Chapter 4: Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men Chapter 4

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men

This is my own fictional story made solely by me and my fantasies all likeness to real life people have given unto me their permission to be used and this story will take inspiration from but never exactly parody any real life book, movies, etc. all of it is my own makings




Chapter 4: An Audience with Astrals

*Emperor Artorious puts his hand in the air signaling the soldiers to return to attention*

Emperor Artorious: “Now I have but a few more gifts to give unto you before I ask something of you once more.”

*Two maids walk in, one holding what looks to be a big stone plate and another with leather and gems of some kind*

Emperor Artorious: “These two girls here are Mina and Fella some of my best servants here at the castle.”

Mina: “It is a pleasure to meet you Master Cody.”

Fella: “It will be a distinct honor to serve you Hero.”

Cody: (while waving hello) “It is a pleasure to meet you both as well.”

*The two girls dressed in black and white fur maid outfits put the objects they are holding onto the floor at Cody’s feet before bowing their heads and stepping a few steps back*

Emperor Artorious: “That is a scale from the Grand Dragon Atmora, our patron god, she gifted that scale to me many years ago saying to give it to a Hero most deserving of its protective properties. I believe it would be best used in your possession.”

Cody: (very respectfully) “Thank you, Emperor.”

Emperor Artorious: (To Cody) “You are most welcome Cody. Now. (To Mina and Fella) young Sisters please take care of your new master.”

Mina and Fella: “We will on our lives, your excellency.”

Cody: “Wait! They serve me? Like serve me serve me?”

Emperor Artorious: “Yes these two are now both your servants and Royal Retainers. They will serve your daily needs and protect your life on the battlefield.”

*Mina takes out 2 knives from her two armored boots and gauntlets and Fella takes a sword from her back*

Mina and Fella are much more feminine compared to Lelorra but they are still quite muscular and toned. Mina stands at 6’1 while Fella stands at 6’3. They have standard Imperial crafted weapons from the Royal Blacksmith, daggers for Mina and a sword for Fella.

Mina: “We may be maids but we are both armored to some degree and we are trained in both domestic and battlefield activities.”

Fella: “We will serve you with our lives.”

Cody: “(To Mina and Fella) “I am honored to have you as my retainers. (To Emperor Artorious) “You are far too kind to me, your Excellency.”

Emperor Artorious: (with a somber expression) “I fear from what the world expects from you I am not kind enough.”

Torran: “Lord Father, shall we?”

Emperor Artorious: “We may.”

*Cody has a confused look on his face*

Torran: “Cody, Lelorra make haste, we go.”

Cody: “What are we doing?”

Lelorra: (with an exciting expression) “We are going to forge you your armor.”

Emperor Artorious: “And when you return I have very important people who wish to have an audience with you.”

*Cody Lelorra and Torran leave for the Royal Forge and arrive to see the royal blacksmith hard at work*

Torran: “Heil Billon.”

Royal Blacksmith Billon: “Heil High Prince, what can I do you for?”

Torran: “We need to make armor for our Chosen Hero here out of Atmora’s scale.”

Billon: “A…Atmora’s what? Ch…Chosen who?

Lelorra: *points to Cody* “This is Cody. He is the Empire’s new Chosen Hero of prophecy and father said that this scale was gifted to him by Atmora ages ago for this specific reason.”

*Cody is lost in thought about his role as a Chosen Hero, He is still skeptical about it all while he is thinking Billon gets some blacksmith clothes from a chest he has and throws them to the Prince and Princess and hands one to Cody*

Cody: “What are these for?”

Billion: “To work in of course. Would not want to ruin that expensive dress of yours now would we?”

Cody: (disheartened) “I do not know how to forge.”

Billon: “Well you are about to learn dear lord.”

*Torran, Lelorra, and Cody don the blacksmith attire and get to work*

Billon: “Alright first things first.”

*The group works tirelessly for hours, Cody hurting himself many times on the fire and with the tools*

Billon: (To Cody) “Worry not boy you will get there in time and we are halfway done. (To Lelorra) Now please take Cody’s measurements then we can start making the armor.”

*Cody is perturbed by the comment*

Lelorra: (concerned) “What is wrong Cody?”

Cody: “I do not like how my body is built and how it is right now and I do not want you to laugh at me because of it.”

Lelorra: “Oh, Cody. I would never laugh at you. You are my first true friend I would not want to lose you already.”

Cody: “What?”

Lelorra: “I suppose I owe you an explanation now don’t I? I guess I am the most extroverted person in the Empire, I know almost every citizen’s name but none of them are really my friends and the nobles I grew up with are on my friends because I am the High Princess not because they like me.”

Cody: “I… I am so sorry. I know how it is to be lonely.”

Lelorra: “You do?”

*Cody stares off for a few moments*

Lelorra: “Come on I want to try something real quick.”

*Lelorra takes Cody off to another room*

Lelorra: “We will be right back.”

Billon: “Make haste princess.”

Torran: “Do not keep us waiting.”

*Lelorra and Cody enter the room and Lelorra grabs a tome*

Lelorra: “I may not be as magically powerful as my brother but I want to help you. I know some white magics that can heal and change your body. Strip down.”

Cody: “Heal?”

Lelorra: “Yes! Heal. Those markings along your neck and face. I spotted them across your body as well first moved you into the infirmary to revive you.”

