City of WAR (revised)

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic
part two of the continued story from Matsumoto: Rising Star.

Submitted: January 17, 2019

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Submitted: January 17, 2019



Kevin, Gabriel, Jace and Matthew are all standing outside the police station (starting where the last story left off). They decide not to say anything about Kosh’s connection to the criminal’s the police just arrested. Figuring that without proof the police would suspect the group were making false accusations because of the loss of our facility. They all go their separate ways for now, Jace and Matthew still discussing between themselves about our powers in privet. He asked “So, you say you got your strength from a freak bolt of lightning in a thunderstorm? How does that even work? Shouldn’t it take more than that like some kind of chemical or whatever?” “Who am I, Professor Science?” Matthew said “I’m gonna claim it an act of god and leave it at that.” Matthew tries to get more information about the whole General Savage thing. Jace told him it was best for him not to know and he really wasn’t planning on staying long. Inside Jack Martin is furious, things were going so well, the last three weeks or so and now they had six bodies in their cells. The coroner would have a terrible time trying to explain this with no evidence and no idea of where the electricity came from. Chief Martin wanted to know why no one was keeping an eye on thing’s and no one had an answer for that either. Later that day a press conference is held where Kosh Lyson tells the city that he will be stepping down as mayor to pursue other ventures and makes deputy mayor Joseph Hamilton the new mayor. This was likely done to keep investigations away from him, not that any of the RS crew had any idea what he was really up to. Kosh then buys up some factories, clubs, the steel works, a place by the docks and an abandoned office building now to open as KLL enterprises with Jay Seven as the head of security. Not everything is done in the one day of course. Among others, Jeffery Ellis, the supervisor and union rep of the steel factory where laid off. Jeff was really upset, because this new owner comes in and just gets rid of everyone? Who was gonna work the place for him, a bunch of newbies who didn’t know what they were doing?


Early the next day, Franchesca DeLane, transferred from another district with some military background, reports to duty to Chief Martin. She seemed despondent and he asked her if she was ready to work, as if it made a difference. She told him “Good to go, looking forward to a fresh start.” She was a very by the book type of girl and she knew what the deal was.

Later, at city hall, during the swearing in of new mayor, Joseph Hamilton, a large gang of thugs calling themselves El Diablos make their presence felt. Driving in on bikes and revving their motors loudly, led by Manny, formally of the Snake gang. Now on his own with a bigger badder gang and not taking orders from Snake. This was simply to put the city on alert of course and it didn’t take long for the Purple Dragons, a yakuza gang, to also come into the city square to announce their arrival. A gang war erupts, people run around screaming but the police are already on the scene and contain the situation quickly. This wasn’t the best strategy on either gang’s behalf. The gangs retreating to fight another day, people cheer their police force for a job well done. That afternoon, in a Tim Horton’s, the Marcus brothers hire a private detective to find out information on Kosh Lyson. All that detective work bored them, better to leave it to a pro anyways. They would give him five days, if he found nothing, there was nothing to find. Mr. Lyson would have covered his tracks well. There was no way that meeting they busted in on was for school funding or road work or anything legal. Elsewhere, Jeff and his old crewmen are protesting the loss of their jobs and are joined by other recently unemployed as well as Devin, Sandra and Dan with some ulterior motives. Neither Devin nor Sandra were happy to be there so they fit right in.


Somewhere in one of the many neibourhoods, Brian Alexander (no relation to former Chief Joseph Alexander) and his friends hold their own wrestling match, using mattresses and such. Obviously when the advertisements say to “Don’t try this at home.” they take it as a dare. When suddenly, they hear a commotion, not caused by them. They look over the fence and see the El Diablo’s making a claim on the area, wanting a junkyard/mechanics shop in the area to run their business. Brian and his buds didn’t want any gangs near them because it would just bring fear and make the street a crapwhole….and also ruin their good time.


Mayor Hamilton decides to re-open Rising Star as a normal training facility, which would not have anything to do with street justice and would now be under the tutelage of the Marcus Brother’s rather than Zackiria. Zackiria was not happy to hear he wouldn’t be the trainer but agreed, feeling as long as the brother’s trained to his previous fortitude it would be good enough…perhaps. He asked the brother’s to keep up with getting rid of fear and strengthen the body and weapons training, that hopefully wouldn’t be necessary. “I don’t even care if you do some three day Zombie survival course, just get more students and make them strong.” He said. Before they knew it, he was gone and the facility was theirs. Sometime the next morning while walking to the liberty Matthew encounters Jessica Luv, They talk and Matthew mentions that RS is reopened and with Zackira no longer running thing’s she might be welcome back. If she wanted. She said she would think about it but Matthew figured she would still stay away, she may have liked Matthew but the Marcus brothers, especially Gabrial, not so much. Even so, Matthew thought, a little more professional training could help.


TV’s and radios around the city are talking about a “Motorcycle Samurai” who got in-between a gang and the police, his bike was now in custody. The individual himself still on the loose. A member of the Purple Dragon’s tells his partner to turn off the radio, the group of them talk about the ridiculous news as they are about to strike a business and are immediately attacked by Tetsu…the former “Motorcycle Samuri” but manage to escape with only one man really hurt. Tetsu was really annoyed with himself for letting so many escape, mumbling to himself as he tied the one up to a post.



