Songs from Home

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Space is lonely sometimes. Companion to this:

Submitted: January 17, 2019

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Submitted: January 17, 2019



Today was one of those nights where he couldn’t sleep, honestly who could with this view. Stars don’t help you asleep, stars are the ones that keep you awake. Most nights, sleepless nights, where he couldn’t help but stare, watch them dance. Envy their dancing, envy their freedom.

He felt like air, he felt like nothing and everything, at the same time. The home he lived in, and the emptiness inside it. So he began to sing, songs he knew, remembered, cherished. So he began to scream, curses and guilts, and accusations that he never dared to think of. He began to cry, his voice losing sound as time went by.

He grew quiet. His home became silent, and the loneliness became more real than ever, he felt alone. Suddenly, the quietness decreased, a soft hum filled his spaceship, his home. His quiet sobs slowly came to a stop, as Tim’s melody made the stars shine brighter, even trough the man’s tears. The silence left, and  so did the loneliness, a little. 

He couldn’t sleep the rest of the night, his emotions where still there, raw and threatening to surround him again. The upside was that Tim couldn’t sleep as well, they weren’t programmed to. He wondered what where they programmed to do now, he knew Tim had altered themselves, plenty of times, never tries to hide it, sometimes they even announce it out loud. Tonight was the first time, he wondered, if perhaps those alterations, could be good.

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