Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men

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Cody is called to war by the Empire and sent to Moor Velok, an Imperial Town-City, and witnesses firsthand the might and brutal nature of the Kingdom of Alltra and the cruelty of its commanders.

Chapter 6 (v.1) - Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men Chapter 6

Submitted: January 15, 2019

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Submitted: January 15, 2019



Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men

This is my own fictional story made solely by me and my fantasies all likeness to real life people have given unto me their permission to be used and this story will take inspiration from but never exactly parody any real life  book, movies, etc. all of it is my own makings




Chapter 6: The Price of Weakness

*Cody arrives shortly after Lelorra, Torran, Mina, and Fella who took wyverns to get ahead of everyone and quickly prepare for battle. Cody rides in with the Imperial Centurion and his cavaliers*

Mina: “Hail Master.”

Fella: “Lord Torran wishes to speak with you.”

*Cody walks up to Torran*

Torran: “Cody look upon those dogs.”

Cody: *looks upon the scorched town and its mostly deceased people*

*The Imperials start marching towards Moor Velok alerting the Alltrians there and they rally to battle*

Lelorra: (To the Alltrians) “What is the meaning of this!?”

Torran: (To Alltrians as well) “Speak vermin!”

10 mages come from inside houses with Imperial citizens and soldiers alike and light their hands up in fire and start burning them alive with jets of flame. The screams of the Imperials are audible and bone curdling. The Alltrian mages wear black and blue wizards’ robes that have slits in the sides, front, and back that allow them to move more freely. Their robes have hoods with metal face masks that cover the user without impairing their eyesight. Their lower arms and low legs are covered in metal armor while underneath it can be barely seen they are wearing light chainmail obviously to avoid restricting movement. They also have a brown belt wrapped around their waists that has many pockets and casings for holding or storing magical or magic enhancing items. The commander of the mage group wears a white and blue robe in place of a black and blue one and his metal armor and chainmail are made from gold instead of standard steel and gold in Aragoth is quite strong. As the commander starts walking towards the Prince and Princess at least 100 more mages start appearing from inside the desecrated town, some of which are newly teleporting in with magic.

Alltrian Commander: (mockingly) “Look upon these creatures, boys. The High Prince and High Princess have graced us with their foul presence.”

*The Alltrian mages start laughing*

Torran: “How dare you filth attack a remote city unaffiliated with the Empire’s turmoil!”

Alltrian Commander: (angrily) “How dare us!? We bring war child, there are no rules and most importantly you do not give your enemy any mercy and no room to regroup. Every single one of your barbaric cities will burn beneath our holy fire!”

Torran: “You’ll pay for those words dog!” (To the Imperials) “To arms men!”

*The Imperials scream a war cry is unison as they charge the mages*

Alltrian Commander: “This is where the fun begins.”

*The Alltrians begins to ignite their hands with various elements as they prepare for battle*

Alltrian Commander: “Run them down and run them through!”

*The Alltrians begin casting spells and shooting them at the advancing Imperials while Cody watches for a moment*

Cody: This is just like all the games where the heroic soldiers run into battle but I…I…Those screams…The suffering I….I…Can’t.

Lelorra: “Cody, come on! We will protect you and you wear the gods’ protection on you! You must help us…Please!”

*Cody grips his spear tighter looking down at the chaos and death*

The battlefield is already scarred with craters and scorch marks caused by the mages. As Cody views the battle, he is still having to dodge fireballs and lightning bolts as they hurdle towards him. He takes time to watch soldiers and mages fight to his right and left and all throughout the snowy field and inside the town, each knight lashing vigorously at the enemy mages who are violently casting spells. Some mages are throwing down potions to other mages or tossing them at knights obviously doing differing effects to give them an edge in battle while the Imperials are forming large groups and entering defensive positions having shield users in front, blocking whatever may come their way as best they can before dropping them and charging groups of mages at once. The guerilla like tactics of Alltra are effective but the finely tuned formations of the Imperials are just better enough to ensure that the battle seems to be going in the Empire’s favor with more mages dropping dead or being cut in half than knights being shattered.

*Lelorra charges off to battle while Mina and Fella approach Cody*

Mina: “My Lord?”

Cody: “I…I want to help, but this is insane!”