In a huge, fancy mansion, west of Little Italy, Tony Tekezi, the Don of the Tekezi family, is informed of the foiled attack of one of their families many controlled businesses. He jokes about maybe thanking this vigilante character. He’s glad that they can continue running things without interference like they have been doing in the city for forty plus years now. Having some friends in the district attorney’s office for the last six helped a lot. The Dorian had been the only ones foolish enough to cause problems and it got them sent to an early grave. His brother Andrew however was not amused about the apparent new gang trying to take what belonged to their family, even if they didn’t know who they were pissing off. The protest group of Jeff, Devin and other unemployed stand outside Jeff’s old workplace. Sometime during the protest, Sandra and Dan sneak off and mess with the electrical system. They didn’t understand the point of this but figured there must be a reason. Franchesa is amongst many who confront and calm the rioters down and force them to leave.


The Purple Dragon’s expand their territory some. The leader, Yan Wa talks to his men, and is enthusiastic about their progress. He calls forward the group that was attacked by Tetsu earlier that day. The Dragons lived by the bushido code and Yan demanded that the lead guy of that group honor that code. He does knowing the alternative is a much more excruciating execution by Tsung, the gang enforcer. The rest of the group ask him why they came to this city. Yan said that he was told “anonymously” that this was a weak city with hardly any crime or competition, and only a few weak gangs that would have to be eliminated and that the cops where soft. Most of what was told proved to be right so far. They didn’t understand why their leader would make a move like this based off of an anonymous tip, it seemed extremely foolish. His enforcer Tsung ensured there were no more questions or disloyalty even if the men didn’t trust this “anonymous helper”.


The El Diablo’s hang out in a bar, once again that they have claimed as their own. Throwing darts at a few scared customers. Drinking loads of alcohol without paying and playing some Mexican music on the radio. They had a soccer game on TV and made themselves at home when they are jumped by six wrestlers, all wearing luchador masks. Bar stools are swung, bottles are thrown, noses are broken and blood is spilled, and the El Diablos get out while the getting is good. The bar owner is only half glad that they are gone, since his bar still got wrecked in the process. The luchas did some group pose like the power rangers and left. Once a fair distance away, Brian and his friend’s remove their masks and laugh. They managed to fight off a gang of thugs and make them look foolish.


During the night at another bar, Kevin hits on this young rookie cop, Franchesca, who had just come off a long shift. She flirts a bit but is more playing hard to get then anything, so for now Kevin was unsuccessful. As if that was going to stop him. Gabriel pokes fun at him none the less for his strike out. While everyone else seemed to be out doing other things, Matthew showed Jace around the Rising Star facilities and told him a few of the stories of things they went through. He muffled under his breath something like “Man, even my training wasn’t that bad.” But maybe it was just in Matthew’s head. At KLL industries, which is still under minor construction, Jay sits at his desk in the security office. He’s finding this job incredibly boring, but at least it paid well.


The Purple Dragon’s once again try to attack a Tekezi owned business front (illegal gambling in back) though they obviously don’t know it’s a front for a much more powerful syndicate. This time the gang task force retaliates, scaring them off again. The squad looks into the new gang as well as the two targeted places to see if there is any particular reason for these places being targeted. They also obviously close down the gambling. The El Diablo’s come back to their recently obscured club house to find graphite. Manny is pretty pissed that someone would be brave or foolish enough to annoy his gang and wants to find out who’s doing it.


About this time, The Marcus brothers go into the police station and talk business with Jack Martin. Trying to convince him that letting the RS do their thing is better for the city and there just might be things the regular police cannot handle but Jack would not listen to reason…not yet at least. Kevin also talks to Franchesca who he saw at her desk on his way out. Still not mentioning he’s now the head of Rising Star, which is pretty out of character to be quite honest. She does seem to like him but still playing hard to get. Gabriel gives his brother another good ribbing about that for a long while. Jace, Jessica and Matthew show off our abilities for a bit, in a more secure training room. Feeling freer about it now, glad to have someone to share this kind of thing with. They also discuss the whole Kosh Lyson thing for a bit, trying to figure out his plan and why he would now give up the power of mayor to do….whatever. Jace wasn’t particularly interested in that part though.


The Tekezi’s are furious with the now second attack and many of the lower member’s wanted to go to war. Janet advises her brothers, that it would still be bad business to let a few failed attacks draw themselves out. Again a member of the Purple Dragons commits Hari Kiri while a half dozen more men are pulled in, the new guys are advised by the ones who had already been their “No matter how dumb this seems, do not say anything or ask questions. Even IF we were in fact lied to about the weak cops and who knows what else.”


