Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men

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Ashley, the next Chosen Hero, is ripped from her house one day and brought to Aragoth. While there she is approached by Imperial Knights and a mysterious General who warn her of the grave threat of
Alltra but unfortunately for her she will soon realize that in this new world, power comes at a price, and she will have to earn the right of power before her questions can be answered.

Chapter 7 (v.1) - Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men Chapter 7

Submitted: January 20, 2019

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Submitted: January 20, 2019



Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men

This is my own fictional story made solely by me and my fantasies all likeness to real life people have given unto me their permission to be used and this story will take inspiration from but never exactly parody any real life  book, movies, etc. all of it is my own makings




Chapter 7: Ashley: The Golden Heart

-One Earth month passes-

*Ashley is at her home lying on the couch, she is small, about 5’4 with shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes, she is wearing a black tee shirt and denim jeans. She is olive white with a petite build*

Ashley’s mom: “You have got a terrible fever; you need to stay home from school today.”

Ashley: “Okay mom. What about the cheer meets though?”

Ashley’s mom: “You will have to miss those as well. Just get some rest today, okay?”

Ashley: (Secretly happy) “Okay.”

Ashley’s mom: “I need to run some errands. I will be back soon.”

Ashley: “Have fun.”

*Ashley’s mom leaves the house and drives off while Ashley slips into sleep for a while before being awoken by a cold chill*

Ashley: (With wide eyes) “What…What? Where am I?”

*Ashley is standing in a familiar field with a snow bound landscape to her left and a vibrant green landscape to her right*

Ashley: (scared) “No, what? How did I get here?”

Ashley: I don’t feel sick anymore, What happened?

*The sounds of marching and metal can be heard over a hill just to Ashley’s left*

Ashley: (Scared) “People? Am I going to be okay?”

*The people come into view and are revealed to be Imperial Soldiers and a large group of them*

Imperial Soldier 1: (loudly) “Master, we found one!’

Imperial Soldier 2: (Quietly) “Another one reveals themselves to us and we got to her first, excellent.”

Imperial Soldier 3: (To Ashley) “Please stay calm, you are safe we will not hurt you, milady.”

Ashley: (Shivering) “You won’t?”

Imperial Soldier 3: (Laughing) “Of course not.”

*The leader of the group of soldiers, The Dreadlord, walks up to Ashley with 2 knights by either of its sides*

The Dreadlord is 6’0 foot tall and covered every inch in a pitch black and crimson red armor. The helmet is circular with triangular edges around the mouth and top of the head, in place of a face mask or plate on the armor the helmet has a glowing red almost glass like substance that does not reveal the wearer. The sheer bulk of the armor covers up even the neck protecting the wearer from all manner of assault. The armor looks as if it is to fit both a man and woman as the chest plate protrudes outwards. The armor has spikes running along its already spiked and angular pattern with metal that seems to hug the wearers stomach as it goes down to the waist where it has a large lasset and girders around the entire waist, the armor is tight and heavy on the lower body as well making the thighs look larger, and the armored tassets come down around the sides of the body to the ankles of the wearer almost dragging on the ground. The legs are covered in the similar torso armor that hugs the user making their features more apparent while still gleaming metallic glow from their make. The leg armor seems to match the arm armor as well hugging the individual and making their body type more noticeable but still more than protecting the user in large metal plates. The gauntlets look like standard Earth knight gauntlets but are more angular and instead of fingers the metal forms what looks to be claws around where the fingers should be. The shoulder plates don’t look like plates at all but rather claw like growths made from metal that jet from where the shoulders should be and warp around in the air looking like a giant mount with teeth or a large talon of a bird coming out from the wearer’s shoulders, it covers down to part of the wearer’s back. From the back, the armored knight has a giant black cape that flows with the wind and it looks like it is made from pure darkness and seems material less and even looks as if part of it dissipates into the wind before reforming again. Upon the tassets and girders of the armor a leg length standards that form a somewhat skirt comes down, it is red that covers most of the armor directly in front, back, and to the sides of the armored lassets it seems to follow the same weird formations of movement like the cape upon its back, as if the capes were alive or made of dancing fires. The gauntlets and boots are slightly larger than the rest of the armor around the body as to make the armor more symmetrical with the large shoulder guards and equal things out.

The Dreadlord: *Does a quick curtsey* “I am the Dreadlord, Uber General of the Empire of Drakla, leader of this band of soldiers. It is an honor to meet you, miss….?”

Ashley: “Ashley, my name is Ashley.”

The Dreadlord: “It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Ashley.”

The Dreadlord’s voice is mysterious almost as if it was flowing throughout a dream, it echoes and could fit both a man and woman very well by any standards. Each word causes chills to run up Ashley’s spine

*The Dreadlord looks over the horizon*

The Dreadlord: “It is not safe to speak here, milady Ashley. Our enemies are fast approaching and we need to get you to safety, I know you have many questions and they will be answered, but I need you to make haste with us.”

