Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

As tensions quickly rises in Drakla, Cody makes a move that will set in stone the future of the Empire, and with as much haste, the Dreadlord takes the Royal Children and Heroes to see first hand
what his friend has in store. For better or for worse, Drakla is changing.

Chapter 32 (v.1) - Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men Chapter 32

Submitted: March 25, 2020

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Submitted: March 25, 2020




Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men

This is my own fictional story made solely by me and my fantasies all likeness to real life people have given unto me their permission to be used and this story will take inspiration from but never exactly parody any real life, book, movies, etc. all of it is my own makings




Chapter 32: The Rise of the One Million Year Empire Part 1

-Days prior Inside Castle Draklor-

*The Dreadlord walks into the Emperor’s throne room*

Emperor Artorious: “What do you need, Dreadlord?”

Dreadlord: “That ring, the ornate one, with the Dragon crest on it.”

*The Dreadlord points to the ring on the Emperor’s middle finger*

Emperor Artorious: “Bring it to the Crown of Thorns and let the Gods will show you truth.”

*The Emperor looks at the ring*

Emperor Artorious: “What could you possibly mean, speak.”

Dreadlord: “It is a ring meant to bring power back to the Crown in case villainy would ever rise again. It was your destiny to harbor it and protect it, but now it is time to abandon it and give it back to where it belongs, in the hands of the mighty Gods and their artifacts of power!”

*The Dreadlord walks out*

Emperor Artorious: “To the crown? Why?”

While the Dreadlord is walking outside to meet with Cody he is stopped by Torran and Lelorra. They are dressed in their casual attire and are accompanied by their guards.

Torran: “I will get straight to the point. Does he truly mean to usurp my father?”

Dreadlord: “I do not know. However, I do not believe as such. He is a loyal and proud man. He merely wishes to make things better.”

Lelorra: “I want to believe you but there are riots in the streets now, people are unhappy, and Cody is using their anger for his advantage.”

Dreadlord: “Has he made any demands?”

Lelorra: “Well no, but.”

Dreadlord: “Then come for me and see for yourself.”

Torran: “You do not command us Ubergeneral.”

Dreadlord: ‘Then I request of your lordship to accompany me.”

*The Dreadlord makes his way outside and Torran and Lelorra follow*

Many guard stations and city outposts have been closed off with the guards hunkering inside, many city gates are shut. The unrest seems to have died down a bit but the sounds of marching feet can be heard, they are following Cody to the Battlemages Guild. The Dreadlord alongside Torran, Lelorra, and their guards follow there. Once they arrive, they see that many of the people are standing outside chatting, other Criers and Couriers are writing down the grievances of the people and then making their way out of the city.

Disgruntled Citizen: “The Dreadlord is here with the Prince and Princess!”

Angry Citizen: “They come to stop us?!”

Dreadlord: “Worry not we are merely here to see Cody; I am rather in favor of his new cause!”

Skeptical Citizen: “As you say. Watch them closely however.”

*The Dreadlord and the Royal Children enter the Guild while leaving their guards behind as a sign of goodwill*

Cody is in the main chamber speaking with Grand Master Villach who is accompanied by a detachment of Battlemages, a great many people from the demonstration are inside working with the Battlemages on a number of things. The Dreadlord and company walk up to Cody

Grand Master Villach: “The High Confessor of the Templarate will be here soon, in his missive he said he is willing to support your cause.”

Cody: “This man is the only other person save the Emperor and us to have been given audience with the Gods?”

Grand Master Villach: “Yes, he is the emissary of their will and was very powerful during the reign of the previous Emperors and Empresses, but now that Artorious and especially all of the Heroes have been working on their behalf as well as the Templarate Nullification Act they had lost a lot of power in Drakla so I do not know how much they can help you.”

Dreadlord: “Working for the Templarate now Cody?”

Torran: “There is a reason why they lost power you know.”

Cody: “Ah Dreadlord, and I am surprised. Lelorra and Torran, you honor me.”

Lelorra: “Do you know why my father is doing what he is doing and why he halted the Templarate?”

Cody: “Actually I do.”

*Cody cackles*

Cody: “Your father wants peace because he is in denial, he is guilt ridden, he blames himself for the crimes of Drakla’s past, he blames himself for the death of his Sub-Father, he blames himself for the death of his people! Yet he stands alone on a throne and allows them to die because he does not wish to repeat the dark history of Drakla’s past! Now more than ever he has only gone and done the dark deed as standing by doing nothing is almost as horrible as the crime itself.”

