A Woman's Prerogative

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A lot of people would say 'sexy' is about the body. But to me, 'sexy' is a woman with confidence. I admire women who have very little fear.

Allegra Versace

Submitted: January 17, 2019

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Submitted: January 17, 2019



A Woman’s Prerogative

Bathe my mind with wisdom
Cleanse my naked soul in truth
Guild the freedom of my spirit to the hereafter  
My footprints marked, engraved

The sweetest tidal wave of time washed upon the sands of time  
Whispers, oh thy sweet whispers  
Sinking me, stealing me, sheds of me left  
Mirror mirror on the wall  

Protect my reflection from the fall  
My vessel of existence falters, yet divinity within a touch  
Where art thou woman  
I bow to unite with Mother Nature’s creed  

Absence within of its generation seed  
Yet bowing unto the world, healing the body with a gentle of ease  
My heart, my mind, my soul  
Trinity adopted through the passage of the womb

Earth survival to the fittest  
Walking with hands out, the world, give unto me in its entirety  
Framed snapshots of lives  
Tears of time, for the fallen, the persecuted, the whoremonger, the jezebel  

Oh, sweet Lilith glory to be for the sins of me  
Even the helm of Jesus’ garment was touched for the taste of salvation  
The conviction of one’s soul lost  
Dark souls’ purpose to patrol  

From the cocoon of darkness into the light  
Spiritual blessed and anointed in our beautiful nakedness
Clothed by society hatred, jealousy, greed  
To allow a woman to be, conform by the regality of my presence  


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