Ashley: “Why what is happening?”

The Dreadlord: “Combat is rampant here.”

*Two knights come over and introduce themselves to Ashley before grabbing her shoulders and ushering her along and the soldiers move out ahead of them*

Ashley: (Walking) “Where am I?”

*The Dreadlord is walking slowly behind them all, it is clearly encumbered by the huge armor it wears*

The Dreadlord: “You bear witness to the holy land of Aragoth, the world of gods. You are no longer on Earth, my dear.”

Ashley: “Wait? Another world?”

The Dreadlord: “If all of this is to follow a similar pattern you are a Chosen Hero, destined to save our world from destruction, hailing from the land of the forgotten, Earth. Just like our other Chosen Hero.”

Ashley: “There is another person like me already here?”

The Dreadlord: “Aye, a boy who is known as Cody he has become known as the Devoted Soul of Drakla.”

Ashley: Cody!? No it can’t be is this where you have been? “What is this Chosen Hero like?”

The Dreadlord: “Well… He is very eccentric I will give him that.”

Alltrian mage: (Shouting) “There they are!”

*The Dreadlord and the other Imperial soldiers look back to see Alltrians following not far behind them*

Imperial Soldier 4: “Prepare for battle!”

The Dreadlord: *sticks hand in the air* “No! I will handle this. Get Ashley to Draklor immediately!”

Imperial Soldier 4: “Yes, master.”

*The Dreadlord turns around and puts its right hand into the air and a large sword is summoned from thin air inside a hellish fire*

The blade, Kriegsbringen, has a blade that is at least 5’6 foot long with a large scabbard, guard, and hilt that makes it about 6 feet. The blade itself is a dark black that gleams red and purple. The cross guard is golden and shaped like the head of an elaborately designed centipede with the blade coming out of it, the grip is a dark red and gold that seems to shine, and the pommel is a golden skull with what looks to be shining rubies on the eye sockets.

*The Dreadlord begins to walk really fast compared to how it walked before towards the advancing Alltrian mages in their standard attire and Ashley constantly looks back to watch the Dreadlord and before they exit eyeshot, Ashley can see the Dreadlord wielding the blade in one hand before making a lunge to strike out at a mage*

Ashley: (walking quickly) “Who are those guys? Why are they attacking him?”

Imperial Knight 1: (marching) “Those are the Alltrians, a people with incredible magic on their side, and a tendency to self-supremacy.”

Imperial Knight 2: “The Alltrians most likely want you.”

Ashley: “Me? Why?”

Imperial Knight 1: “If you truly are a Chosen Hero and if you were in the employ of Alltra, it could change the tide of the coming war back into their favor.”

Imperial Knight 2: “The Alltrians would sacrifice anything for powerful Heroes who could bolster their already overly magical armies.”

*Ashley looks over her shoulder once more*

Ashley: “What about the Dreadlord?”

Imperial Knight 1: “The master can take care of those Alltrian dogs, a bit too easily if I might add.”

Ashley: “He can take care of them all? I thought I saw at least a dozen of them.”

Imperial Knight 1: “Only a dozen? That is child’s play to the Dreadlord.”

Ashley: “When you say magic, I’m pretty sure you don’t mean card tricks, right?”

Imperial Knight 2: “That is correct.”

Ashley: “Then how does he stand a chance?”

Imperial Knight 1: “You don’t know the Dreadlord. It is an inexorable monster that can destroy anything that crosses its path if it so desired. Luckily it serves under the standard of the Empire. Many of us do not trust it, it arrived shortly after Cody and since then we have been blessed with the fear it brings”

*Ashley gulps and nervously changes the subject*

Ashley: *looking at the knight’s weapons* “What is your Empire like then?”

Imperial Knight 1: “How do you mean?”

Ashley: “I mean what are your people like? Is there anything I should know?

*Ashley takes out her phone*

Ashley: “And do you have cell service?”

 Imperial Knight 2: “The Chosen Hero before you mentioned this before as well and…”

The Dreadlord: “I said your questions would be answered when we got to Draklor.”

Ashley: “What! How? I did not even hear you come back.”

*The Dreadlord is now walking beside Ashley and the knights*

The Dreadlord: “My arrival is not what should be concerning you but rather your safety.”

Ashley: “I’m sorry.”

The Dreadlord: “You apologize? For whatever reason?”

Ashley: “Because….”

*The Dreadlord looks away from Ashley and gets quiet*

-Hours pass-

*The large band of soldiers and knights reach the outer gates of Draklor, the Imperial capital*

Imperial Gate Guard: “Who goes there?”

*The Dreadlord grabs Ashley and walks up to the gate*

The Dreadlord: “We do.”

Imperial Gate Guard: ‘Master Dreadlord? And is that another…Hero?”

The Dreadlord: “Aye, on both accounts, now let us in!”

Imperial Gate Guard: “Yes, master.”

