City of False Hope (Revised)

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic
Part one of the continued story from Matsumoto: Rising Star.

Submitted: January 17, 2019

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Submitted: January 16, 2019



Election Day, Kosh Lugash Lysonikov has won and is being sworn in as the new mayor of Willoway Bay. Rival candidates Joan Rachel Adams and former Willoway Bay favorite Bobby “D” Demingez congratulate him on a big win. Bobby D had stepped down when his son was kidnapped a week ago, now returned in good condition afterwards. Bobby was just glad to have him back and didn’t want anything to do with the kidnapers again. So it was really only down to Kosh and Joan who had an unfortunate scandal revealed about her and her husband, otherwise it was a good fair campaign with no mud slung from either side. Kosh Lyson talks of how change will come to the city. The TV in the store continues to show the congratulations party. Not far from the store a crime scene, a man has been beaten to death, a knife left in his eye. Cops make jokes about the lack of change thus far. In the background Jace Axel can be seen, wearing a hoodie amongst the crowd behind the tape.


The RS group is in training, as odd as it might sound this insane training was working out very well for Matthew. Mathew Stone now Matsumoto Silverstone, though still most everyone calls him Matt, or Mathew anyways. Kevin was starting to become unsure of how long this training would last, it seemed like he and his brother had been at it for years. And with no belt system, they had no idea what rank or class they were at. So as good as they knew they were, they still could have been low to Zackiria’s standards. Zackiria somehow talked the fire department into using their practice building. It had been light ablaze by the gas line they hooked up. Thankfully training was interrupted by a news bulletin that. By demand of the new mayor the old police chief, Joseph Alexander, had been fired and replaced by former LT. Jack Martian. Also, that Rising Star was to be shut down permanently and all prisoners caught because of their involvement where to be released since they were not under city pay role and such. Furthermore, construction would be underway to improve public transportation. That last bit would do little good to appease the public on this bazar and rash decision. The trainees stood there stunned, not quite sure how to feel but Zackiria was absolutely livid.


They all went off to find new places to live, Gabriel and Kevin got an apartment within a day. This was not good for Matthew, it was so last minute but he was allowed to stay with the brothers until he could find a place of his own. Lord knows how they found one so quick. Meanwhile Zackiria went to city hall to argue his case against the mayor’s ruling, former chief Joseph Alexander, joins him. Both try to hold back their anger so they can talk sensibly. The mayor himself not showing up however cause he didn’t want to deal with either of them at this time. Because supposable, he had other official city stuff to do. So nothing was settled. Joseph offered to buy Zackiria a stiff drink, or a few dozen but he declined the offer from his friend. New chief, Jack Martin makes the ex RS trainees in the precinct the new drugs and gangs task force. After eliminating a few of the bad seed’s from the department and puts trusted officer, Frank Dallas in charge of it. He also rehires former detective Andrew Delmar who was let go because the former chief felt he was unnecessary. Before the day got started, Chief Martin talked to his men “I know we got a bum deal here. Many of you may have felt the old way was fine but I didn’t like it one bit myself. Every crime should have been our concern, it sure as hell didn’t help public relations. And now there are twenty some odd released prisoners, based on a dumb technicality. The mayor, thinks they’re not a danger, but we know different, so let’s make sure we get them back where they belong the proper way and show this city we don’t need those action movie star wannabe’s to help us out.” Soon everyone gets to it feeling a bit more optimistic and less annoyed.


The two techies from CSI came up to Martian’s desk carrying folders and looking frazzled. “Sir, we have a problem.” The first one said Martian looked at him about to say ‘no kidding’ when the second jumped in “We’ve been backlogged with cases, now made worse with this release thing.” “We may even be forced to throw evidence out now for all we know.” The second stated “And then there’s this sir.” The first says again handing him the folder. Martian takes it and looks it over. It’s the tire print photos from the train yard and docks with new photos added “We checked the truck that big crew where using when Chief Joseph sent that mass squad in for them.” The first techie said “And it matches sir.” Says the second “That crew are the ones who were at the docks, they were our sellers.” Martian looks at them getting further annoyed “So the one case that has nothing to do with the Rising Star, the one that could have kept all those men here is the one you just now salve?” “We’re sorry.” Says the first techie “As we said, we had a lot of cases to work.” Says the second “You know, this little routine of yours is really annoying.” They step back “What routine?” they say in unison. He sends them away before he fires them both, they may be idiots sometimes but they didn’t have another team.