Jeffery Ellis and then others, however, DO start asking questions about if their protests are doing any good, and what the odds are the place they were at had a black out. Many of them, including most of Jeff’s fellow employee’s had already backed out of the group. The few that remained where simply their out of their own stubbornness or they felt they were right. Jeff had erased a message on his phone that day as soon as Kosh Lyson’s name was used. Back in the somewhat more run down neibourhood, Brian and his masked friends attack some more of the El Diablos while they are at the liquor store. One of the gang members gets speared through a window, another gets introduced to the hood of his car. But they are throwing it back just as bad. Smashing a case of beer on one of the lucha’s heads, aisles are being knocked and alcohol spilled over. The owner fires a warning shot from his shotgun and demands that all of them get the hell out. A little north of there, and half an hour later, Tetsu deals with more of that group, including Manny. Brian watches as the samurai guy attacks more ferociously and with just all out better skill then he and his friends. Unarmed then using his extending pole he took them down one by one. Manny put up a good fight but had to leave before he too was down and woke up in jail like the others. They wouldn’t be there long since they were being taken out by a vidulantee but he didn’t want to get caught none the less.


Late in the day, Jess and Matthew go out, cause there wasn’t much to do in the academy at the time. A few of the old students had returned and Kevin and Gabriel had a match to draw new students. It worked beautifully, seven people came to check the place out. The day before all they did was focus and concentration tests. Matthew told Jess about his resent update on his resume and the surprising lack of luck finding full-time employment. Along the way they find Sandra with a few members of the protest group, she makes a run for it, at average speed at first, and Jess and Matt give chase. The other protesters unaware why the chase was happening. After they’re out of sight Sandra kicks into high gear, Jess starts to fly, at a low altitude but even then we lose her, only to now find Dan. Jess’s brother. Who they did catch. Matthew held him while Jess questions him, sadly he knows almost as much as they already did, which was not much. Apparently his association was low and forced, he was a pawn in the game. Matthew asked Jess what she wanted to do and she said to let him go for now. At KLL industries, Jay Seven starts to take on multiple hobbies. Knitting, skateboarding, loads of reading, drawing. He also had the high score in most of the computer games but still felt like his brain was melting out of his ears. Gabriel meets with Zackiria who, of course asks about Rising Star. Who came back? If there were any new trainees. How hard they were being pushed, and was underwhelmed when he found out that other than Jace they had four recruits and one other person come by who might want to join but hasn’t yet. Zackira pretty much told Gabriel, “If that guy hasn’t made his decision then don’t take him even if he does come back. Your whole heart needs to be in this sort of thing.” After the meeting, he went out to look for Tetsu.


El Diablos, the Purple Dragons and even the protest group attack separately owned businesses of the Tekezi family. The El Diablos striking a fish market near their area, which happened to be a cover for Diamond smuggling. The Tekezi organization are even angrier about the continuous strikes against them and know that this is no longer accidental or coincidence. They could do nothing about the protest group who merely sabotaged some machinery. Especially since they were civilian. It made no sense though since all their businesses were doing well. But the others would now face the consequences.  They had no idea the kind of force that would come down on them now. If the family could do it without bringing the cops back to their door, even better. Andrew ensured his brother that they would find the El Diablo and the Purple Dragons, wherever those rats were hiding and exterminate them. And find how they came apron their operations.


The task force is taking heat from the building gang activity, Frank assures the public they are working on the situation and will stop these gangs soon. That despite appearances these where still low level gangs, bigger ones already eliminated. Popularity amongst the public for the Hamilton was low and declining fast. Devin phones Kosh, reporting on his progress, as if he wouldn’t have heard in the news already. Devin wasn’t happy about this job, he felt his skills were more useful elsewhere. This nonsense was beneath him. But they laugh about the ease of manipulating the Dragons. “With luck the Tekezi’s will not be able to hide themselves for much longer.” Kosh said “Not with all these forces coming at them. In a week the rest of the gangs will either kill each other off or be in jail.” In the meantime, any damage they caused to the city looked bad on Kosh’s replacement and when the police did a good job, it looked good for Kosh. Because he was the one that started the changes there. As well, the businesses he had taken were also doing very well which of course made Kosh look like some kind of business genus to the city. The group that Devin is with however is pissed, sabotage was not what they signed up for. Devin was lucky they had just come in and didn’t hear any of the conversation. He says, after hanging up the phone “Sometimes you have to do extreme stuff. Things you wouldn’t normally do in order to get your message across.” Also telling them they have more to do still. Devin almost felt sorry for these guys but in staying with this for as long as they had, it was partially their own fault. Jeff doesn’t like any of this but he doesn’t like not working and not getting paid either so he decides to help, reluctantly.


Late in the night. Tetsu sneaks in and recovers his bike from the impound lot. Not far, Brian, in his gear smashes up one of El Diablos cars in a lot and attacks one of the members with a pipe when he comes to check on it. As Brian escapes back home, he laughs. Not just because of the attack and destroying the car but also because he finally realized the irony of dressing as a luchador to attack a Mexican gang. Manny, once hearing of another attack, then put’s a bounty out on the luchadores. At the Rising Star academy, things where picking up a bit as Gabriel got the group together for a skills test. Finally a few more people had come in, they may have thought it was a regular gym or something though. Jace decided to join in, They all wore hundred pound backpacks while on a hike on the outskirts of the city. Climbing, and inching along super narrow paths, going through rushing water. They had to keep as good a pace as they could. Zackiria would be proud Matthew thought. Jace had a setback when his backpack straps scorched up and the sack part fell off a cliff but he kept going, some of the others figured he lost it on purpose. Once they got to sturdy ground, Gabriel gave Jace heck for the missing backpack. Jace didn’t seem to care, continuing to act as if he wasn’t staying long. And yet he was still there.


