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What hurts the most when the one who’s supposed to be the closest to you is the one who makes you bleed! Sami is the youngest son i... Read Chapter

Broken heart

One year ago, another night in a stripping club in Los Angeles; Sami was dancing and drinking alcohol. He lost control and guys were touc... Read Chapter

A new beginning followed by unexpected crush

When Sami was eighteen years old, he met a famous actor at a party in New York City. Sami’s relatives introduced them to each other’s... Read Chapter

Another break up

While Sami was watching TV in his room at “Home”, he received   a text message from Craig. He checked it and read “ We need to... Read Chapter

A new day

In the morning, Sami woke up with headache and was shocked to see Jeremy by his side. “Oh My God! Hope I didn’t!” he said that and ... Read Chapter

an awkward date

It was almost 5:30 pm, Sami was busy getting ready for the dinner. He kept changing his clothes many times. He was too nervous to choose ... Read Chapter

First dance

Two days later, Sami went to a club in LA as usual with his friends. He was wearing in brown color. Most of clubbers know him there. Beca... Read Chapter

Seeking for friendship

The next morning, while Sami was getting ready to leave the Castle, his cell phone rang. She was his assistant. “Good morning sir!... Read Chapter

Another level

The next day, while Sami was checking some files in his office at the family’s Company, his assistant knocked the door and came in. ... Read Chapter

Secret revealed

The next day, while Sami and Jeremy were at the pool, Sami asked: “Why would we come here, if we already have a swimming pool at ho... Read Chapter

Another shadow from the past

Jeremy stayed at Sami’s apartment for some days. They were cooking together, doing the chorus and sharing everything. One day, ... Read Chapter

Dip deeper into Sami’s acquaintances

When they arrived at the Castle, the took off their shoes and headed to Sami’s room. Jeremy jumped on the couch. Sami smiled, he to... Read Chapter

Back to Fight

Few days later,  While Sami was getting ready to leave the Castle,  his phone rang. It was an unknown number. He picked... Read Chapter

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