Kosh finally had an interview with top Willoway Bay reporter, Dan Rath, and defended his decision quite eloquently. “We have a fine police force, these men at Rising Star…well, they are still in training. They do not read rights, they do not collect evidence. All they do is beat down someone who looks like they are causing trouble. They are basically vigilantes and the city cannot allow vigilantism.” Devin snickers as he walks out the prison gates and meets with his comrades, they practically talk business right out in the open, with the guards not far away. They got away with it for so long and now this little gift. A car pulled up, the driver lowered the window, giving the six men a nod, directing them to get in.


Now, away from Zackiria, Tetsu starts further training and works on several new gadgets and greatly upgrades his bike in a garage, with booster rockets and such. He starts to target the old Snake gang which was now in the process of recruiting new members. To not only add but replace a few members who didn’t come back after their last beating. Among them was Bull Dozer, apparently not that dumb after all and Manny who had a falling out with his “leader”. The recruits included one calling himself Tye Die, they all wanted to make a name for themselves. Tye, not knowing the others were already making fun of his name. Snake still acting way tougher then he really is gets everybody in line. “You want in this gang, you have to prove your worth. I don’t care if you’re dumb, ugly, fat OR have a ridiculous name as long as you do as you’re told.”


Elsewhere, we see Jay Seven, newly appointed bodyguard of Kosh Lyson. He is formally from the hood and trying everything to stay out of the gang life despite how ruff things have been growing up. He talks to his new boss, asking if he really thinks it was a good idea to release prisoners. Kosh talks about rehabilitation and how people can change if they want to and asks about Jay’s personal situation, pointing out how easy it could have been for him to be a typical gang banger. They move into the next room where Kosh has been called to a meeting. At the meeting Zack, Joseph and the Marcus brother’s question why the mayor would release the prisoners since they did still do illegal deeds. Shouldn’t what the Rising Star guys did for so long count as citizen’s arrest? They ask. Unfortunately Kosh sticks buy his decision saying if they’re so bad, the cops will catch them again. As it just so happens, one of the precinct officers at that moment brings back and books one of the newly released prisoners who apparently couldn’t wait to get back in jail. The day he was first out, he had killed his friend and girlfriend when he caught them in bed together. The guards watched him come in and said “Welcome back.” The police had also found two more bodies from separate areas. One had been hung by a rafter and the other had multiple stab wounds and both arms broken, Delmar is put on the second case by Martin. Delmar feels split. Very glad to be back, even though to him the fact he had to leave in the first place was a crock of shit anyways and thinking. Figures the first case I pull is this massacres that would likely get worse before he could close it. He would look into the hanging as well, just in case they were connected.


Martian slams the phone receiver down several times, everyone looks up toward his office. Obviously he didn’t get good news. He came out of the office and everyone went back to work. He goes over to the filing cabinet and pulls out a folder, flips through and pulls out a page. He searches the desks and heads over to Delgado who stands and salutes before his superior officer gets there. Jack reluctantly returns the salute figuring Delgado would stand like that the whole time otherwise. Jack hands him the photo of Harold Martian he pulled out “I need you to find this guy.” He tells Delgado “He’s as close to a lead as we got on a case that can help us lock up that whole crew again.” Delgado shows frustration for the first time for a split second “They should have never been released sir.” He says “Although I agree completely. Apparently none of the officers involved in that takedown read anyone there rights. I want you to watch him closely but carefully, bring him in on anything.” Delgado saluted again, taking the photo and leaving.


Much later, in an undisclosed location, a drug and ammo sale is taking place. An argument starts up between two men, both of different organizations. Devin steps over and knocks out the antagonist, quickly ending the squabble. He was talked into dabbling in drugs by one of his men, he made a mental note to slap some sense into him later. They didn’t need this extra aggravation. He also had a bad feeling that getting so many different groups together would not be a good idea but none of them where really rival organizations with each other and they had agreed to a peaceful meet. Which was not the case so far, if this was any indication he might be better off killing every one of these men now and save the trouble. Devin had actually increased in reputation since being jailed and NOT revealing anyone he was linked too. Devin pulls out his cell phone and makes a call he didn’t really want to have to make.


At police headquarters, Delmar is looking into his case and finds a link to the previous stabbing case. The same blade was used. Fabrics and some other trace material linked to the hanging as well. Which now makes it officially a serial killer, as he half figured. DNA could not be found on the knife left at the second scene however, figures that too. So they still had nothing to find their killer. He wishes the killings weren’t so all over the place and had some kind of pattern to fallow he starts looking into killers with stabbings involved, finding several hit’s which only slightly narrowed the field. He starts to feel more determined to catch whoever the culprit is despite the odds. He just got back, and he wasn’t going to let a minor difficulty slow him down.