Back at Kosh’s office building, Jay now sleeps on the job, it was only a matter of time really. He had at least done an exercise routine beforehand but it was still bad. Around midnight, outside a popular club, Dragado and his Disciples of Darkness descend upon the city and wreak havoc. Dragado himself, a massive beast looking like an actual dragon. With about seven hundred pounds of muscle on him, he fires his breath burning a few trees, cars and some unlucky people. Obviously freaking out bystanders. All but one follower looked human. Jace, Jessica, Matthew and even Tetsu arrive on the scene not long after. Thankfully they did not have to attack and reveal themselves just yet because this apparently was just a warning. Randy Masterson, or Vapor, a purple skinned man, poofed them all out of sight, to a rooftop somewhere so they could continue to watch the panic. Arnold Wilson or Terra made the earth shake, causing even more damage and panic. After Dragado Terra was the strongest member, thanks to his power to control of the earth


The Tekezi family makes their move, sending hired guns to places that El Diablo and the Purple Dragons had been seen. They managed to take out a few of them from each gang and gain a property back from the Purple Dragons as well. Andrew and Janet talk of the resent reacquisition, one man was killed but could not be linked to them. They also talked about the protesters. Since none of the business they owned had any reason to have a protest. They were all working well. The gang’s attacks and the protest happening at the same time? Something was up, and there was someone else behind the curtain.


The privet eye Kevin and Gabrial hired, getting into a Kosh owned warehouse, finds documents in a safe linking Kosh Lyson to a Russian crime syndicate. His second in command still running things there. Unfortunately, this information cost him his life as Sandra, alerted by the silent alarm, eliminates him. Dragado and the Disciples of Darkness attack a mall to spread even more fear and panic. Just a few hours after their last attack. Lance Carter, known by the group as “The Blade”, takes out his katana. His power being more magic based than mutant. He increases the length of his blade and slices down a section of a building. It crushes everything in its path. Some cops arrive and try to fight back but another member, Calvin Daniels, grabbed them. His power was to drain energy which he used to nearly kill the two men. Again, the group disappearing rather quickly. The D&G squad didn’t need this right now, they already have two or three gangs out there to track and collect, it was hard enough without adding these super freaks. The only shining light was that the prisons where still filling up pretty well, however many of them where still low level charges.


Even though most of the El Diablo’s were in hiding after losing four men one of them went out, returning with a beat up guy. When Manny asked him “Who is this fool?” his answer was a mask thrown to the floor. Brian and one other friend, Ethan, who had followed the gangster, looked over the fence as they saw their friend shot in the face. They scream and ran, because they knew they had alerted the group. Some of them followed, block after block, they gained on them. Gabriel happened to see these hooligans chasing their pray, he also follows. Cornered, Brian and Ethan turned to face the music, only to see Gabriel clothesline a guy in the back of the head. Before the others could react, one got kicked in the gut. Then Gabriel did some multi punch combination on the three of them and clunked two of their heads together. Looking at the last man standing, he gave him a choice. He chose poorly and got tossed into a nearby dumpster his troubles. Gabriel looked up at the two he rescued, asked them “Do you want to know how to fight for real?”


Kevin and Franchesca, down at the precinct continue their little game until Kevin is asked, by Jack, to leave. He’s not too happy about the collaboration of these two but doesn’t say much. A girl named Ariana, also joins Rising Star. Matthew was there drilling the students while the others were out. He couldn’t believe he was in charge now. Jessica actually seemed jealous for some bizarre reason.


The Task force pursue some of the places that have been attacked by the gangs as well as areas they have been seen in. They find that some restaurants, stores and other businesses are owned by the Tekezi family. A wealthy and very well-known family. The team manages to secure one of the Purple Dragons cars, with a member in it. While they interrogate him, the Tekezi’s are questioned about their business, and why they think someone would attack them. The Tekezi’s were lucky they had moved the black market stuff. They try to ensure the police that they are regular business men that it took a lot of time and heartache to get what they have now and they didn’t know why they were being targeted by these thugs. That they must have just simply wanted to get attention by going after respectable people. The task force try find out more about the dragons. Where they came from and who’s in charge. The member they caught only insures them that more would come to take his place before snapping his own neck.


Matthew had come forward to Kevin about his power because of the DOD attacks, he didn’t mention Jace or Jessica since it wasn’t his place to do so. So Kevin and Matt went to talk to Jack Martin again, assuring him that they can help, especially with the super powered foes. They also try to convince him there is actually a puppet master behind everything. Which they weren’t really sure of but still, it seemed to fit. He was too frustrated right now to care about their claims of greatness and all that and kicks them out, yet again. He tells them “Next time you come down here to waste my time I might throw you in jail.” Matthew didn’t bother asking about Devin because his priority would have definitely dropped since all this.