*The High Confessor enters with four Knights Templars*

High Confessor Ondolamar: “So this is the Hero who would conqueror Drakla? I am most impressed.”

The High Confessor is adorned in black and red robes that have gold trimmings and designs on them, the symbol of his medallion looks as if the Alltrian eight-edged star was inversed, connected, and the eye in the middle was closed instead of open. His robes have a hood which he takes off to show that he is a semi older man with silver hair and yellow eyes, and pale white skin. He has a masculine face that has small traces of kindness and compassion. What his robes don’t fully cover are his hands and feet which wear silver gauntlets and boots. His Templar wear full body silver plate armor which is close fitting and slightly bulky but give them great mobility and defense, they do not wear helmets but rather have a hood connected to short black and silver robes which they wear over their armor. Their robes also have the Templarate symbol on the front and back.

Cody: “High Confessor Ondolamar I assume? It is a shame you mistake me. I do not wish to conqueror Drakla, merely to reform it with the help of my party.”

*Torran and Lelorra sigh and rest at those words while the Dreadlord perks up at them*

High Confessor Ondolamar: “Then I have no reason to fear an uprising. You seem to know me already and yet I know very little about you save your supposed treason and your accomplishments.”

Cody: “I matter little now…. Now it is time for Drakla to matter.”

*People around Cody begin smiling and cheering*

Grand Master Villach: “Please High Confessor, sit, enjoy yourself. I was in the middle of helping our esteemed Hero.”

*The High Confessor sits down in a nearby chair and his Templar continue to stand at attention next to him, The Dreadlord and the Royal Children follow suit*

Cody: “Grand Master, how far are we speaking of?”

Grand Master Villach: “We thought the three of you Heroes was going to be the last of them but we feel yet one more rift, one that teeters on the brink. It is most definitely the last one, it is still a way away, but we know it to be the end and once the final Heroes arrive. The war is likely to begin in full and if we are not ready. Alltra will make the first move.”

Torran: “Cody? What exactly is your plan?”

Cody: “I am forming a political party. The DRP or DUM, the Drachashian Reunification Party or in Drackesh, Drachasia Umbervilaet Munine. My goal is force public opinion and unrest to the point where the Emperor will have no choice but to name me the Supreme Commander of the Imperial Legions, of the Battlemages Guild, of all the military assets in Drakla so that I may wage war in his stead so he can rule as a peaceful Emperor but I will fight as the will of the people!”

Lelorra: “Wait, basically you want to sully your hands with blood so my father doesn’t have to?”

Cody: “Yes. This is my destiny now.”

Torran: (Somberly) “I am sorry Cody, I thought for a moment there you wanted to kill my father.”

*Torran takes a long knife from his sleeve and drops in on the floor*

Lelorra: (Shocked) “You were going to kill him?!”

Torran: “The Warborn told me it was what I had to do to save my father!”

Citizen 1: “They continue to halt our advance!”

*Matt and Ashley walk in right as the people start getting up in arms again*

Matt: “Woah.”

Ashley: “What is going on?”

High Confessor Ondolamar: “This is a heavy task. It will take help. I can offer you much. Soldiers, Messengers, and above all else reputation so that we may finally fulfill the Gods wish of a unified Tibrum.”

Cody: “Nothing comes cheap even here. What do you want for this?”

High Confessor Ondolamar: “Money does not concern me, but what I would like for you to grace me with your victory is a return of the Gods. I want the Tempalrate to sit by the Emperor’s side again, I want the Templarate to be his holy protectors and messengers of the Gods will again.”

Cody: “A return to grace? Deal.”

*Ashley and Matt sit down next to Cody*

Matt: “So how did you manage to upset the Noble people so much that they wont stop talking about you?”

Cody: “I am exposing their secrets and protecting their people. I am taking glory for their lack of accomplishment.”

Ashley: “I know the people here have been sneaky and distrusting to you but do you think you are doing the right thing?”

Cody: “With all my heart, I believe this is necessary and just. They may not have treated me fairly this whole way through, I have a responsibility, a duty to these people who merely want to stop their families and friends from dying to evil. I will help save them with all my might.”

Matt: “Then we are with you!”

Ashley: “Same here!”

High Confessor Ondolamar: “You have the Templarate’ s support.”

