Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men

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Cody gets the rare honor of speaking with the Gods of the Empire, three dragons of immense power, and these dragons reveal, in a cryptic fashion, that Cody is one of many who are to bring peace to
Aragoth or die trying.

Chapter 5 (v.1) - Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men Chapter 5

Submitted: January 15, 2019

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Submitted: January 15, 2019



Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men

This is my own fictional story made solely by me and my fantasies all likeness to real life people have given unto me their permission to be used and this story will take inspiration from but never exactly parody any real life book, movies, etc. all of it is my own makings




Chapter 5: Astrals and Alltra

*Three large Dragons come flying down from the rafters of the humongous temple in an airshow like pattern, flying by and through each other before landing on 3 giant pedestals meant for each of them to give counsel to the Imperial People*

The dragon on the right pedestal is a deep red that resembles a wyvern, a dragon that does not have front limbs but rather have wings with big talons that act like hands, but it is much bigger than how earthen wyverns are depicted. The one to the left is a pitch-black Greater dragon which is the most common form of dragon with your usual look for a dragon with 4 legs and 2 wings. They both have your usual dragon faces with large teeth befitting a dragon however they move their scales on their mouths like lips as if to speak our language. The dragon in the middle slowly descends last and coils onto the pedestal, it is not a dragon at all but a large snake with 2 sets of huge wings and long spikes along the back that protrude outwards and to the sides, its face resembles a king cobra’s having the large side flaps on the back of the head and it has a full mouth of huge fangs instead of a couple of fangs. It also has arms and legs small for its large size but used to prop itself up. This snake is gray with glowing gold along it.

*The Red Grand Wyvern speaks*

Lorvek: “I am Lorvek: god of knighthood and prowess”

*The Black Greater Dragon speaks*

Tallsen: “I am Tallsen: god of strength and power”

*The Gray and Gold Holy Serpent speaks*

Atmora: “I am Atmora: god of the great Empire and creator of Drakeshian Imperialism”

All three: (in unison) “Bask in the presence of utter perfection, Champion!”

Cody is beyond unnerved, his fight or flight response is in full flight and every fiber of his being is telling him to leave but yet he stands

Emperor Artorious: “My masters, I bring to you who I believe is to be the inheritor of the power of the Originator. He will be our savior from the scourge that is soon to envelope our world.”

Atmora: “I sense great weakness in him Artorious; he is untrained, undisciplined, and currently…worthless.”

Lorvek: “Sister, please have faith in the boy. You know as well as I do that he cometh from Earth: The land of the forgotten. It will take time for him to realize his true potential.”

Tallsen: “Atmora, sister I feel your uncertainty on him.”

Atmora: “Artorious, you gave him my scale so soon?”

Artorious: “That I did. When I heard he had never experienced war I could not set him out to fight in our name with some flimsy metal, he needed something that would protect him so he could learn to adapt and grow strong.”

Tallsen: “Have faith in your son Atmora. He makes all the right decisions after all.”

Cody: (shocked) “Your son?”

*Atmora gets uncomfortably close to Cody but Cody does not move despite being within full eyesight of the gods fangs and inches from its maw*

Atmora: “Yes Artorious is my child. I named him Emperor by his birth. I gave my blood to a widowed and barren woman who had lost her throne, her Empire, and her children. She gave birth to the unifying lord Artorious who gave the holy blood back the throne of Drakla from a false Emperor.”

*Atmora reels back*

Lorvek: “I see his strength, do you not Tallsen?”

Tallsen: “I do. Somewhat. Who else would question a god without permission or reason than either the extremely foolish or the inexorably strong.”

Cody: (Questioning) “That is why you do not call him Emperor because to you he is your naïve and inferior child?”

Atmora: “Partially correct Cody. I do not refer to him as Emperor because I am his superior yes and his mother; he owes me respect not the other way around. And do not forget I am a god I could take Artorious from this world as easily as I gave it to him.”

Cody: (carefully) “What should I call you then?”

*The three gods look at each other*

All three: “Master.”

Cody: (respectfully but with inklings of pride) “As you wish, my masters.”

