Letter to you

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It might not be a lot and its definetly not the best way to say it..but i hope these feelings will reach you

Submitted: January 16, 2019

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Submitted: January 16, 2019



Dear You, My life,love,friend,support,my shinning light during the dark nights,the one i can rely on.. I am writing this so in some point you might see and know a slight part of that which i want to tell you,yet the words arent coming out so easy as i thought they will,i am writing this so you know,feel,can understand the happenings in side of my heart,its acking,slightly because i know we will be apart soon,even if it might be a few days.. suprisingly my heart always seems to feel that,even though i just think that,when you are in pain,like it wants me to know that you are sad and that i should try to make you smile,i will miss you,not just the words you say,kindly each day doing your best,but i will miss you,the feeling of you being with me,your close presence,the sweet words you say and whisper every single day..I will miss all of that,you along,making,seeing you being so happy and cheerful which simply makes my heart smile in side because in some point maybe i made you smile like that a bit,i want to send you a hug,which will never end or that we never stop hugging each other,i want to send you the warmth you make me feel everyday and everything when you are here with me,making me laugh how cute you can be,for that i want to hug you tight,close to my heart,so you can listen the beating of it,which is beating so fast and quickly because of only one person,and that is you.When i get soo soooo happy that i want to jump,or when my heart starts melting because i heard your voice,know that its because of you that i am happy,feeling that way.This isnt even a half of it what i want that you know and see,but just that you know i have my heart and you have the key...You opened it,shown me so much that words cant describe what i feel,even if i tried it wouldnt be good enough. For all of that i can say...if you were the sky i would get lost in your colours with each my looking up,same as now,if you werea star,i would only look at you,knowing you shine the most bright,if you were winter,i wouldnt mind enjoying the cold,if you were the sun...I would want to be under your warm shinning each day... You might not get it and I dont blame you for that,i just want that you know...how much you mean to me

Somedays it feels as if the words cant be enough,like they cant show and explain it the best,in these days i try to search for another way to show you,make you realise,that,no matter what,you cant fail to make me smile and laugh.I dont know how you do that,but you simply do. And when that happens,my heart cant help but feel like over flowing with happiness in every way.The feels of the heart arent always easy to explain or express,it can be hard,sometimes more diffucult,and sometimes not as easy to see,but if i could ask my heart,i know it would just tell me your name over and over

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