*The outer gate opens to large walkway above a mote and the soldiers along with The Dreadlord and Ashley walk inside and towards the castle at the very edge of the city*

The Dreadlord: (To Ashley) “You will be taken to an audience with Emperor Artorious: The Dragon Fire. Be on your best behavior.”

Ashley: “Okay I will. I’m sorry.” I don’t like this, something is very wrong

*The Dreadlord does a hand motion and the soldiers under its command go off towards nearby barracks while Ashley and the Dreadlord head to castle’s main gates which open at the sight of the Dreadlord and they proceed inwards unimpaired to the Emperor’s throne room.*

Ashley: “Where is everyone?”

The Dreadlord: “Luckily for you, you will have the honor in speaking to the Emperor privately, which is strictly forbidden, as you could very well be an assassin. Wait here, I shall fetch our ruler and assure the guards it is safe.”

*The Dreadlord walks off leaving Ashley alone in the large throne room*

Ashley: This place is huge! I have never seen anything like it, it’s beautiful.

*The Dreadlord and The Emperor come out and the Emperor sits on his throne, above the noble’s table, with The Dreadlord standing next to him. *

Emperor Artorious: “My, she is even smaller than Cody.”

The Dreadlord: “Yes she is, sire.”

Emperor Artorious: (Joyously) “I am already certain she is a Chosen Hero, just by everything about her.”

The Dreadlord: “We should not make judgement so quickly, milord. She could be an Alltrian spy. That is why I insisted on being here for this meeting. The Alltrians could have found out about Cody and aim to take you out of the picture using tricks to make it seems she is from Earth, why else did I leave with an armed escort and why did the Alltrians only send twelve men to capture someone who could be more powerful than anyone they have ever before?”

Emperor Artorious: “Look at her clothes, Dreadlord. Just like the ones Cody described to us. loose fitting and breathable, but you are right we need to test her so what happened with Cody does not happen again.”

Ashley: “What does Cody look like!?”

*The Dreadlord sharply looks at Ashley before quickly walking down to her and grabbing her by the head with the devilish gauntlets it wears*

The Dreadlord: “You dare speak to royalty in such a fashion!”

Emperor Artorious: “Dreadlord! Release her this instant!”

The Dreadlord: *lets go of Ashley* “As you wish milord.”

*The Dreadlord walks back up to the Emperor*

Emperor Artorious: “My apologies, milady, The Dreadlord here can get over zealous and over protective of me, This beast thinks that every and all humans should have utter respect for me at all times. Please think not of it, if there is any way I can make it up to you let me know, I will not hesitate.”

Ashley: (scared, breathing heavy) “It… it’s okay. Thank you.”

Emperor Artorious: *Leans forward into his hands* “Now I am sorry but I must ask something very… Well it is a hard thing to ask of anyone.”

Ashley: “Yes?”

Emperor Artorious: “In order to avoid another civil debacle… I need to draw out your true power through desperation, I need you to fight in the arena and prove to the people of Drakla that you are a Chosen Hero like I know you are!”

Ashley: “What!?”

Emperor Artorious: “Will you take the steps to realizing your power Champion?”

Ashley: “I have never fought anyone like that before! I have never even held a sword or axe in my life! How can you expect me to fight?” I was training to be in the military though, maybe I can do this. “I…I”

*Ashley takes some time thoughts rushing through her mind*

Ashley: (To herself) you can do it I know you can… Maybe its not that bad. I mean I cant do anything else if I’m not on Earth anymore, I cant go home.

Ashley: “You know what? I don’t know why but I feel like I can do it! I will fight in your arena!”

Emperor Artorious: (Excited) “Excellent, excellent, most excellent! (Off to the side) “Greggory please lead Ashley to the arena, let the criers loose on the streets let everyone know for in an hour, she fights!”

Emperor Artorious: (To Ashley) “What is your name dear one?”

Ashley: “Ashley.”

Emperor Artorious: “A pleasure to meet you Ashley.”

*Greggory, a butler, enters the room*

Greggory is 6’5 and wearing a usual black and white butler outfit like the ones found on Earth but in place of gloves and dress shoes he has metal gauntlets and boots and underneath can be heard the sounds of light chainmail, all made out of standard metal, he has fair skins and olive eyes with a very manly, angular face but well-groomed with no facial hair and a slicked back haircut akin to popular European 20th century hairstyle, He has black hair.

Emperor Artorious: (To Greggory) “Please take Ashley to the prepping quarters of the arena.”

Greggory: “Yes, your majesty. (To Ashley) Now come along please Miss Ashley.”

*Greggory and Ashley walk out of the castle towards the edge of the city where a large arena lies in wait*

The Dreadlord: “Did you think I put on a convincing show, my Lord?”

Emperor Artorious: “Indeed you did. We all know she is not a spy, but the people need to know that too.”

The Dreadlord: “The Templars have been getting reports of more magical activity within the depths of your vault once more.”

Emperor Artorious: “Her weapon calls to her, as well as the power lying within it.”

The Dreadlord: “May the Gods bless her.”


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