Devin leads the protest group to an alley behind a club which Kosh Lyson owns. With no idea why they were there, Jeff walks off from them, right then. Finally having some sense. Devin calls him a coward, as if that was going to work at getting him back. Jessica, managed to follow them from the air. She spotted them on the street and now watched them from afar as Devin and the other three, Joe, Sam and Carl enter the club.


The place is abandoned except for Kosh Lyson himself. The men think, is this just a beat down job, for all the aggravation he caused? If so, they were fine with it. Kosh then thanked them for their service and said they were no longer required. They didn’t understand what he was talking about. He walks up with a pipe and bangs Sam in the head. Carl attacks and Kosh dodges easily, Carl keeps coming at him saying “Sure, use a weapon why don’t you? You scumbag.” Kosh tosses the pipe his way, says, “Here. You can have it.” Carl takes it “I’ll crack your skull!” and he swings. Kosh dodges again “I thought you wanted to crack my skull, its right here.” He swings again, this time when Kosh dodges the guy hit’s Sam “What are you hitting him for? He’s on your side.” Kosh mocked. The third man, Joe watching this display of overwhelming difference in skill, tries to run but Devin block’s his path. “Why aren’t you helping them?” Devin asked with a smirk. Kosh grabs the pipe with the next swing and cracks Carl in the knee with it, he screams in pain. “As much fun as this is, it’s time to end it.” Kosh said and he starts to repeatedly hit Sam with the pipe again and again and again. Looking up at the guy trying to get past Devin, he say’s “I’m so sorry, I didn’t even notice you. Where are my manners? You should join your friends.” Devin shoves him over to Kosh who bear hugs him and just as he’s starts to fade head butts him. He goes back to Carl, who’s on his knees and hits him in the gut with the pipe. Then back to Joe and thumbs him hard and deep in the eye, he screams and passes out. Kosh looks down at the bloody beaten Sam and kicks him, he groans to prove he’s still alive. Somehow Carl tries to get up and get away. Kosh throws the pipe to trip him up. Kosh goes over, pulls him up by the hair to his feet and powerslams him onto a table. Going back to Sam, he pulls him up the same way, to his knees. Puts the pipe behind his neck and smashes his knee into his face, breaking his neck back. He then goes to the bar and grabs a beer, chugs it down and relaxes a bit before remembering the one of them was still alive. He broke the bottle, walked over and jammed it into Carl’s chest. He would burn the place down before he left, call it a tragic bar fight gone wrong and collect the insurance.


The Tekezi family is once again being questioned, getting pretty annoyed with it too. “Even if the police were trying to help, they are getting way to close to uncovering us.” Andrew said to himself. “Why do they have to keep poking their noses in, we have enemies to take care of.” There is still no proof other than Franks gut instinct, he can just sense something from the brothers, and the sister is always cutting things short. He had no choice but to leave, maybe find a way to tap their phones. Brian is shown around Rising Star, being told if he and his friends are going to cause trouble with a known gang, they need a lot more skill and strength. He also meet’s the few other trainees, which was only six right now, some had left, the hike alone proving to much for them. Jeff has a confrontation with Devin at a coffee shop around noon. Devin tells him he “missed out” and he hoped he enjoys the never ending job hunt.


The Purple Dragons make an example of one of the El Diablos. Their enforcer left a large gaping hole in his chest. He was hung from a light pole down the street from the gangs club and yet more dragons had come into the city as their rivals dwindle. Sometime the next day an earthquake hits the police station, everyone rushes out to find flaming letters in the parking lot “DOD” Apparently they were behind this too. Specifically Terra. Afterward, Matthew calls up Tetsu and asks him to make something to help conceal Jace and his own identity. He knew it was up to them to take the DOD down and Matt had no skill in sowing. Chief Martian would eventually give in.


The station was a wreck but everyone was able to get out and only a small section came down. Chief Jack Martin took count of his men and checked on them. He was holding back the rage toward their new problem as he tried to keep everyone else calm. Tetsu, the Motorcycle Samurai, now with the gang he once fought being reduced to nothing but a bad memory, targets the Purple Dragons. Having his bike back made things much more interesting, as he popped wheelies and did donuts outside their rave club hideout. As soon as the dragons came out, the samurai jumps as he swings his extending pole around and threw a few capture grenades. Tetsu didn’t really care if the men he beat and caught where actually put in jail by the cops afterwards or not, they would still be less than likely to come back for more. The dragons however seemed to have a limitless supply of men back wherever they came from. The men were starting to feel this venture was not as worthwhile as they were told but dared not to question Yan as to fear of what he or Tsung might do. After a talk with the strange girl who tipped them before (Sandra) a small group of the dragons attack the building that Jay Seven is guarding. Finally giving him something to do…a little more than he might have asked for in fact. Jay manages to take out two guys but a bomb is planted and he has no choice but to escape with his life. The building was demolished. For some time now even Tsung was unhappy about being manipulated and all the help the dragons seem to be getting but he only saw a benefit for the group. Whoever the tipster was, he could be dealt with when the time was right.


