Soul Of An Unborn One

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Before someone steals this message, be sure you have a new thought never forgettable how we are worth here. :)

Submitted: January 17, 2019

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Submitted: January 17, 2019



Time passess by,

Your memories rest on some gestures,

What got seperated from the living truth,

Still never forgets the possible scripts,

When you travel away into a mysterious destiny,

Where the order expects you may call the unborn one,

Back into this lifetime as your own myth,

All the soul ever wished for,

Makes the loved one so recall a friendship,

When you speak about love,

It shares something we acted upon,

Where the self itself messaged the soul within,

To live fullest in a dream that united humanity,

Here a darkness keeps us back tracking the forgetful,

Who mimics the game so strange,

Into the light that shines from our heavenly star,

A soul watched every angels who rinse for care,

A song never forgets every soul who are gifted for comeback,

Lived in an epic we are waiting for this call,

A soul of an unborn one passes by these streets,

Where the greater than creation bury many unforgetable forgiveness,

Here the shade of our landscape is not even,

Nor over the scope where this exist,

Even secrets only unkept this mystery,

Someone signed our trust into these thoughts as a mirage,

Though remains on its trials,

Life seem so unborn one always for freshness,

We do consume the traits of our energy giving us one star,

So delighted to be the witness we may comeback for our home,

Far behind these watchful eyes,

Silent heavenly home loved to craft us something so near,

It is given we are caught up vested for a vision within,

The magic of our unborn one creates this intimacy,

We are helpful for the daring spirit,

Who always held far those daily silence,

One day the soul of an unborn one asked me,

Why do you secure a gift God reaps for all mysteries unborn?

I always thought about this imagination,

But never gaveaway the illusion of being one,

As I always started my day with this spirit,

Being an unborn one made my soul recreate everything,

I always loved to care for those who needed a time for our truth,

As may be our Sun shines where the energy is divine,

So my unborn living Earth gives us a message for our takeaway,

And where our days reside,

For the soul and how it managed the friendly will of the divinity,

Made me always start than being late on time,

If I start within our struggles in life,

To learn as we grow,

And to give as we loved,

How will the soul that never ends the process without living more to life,

Ask me what you can do beyond offering a helping hand,

When we need this more than anything,

Everyone who may know the soul of an unborn one,

Will never keep the hardships in our lives,

As a time give credit for what we can do more for others,

With what our teacher had,

The world rejoiced in a daily giveaway,

When the soul entertained the questions for a importance,

When the life execised the quest for a promise,

When the body exchanged the living for a giving,

What will answer the scripts in our soul of an unborn one?

Silent without saying anything if you may make it,

Make our world a better place for those who will be the born one,

Without the unborn one we only cannot make the worth shine for the entire humanity,

For the genuiness that created our universe,

Gifted the entire creation for giving a day more for the unborn one within us,

God who crafts the entire wisdom may nourish those scripts,

It is a human who ever made the Sun shine so challenged,

For the living Earth is made for an unborn one,

From the eternity that lights a mysterious energy given by our stars in the heaven,

Far there lives our story always wanted us as a caretaker where we are born as a star,

One day again our night sky will witness these constellations,

May be it is difficult to understand where it takes us,

But the future we create,

And our creation the future honors,

Has a big difference,

More we just come together for some grants of daily lifeline,

We only become the passage of a transitory lifetime,

Today God wanted us and brings before all,

A craft from the bible of our carpenter,

Let us make it ignite the passion of our saviour,

To greet those whose belonginess made us honor the trust worthly,

May we plant those story in a history of an unborn one,

For this is a day we stand united to end hatred,

Not giving away a time shaded with peace,

For our anger without regret is a strange coincidence,

Where the journey never ends,

Still make us know we are a special gift,

Let us be the time of an unborn one,

May we never fall without understanding where we are now...

© Copyright 2019 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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