Lost Soul

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Together, we're two souls trying to found, to be free!

Submitted: January 18, 2019

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Submitted: January 18, 2019




By: trixelkeay06

In this wide, crowded world,

I’ve travelled this long and tiring journey.

There are few who have walked with me,

But there are a lot who have left me.


Then I came into this majestic yet chaotic garden,

There I found this flower; lovely, wild and hidden.

It seemed to ordinarily grow like how it should be,

Yet no matter how it sway, it can’t seem to go away.


A feeling of sympathy came raging inside of me,

 How lonely that flower might be,

Nobody tried to pick and care for it, and so

I made up my mind to keep and cherish its longing soul.


Time flew, days passed, and months been long gone,

We’ve been together through ups and downs,

No matter how tough it is to keep it beside me

I learned to understand its action whatever it maybe


There I realize, pity was not my reason in picking it up,

For the whole of its story, I now slowly seem to grasp.

Because for a long time I also have been living that way,

Together, we’re two lost souls trying to be found, TO BE FREE…..

© Copyright 2019 trixelkeay06. All rights reserved.

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