Franchesca and Kevin have an unlikely meeting on the street. She tells him of all that’s been going on, with the earthquake and everything. Thankfully no one was hurt and reconstruction would be underway the next day. Unfortunetly, they don’t know what to do about these super powered beings. No one has dealt with anything like this before. At the academy, Gabriel whips Jace, and the few other fresh meat into shape. Doing somewhat basic attack drills on increasingly more difficult targets thinking it’s going to take quite a bit of time to get them anywhere near where he and his brother are at. Jace was the only one close and he still needed to work a bit on his temper which erupted every now and then. Actually, something did eventually catch fire. Brian flipped out, thinking it was the coolest thing ever and asked “When do we get to learn stuff like that?” Gabriel just stood there with a blank expression for a while, he finally snapped out of it with nothing to say but “Give me some damn push-ups right now losers.”


The police try to get witnesses and business owners to come forward about the Tekezi’s or the dragons but none will. Chief Martin sat at his desk and looked at all the paper work that was really piling up now. He knew the force had taken down a big chunk of the criminals in the city but they were multiplying even faster. So many groups were trying to make a name for themselves and they seemed to be trying to go through the Tekezi’s and Mr. Lysonikov to do it. None of it made much sense just yet and in all honesty the gang war was now a secondary problem now. A far easier task to deal with then the DOD. It has been a very rough time, practically since Martin started this job. It was definitely getting to him but he wasn’t ready to give up yet. A few days later, Devin finds and talks to Jay near city hall. Jay recognizes him as the man Kosh had a meeting with once so he knew he was with the boss man. Devin tells him “The Purple Dragons have sent a bruiser to get you, to make sure he remains quiet…or kill you.” “But everyone already knows it was the dragons. Why come after me?” “I don’t know. But I do know, the name of the man being sent is Jeffery Ellis.” He tells him what he looks like and of likely places to find him. His old workplace, the bar and dinner he always went to, the community center. And basically tells him to bring the fight to him rather than wait for it to happen when he least expects it. Jay wasn’t sure what to think but he thanked the man for the heads up. El Diablo’s finally take the junk yard they were after, no lucha punks got in their way this time.


After however long of searching, Jay finds Jeff who had just left a bar. Really annoyed because he was just told by a former co-worker that they had been back to work a few days. At a much bigger, cleaner factory. And if he stopped protesting with them, he might have got his job back. Jeff was pissed, that was likely the call he ignored. But why the hell would they go through firing everyone and closing everything? Unless there was some kind of miscommunication down the line. Jay called Jeff out but before they could do or say anything else, Jessica calls to them. She had been following Jeff since the club attack. She decided it was about time these guy’s learned they were working for the same man and what he was really like.


Everyone back at the Rising Star academy, go over a game plan. Now that they know what kind of fire power they really have. With the cops permeation or not they would take out all these gangs…and Kosh. Whatever he was planning. Or at least bring down as many as they could. Whatever was left of them all anyways. Of course it would go way more smoothly with the police’s help.


Zackiria pays a visit to Rising Star. Honestly, Matthew was surprised he stayed away this long and he was pretty annoyed to see so few new trainees and asks what they had been doing. More plans are set in motion, teams are divided up but they still wanted to get the cops on thier side. Zack takes Matthew aside and tells him “I know about your hidden power. I’ve known for a long time and when the time comes, I hope you use every bit of it.” Matthew didn’t even have time to wonder how and when he figured it out but if anyone was it was likely him. Jace and Matt head to the police station one last time. When alone in Jacks office, after much convincing, they show him their abilities. A sign of trust, to show they are more than capable to handle DOD and ask him to help with the other gangs. He’s still less than thrilled to get their help but knew they stood a far better chance than anyone on his force. While those two were out Gabriel had called up a news crew to issue a challenge to DOD to face their “Top students” Jack gets all his men on deck, now putting the “no outsider help” issue aside. They would still have to find the Purple Dragons but thanks to Brian’s crew, they knew where the El Diablo’s where hiding out. Jace and Matthew meet up with Tetsu, after another phone call and receive our “hero gear”.


The plan of the multi strike was set. Jay Seven would lead Jeff and Gabriel to another office building, Kosh would be there tonight to work on projects. They would deal with him and expose him for the devil he was. But they had to do it alone. The police were still not brought in on this. Tetsu and Brian would meet up and join a small crew from the D&G force to go after the slim few El Diablo’s left. They were their just to point out the location and observe, nothing more. Jace and Matthew get the last of their new gear on and prepare to await the arrival of DOD. Jace feels a little ridiculous but will wear the suit none the less. “You’re lucky I stuck around this long I guess.” He said. Jess wanted to devote her attention to finding Sandra who evaded her for too long and seemed to be connected to Kosh in some way. Though she still didn’t know to what extent. The majority of the D&G force would track down the Purple Dragons with Kevin riding along. Tetsu and Brian get to El Diablo’s before their back-up. They waited a whole five minutes but no task force came and the gang looked like they were about to leave. That was fine with them, it was a mere six to two odds. They crossed the street and Tetsu used his capture grenades to take two in a split second.


