Chapter 8: Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men Chapter 8

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 125

Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men

This is my own fictional story made solely by me and my fantasies all likeness to real life people have given unto me their permission to be used and this story will take inspiration from but never exactly parody any real life  book, movies, etc. all of it is my own makings




Chapter 8: Aragoth’s Finest

*Ashley is pacing back and forth inside of the arena preparation quarters she is now wearing leather armor that covers most of her body except her head*

Ashley: Why did I say yes to do this again?

*A gladiator walks in*

The gladiator has the helmet of an Imperial Centurion and the armor of an Imperial Knight but without the arm guards and lower leg armor, instead of metal armor in those places he wears hardened leather shoes and bracers

Gladiator: (muffled voice) “So you will be the one the others I will be facing it seems.”

Ashley: (unsure) “Uh… Yes?”

Gladiator: “You don’t look like much. The Emperor better be right or you will get slaughtered out there.”

*Ashley gulps in fear*

Gladiator: “Oh? You are worried by my words? Do not worry, milady. This is not a to the death fight, merely victor claims the spoils.”

Ashley: “Oh…Good.” Hey at least I won’t die

*The Gladiator walks out of the room and in walks Greggory*

Greggory: “Time to leave it is almost time to begin.”

Ashley: *Breaths in and out* “Okay…I’m ready.”

*Ashley grabs a small axe before walking out the room with Greggory and into a long hallway lit with torches leading out to a desert landscape*

Ashley: (Nervously) “So….. Who is the Dreadlord anyway?”

Greggory: “That is a question few can answer. Myself included, not many know if it is a he or she but we all just refer to it by he for safety’s sake…. To be honest from the rumors of his savagery I would put a fair coin on it being a man, but many Imperials have taken to superstition and hearsay believing the Dreadlord is not human but a monster and even to go as far to claim it is merely a walking suit of armor. All rubbish to me, he fights for the Empire and wins that is all I need to know.”

Ashley: “Well that’s…thank you.” That’s one of my questions answered at least

Greggory: “You are most welcome.”

*Greggory and Ashley walk up to the gate blocking the entrance of the arena*

Currently the arena is meant to look like a desert landscape with a few toppled stone structures and many dead trees inside of it, the ground is all sand contrary to the sow that the Empire is blanketed in. You can hear the screams of the thousands of Imperials who have come to watch, bet or enjoy the fights. Directly across from Ashley on the opposite side of the arena you can see the opposing three gladiators inside of their caged off entrance.

*Greggory examines Ashley and fixes part of her armor*

Greggory: “Now that you are all fitted properly. Knock them dead, milady. Metaphorically of course.”

Ashley: (With a smile) “Thanks.”

*Greggory walks off as the gates start to open*

Ashley: I have never been so scared in my life; my heart is pounding so fast

*Ashley walks out to the arena where the three gladiators wait atop a small stone base that sits in the middle of the arena*

Ashley: (To the gladiators) “Hi…guys.”

*The first and second gladiators take a moment to taunt Ashley in Drakesh before acknowledging her*

Gladiator 3: “Glad you could make it kindling; I see you fixed your armor since I last saw you.”

Ashley: “Why didn’t you tell me it was funky?!”

Gladiator 3: “I thought maybe you wanted to make it easy for us.”

Ashley: “Uh.”

*Before Ashley can speak the Emperor arises from his seat in a cut off section of the arena stands that has been expertly designed to accommodate someone of such stature, mimicking the Roman Emperor’s section they had for their Emperor during the Arena fights, everyone in the arena goes quiet to let the Emperor speak*

Emperor Artorious: (Yelling) “People of the Empire, I bring you a combat scenario unlike any other we have seen before! A battle of not one, not two, but three Imperial Gladiators versus one who may very well be the Empire’s second Chosen Hero of prophecy!”

*The crowds roar at his words and slowly settle down to let him speak once more*

Emperor Artorious: “Ashley! Another who bears resemblance to people of Earth has come unto Aragoth to see this blight once more and forever removed but I arrange this spectacle to assure you my people! I know we have to be cautious in these trying times! Therefore let the battle commence as to prove this Heroes true inborn strength!”

*An Imperial butler holding a horn walks up the Emperor and blows it signifying the start of the arena match*

Gladiator 2: *Prays in Drakesh*

Gladiator 3: “Face me, Hero!”

*The three gladiators come down from their stone base and charge at Ashley*

The first gladiator has a trident-spear made from a bronze like metal that jagged and crooked in many places, the second gladiator has a simple lance with a fine trimming to it, and the third gladiator has a small one handed sword akin to the gladius from Rome during its ancient arena times. All the gladiators wear similar armor with small differences obviously fashioned from remains of other armor or broken Imperial armor.

Ashley: (Fearful) “Ah!” I can’t do this anymore I need to go!

*Ashley starts to run off to one of the stone structures in the arena*

Crowd: “Booooooooo!”

Arena Patron: “Cowardice!”