Later in the day, in a more secure location, the man who questioned the merchandise and started the fight during Devin’s sale is hung up next to a pillar by his wrists, a foot off the ground. Devin calls two men over, one who was close to Harold and John and his friend, the one who suggested dealing in drugs, which caused the problem. Devin gave a nod and the one man who jammed an icepick into his friend’s heart with barely a flinch. Devin then gives the hung trouble maker a few shocks, in more ways than one. Jace in the area, having spent the day in the upper office, sees this and decides to prolong his stay in this city, he would not call the cops till he knew more about this man with the electro powers, he leaves before he is spotted.


Devin still taunting his pray as the others watch quietly, steps aside as the big boss walks in. Kosh Lyson steps forward quietly, paces in front of the victim and gives the man a few shots to the kidney’s, repeatedly saying how they can NOT afford any screw ups or arguing or anything else that will draw attention to their activities. And that this was a very sensitive operation and the best way to run a crime “business” is quietly. He called all these men to let them in on what was going to be the biggest and most profitable enterprise they had ever been in and if done properly, not a person OUTSIDE of who was there would know about it. Furthermore stating that the product was above standards, the product he cared about being the Russian ammunitions, Kosh’s homeland. “Do you think I worked my way into the mayor’s office just so you could take it away? This was supposed to make everything easier.” Kosh said and he then picks up a crow bar and breaks the man’s windpipe and orders Devin to bury him somewhere. No one else had any further questions or complaints and the drug trade would be cut out.


In an alley somewhere north, Tetsu continues working on his bike, painting it and detailing his bike suit and helmet to resemble a Samurai garb. He now has an extendable bow staff among other neat toys; he gets his gear on and heads out to deal with his old rivals, regardless of the new city rules. Zackira and the Marcus brothers and now even several citizens continue to protest the shutdown of their training facility and the release of the prisoners to the deputy mayor and others, reporters getting the scoop. Despite the fact that many agreed with them, aside from letting them fight criminals and such. All they could do was take it up with the mayor who they knew would not change his mind. It didn’t make much sense if there was still a majority that agreed with them. Didn’t they overrule the mayor? But the trio is soon escorted from the building by Jay and the rest of the security team. Afterwards, the brother’s meat up with Matthew at the neighborhood café to talk. Mostly just about former jobs they had, and hated or stupid movies, anything other than the shut down or any kind of fighting. Gabriel, of course couldn’t help himself and ranted a bit about “How could the mayor be so dumb? How could he question the integrity of Zackiria and Rising Star?” Kevin and Matthew simply told him to shut up about that already. A city poll was taken and still sixty-nine present agreed that the Rising Star are not the real law so they agreed with Kosh, however controversial.


The Snake gang had gained a few new recruits who were sent on “Mischief” drives; Tetsu watches them through a set of specialized binoculars he made, with night, heat, ultra violet and x-ray vision. As the gang now starts up their recruit fight, the final four would brawl, Tye was one of them. He still thought to himself “Why doesn’t this gang keep all of us on instead of just the one that wins?”


Tired of watching what turned out to be a rather pathetic brawl for all, Testu rides his bike into the fray. He tosses what seems to be grenades out but as they explode, they unravel a bunch of long fabric that wraps around its target, one of the fighters. He then jump’s off his bike and uses the new extendable bow taking out a large portion of the older members. Snake himself keeping his distance as he sends the newbie’s to do the dirty work, that’s what they’re there for, right?


Suddenly the new Drugs and Gangs task force is upon them, holding their guns at everyone and telling the biker to drop his weapon. Tetsu looks around, whips out his grappling hook and ascends out of harm’s way leaving the police gawking up silently till one of them finally exclaims “That guy has watched way too much Batman.” The task force rounds up all the gang members, Snake and Tye however managed to escape during the fiasco.


Jace, having followed Devin, discovers him and his men loading another arsenal that was to be shipped out onto a truck. He charges in and the two men fight and things are even for a while. And somehow with the sparks and fire being thrown around the other men with Devin, finish loading and start the truck. Devin jumping onto the back of the truck to escape, Jace chasing after as best he could being flipped off by Zappy, Jace couldn’t come up with a better code name.


Zackiria and Gabriel decide to look into the new mayor with very little luck. There was nothing on him from before he came to the city, even if he had done a lot of good here since his arrival they couldn’t believe someone with no background to check had become Mayor. Gabriel tried to ensure his mentor that it would work out but even he wasn’t sure. Matthew was at the library, looking at e-mails and job availabilities. It unfortunately felt like old times. Once again, despite high qualifications, he was unable to land a fulltime job. He had found a part-time printing job, that he at least actually liked but it wouldn’t help in the long run.


