Chapter 9: Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men Chapter 9

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Aragoth: A Story of Gods and Men

This is my own fictional story made solely by me and my fantasies all likeness to real life people have given unto me their permission to be used and this story will take inspiration from but never exactly parody any real life  book, movies, etc. all of it is my own makings




Chapter 9: The Ties of Service

*Ashley is sitting in one of the left most chairs in the large dining table inside of Cody’s personal quarters. Greggory is pouring Ashley tea into a decorative tea cup while Mina and Fella are making snacks in the small kitchen area to the side left side of the table. Cody is sitting at the head of the table*

Ashley: “Thank you Greggory.”

Greggory: “Of course, my lady.”

Cody: “Greggory, have you been assigned as Ashley’s retainer?”

Greggory: *turns to Cody* “No, milord, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it will happen shortly.”

Ashley: “What is a retainer? At least in the way you are using it.”

Cody: “A retainer is someone that is assigned to a person to serve as their personal guard of sorts.”

Ashley: “and you think Greggory will become mine?”

Cody: “We both think so. He is a talented soldier and butler and served the royal decrees since he was very young.”

Greggory: “I mentored Mina and Fella here and I could not be more proud of them and the War Maids they have become, and especially serving under someone as esteemed as you Cody.”

Cody: “Greggory, you flatter me…Go on.”

*Cody and Greggory laugh*

Ashley: “Oh? Cody, are they are your retainers?”

*Ashley points towards Mina and Fella as they walk over with a platter of snack*

Fella: “Yes, we are.”

Mina: “I did not think we would be serving such a cutie either.”

*Cody visibly blushes while Ashley gives him a sly look*

Cody: (Defensively) “What!? Can we not make jokes here Ashley?”

*Fella slaps Mina across the head*

Fella: “Govern your tongue! What would the Hierarchs think if they saw you speaking to your master in such a tone?”

Mina: “The dear Lord Cody gave us permission to speak freely whenever we see it fit.”

Greggory: “It would be wise however to rise about such lowly pleasantries.”

Cody: (Smiles) “But!

*The room quiets down*

Cody: “It is so good to see you Ashley, I never thought one of the few people who cared about me back on Earth would be here as well. I made new friends with the prince and princess of course but this world is still very new to me despite being here a few weeks.”

Ashley: “Few weeks? Cody it’s been a month since you disappeared, the police are thinking about just closing your case claiming you were most likely dead. No evidence or traces to go on.”

*Torran walks into the room*

Torran: “Most interesting.”

Cody: “Torran, to what do I owe the honor?”

Torran: “My sincerest apologies Hero, but I needed to speak with our newest Hero as well. I am now more intrigued after what she just said.”

Ashley: “Oh? Really?”

Torran: “Yes. In fact, here is a question for you. How old do I look?”

Ashley: “I don’t know maybe twenty?”

Torran: “You are very wrong, I am eighty-six.”

Ashley: “What!?”

Cody: “Torran and I speculated that time here goes three times slower than on Earth and it’s been two weeks here but only one month there, that makes no sense.”

Torran: “Unless it is a current time stream.”

Cody: “Torran, what is that of which you speak?

Torran: “It is when two different time streams go at differing speeds of each other one effecting time and another age. Two weeks to one month would indicate Earth time passes twice as fast but me being eighty-six and being in a late adolescent, and on Earth eight six being in seniority would indicate that we age about three times slower than Earth.”

Ashley: “That is confusing.”

Cody: “Indeed it is.”

Torran: “Worry not we have studied things like this for centuries and we know it to very well be a possibility. Thanks to the progression of Magical Theory, So Ashley the reason I look twenty to you because that is my physical age but my time on this planet is much longer. Think of it like that.”

Ashley: “That’s still confusing.”

Torran: (sighing) “I suppose it is.”

*Greggory and Mina offer the high prince some snacks*

Torran: “Nay I leave. I will not intervene much longer. Ashley? Come see me sometime soon I would like to hear about your world from your eyes as well.”

Ashley: “Okay I will do that…Uh?”

Torran: *Bows* “I will take my leave then.”

*Torran leaves the room*

Ashley: “Oh.”

Cody: “He is so intelligent. Did you know he is magically inclined? In which it is a rarity for Imperials?”

Ashley: “Cody, being magically inclined is a rarity in everywhere but here.”

Cody: *Laughs* “I suppose you are right. The only magic we had were card tricks and mind games, nothing like this.”