Gladiator 1: “Why run? You have naught to fear but my weapon falling upon you!”

*Ashley makes it behind a wall inside a small stone labyrinth then looks up to the sky for a time. She closes her eyes and grips herself tight before feeling warm and loosening up and just as the gladiators find her and aim to land their first strikes Ashley grips her weapon, a small one handed axe tight, and starts to battle unlike anything the gladiators have ever seen*

Ashley: (In a war cry) “Ahh!”

Ashley starts off swinging her axe to the right as the gladiator with the gladius is swinging and cuts off his attack by smashing her axe into his stomach she then spins around and hits the third gladiator in the head with the blunt side of the axe staggering him then she starts entering duel-like combat against the second gladiator. She swings left and the gladiator uses the hilt of his lance to block left then right then left again. Ashley then does a back hand spring disengaging with the second gladiator and starts fighting the third and first at the same time. Every one of their attacks is blocked and riposted by Ashley, every one of their elaborate attacks guarded and stopped but they do not relent giving Ashley no room to breathe allowing the second to join, the three gladiators are now fighting her all at once. Ashley is forced to change targets almost after every blow, she strikes and spins about, attacking and blocking each gladiator. Ashley finally earns some ground after she does a very heavy overhead strike and shatters the wooden hilt of the second gladiators lance forcing him out of combat. Ashley then jumps onto one of the stone pillars in the arena and stands there watching the nervous gladiators try to plot a way to win. Ashley smiles in response obviously having more fun than she thought she was going to have. The remaining gladiators are fast on their feet and quickly make their way onto the stone pillars and challenge Ashley once more. The first and third gladiator slowly approaches hoping to have Ashley make the first move and to keep their balance.

*The gladiators speak to each other in their native tongue for a moment*

The two gladiators jump forward, and rush Ashley’s pillar and she jumps off her structure in response, a risky move as she plummets towards the ground, the two gladiators smack into each other and the third one falls off the ruin while the other grabs the ledge and pulls himself back up. Ashley and the third gladiator fall some few feet onto the ground below which hurts more due to it being stone and Ashley quickly grabs the gladius, that the third gladiator dropped upon impact with the ground and throws it out onto the arena floor.

Gladiator 3: “Good fight, good fight. You have bested me. Congratulations.”

*The third gladiator joins the second in the stands after his defeat*

The first and last gladiator has now made his way back down to the stone base of the structure. The impending lose drives a slight madness in the gladiator. He has his trident lying on his shoulder and he walks up with pride in his step and then throws his arms out and allows the crowd to cheer at the duel about to take place.


With his right hand the gladiator readjusts his weapon and stabs at Ashley and hits her cutting through her leather amour, but not her, and throws her far over his shoulder onto the arena floor outside the stone structure. The now enraged gladiator jumps over and back onto the arena floor and does furious unrelenting strikes at Ashley on the sand covered arena kicking up dust to try and blind Ashley while unleashing a flurry of strikes of varying weight and coordination. The gladiator is constantly grunting and groaning in battle cries to make his attacks more powerful. Ashley now on the defensive is blocking the attacks as best she can but she is slowly getting pushed back by the mere power of his attacks. However due to the gladiator being almost three feet taller than her she sees this advantage and as he is reeling back for a heavy attack she goes in between his legs and causes him to pause to turn around and she uses her axe to grab his right leg and pulls him back so hard that he flies right up into the air, before falling he drops his weapon at the shock of being lifted off the ground, and smacks the ground, defeated.

*The crowd is silent for a minute and proceeds to look at the Emperor*

Emperor Artorious: “WE HAVE A WINNER!”

*The crowd starts cheering unlike how they were before, somehow even louder to an almost ear piercing degree. *


*Greggory is seen carrying a golden crowd with the shape of a heart on top of it towards Ashley*

Greggory: “This is your now. The Golden Heart of the arena, a trophy given to the very best in the arena, normally this goes to an Arena Champion who bested a historical combat, but you just beat some of the greatest gladiators we have ever had in unfair combat and still managed to come out on top, and upon that you used your determination and all of the conviction your heart could muster. You deserve this.”

Ashley: *Puts on the crown* “Thank you!”

Greggory: “Don’t thank me, thank yourself for the victory. Now the Emperor and more importantly, the people, are ready to answer your questions.”

*Greggory and Ashley return to the castle throne room where the Emperor, and now his children await them*

Emperor Artorious: “I know I promised you answers but we needed to have you gain the faith of the people beforehand. I’m sorry you had to be put through that.”

Ashley: (Excited) “No, it’s okay. I actually had a lot of fun. I don’t know why but when I got out there, fighting, it’s like I had done this before and was good at it and I just… Did it!”

Emperor Artorious: “Well then I am most pleased, oh! These two here are my children Torran, and Lelorra, the high prince and high princess of the Empire of Drakla. They wish to study you while I answer your questions.”