Fella: “Please Lord, we need someone like you or else we are doomed.”

 Mina: “May I speak bluntly for a moment Master?”

*Cody ushers Mina on as a sign of assurance*

Mina: “Would you rather fight now and die for someone else who needs you or live only for yourself?”

Cody’s eyes widen with his mouth agape, he clutches his spear and grabs his helmet then charges to combat with Mina and Fella close behind him. As Cody is running towards the town where most of the combat is, he is attempting to aid other Imperial soldiers who are fighting on the snowy plains outside the town. Cody is inexperienced and lacks combat experience, but he knows enough to shove a spear into anyone wearing black and blue robes. Adrenaline is pumping through his veins to the point where he has forgotten much except the instinct of survival, Mina and Fella are playing a huge role in Cody’s continued survival by cutting down many mages that threaten Cody with their myriads of magic powers. It is not long before the three make it into town and take cover inside a decrepit house and give them time to assess the situation.

Mina: “Sister, board the windows.”

Fella: “Yes.”

Fella walks off as Cody frantically takes off his helmet

Cody: (Groggily) “I’m going to be…. sick. eunuch.”

Mina: “Master, for your first fight you are doing extraordinarily well!”

Cody starts to curl up in the fetal position

Cody: “I’m a murderer.”

Cody ahs tears running down his face while his expression is nothing short of sickened

Fella: “My Lord, if you did nothing, they would have cut you down. Do not disparage for the deaths of brigand soldiers.”

Cody: “I don’t know what came over me… I just did it!”

Mina: “The call to war demands all from us.”

Fella: “Mina! It’s the Prince!”

Cody and Mina: “What!?”

Torran is fighting the Alltrian Commander just outside the house Mina, Fella, and Cody are in. Torran is holding his own but the magical commander is able to keep his distance and therefore is untouched by Torran’s blade.

Mina: “We must help him!”

Mina looks to Cody and slowly Cody nods in agreement, the three then rush outside with weapons ready

Alltrian Commander: (Looks over) “Begone nuisances!”

The commander blows Torran back with a spell then charges it and blasts at Cody and the two maids, Mina and Fella are blown back a far distance from the spell while Cody’s armor completely repels the spell leaving him untouched.

Alltrian Commander: “What!?”

Torran: (Screaming) “Cody! Have at him!”

Cody approaches the Alltrian Commander, The Commander is now using a sword made from fire and starts slashing at Cody, who is using his spear; they begin dueling as Torran interferes just in time to stop a downward slash from felling Cody, their every blow to each other causes sparks and flares to come off their weapons as they block each other’s swings. Torran is using quick fast attacks from his longsword that go up, down, and around to try and knock the mage over while the mage is using heavy upward and lower swings to stagger the knight long enough to sear him. The mage, due to his freer movement armor allows him to use more convoluted techniques in his swings. They both grunt and groan with every swing putting more power into them and even at some points the Alltrian Commander bends backwards like if he was playing limbo to dodge one of Torran’s left swings and he uses his momentum to spin around and strike the High Prince’s leg with his fire sword knocking him over.


Alltrian Commander: “It’s over dog!”

Cody: (highly pitched) “NO!”

The Commander has his fire sword over the back of Torran’s neck which is now exposed due to his falling over and helmet rolling off, but the Alltrian Commander looks over at Cody with intrigue and rolls his sword back into the tome he is wielding in his left hand before speaking. During this Torran is getting up and running to reequip his helmet.

Alltrian Commander: “What are you supposed to be? I have never heard such a girly scream come from an Imperial soldier before! It is unfit! By Imperial law, someone as small and pathetic as you would have been executed for weakness! Who are you and why do you march under the Imperial Standard?”

Cody: (With conviction) “I fight for them because they have given me everything I could have ever asked for. A home, friends, family, and purpose. I am their Chosen Hero.”

Torran: “NO!”

*The Alltrian Commander is intrigued*

Alltrian Commander: “Did you say, Chosen Hero? By the gods. I will have the glory of skewering a Chosen Hero this day.”

Cody: *Cody taking steps backwards* “Umm Mina, Fella I could use you now!” *Cody looks to his sides*

Lelorra has caught up with Mina and Fella and are on their way back to Cody and Torran, however a contingency of Alltrian mages is blocking their path.