Dreadlord: “I will sway Noble opinion if I must.”

Grand Master Villach: “The Battlemages Guild was made specifically to combat the Mages of Alltra, we have long awaited this moment. We are with you.”

Crowd of Citizens: (Singing) “Drakla, oh Drakla hoff ma un. Wrist stande altes vor tu! Vor wirst tun legellen astifen nie ad admorus!” (Drakla oh Drakla we all stand for you, for we are your loyal servants and servants to no other!)

*A Battlemage approaches with a purple flag*

The large purple flag has a white circle with a white X coming from the four edges of the flag and mixing with the white circle, the circle has a black outline and so does the white X with the white X having a black bar shape going down the middle connected to the white circle’s outline and in the center of the white circle is an eagle with its wings outstretched with its talons holding a plague that says DRP. It is the new political party flag of the DRP.

Battlemage: “We used magic to reform the fabric of the flag, is this suitable Hero?”

Cody: “Not as powerful as Drakla’ s flag but it conveys a deeper meaning, The Red Flag of Drakla, the Black Flag of the Templarate and now the Purple Flag of the Drachashian Reunification Party. We shall show them the division of their culture and then reunify them under mine.”

Lelorra: “You know, the more I hear from you the more I am on board with this! You are doing this so my father does not have to and because the people want it. I always thought if I became Empress that was the way to rule. Rule by the will of the people, always their best interests at heart.”

Torran: “While I do not disagree with your cause, I do not agree with it either. A leader should be emotionless, and pragmatic. What the people want now is not always the best for them. I think logic should dictate our way of life not purely emotion like my dear sister. You have my word that I will not stop what you are doing, but truly watch yourself Cody, I do not wish for anyone especially you or my father to get hurt in this endeavor.”

Cody: “I thank you Torran. I promise I only care about Drakla and its people and that includes your father. I want to help this nation not hurt it.”

Grand Master Villach: “Consider this the first meeting of the DRP then.”

High Confessor Ondolamar: “Here, here.”

Matt and Ashley: “Yeah!”

*Cody stands up*

Cody: “People of Drakla! This is the new order I offer, a leadership that has no secrets that conducts it matters without secrecy and lets you, the people, know the moves of the government! No longer in the shadows! No longer consumed by lies and corruption!”

*The Crowd of people in the Battlemages Guild begin to cheer*

Lelorra: “Torran, inform father of what you learned here today. It seems the Warborn are relying on fear so much that they have misread the intent of Cody and his party.”

Torran: “I shall. I made the mistake of trusting them months ago, I will never do it again. Not while they are consumed with fear.”

*Torran exits the room as Cody sits back down*

Lelorra: “So what is the first order of business…. Lord?”

Cody: “I am tempted to use the title Fuhrer, it means leader in my language, but it has…. Taken a negative meaning in the modern time. I also do not wish to act like I am higher or better than the people who I am serving either.”

*Cody scratches his chin in thought*

Lelorra: “You said Fuhrer means leader? Like a guide?”

Cody: “Yes. It does.”

Lelorra: “That is a respectable title it means you guide the people not rule over them but perhaps the Drackesh way of guide?”

Cody: “Oh?”

Lelorra: “Decanus. It was used as a military title before the Knighthood’s reform a few Emperor’s ago. Now it just means a guide”

Cody: “Ashley, Matt. Perhaps some German influence on Drakla is what they need but I need to ask you, since you two being American and all, would you feel at all uneasy if I used Fuhrer as my title or would you prefer that I use Decanus.”

Matt: “You have got to be the most considerate and understanding Nazi I have…”

*Cody quickly gestures*

Cody: “No, no, no! That is not what I am. Not anymore, any way. I have risen above the Third Reich. I now live as a lord of a Theocratical, National Socialist, Meritocracy! Not a Totalitarian Autocratic Empire.”

Ashley: “There is nothing wrong with being proud of your culture and heritage, especially since I would rather have you be the Fuhrer of Germany than Hitler or Hess. You are so kind and caring and the people here would be lucky to have you helping them, so especially since you are changing the bad meaning behind it. I think its fine.”

Cody: “Then let us have both! To those who wish to speak in All I am their Fuhrer but if they prefer Drackesh I am their Decanus!”

Lelorra: “I rather like that, my Fuhrer.”

Matt: “My Fuhrer.”

Ashley: “My Fuhrer.”