Ashley: (Waving to the prince and princess) “Hi.”

Lelorra: “Hi.”

Torran: “Greetings.”

Lelorra and Torran: she’s even smaller than Cody

*The Emperor and Ashley spent much time answering Ashley’s many questions helping her understand where she is*

Ashley: “How did I get here exactly?”

Emperor Artorious: “I am not entirely sure. I believe the gods have been bringing you here from your world.”

Ashley: “The gods?”

Emperor Artorious: “Yes, the Great Dragons, I think when I next converse with them I may gain some insight on this situation.”

Ashley: “Why was I allowed to fight?”

Emperor Artorious: “Hmm?”

Ashley: “Everything here is all medieval like. And back then women could not do things like that?”

Emperor Artorious: “Ha ha ha, this has been brought up before by many a Alltrian, a long time ago. Here in the Empire we value strength over everything, women, man, child, human or sub-human, magical or not as long as your prove yourself to be strong you could be anything you want here. The lowest born pig of a peasant could become the richest noble if they prove themselves to be stronger than those around him.”

Ashley: “That’s awesome!”

Emperor Artorious: (With a grim expression) “Indeed it is, unlike Alltra.”

Ashley: “What do you have against them?”

Emperor Artorious: “Privileged swine! They think having magical powers makes you above everyone, that you ‘have been blessed by the gods’ and that you are inherently superior by birth and not by the strength that you can gain. Why men should be stuck with the curse of their station for something they can’t control?! It is that ideology that caused them to think Aragoth is their birthright and slaughtered my people in an attempt to take it!”

Ashley: “That’s awful.”

Emperor Artorious: “I know the sun is not set but this is now nighttime, my dear. You Should rest now.”

*Ashley looks out a window and notices how much time has passed*

Emperor Artorious: “You need your rest. I will have Greggory take you to one of the guest quarters. Plus I need to converse with the gods to get your answers that you deserve. I will answer the remainder of your questions tomorrow.”

*Greggory comes in and ushers Ashley down a hall and as they start to walk away*

Lelorra: “What about Cody? Lord Father, should he not know another Hero is here?”

*Ashley stops with wide eyes before rushing back to the Emperor*

Ashley: (Desperately) “Can I see him! IF this Cody is the same one I am thinking of. He is my friend who went missing and I need to know if he has been here this whole time or if he is really dead like the police say!”

Emperor Artorious: “As you wish, dear Hero.”

*The Emperor gives a hand motion to Greggory who fetches The Masked Mage who tended to Cody’s wounds*

Villach: “How can I be of service, Your excellency?”

Emperor Artorious: “Grandmaster Villach, please summon Cody for us.”

Villach: “As you wish, your majesty.”

*Villach opens his hands and a aethereal image of a knight wearing golden armor with a helmet, shaped like a lion’s head, on his hip, is walking through the stalls in the market district murmuring to himself*

Villach: “Cody!”

Cody: (moving around sporadically) “What? whose there!? Reveal yourself!”

Villach: “Tis I, Villach the Grandmaster of the Imperial Battlemages. I am using astral projection. (Whispers) You fool.”

Cody: “Oh, Master Villach ‘tis a pleasure. You have need of me?”

Villach: “You have a visitor; please return to the castle immediately.”

Cody: “Yes, master.” *Cody begins to run off clanking his armor all the way while he runs*

Villach: “He should be here shortly.”

*Cody enters the room a few minutes later*

Cody: (walking and panting a bit) “Yes, master what do you require of me?”

*Cody pauses looking at Ashley*

Cody: “No way! ASHLEY!”

Ashley: (Excitedly) “It is you!”

Cody: (Happily) “It’s you! How? Here? Why?”

Cody’s skins is lighter than before, almost a shining white, and his short brown hair is now beautiful flowing locks that goes down to his shoulders. His eyes still brown but with a more white gleam to them, the red bloody lines that were always inside his eyes are now gone.

Ashley: (Concerned) “Oh my god. Cody! Where have you been! We thought you were dead!”

Cody: “Wait? You are actually are worried about me?”

Ashley: “Of course I am! Everyone thinks you’re dead!”

Cody: (With contempt) “Is that not a good thing?”

Emperor Artorious: “I see you two have much to discuss as well.”

*Mina and Fella walk into the room with Greggory next to them*

Emperor Artorious: “Ashley. Please you and Cody must catch up in a more private setting. Greggory will lead you to Cody’s quarters where you two can catch up in peace. (To the butler and maids) Mina, Fella, Greggory please take good care of them and serve them up some calming tea and some snacks.”

The Three Servants: “Of course your majesty.”

*Mina, Fella, Greggory, Cody, and Ashley walk out of the room*

Torran: (To the Emperor) “They know each other? What are the chances that they come from the same world and know each other?”

Emperor Artorious: “I do not know, son. There is a lot I need to ask as well.”


Submitted: January 30, 2019

© Copyright 2020 12345Megas. All rights reserved.


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