*Lelorra’s screams can be heard from across the way along with the death screams of Alltrians, she is obviously thinning the herd of enemies*

Cody: “Oh.”

*The Alltrian Commander is charging at Cody with his fire sword, now one in both hands, and his wizards’ robe is now covered in flames*

Cody: *Grips his spear tight* “Ahhhhh!” *Cody begins to run forward with his spear in hand at the Commander*

With Torran now far away behind them he will have to take some time to catch up with Cody and his duel with the Alltrian Commander. The Commander uses both blades and furiously slashes through the air trying as hard as he can to kill the Chosen Hero with unrelenting force, and unfortunately for Cody he is rather good at what he does. The Commander makes contact many times audibly heard by the sounds of fire smacking against metal but luckily the armor is quite protective and keeps Cody safe. With adrenaline now kicking in again Cody begins to try to fight back using his shield to bash the mage, however missing, and grunting as he violently shoves his spear forward to stop the Commanders powerful advances. Every now and then the Commander blocks one of Cody’s attacks as they would probably do great damage to him. The commander can easily block Cody’s strikes as they follow a similar pattern or are the same attack over and over again and even finds time to talk in between blows.

Alltrian Commander: “I thought the Empire prided itself on military prowess. You’re pathetic!”

 The commander does a high kick and hits Cody’s helmet and it is not fastened on all the way so it spins around blinding Cody and allowing the Commander to knock him over. The Commander begins to laugh for a moment then prepares to strike the final blow but then Torran runs up and grabs the Commander and throws him over his shoulder giving Cody enough time to get up and fix his helmet. Now with his eyesight regained he can see the Commander and Torran are in vigorous combat once more. The mage and Torran are throwing blows are each other furiously left and right with fast swings, the mage is able bounce up and down in elaborate gymnastic like moves with his battling technique and Torran is using his proud standing gait to brace himself and keep the mage from doing much damage and prepare himself to use full body slashes that could be fatal the mage or merely cause fear in his enemy due to this fact. This time however Torran is more serious and Cody takes this opportunity. Cody grabs his shield and blitzes the Commander while hiding behind the hulking and manly figure of Torran, and as Torran instinctually catches onto what Cody is doing he side steps at the last moment letting Cody do a flying shield bash to the Commander knocking his face mask off and shooting him a few feet down straight onto the group knocking the wind out of him. And Cody closes the gap and puts his spear to the mages neck.

*Torran physically relaxes at the sight*

The mage is in Earth time about 20 years old but in Aragoth’s time he is maybe anywhere from 40 to 80 with very pale white skin whose veins glow as if flowing with magical energy.

Alltrian Commander: (Fearfully) “Please don’t kill me.”

*Cody’s adrenaline starts to wear off and he lowers his weapon away*
Cody: “I am no monster. Surrender and you and your men will be spared.”

Torran: “No! Cody!”

Cody: (kindly to the Commander) “Come here, I won’t hurt you anymore.”

Alltrian Commander: “Thank you, good sire.” *The Commander looks up at Cody before donning a hellish smile and casts a fireball right into Cody’s face knocking him down again* “Ha ha fool!

*Torran throws his sword at the fleeing Commander but the Commander teleports away just in time and the blade just flies into the ground*

Torran: “No! He escaped! With all that blood on his hands, women, children, men all of them dead because of him!”

The battle rages on, Cody and Torran take the time to search the area for a time before Torran returns to the front and give Cody the order to hide until the fighting has stopped and he complies, and in time The Imperials are successful in routing the Alltrians from the town and Lelorra returns with a few captives and some of her and Torran’s guard as the rest of the knights lockdown and search the town for survivors and remaining enemies

*Torran storms off*

Lelorra: *comes up and hugs Cody* “Are you okay? I heard spells and Torran. Mina and Fella told me you found their Commander but when we tried to come and help there were so many! Torran is he okay as well? Did, what, how, who? *Lelorra stops to collect herself* “Are you okay? Why did Torran run off?”

Cody: (Begins to tear up) “I am… okay …Torran…I failed”

*Lelorra hugs Cody tighter and the guards slowly look at each other*

Lelorra: (Hugging Cody tight) “What’s wrong? Are you hurt?”