The police tail a dragon member to the hideout, Frank and his men go in hard and fully loaded. During the gun fight, a few that try to escape. Yan Wa, Tsung and three others have their path blocked by Kevin Marcus who delivers a devastating body blow to one of the lackeys, he goes down. The other two run while Tsung steps forward, “You better make things more interesting than that fool.” Kevin says, pointing to the downed man. Meanwhile, Jess flies over the city after talking with her brother who finally gave some minor but helpful info, looking for Sandra would still take some effort. Back at Rising Star the DOD finally appear. The TV crews had been there for a few minutes now and actually growing impatient. The teleporter, Vapor, was the first to strike. Matthew wanted to take him out first anyway so he was no longer a problem. He threw a punch and Vapor vanishes, just as Matt expected. Now going for a roundhouse kick behind himself where Vapor had now appeared. He then spun three times from the force of the kick before hitting the ground. Then Cal tries to grab Matthew, he flips over him and drops down with an elbow to the head, his eyes go blank as he falls. Lance now sends his sword Matt’s way, extending to ten feet or more, it had to be hard to control the blade while at large sizes like this. Which is probably why deflecting it was so easy. Matt closes the gap between them and disarm Lance, making him pretty much useless for the time being while Jace fights with Andrew. Fire is blocked by rocks while other rocks and even the ground beneath Jace attacks him, he looks at Matt and say’s “Yo, stop making it look so easy.” Matt looks back and says “Can’t believe I’m saying this but, it’s the training.” which was only half true, the guy Jace was fighting was also a much bigger challenge than the others.


Back in the north end, the El Diablos are down. Tetsu put’s his extending bo away, Brian had only taken down one guy. He looks at his partner saying, “I coulda done just as good with all those nifty gadgets.” Manny tries to jump him at that second but Tetsu hits him with a Mantis style throat thrust. Manny goes down, clutching his neck and gasps for air. Brian looks at Tetsu who simply says “Sure.” The task force guys arrive. They look like they want to lock up the two men with the gang. They both knew now that the gang would most likely be let go, but at least they would spend some time incarcerated.


Near the center of the city, Jay gets his group into the building he mentioned. Thanks to his time working with the security team he knew their patterns and no one would be at the front desk for five minutes. If they did spot him, he could only hope they were as oblivious to the goings on as he was and thought he still worked with them. Jessica continues to fly over the city, after talking with her brother about what he and Sandra had been up to. It limited the area some, but not much. She was cursing herself for not bringing binoculars, might not have helped anyways. Meanwhile Matthew goes head to head against Dragado. Dodging forceful blows until he gets Matt with his tail. Sending me into the side of the training academy. Randy regains consciousness, Jace and Matthew now handicapped again against the three of them. But bigger numbers are not always a good thing, Tera directs a rock straight at Matthew but he deflect it at Randy who teleports to avoid it. Back at the office tower, Jay and Jeff confront Devin at the upper level, who decides for whatever reason not to use any electrical power just yet. Gabriel sneaks by him while he has his hands full and goes into the main office. Kosh Lyson turns his seat to great the intruder.


Devin puts Jeff down like the armature he is and trades blows with Jay Seven. He might have been trying to avoid life on the streets but he sure fought like a brawler thug. He ended up hooking his leg around Devin along with locking arms so they were stuck with that range. Jay drove punch after punch into Devin’s ribs then one to his face. Devin spun around and drove Jay to the ground. Jeff again trying to get into it, charges. Devin ducks under him easily, picked him up in a fireman’s carry and let a spark come from his fingers which he shot at Jay while he was still down. As he twitched, Jeff squirmed free and ran out of there like he was on fire. Devin simply scoffed at him and refocused on his remaining victim. “It’s such a shame that after all this time we have to go through this. You’re a good fighter, you could have been useful, but no. We have to eliminate you while that useless drug addict idiot is kept around.” Devin had to remind himself who was in charge, he may not like some parts of the plan but as a whole it was a good one. Kosh made it look like crime was down while he was in charge while it was just hidden and now was allowing other gangs to go nuts on each other. The people would almost definitely vote him back in. The part that still didn’t make sense was backing out at all.


Kosh speaks to Gabriel in his office “You and you’re friends are trespassing. The men with you are likely beaten already.” Gabriel growled “Can you speak? Do you understand? You. Should. Leave.” “You close my academy. And you’re the boss of those dirt bag criminals we had locked up. You passed that order to get your boys out.” Gabriel said. “Me? A crime boss?” “You think I don’t recognize that guy in the hall out there?” The two looked each other down, Gabriel looking for a sign to prove him right. Kosh looking to see if he really knew anything. They suddenly looked ready to fight. Kosh smiled slightly, he was actually hoping it would come to this.


