long as you serve to the best of your abilities, we will bring luxury and peace to all of Tibrum and Aragoth!”

*King Drella grabs a reddish drink from the platter and drinks to the occasion*

King Drella: “Glory to Alltra and all her people!”

Kai, Daniel, and Cameron: “Glory to Alltra!”

*The three grabs drink their own and have a toast before celebrating*

King Drella: “Now back to business. I need you, Cameron, to go to the Grave of Kings and enter the largest chamber. The Gods wish to speak with you.”

*Cameron chokes on his drink in surprise before recollected himself and swallowing his drink*

Cameron: (Surprised) “Gods?!”

King Drella: “Yes, all my policies, all my laws are created because the Gods told me to make them! They are large Greater Dragons who have lived since before the world existed.”

Kai: All your laws are because of them? Was Vietegen right? Are you nothing more than a puppet? Did you truly care for the people of the Slums once upon a time?

Cameron: “And they want to see me?”

King Drella: “Yes they do.”

*Drella gives Cameron a map to the Graves and sends him on his way*

King Drella: “Make haste. The Gods do no appreciate waiting.”

Cameron: “Yes, your majesty.”

*Cameron picks up his coin before rushing out*

King Drella: “Now you two boys. Head to the Dark Psion headquarters immediately.”

Kai and Daniel: “Okay your Majesty!”

*The two boys leave the room*

King Drella opens up his right hand and a figure appears, made of magic, from his palm as he begins to speak with it. The room becomes darker and colder even as the servants reopen the doors and the Guards reenter.

Mysterious Figure: “Yes my Lord?”

King Drella: “How go the experiments?”

Mysterious Figure: “Better than expected but results are still very unfavorable.”

King Drella: “Remember your promise and I will remember mine!”

Mysterious Figure: “I know, my King, but what you are asking for is beyond Human comprehension. It will take time if it is even possible at all.”

King Drella: “Magic is unlimited! Magic is the lack of logic and furthering of the unknown and impossible! I will have them back! I will have what’s rightfully mine again!”

Mysterious Figure: “Of course your Lordship and do not forget what you promised me.”

King Drella: “My promise will become reality when you accomplish your goal.”

*King Drella closes his hand and the figure disappears*

King Drella: “Get me another drink!”

-outside the entrance to the underground Temple-

Cameron: “This is the spot. I think.”

*Cameron enters the underground temple and is stricken with shock as three Dragons stand before him*

Gwendolyn: “So the Third arrives, as per Mother’s plan.”

Corrmin: “Wielder of Peacemaker, hark to our call! You are the only one who can challenge the Dreadlord! You are the only one who can best the Heroes of the vile Empire of Drakla.”

Lelannia: “Tell us, how does it feel to hold such immense power. Power near comparable to Gods?”

Cameron: (Stuttering) “…I…”

Corrmin: “Heavens forbid, he is a blabbering fool as well!”

Gwendolyn: “Dear brother please. Who would not be stricken mute at the sight of our perfection and beauty?”

Corrmin: “Very true, dear sister.”

Cameron: “Who are you?”

Corrmin: “I am Corrmin!”

Lelannia: “I am Lelannia”

Gwendolyn: “I am Gwendolyn.”

The Three Gods: “We rule over the lands of Alltra and all who reside in them!”

Cameron: “What is it that you want from me then?”

Corrmin: “Straight to the point. I like this one.”

Gwendolyn: “We need to empower your weapon once more.”

Cameron: “What?”

The Three gods charge up their power from inside of their mouths and shoot it out at Cameron who ducks for cover, the sword merely flies off of his hip and goes towards the Godly fire and is consumed by it. In only a few second the fire is gone and the sword looks the same. Cameron slowly walks up to it and the Gods gesture for him to pick it up. He does so and he is given a vision. A Dragon arising from the ground and then the world lighting up from darkness, money, jewels, and luxurious trinkets fall from the sky as people parade and celebrate. It shows the Imperial Capital of Draklor in ruins and on top of it a new Golden City. The vision slowly fades telling Cameron one name that almost switches as it speaks ‘mala…mold….dulga…… Mallana.’ Cameron awakens from the vision covered from the neck down in armor, his armor is silver with blue trimmings and silver embossing. It is a very form fitting suit that moves with his every movement perfectly. He has a cloth of gold and red that connects to his gorget and comes down his back and front until just beneath his knees. The Armor of Salvation, it speaks to Cameron. To a degree it reminds him of his old basketball and football uniforms. Cameron quickly stands up and faces the Gods. He still stands at his usual height which is six foot four.

Cameron: “Is that my destiny? Luxurious salvation?”

*The Three Gods don devious smiles at Cameron’s words*

Corrmin: “Yes! But only if you are willing to fight for it!”

Gwendolyn: “To take that destiny with your own hands!”

Lelannia: “You must fight for us to make it reality!”

Cameron: “Then call me your loyal servant….”

*Cameron bows*

Cameron: “My Gods!”

*The Three Gods burst into maniacal laughter and smile, smiles unlike anything seen before*


Submitted: September 18, 2019

© Copyright 2020 12345Megas. All rights reserved.


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