Cody: (Crying) “It was awful…The death…The screams…The Alltrian wanted to kill me.”

Lelorra:*takes off Cody’s helmet and strokes his head* “Shh, it is okay now; you’re safe, I promise shh.”

*As Cody calms down Lelorra helps him up and they mount Lelorra’s lesser wyvern as they slowly make way back to Draklor and the Castle*

It is now the equivalent of an Imperial nighttime with the sun half over the horizon and the moon half in the sky. The sky is a beautiful orange with stars gleaming in it. Cody and Lelorra are in silence during the trip enjoying both the view and lack of screams of combat.

*Cody is violently shaking*

Lelorra: (Concerned) “What is happening to you? Did the Alltrian cast a spell on you?”

Cody: (shakily) “No, this is…. Happens every now……. When my medicine……. scared and……”

Lelorra: “Medicine? What medicine?”

Cody:(Quickly) “Don’t worry about it………… I’ll be fine in about ten minutes.”

Lelorra: “Okay, I trust you. Just do not be afraid to ask for assistance.”

*Lelorra returns to looking back at the stars before they arrive at the castle and Cody has recovered*

*Torran is waiting there for Lelorra and Cody*

Lelorra: (Cheerfully) “Thank you for waiting for us brother.”

Torran: “Don’t thank me so soon.”

Cody: (Concerned) “Why not?”

Torran: (To Lelorra) “The nobles…They are talking with Father and they are not pleased.”

Lelorra: “What? Why? We won.”

*Torran looks at Cody then Lelorra*

Torran: (somberly) “I was so angry and I just opened my big mouth around them. I did not mean to, just the death of our own and the Commander’s escape, I wanted to get it off my chest and they were listening to me for once. Then one of my guards started talking.”

Lelorra: “Oh no.”

Cody: “What? What is wrong, guys? Lelorra, Torran?”

Torran: (To Lelorra) “We need to speak to Father and the nobles about this now and clear this up. (To Cody) I’m so sorry I should have restrained myself and now…you are in danger because of me.”

*Cody walks up and plants his still armored hand on Torran*

Cody: “It is okay Torran. We all make mistake we are only human. I forgive you. Now pray tell what you mean danger?”

Torran: “You are… too kind Cody, too kind. I cannot explain now but please.”

*Torran grabs hold of Cody’s hands and shakes them both*

Torran: “Let us make haste to the throne room.”

*The three quickly head on into the Emperor’s throne room the guards not paying them much mind*

*As they enter the throne room many nobles are congregated by the large table at the edge of the room and Torran’s guards are there as well, surrounding it, and when they walk in all of them except Emperor Artorious glare at Cody with contempt*

Noble 1: “Here cometh the false Hero.”

Noble 2: “Heir to the originators power? I think not!”

Noble in armor: “Pitiful.”

Noble with a large axe: “How disgraceful to the Imperial name.”

*Cody, the Prince, and Princess walk up to the table*

Cody: (to Torran and Lelorra) “Why do they sound like my family back home?”

*Torran hangs his head low*

Emperor Artorious: “Cody? Is it true? Did you fight an Alltrian Commander and fail miserably?”

Cody: (frantically) “I uh no!”

*Cody kneels*

Cody: “I fought alongside your son and fended off an impressive Alltrian Commander and saved the remains of Moor Velok.”

Noble in armor: “That is not what Torran said but an hour ago.”

Noble with an axe: “The Prince said you failed to kill the mage and during your fight with him you blundered about like a child and when you two finally got the blade on him, you attempted to give the mage mercy falling victim to his trap and allowing him to escape making all the deaths of every Imperial today meaningless.”

Cody: “No! I did not mean to! I could not kill him! He looked so scared and hopeless I thought we were supposed to be knights of honor, not savages. He tricked me!”

Noble in armor: “This is war! Whether Alltra signs the agreement or not! Alltra will give you no mercy and you should give them none! This is not about honor but about winning and preserving peace and order!”

Noble 3: “You fell for a typical Alltrian trick, a trick any child could see through, you failed us, and you failed the Emperor.”

Cody: (tearing up again) *Cody takes off his helmet once more to keep from soiling it*

Noble in armor: “And now he cries at his failure!? That is it!”