At the police station, the gang members are being rallied up for their mug shots and put into cells. All the process of paper work being done. Chief Jack Martin commends Frank and the new team on a job well done and hopes this is a sign that things truly are going to get better. More officers bring in car jackers, muggers, and a guy selling guns out the back of his van who accidently sold to an officer in skivvies. The police now scoffing at the low ambitions and idiocy of these criminals.


Kevin practiced Bruce Lee’s famous one inch punch on a hanging bag in the living room for half an hour, each time seeming to be disappointed with the lack of force in the hit. Matthew walked in with groceries that he put away. Kevin kept at it, Matthew looked over as he finished stocking the fridge. He could tell Kevin was board, as was he. It was crazy that they had gotten use to Zackiria and all they had to do at Rising Star. Matthew finally came forward with his real name and Kevin asked “Why did you change it? I mean I like it and all but why move AND change your name? Are you on witness protection?” Matthew said “No. I guess I really don’t have a good reason, seemed like a good Idea at the time.” He still had a point though, ever since Matthew gave the fake name he was hardly ever referred to as Matsumoto. “Well, whatever I guess.” Kevin said “It’s your name, your welcome to change it for whatever reason….Matsumoto.”


Around three AM that night, another body is found, crushed by a TV in an ally. The TV had been spray painted with some kind of insignia, a Z logo wrapped in wire with a wolf head. More minor evidence to link with the past cases. DT. Delmar starts to look into this logo, now the killer was making it a little too easy, well easier. The M.O. however was all over the place. Why would he stab two, hang one and smash a TV over another? Was the TV just handy?


Kosh, is in his office talking over plans with Devin. “So. Did the young Mr. Demingez make it home safe? I’d hate to think that after all that time his father would think that we wouldn’t honor the agreement.” “Of course, sir.” Devin said “And we all wore masks the whole time and I’m the only one who knows we work for you and I sure as hell didn’t mention your name.” “Good.” Kosh then asks if everyone is keeping quiet and friendly now. Devin congratulates Kosh on opening a new park and remolding a hospital the day before. Both doing a good job of making the citizens happy. Jay walks into the room and the meeting immediately ends and Devin walks out. Jay gets told off and Kosh asking him what was so important to come into his office unannounced. Jay told him about the meeting Zack had with the deputy mayor. Which was actually several hours ago but Kosh wasn’t even in till some time ago. Kosh seemed not to care about that so he was still pissed and told Jay to get out while he still had a job. Deep in the basement of the police precinct, DT. Delmar finds an old student’s logo from that was plastered all over the area surrounding a school in the east end. Once upon a time that matched what he found on the TV. He now had a name and would work on finding his new address. Seven more formerly released prisoners had been relocated back to jail, the police where now getting a good laugh at how bad these guys where at staying out of trouble and avoiding police detection.


Jack Martian questions Harold about his truck. “It’s my truck, I own it. Of course my finger prints are on it.” Harold says. “What goes in the truck is none of my business, I just drive from place to place.” “And why was your truck at the docks?” Martian asked. “That warehouse and the docks have been closed for ages, you had no reason to be at either and yet you were.” Harold shifted in his seat “I can’t make some extra money on the side?” he asks. As the hours rolled on, it was obvious to Jack He would get nowhere with this. If Harold was working with that crew, which Jack was pretty sure he was. He wasn’t going to give them up.


Kevin, Gabriel and Matthew meet up at a bar/club and look over Kosh’s background to see if there was anything Gabriel and Zack missed earlier. For Matthew it was just something to keep his mind busy. They were very seriously thinking of hiring a detective to do this work, since they were getting nowhere. Kevin say’s “I’m starting to think that we’re only doing this because we want to find something so bad.” “There must be something.” Gabriel says “No one just drops in out of nowhere.” They start to reminisce about old times. Good and bad. Mostly bad, but they still kinda laugh about most of it…well, not Gabriel. Kevin finally speaks up on Zackiria’s behalf as well saying “As crazy hard and possibly dangerous as those challenges he gave us where. When you got them done, man did you feel just totally awesome about yourself? Like nothing could stop you.” we also clinked our glasses together in remembrance of poor Aiden.


With new leads on a suspect and a new victim found with his eyes taken out, a pair of officers are sent to the crime scene to wait for the coroner while DT. Andrew Delmar and a crew head off, no lights or siren, unlike most of the cop shows and movies. And bash down the door belonging to Zane Riles and make an arrest. Now able to link his DNA to the crimes they had everything they needed to put him away. His lawyer, when he got one, would more than likely go for the insanity plea. They would still have to figure out the reason behind these acts, but for now, he was not talking.