Tallsen: “I can sense his pride, his strength, his potential. They are yet blocked by something.”

Lorvek: “The makings of a true knight are within him, but not yet realized.”

Atmora: “Not man, not mortal, not god. You will become more than you will ever know boy if you would only kneel.”

*Cody bows and kneels before his new masters*

Cody remembers who he was back in Earth, what people called him. What his family thought of him and what his so-called friends did to him and he more than quickly complied to bow before the gods at the promise of power. To be something that is not worthless.

*The three gods laugh in unison, it is so loud that it echoes across the entire Empire*

Atmora: “Artorious, my child. You may leave us.”

Artorious: “Yes, my master.”

*Emperor Artorious leaves the temple*

Atmora: (In deep thought aloud) “Father Grima would be proud of the man he has become.”

Cody: “Who is father Grima?”

All three: “Our father! The first dragon!”

Every word the great dragons speak echoes and bellows in the air shattering the will of lesser beings and sounding as if it could reach the edges of the world.

Atmora:*Looks deeply at Cody*

Cody: *waits nervously*

Atmora: “It can’t be.”

Tallsen and Lorvek: “What is it sister?”

Atmora: “My brothers, counsel now.”

*Tallsen and Lorvek create great a pillar of fire that covers them from sight and the raging flame causes nothing to be heard other than its crackling*

Cody: I feel something so off yet familiar here. I feel at home yet so far away. I feel absolute power and utter weakness. What is going on?

*The flames die down and the three dragons continue to stare at Cody*

Atmora: “We have much to discuss Chosen Hero, but we do not have enough time.”

Tallsen: “We need to train and provide for you all that you may need, but we do not have enough time.”

Lorvek: “We need to refine you but your first assignment approaches and we need to tell you things, but we do not have enough time.”

All three: (Cryptically and mysteriously) “Return to the castle. The Dragon Fire Emperor awaits you there. In time soon will your first foe and the beginnings of your destiny appear.”

Atmora: “Now go! Make haste, and visit us when tensions have died down and we will be here for you.”

The fearful and uncomfortable aura of the room has dissipated and now despite being in the near complete darkness with gods Cody now feels relaxed and cared for.

All three: (quietly) “We will be watching, we will be protecting, and we love you.”

*The three dragons slowly raise up their wings before flapping them and slowly ascending to their perch at the top of the temple rafters*

Cody: more riddles but that is one of the most straight forward ones I have ever heard. Why does everything I am told give me three more questions in its place?

*Cody begins the long walk back to the Castle and takes his time to study the landscape before reaching the gates*

From the peak of the mountain the temple is built upon you can see for miles. Every inch of Imperial territory is blanketed in beautiful white snow that gleams from the sky and slowly falls down unto the land. Embers and stars dance in the sky giving light to even the darkest reaches at all times. Mountains and hills make up the primary landscape of the empire with large and strong looking trees dotting its landscape. The animals are either large and fatty or quite furry to make up for the near lack of warmth. Imperial cities can be seen all have large cauldrons or many street lanterns burning to keep the city and its people warm and fend off at least some of the snow from the ground so people may walk freely if not a little strained but every person is more than content and all smile as if there is no trouble in the world at all despite being at war. Every man, woman and child seem to work constantly for the greater betterment of the Empire as a whole and they never miss a beat.

*Cody arrives at the back gate of the castle and enters the front hallway guarded by many Imperial knights then to the Emperor’s throne chambers*

Emperor Artorious, Lelorra, Torran, and many Imperial Dragon Guard await Cody’s return and stand ready for him at the large table where the nobles would sit with the Emperor sitting at the head of the table with his children to his right and left.

Emperor Artorious: “That was quick. Pray tell me what they said.”

Cody: (unsure of where to start) “They did not say much after you left, but I do have a few questions for you, for another time.”

Emperor Artorious: “Yes, and I shall answer them. Why do you have a look of concern on your face however?”

Cody: “Before I left they told me to make haste that my first foe and the beginnings of my destiny would appear. Does that make any sense to you?”

Emperor Artorious: “First foe? Is that what I have been feeling, are they…?”

