“The hunter”

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It was becoming dark one night and a hunter was on his way home. He new he would not make it home that night so he decided to stop and set up a tent. 


After he put the tent up, it was around 11 at night so he got inside his tent out in the middle of the woods and zipped it up. He fell asleep to the sounds of nature all around him, bats flying around and the howling of wolves. The man was a hunter so he was not generally scared easily. 


However around 3 in the morning he woke up to a loud crash sound. He immediately stood up inside the tent and listened carefully being quiet in case of a bear. However he didn’t here anything. He fell back asleep. A few minutes later he heard another noise and this time he saw the zipper on his tent was slowly getting pushed down. He jumped and grabbed ahold of the zipper. Whatever was trying to unzip his tent left. 


The next morning, the hunter woke up at around 8 am. He unzipped his tent and froze as he was staring up at a group of people who had surrounded his tent. About thirty people were watching him. He screamed. The people took off in different directions. He ran as fast as he could fill he got to his car. He called the police who did a report and told the hunter to call the park rangers. So the hunter called up the rangers.


The hunter explained what had happened. The ranger freaked out and said “it happened again? I thought these people were gone? This happened a few years ago, this group of

People you saw for whatever reason decided to live in the woods. They are a cult group. Your lucky you didn’t get killed. “They tried to unzip my tent late at night.” “Your lucky you caught that because if they had unzipped that tent they would have killed you for sure.

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Great story! I feel like the end could be stronger...

Wed, July 6th, 2022 4:38pm

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