Ashley: “I saw men throw fire from their hands when I was getting brought back here. And then I saw someone talk to you from their hand while you were far away. This is so…I don’t know…Exciting?”

*Mina and Fella finish dishing out snacks and Greggory with his tea pours some for the two maids and they sit down next to their masters*

Cody: “If you want to hear exciting you should hear about everything I have been through.”

Ashley: “Oh my gosh I forgot to ask you that? What have you been doing since you have been here!?”

*Cody begins to recall the events that happened since he came to the Empire while Ashley pays close attention every now and this Greggory takes a quiet sip of his tea while Mina and Fella watch their Lord attentively during his story*

Cody: “I then I met a store clerk who was half bunny!”

Ashley: “What?”

Cody: “Yeah they are called Loggels, land-based humanoids, and they are a type of sub-human, and he sold me” *Cody loudly gasps* Mina, Fella can you help me get unarmored and get my dress on?”

Mina: “Of course we can.”

*Cody walks into the middle of the room and stands in a T pose while Mina and Fella unstrap his armor and take it off revealing his body covered in a black cotton bodysuit*

Cody looks different than he did back on Earth, his skins is utterly clear of any blemish or scar and gleams a shining white, his body has change figure and his broad chest and shoulders are now thin and lithe while his thighs and butt are more plump and round than before giving a more feminine appeal. His arms, hands and fingers have also thinned out as well. He has beautiful white skin with long flowing brown hair that just pasts his shoulders. As he stretches, he grimaces as he cracks his back and reveals that all his teeth are now a pearly white. His eyes seem kinder, like pain or craze has been lifted off from them, he is devoid of facial or bodily hair except on his head and his eyebrows are well groomed and his face even has a few hints of make up on it. He has a slight tone and build about him though making him look strong yet soft.

*Mina and Fella come out with Cody’s expensive black and gold men’s dress and put it on him with ease, tightening it around him making his figure become even more apparent*

Cody: “Here in the lands of Aragoth things that people in our world would call ‘gay’, are normal. Men of high standing wear expensive dresses, wigs, and make up. I don’t know why but it feels natural, like I was meant to be here all along. It’s so much better here. Instead of me walking around and people calling me ‘Nazi’ or ‘racist’ I get ‘hero’ or ‘savior’ it’s great. And I can wear stuff like this and people don’t think I’m gay so that is a plus.

Ashley: “Wow sounds like you really like it here Cody. I mean it is beautiful, but I miss home and I’m glad to be away from all the fake people but….My parents what will they think?”

Cody: “Hey at least they care enough to want you back. My mother is probably celebrating my supposed death, but I do worry about my father, I spent so much time earning his favor and I think he actually cared about me.”

Ashley: (Somewhat Sickly) “How are we supposed to get home?”

Cody: “I don’t know.”

*Ashley sits in silence as Cody returns to his chair to sit down carefully before speaking again*

Cody: “You will come to love this place, I know you will, it’s not paradise I know, but it has claimed me heart, why not yours?”

Ashley: “Don’t get me wrong it’s beautiful and…”

Cody: (Cuts her off) “That’s not what I meant.”

Ashley: “huh?”

*Cody continues his story about his time in Aragoth*

Ashley: (Holding her hands to her face) “I’m so sorry you had to see that Cody.”

Cody: “I saw men skewer each other and scream with agony for a conflict that they should not have to be fighting… and that is not even the worst part about it.”

Ashley: “What is it….If you don’t mind me asking?”

Cody: (Gravely) “I was almost executed by an Imperial noble for treason.”

*Greggory spills his tea at the response while Mina and Fella look shocked and Greggory rushes to clean up the mess before attentively listening to Cody*

Cody: “Torran was so enraged that the Alltrian Commander escaped he stormed back to the castle and complained to his father a little too much, the nobles were prying in and all they took from it was, ‘Cody failed and let soldiers die for nothing’ They charged me with treason and tried to summarily execute me in front of the Emperor while Torran’s person guard held the Emperor back from helping me. I nearly died but before the noble, Forneyus, cut my head off I discovered I have magical abilities and I shot a torrent of fire stunning him, quite literally, and the people watching. After that the Emperor properly introduced me to Villach who started teaching me how to use magic, despite the fact I am not that strong with it as much as they thought I would be.”

Ashley: “I am so sorry Cody. I had no idea you had gone through so much. I was kind of mad you just disappeared without telling anyone anything, but now that I know you had no say in the matter and what you have been through…I’m sorry.”

Cody: “You have no need to apologize, I rather like it here, and it only ever got better after that incident.”