Cody: “My acne? Wait! Revive?”

Lelorra: “Nearing death, yes. It seems it took a toll on your body.”

Cody: “Well no, I mean, I don’t want to intrude.”

Lelorra: “How else am I going to heal you then?”

Cody: (hesitantly) “Okay.”

*Cody takes off his clothes and reveals his badly injured skin*

Lelorra: “Oh gods have mercy!”

Cody: “Don’t make fun of me!”

Lelorra: “No I’m worried, you have so many scars and wounds and your hair is all in grown and causing infections what happened?”

Cody: “Things I would rather not talk about.”

*Lelorra starts to have white light come from her hands as she runs them along Cody’s body and his wounds start to heal before his eyes and Lelorra begins chanting in Drakesh*

Cody: “My… My skin has never been so clear and smooth and not tattered. Thank you Lelorra.”

Lelorra: (happily) “You are most welcome. I also had to get rid of your body hair entirely to keep it from growing back and inflaming your still healing wounds again. I suggest eating a bit as the spell I used quickly accelerates healing so you might lose a lot of weight because your body is transferring fat and other proteins to heal your wounds at an inhuman rate.”

Cody: “Thank you so much Lelorra.”

Lelorra: “Anything for a friend. I got your measurements too so let’s get back and finish your armor.”

*Lelorra and Cody return to Billon and Torran to finish the armor*

*Time passes*

Billion: *Hands raised in the air* “It is complete!”

Cody: *now wearing the armor* “It looks…Amazing!”

The armor went from the scales grey color to golden. The helmet is in the shape of a draconic lion with a large flowing red plume coming from the top of the helmet. The shoulder pauldrons are triangular in the shape of lightning bolts and they fit Cody’s small shoulders perfectly. His body armor connects with the metal yet mobile gorget of the helmet and the body armor ends at his lower waist, the body armor is ornate with designs and indents to hug his upper body providing protection but showing off his features, some more new than the rest. His two girded tassets cover most of legs on the left and right side with some chainmail coming from the front and back to cover up where there is no armor around his pelvis so he can move in the gear. His arms and legs are in plated armor that clings to his body and follows all the up those body parts to fully cover him in this excellent golden armor. He wears a black bodysuit underneath to cover his body from the cold metal and finish the armor off by covering any remaining part of his body such as his finger and pelvis. Due to the helmets height Cody’s height in the armor is 5’11

Cody: “I feel like the armor is radiating with power for some reason.”

Billon: (in awe) “Yes! That is the armor of the gods, so I would not be surprised if it has magical properties.”

Torran: “I like that name.”

Lelorra: “What name, Torran?”

Torran: “The Armor of the Gods. That is what we will call this piece. Cody?”

Cody: “I like it as well.”

Billon: (over zealously) “I will add The Armor of the Gods to our armor roster and put it under the name Cody: The Chosen Hero of Drakla.”

Cody, Lelorra, and Torran: *laugh with Billon*

*The group eventually returns to the Emperor who is awaiting on a large balcony on the roof of the castle*

Lelorra: (From a distance) Lord Father! You made us hunt for you.”

Emperor Artorious: “Apologies Lelorra. I needed to visit the gods first.”

Torran: “Are they expecting him now?”

Emperor Artorious: (Turns to Cody) “The gods will see you now.”

Cody: (baffled) “What…wait they actually exist?”

Emperor Artorious: “Yes, How else would I get you a scale from one of them?”

Cody: (frantically) “I thought you just got a random dragon’s scale and imbued it with magical power not from an actual god.”

Emperor Artorious: “No the gods are here and very prevalent. They reside in that temple. *The Emperor points to the grand temple behind the castle that is at least 10 times as big as the castle* and they wish to see you.”

*Cody gulps*

Cody: (nervously) “Okay.”

Emperor Artorious: “Then let us leave. Torran, Lelorra stay here.”

Torran: “Yes, Lord Father.”

Lelorra: “If I must Lord Father.”

Emperor Artorious: “It will be you and I, Cody. No one else not even my Dragon Guard. I know I can trust you, but please be careful even if I trip and scrape my knee my advisors will blame you and I hate it when they take things too far out of proportions and I will have to clear up thing with an entire Empire, but… I worry for you.”

Cody: (more nervous than before) “Okay.”

*Emperor Artorious and Cody hesitantly leave towards the Temple of the Three*

Emperor Artorious: *walking* “You will meet Atmora, Lorvek, and Tallsen. Our gods. Atmora: The god of Imperialism, Lorvek: The god of knighthood and prowess, and Tallsen: The god of strength and power.”

Cody: “I am most honored.”

*Cody and The Emperor arrive and enter the temple and walk to a large room on the inside with at least thousands of chairs and a large podium*

The temple is huge made primarily of a black marble stone and most of the furniture being made of a dark wood. Torches are lined along every wall but they burn a black fire that lights the room with darkness. The ceiling is at least 10 stories up with rafters barely visible at the top. In crevices made on the sides of the temple are many statues made of a black stone depicting the dragons in various scenarios.

Emperor Artorious: “Great gods above head my call that your Chosen Hero has arrived!”

*Silence for a moment then a boom*

Three Bellowing voices: “So it seems the first of many has arrived unto their home!”


Submitted: January 16, 2019

© Copyright 2020 12345Megas. All rights reserved.


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