*On key an Imperial soldier barges through the castle door and quickly runs up to the Emperor*


Emperor Artorious: (Stunned) “Moor Velok, why there? It is a remote town. MOBILIZE THE TROOPS IMMEDIATELY!”

*Imperial soldier, knights, and guards from all the over the castle start running about and war horns start being blown*

Emperor Artorious: “Lelorra, Torran get down there now!”

Lelorra and Torran: “Yes Lord Father!”

*troops with differing armor colors come into the room and stand behind Lelorra and Torran respectively*

The Imperial Legion that serves Lelorra have standard knight armor that covers them head to toe just like Lelorra but their armor is black with silver ornate parts with red cloth around them while the Legion that serves Torran wears the same armor as he but silver with blue cloth and ornated gold instead of silver.

*Lelorra, Torran, and their legions quickly run out the front gates as fast as they can their armor and weapons clinking and clanking all the way*

Emperor Artorious: *points to Cody* “The time is now! You are about the experience your first battle!”

*Cody is shaking nervously*

Emperor Artorious: “My son and daughter will keep you safe and do not forget the divine properties housed within your armor that you wear, you will be safe. I know it is a lot to ask of you but you must fight now and learn what is it we fight for and for what we hold dear.”

Cody: (taken aback) “Yes….Yes I will fight.”

*Cody runs to the front gate before being stopped by the Royal Blacksmith Billon*

Billon: “Take these.”

*Billon hands Cody a large shield and a long elaborate spear*

Cody: “What are these?”

Billon: “You cannot fight without weapons to keep you safe. The Emperor gave me those once he returned from the Temple of the Three and I forged you a King’s Talon Spear from a talon of Lorvek and a Dragon Hide Shield from the skin of Tallsen. They will fight as bravely as you in the coming fight, now go!”

Cody: “Yes…Yes! Thank you!”

*Cody takes the weapons and runs out to the streets of the Empire*

The screams of lesser dragons and wyverns are in the air as they are released from cages around the outer farms of the city and dragon rider soldiers are jumping off of building onto their mounts and flying off while foot soldiers are running straight through town square out the gates to make way to Moor Velok. As Cody is running through the city, in his armor, following the soldiers he notes the once cheery people of Draklor are now stone faced and standing at attention saluting the passing soldiers and when Cody runs by them, they yell.

Imperial Citizens: “To Victory!”

Cody is able to move as if he was not wearing armor but rather in heavy clothing making him pass many soldiers and knights on the way. This time gives Cody a chance to look at his weapons, his shield is round and about the size of his torso but is very light not much to look at as it is fitted dragon skin on a wooden frame but what makes it stand out is that it is dragon skin of a god and his spear is long about 4 foot in length with a long, sharp head. The hilt of the spear has gold coverings around it every so many inches and has wooden sticks the come out the sides of the hilt about every foot of the hilt with red cloth that flows from the protruding wood. Both the shield and spear feel very light and very powerful.

*Imperial Centurions which look like more armored versions of Roman centurions are mounting atop horses and have long, large lances and next to them are Imperial Cavaliers who wear the same armor but without the plumed face helmets that the centurions have*

Imperial Centurion: “Hero! Come hither! Mount my horse we shall get you to Moor Velok faster!”

Cody notes the armor the Centurion is wearing a face plate helmet which has a large black feather plume coming from the top of it. He has the same feathers made into a large black feather cape as well that covers around his neck and back. The rest of his armor matches identically to the Roman centurion armor of ancient Rome but some variations are that it covers his entire body in metal armor instead of the leaving the legs and arms exposed and is made with more metal than cloth. For where the armor does not cover the Imperial Centurion has hard leather that covers whatever the armor does not which is under the arms, around his fingers and toes and behind his thighs. He also has a matching black leather skirt that wraps around his armor at the waist. The cavaliers that follow behind him have matching armor minus the helmet and plume, cape and skirt. The centurion also has an extra sword in case his lance falls or is broken.

*Cody and the Centurion ride quickly away with many knights, wyvern riders, and cavalier following behind them*


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