Grand Master Villach: “Decanus Mei!” (Mine Guide)

High Confessor Ondolamar: “Decanus Mei!” (Mine Guide)

*The Dreadlord begins to cackle*

Dreadlord: “Mein Fuhrer.” (My Leader)

Cody: (In German) “Sieg Heil auf die Drachashian Wiedervereinigungspartei!” (Salvation to the Drachashian Reunification Party)

Lelorra: “So what is the first order of business?”

Cody: “We need to become official. I need a messenger to the Castle to inform the Emperor and Nobleman that our party is a real thing and we will be taking party in any and all political affairs from now on. We also need Tailors to create and distribute our flag across supporters in every corner of Drakla, and we will need official uniforms for members and supporters of the cause, as well as I wish for different designs of the flag to be used for different reasons. And armbands one with a design for party members, supporters, different ranking party members etc. Let all of Drakla know where our loyalty lies! To the people and people alone!”

High Confessor Ondolamar: “I can send the messenger right away. The Templarate is at your service.”

Grand Master Villach: “I can contact the Tailors and Smithy who supply the Battlemages Guild, they should quite open consider magical aptitude is scarce here. It should give them something to do.”

*Cody gets up*

Cody: “Time to inform the people of the results of our first meeting!”

*Cody exits outside*

Dreadlord: “He is all too knowing of what he is doing and it is rather intriguing to watch.”

Ashley: “What do you mean, Dreadlord?”

Dreadlord: “Duality. He believe whole heartedly in the new ideology of Drakla but at the same time he still is a fervent believer in German National Socialism and he is constantly bouncing back and forth between the two, instead of combining the two and fixing the flaws in each using what would be known as Hegelian Dialectics, he flips a switch. If he wishes to succeed, he will have to abandon German National Socialism and Drachashian Meritocracy and form something new from the ashes or he will fail.”

Matt: “What?”

Dreadlord: “Meritocracy is a valued standard as it seeks the strongest of mind and body to claim prominence and worth but leaves the weak with nothing and no chance to get better, while it incentivizes them to strive to become strong they can feel abandoned and forlorn and to quote an African proverb ‘The child who is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth.’ While German National Socialism prides itself on the true equality of a nation’s people but seeks to destroy the identities of any and all who become apart of it, similar to Rome, however it literally destroys what stands against it which allows for a singular ideology and identity that creates a strong homogenous culture but in the end it causes anything foreign to that culture to fight out against its jingoistic policies.”

Ashley and Matt: “Huh?”

Dreadlord: “Cody is using both of those isolating ideologies instead of using the good of them and destroying worst of it including the isolation. If he continues down this path he will eventually turn Drakla into a Human Supremacist Society and if any non-humans join a majority sentiment against Drakla even Alltra might stoop as low as to use them to destroy use while on the other end he is very hard nosed and cold when it comes to political policy and could likely alienate many Drachashians and compel Alltra to rally against him, making enemies of the lower and higher classes of Drakla and the entirety of Alltra faster than we need. However, on the other end he could create a completely unified and controlled Drakla that sees a common enemy and that is fueled by a righteous intent to unify the land and create Imperials of Alltrians and bring an age of prosperity, understanding, and peace, but the uncertainty is what worries me.”

Lelorra: “That is what we are here to do, help him help us.”

High Confessor Ondolamar: “High Princess, I completely agree. Let the Gods now guide us!”

Grand Master Villach: “Let us help form a better Drakla and end the evil of Alltra once and for all!”

-Meanwhile outside-

Cody: “We have come to a conclusion!”

*The crowd outside stops to listen*

Cody: “The High Confessor will be sending envoys to the Emperor and across Drakla to spread the word of our party and rally those to our cause, as well as inform the Emperor we are here and we will not be ignored! The Tailors and Smiths of the Battlemages Guild will begin to supply us with official Party uniforms and regalia! Princess Lelorra will be our Royal Correspondent and the other Heroes are in support of our cause! We will be silenced no longer! We will have vengeance, we will have justice, and most of all we will have your Empire back! An Empire that will last One Million Years and more!”

*The Crowd roars in a thunderous cry of approval*

Cody stands quickly at attention and throws his left arm out in a Roman Salute and the crowd looks at it and follows suit.

Cody: “To Salvation! Sieg Heil!”

Crowd: “Sieg Heil, Sieg Heil. Sieg Heil!”

Cody: “Oh, I am most certainly enjoying this.”


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