At the academy, Lance “The Blade” now has recovered but before he can get his sword Matthew jams it into the ground. Tera takes that bit of earth and hurls it at Jace. He dodges, grabbing the sword and pulling it out as it sails by. Using it to create a flaming slash which Tera just manages to block with a wall of rock. But he was not guarding his back so Matthew tackles his legs and drove him into his own wall. Jace looks at the sword, dumbfounded that he was able to pull off what just happened and re-stuck it into the ground just as Lance was trying to retake it. Jace hit him with an atomic punch that sent Lance flying. Matthew begin to pant, not having been taken this far for this long before. Finally they were now two against one in. But the one was the biggest and strongest of them and they needed to bring him down before any of the other’s came too again. Maybe Matthew should have hit a little harder. Like Zackiria suggested.


Kevin delivers a pair of knees in secession to Tsung’s face, but they are both blocked. The underhook throw however was not. Just then Frank Dallas comes in and cuffs Tsung. Kevin’s a little disappointed he wasn’t able to finish the fight. The both of them notice that Yan Wa had escaped. Tsung laughs at them as he’s taken away with the rest. Dragado and Jace trade fire attacks, both becoming hotter and fiercer. The news crew trying to keep a safe distance as they film all the action. Matthew dropkicks Dragado in the back and put him in a full nelson, he struggles, and it won’t take long for him to break out. Jace hits him with a flaming ax handle. Matthew flips over Dragado driving his head into the ground, and he was finally out. Now came the part where they had to figure out how to keep them all locked up. Cal would be relatively easy and as long as he was away from his sword, so was Lance. Hopefully Randy’s teleportation power was limited to how far he could see and all they needed to do was blindfold him. But that was still just a guess. Matthew recommend to the police to keep Tera in a metal or plastic prison, perhaps suspended in air or surrounded by water. They told him not to worry his little geek head off cause they would put smarter geeks on the job, Matthew felt that was a little uncalled for.


Jessica finally spots Sandra going into the office building where Gabriel and Kosh have been fighting for seven minutes. Neither of them is the least bit tired. Kosh rushes forward and hits Gabriel with a high kick to the jaw, he then hits him with a modified Russian leg sweep and goes into a mounted punch “Your supposed to be the best?” smack “yeah right.” smack. After hitting him several times he gets up, shrugs off the tension and wipes the blood off himself. Gabriel strains to look up at him through one good eye, Kosh sneers at him “Pathetic.” “Your right. It is.” Kosh looks at the doorway were the voice was just heard and there stood Zackiria. Holding Devin over his shoulder. He drops him down and walks over. He looks disappointedly at Gabriel, points at him and says “Pay attention.” Kosh laughs “So the master is going to deliver his final lesson, huh? This should be…very interesting.” He takes a fighting stance. Kosh charges and… everything goes black.


(Just so you don’t feel ripped off for not seeing the fight we take a look from Gabriel’s POV) Kosh laughs “So the master is going to deliver his final lesson, huh? This should be…very interesting.” He takes a fighting stance and charges. Zackiria hits him with an uppercut. Kosh is sent up and back, As if in slow motion while he was flying through the air, Zackiria spun around and raised his leg. Zackiria brings that same leg down hard into Kosh’s chest driving him into the floor. (And yes, I mean as in a good inch deep smash into the floor) While he was out, Zack stepped over him and looked at his former student who had finally gotten to his feet saying “Do you see what happened there? You were fighting that guy, what, ten minutes? And I just kicked his ass in 3 seconds…disappointing. You need a lot more training.” When Zackira turns back, Mr. Lysonikov is gone.


The majority of the criminals had been taken care of; Rising Star was commended for their help, though many of the police didn’t want to ever need it again. Awaking later, Kosh realizes he is in a car, his head bandaged up and feeling like he was kicked in the chest by a horse with Devin also in the back seat. Sandra was driving; glad to see they had revived now. She told them she was able to get both of them out before the cops could arrive and she blew the computer with any incriminating data. Devin told Kosh he never saw who took him out, it all happened too fast. He told him it was Zackiria who proved to be WAY more powerful and skillful than Kosh had anticipated. He was almost wishing he had him and the rest of Rising Star thrown in prison for…whatever, while he was still mayor. He would have to come up with some new way to deal with them but at least the police were much more aware of the Tekezi family and their criminal ties now. Hopefully soon that little competition will be out of the way. Rising Star continues to train their new recruits. Ethan has now joined as well, and no one knows or really is all that concerned about where Jeffery Ellis is.


Further south, in an American city, a nurse in a hospital helps a guest who is looking for an old friend. Though he has been in a coma for quite some time, it was still good for him to have guests. They let the man into the room of Harold Jones. The guest says “Nice to see you again bud, but…wish it was in better conditions.” Looking as though he’s holding back tears he asks for some time alone, won’t take long, and the nurse complies. “Seems like a nice hospital, good staff.” he says and turns on the TV. He reaches into his pocket pulling out a bottle and syringe. He fills the needle with the liquid, injects it into the patient and puts the stuff away. In an hour he would be dead and no one would know his real name was Sean McKann. Looking up at the TV, the guest sees a news report of a super power showdown…involving fire…William Savage now knew where to find his last target.

© Copyright 2020 Mathew Nicol. All rights reserved.

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