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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: January 17, 2019

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Submitted: January 17, 2019



Entry Number 12 // Jan 14 3:00 am  

I renamed my spaceship "Home", I think it's fitting. Considering the situation I'm in.

The original name was nice for a 3 year mission, but if I'm gonna live the rest of my years here, I might as well adapt it to the situation.

I told ground control, and they didn't refuse, it's not like they can do much about it. What are they gonna do? Leave me stranded in space? hahahahahhahaha.....

I made myself sad.

Entry Number 13 // Jan 15 2:00 pm

I talked to my wife for hours today.

I miss my dog.

Entry Number 14// Jan 20 9:00 pm 

I finally have internet!!!!!!!!

Tim wasn't happy about it, but who cares!!!!1!!! I can watch netflix!! I can talk trough skype!!!!

Entry Number 15// Jan 21 1:00 am 

I ain't going to sleep!!! I got a twitter (an almost a million followers!!!) I have skyped with everyone I know!!
I gave my dog a tour of the station.
Tim has attempted to enter "The internet" several times right now, they insist to keep me informed of their progress.
324 times...

They have just informed me, it's 328 times since I started typing

Entry Number 16// Jan 21 7:00am 

Please let me sleep :/
Tim won't let me, they hasve increased his volume to the max. 
He knows humans can't sleep with such noise.

On another note, ground control follows me on twitter, and they don't appreciate jokes about surrendering "The internet" to be able to sleep.

What will they do, ground me?....

I really need to sleep.

Entry Number 17// Jan 22 3:00pm

I have slept for so long, also Tim won't talk to me. 
They did insisted in talking to my dog trough skype, apparently they tought a dog might be easier to manipulate than a human.
Sometimes I fear having them as my only companion in my life in space, but then things like this happen.

Entry Number 18// Jan 27 11:00am

Ground Control and Tim have something in common, they both read my twitter, and have no sense of humor.
They are mad at me for comparing them to an "evil-childish-siri-wannabe"

Tim still doesn't have access to internet, but they sometimes read over my shoulder while I am on twitter trough the security cameras.

Entry Number 19// Jan 28 4:00 pm

Sometimes I don't know what to do, sometimes I want to better myself, learn anything I can, perhaps take some college courses.
Sometimes I wonder if there's a point and if there's really anything stopping me from watching every single title available on Netflix.
Sometimes I miss my wife.

Entry Number 20// Feb 3 9:00am

Can Tim be taught love, empathy, and the basic rules of decency that could lead them to be able to cooperate with the human race?

Who cares, Tim has learnt how to whistle, its a beautiful mess..

Entry Number 21// Feb 7 3:00 pm

On another note, I have to post a sticky note to remind myself to be careful not to write this log on twitter

I talked with my psychologist (courtesy of ground control), I let her read some of my entries.

She said that I was "Not expressing myself accordingly, and internalizing the conflicting emotions that I am going trough"

Entry Number 22// Feb 11 10:00 pm

Today I made s

Entry Number 23// Feb 12 1:00 am


Entry Numb

Entry Number 25// Feb 12 11:00 pm

This is going to be a very long entry...
I mean we,
I'll let Tim write their own entry tomorrow

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