-Flashback begins-

*Cody is walking inside a large library somewhere in the middle of the city*

Imperial Librarian: “Welcome to….Cody?”

Cody: “Yes? Have we met before?”

Imperial Librarian: “By Atmora’s grace, it is you. The Chosen Hero of Drakla!

*The patrons of the library all turn to the front door where Cody stands before rushing over to him*

Imperial 1: “Sire, May I have a writ of your name?”

Imperial 2: “He is so cute and small. May I touch you?”

Cody: “What?”

*An Imperial with dog like features walks up*

Imperial Loggel: “Oh my, another outlander like me?”

Cody: “Woah! Doggy man.”

*Guards around the entrance break up the crowd and get them to go back about their business, every now and then the people in the library look at Cody and sometimes when he is alone approach him to chat with him*

Imperial Librarian: “Now milord, what can I help you with?”

Cody: “I am looking for books on magic, Grandmaster Villach wants me to study up and practice before I return to him.”

Imperial Librarian: “What types of magic are you looking for? White, Black, Dark, Holy, transformative, fire, conjuration, summoning?”

Cody: “I was umm… Looking for the ones that could heal me, like fix my skin or change my body, you know?

Imperial Librarian: “Follow me, we head for the white magic: transformative section.”

As Cody and the Librarian walk throughout the library, Cody takes note of how the library looks. The Vatican comes to mind as the closest Earth example. It is so elegantly designed with many marble pillars and golden designed on things with embroidered tapestries and fanciful rugs with bookshelves stocked with knowledge as far as the eye can see. At least hundreds of benches, chairs, and tables dot the many rooms and levels of the library for patrons to sit down, enjoy a snack or meal, or read a nice book. The librarian sit in judge-like desks that allow them to observe the many people on each level they sit at while doing about their business and managing of the records.

Librarian: “Here we take a gander, and do not hesitate to call me over if you require assistance.”

Cody: “Thank you.”

-End of flashback-

Cody: “I then returned to Grandmaster Villach and started practicing my magic with the Battlemages, and well much of it was a success as you can tell by the change in my appearance. Yeah I know you noticed.”

Ashley: “Wow Cody! You have become a celebrity here.”

Cody: “Oh do not act like you are not one as well. Greggory told me you killed it in the arena, I know I could never do that.”

Ashley: “Oh you know about that?”

Cody: “Ashley, the whole Empire is going to know about that. You bested three of the Empire’s best gladiators like they were nothing; the gods truly do favor you!”

Ashley: “You really think so?”

Cody: *leans forward* “I know so.”

*Cody motions his hands in the air and the servants top off his tea cup and his snack dish*

Ashley: (Facing the servants) “By the way. What’s your stories?”

Greggory: “I was born to a long line of Royal Imperial Butlers and have been carrying on the family name true.

Fella: “Our home was attacked during the first raids from Alltra and we were some of the few survivors who escaped.”

Ashley: “Oh, I’m so sorry.”

Mina: “Don’t be. Our parents gave their lives protecting us and when we got here, the Emperor kept us. We could have been tossed to the mire, but we were given a chance to fraternize with highborns. There is so much glory that has been given to us and we have yet to pay it back in full.”

Greggory: “I was their Master of Service for a good many year. Teaching them everything they know today, save for Mina’s brash tongue.”

Cody: “It is getting late though. I think it is about midnight.”

Ashley: “What? But the sun is still.”

Cody: “The Empire is weird that way. It is known as the land of the eternal sun, the sun never sets, the moon never rises, yet it is a land blanketed in snow, it is most interesting.”

Ashley: “So it is really midnight then?”

Greggory: “I believe it is indeed so, let me walk you to your guest quarters milady.”

Cody: “Wait, Ashley this place is huge and it still has copious amounts of room when it is Mina, Fella, and I. so why don’t you and your liege stay the night and have a sleepover here in my quarters? It will give us more time to speak as well.”

Greggory: (To Ashley) “You should deeply consider taking him up on this offer, The Emperor thought there was only going to be one Chosen Hero, He cannot afford to make rooms like this for everyone if there are more, so enjoy this while you can.”

Ashley: “Okay Cody, a sleepover it is.”

*Cody begins squealing like a girl while Mina and Fella grab some supplies from a nearby cupboard*

Ashley: “What’s happening?”

Cody: “We are going to make you both look like a million dollars!”

Greggory: “I beg your pardon?!”


Submitted: February 04, 2019

© Copyright 2020 12345Megas. All rights reserved.


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