Several days later, Kosh, Jay and other’s come into the same bar/club that The Marcus brothers and Matthew had been using while they study their foe. They don’t noticing the trio. Kosh order’s Jay to remain guard outside the privet room they had reserved. Emphasizing that no one, including him, was to come in. Devin was already waiting in the room with some clients. Jace had followed Devin and was waiting outside with a bike, debating on his next move. He eventually calls the police to cause a commotion, he didn’t care who got arrested as long as he got to talk to Zappy or whatever his real name was and find out what his story is. Inside the brother’s and Matthew watch the room from their table. If anything was going to go down, they wanted to know.


Matthew looks over at Kevin and says “I dare you to go in there.” He counters “I’m not going alone, you’d better back me up.” his brother and Matthew follow as he gets up. They ask to see the mayor. Jay of course would not allow this. He and Kevin start a bar fight, after very little talk. Throwing punches like a pair of thugs. Jay is pretty good, considering he hadn’t had anywhere near the same kind of training. Gabriel, goes after two of the other body guards while Matthew kicks the door down and heads into the room, causing a huge argument. Guns are drawn and the place erupts with gun fire. Matthew hides behind a counter not wanting to find out whether or not he’s bullet proof. Gabriel is not so lucky when he enters the room and takes a hit in the shoulder. This got way out of control faster than Matthew could have possibly imagined. But at least it proved Kosh was connected to some unsavory acts, otherwise there would be no need for gunfire. The cops rush in, people are frantic to get out as all kinds of craziness goes down. With Kevin and Jay still going at it, Jay delivering a body blow directly followed by a haymaker. Kevin staggers but remains standing. Smiling back, he’s about to hit back till the cops break it up and cuff them both. Moments after the room riot started, Devin and Kosh had escaped out the back. Keeping cover, Matthew soon makes his way to the door and out as well. Heading out he bumps into Jace who gets on his bike and chases after the bad guys who had gotten into a getaway vehicle. Matthew had to commandeer a car of his own so he could also make pursuit. Thank you whoever left your keys in the ignition, you poor fool. Matthew is unsure what the other man could possibly want with Kosh and his associate as he chased after everyone. Gabriel is loaded into an ambulance as the criminal clients are loaded into the transport truck, good day to be a cop.


Kosh and Devin argue as their driver speeds down the street “That was the guy who took me down before who busted in there. Those Rising Star idiots keep sticking their nose in our business.” Devin said “It could have been fine if our guest’s didn’t freak out and start shooting right away.” After winding through the city and temporarily losing sight of the car a few times, the guy in the hood and Matthew catch up with it down by the docks. Devin steps out to greet them, the rest of the car however was empty. Somewhere along the way Kosh must have switched vehicles. The three men stare down, no one knows who’s on what side. They start to fight, all powers are shown off rather quickly. Devin is the first to go down as Matthew clubs him over the head. Jace questions both of them about other powers while Devin is still conscious and asks if they know William Savage. They were both clueless as to who he was talking about and had completely separate explanations as to their powers then he was apparently expecting. Devin claiming it was a result of using experimental equipment, most likely during something illegal, which malfunctioned. He would not speak of anything else but of course. It hardly mattered now since Matthew and the others already knew what Kosh was up to, or at least knew that he was definitely up to no good. Jace Axle and Matthew brought Devin to the police station.


At the station, despite a big argument, the police had to let Devin go because even if they did have anything to hold him on, which they didn’t. He was still caught by forces outside the police and therefore could not be arrested. If they had known Devin had powers, they might have thought differently, then again, how would they be able to contain him? “What about citizen’s arrest? We know this guy’s a creep and a criminal. We’ve brought him in before, your own guy’s where there! Are you at least going to keep an eye on him?” Matthew asked. Chief Martin came in and told them what they were going to do was up to them and not their problem.  But it was very likely he would be put on a watch list. Jace steps outside and while there Matthew sees Gabriel posting Kevin’s bail, Devin also posts Jay’s bail while he’s there. The five of them standing in the precinct having another stare down until the former members of Rising Star leave. Devin makes a pit stop before he and Jay leave, moments later the police find all the recently captured felons killed. Many with mysterious electrical burns.


With everything more or less settled, Jace and Matthew continue their conversation outside and become quick friends. Matt introduced himself As Matthew Silverstone, it was just easier that way.


Manny, now finally out of Snake’s shadow, puts together a new crew. While outside the city another gang comes in with their fancy Japanese cars and music blaring, purple dragon logos on the side of the cars.






…to be continued in City of WAR

© Copyright 2020 Mathew Nicol. All rights reserved.

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