*The noble in armor turns to Emperor Artorious*

Noble in armor: “Under the Imperial code of war that states any Imperial soldier or Imperial militaristic affiliate that fails to follow orders and gives the enemy a foothold against the Empire in such a way that could hinder the entire Empire or even topple it, being that he is supposedly a Chosen Hero, I mark Cody for death on charges of treason and heresy!”

Emperor Artorious: “Absolutely not! This is my fault I knew he was untrained and I sent him out anyway if blame should be put onto anyone it should be me!”

Noble in armor: “No it is the fault of the failure of a Champion.”

*Torran quickly runs out the room and the Noble with a large axe hands the axe to the Noble with armor as he slowly walks over to Cody*

Forneyus: “I am Forneyus: Noble of the Empire, Warborn, and today I will be your executioner.”

Cody: (fearfully) “No, no, no, no!”

*Lelorra steps in front of Cody but she left her weapon back on his wyvern so she stands there protectively and the Emperor gets up to intervene but Torran’s guards block the Emperor from moving from his throne*

Emperor Artorious: “Unhand me this instant that is an order.”

Royal Guard 1: “For your safety, Milord. Not until this traitor is brought to the blade.”

Forneyus is at least 7’9 covered from neck to toe in thick black armor that resembles the dragon guards in design and color scheme but instead of being shaped like a dragon it just looks like heavier Medieval European armor. He wields a large battle axe of impressive but plain design and walks very slowly but every step clanks with the might of the very heavy metal of his armor.

Forneyus: “Stand aside Princess, I bring the will of the Gods upon this traitor!”

Lelorra: “No! You will stand down this instant you hulking fool!”

*Torran rushes back in with Cody’s spear and hands it to him just as Forneyus throws Lelorra aside and tries to cut Cody in half*

Cody: *blocks the attack and is thrown back a feet from the force of the blow*

Forneyus: “So you live, how unimpressive.”

*Forneyus slowly walks towards Cody once more and Cody enters a battle stance*

Cody: I wish I still had my helmet on

Forneyus does an overhead strike with his axe and Cody dodges to the right of it and pokes the knight’s side doing no damage due to the thickness of his armor. Forneyus laughs at his pathetic strike and with his hand not wielding the weapon smacks Cody in the head knocking him over and causing Cody to let out a girlish squeal of pain.

Forneyus: “Oh this is too easy no wonder the Alltrians, of all people, were as able to make a fool out of you.”

Cody: “I am more than you could ever know, you close minded cur!”

Forneyus: (irritated) “Ha! You speak in nothings!”

Forneyus has a rather deep voice but nothing compared to the Dragon Gods, Cody recollects himself and stands up again and prepares once more to fight. Forneyus continues to throw heavy, slow, and powerful strikes and Cody continuously dodges to try and tire out his opponent, every now and then striking at him to no avail.

Forneyus: “Fool.”

Forneyus begins to grow tired of fighting Cody and after a few more dodges from Cody, Forneyus lets go of his weapon and grabs Cody with both arms and with spine shattering power throws him to the ground and holds him there by his neck. As he reaches to pick up his weapon and position it above Cody’s neck to cleave the head from his body, he trades a few more words.

Forneyus: “The world will be better off without such a disgrace of a human being in it.”

Cody: (Chocked, High pitched squealing) “No please!”

*Forneyus brings his axe up into the air above Cody’s neck and swings*

Lelorra and Torran: “No! Stop!”

Cody: (With a thunderous voice) “NO!”

*Cody throws his hands out from under him and large torrents of fire start spewing from his hands and his armor starts glowing and imbues the fire with lightning sending Forneyus all the way across the room*

The entire room is stunned, and the guards let the Emperor go who was struggling the entire time. The Emperor rises with a large smile on his face before walking over to Cody, Torran and Lelorra slump down in relief that their friend is okay

*Forneyus is grabbing at his helmet to quickly get it off and tries his best to take off as much armor as possible as it was super-heated by Cody’s magic*

Emperor Artorious: “Come Cody. You have much to learn and how I will be honored to see you learn it. Come my child, my friend, our savior.”

Cody: *looks up at the Emperor then back to his hands stunned he is still radiating much magical energy* “Yes…Your majesty. Thank you… for not giving up on me.”

Emperor Artorious: “I will never give up on you.”


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