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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic
A late night at the office really helps a group of co-workers get into the teamwork spirit.

Submitted: January 18, 2019

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Submitted: January 18, 2019



Albert noticed, that the moment the person standing in front of him finished signing the contract the man’s eyes turned into a solid violet, the man’s body changed as well, bigger, worse.

Throwing to the air any sign of politeness, Albert did what any smart person should do, he ran away covering his mouth, as to not alert the man, now completely turned to an horrendous creature, of his escape.

He ran all the way down the hall, and entered the elevator in a dash, almost crashing against it’s doors, he punched the down button, and as he gathered his breath, he proceeded to look at his reddening hand. He couldn’t believe what had just happened, it was just a lease, he had redacted the contract himself. As the elevator went down to the first floor, where the main office was, he reviewed everything that had happened, it couldn’t have been the document, what had caused the man’s transformation, right? Perhaps it was just the man, who had decided to turn into a huge creature right after signing a document totally unrelated to the transformation.

Despite how dire the situation was, if there was a thing that the young man prided himself in, was in his good work, and work ethic, no matter how odd the whole thing was, he refused to believe that his work could cause an inconvenience, no matter how big, or ridiculous it was.

The office doors opened, and he started screaming, gesturing for everyone to exit the building, to run away. A few moments of disbelief passed, but his boss, a smart woman by the name of Jenna, after noticing the cold sweat in Albert’s forehead, and his terrified expression, started to hurry everyone outside, the people started to move, some slowly at first, the smart ones left as fast as they could, with quick reflexed, and even quicker feet.

After a few moments everyone was outside the building, either catching their breaths or interrogating each other as to what threat had there been for them to need to evacuate the building. Albert himself was catching his breath for the second time, as Jenna stood close to him, waiting to ask him what was going on, and turning her head around, counting her employees to check that no one was missing, and the next moment looking towards the entrance and windows of the building, searching for any sign of danger. 

Albert recovered his breath, and explained what he had just experienced, to his surprise everyone understood and believed that what he said was true. As he steadily regained his breath he started to notice how odd that was, he wouldn’t have believed himself what had happened if it had been told by someone else but him, wouldn't he? Another thought came to him, why was everyone doing at the office so late at night, the sky was entirely dark, there were no vehicles or people on the street. There was no one else there.

He told his coworkers what he had discovered, and they all heard it, and understood it, but were more calm and accepting about it that they had ever considered they would be in a situation like this. Something was odd, that was true, also there was this nagging feeling, which they all felt, and thus didn’t feel the need to tell to one another, they all just knew it. There was nothing out there, there was nobody out there.

The streets, felt void, there was nothing but silence around them, and even if the desire to run away screaming was huge, there was also this feeling, deep within their shoulders, that getting to far away from where they were might be a bad idea.

“So what is this”

“Perhaps this is all a dream”

“None of the cellphones are working”

“It was Albert’s client, it’s his fault”

“Well, I didn’t do it!” replied Albert angry.

“It doesn’t matter” Shouted Jenna, regaining the attention of the group “If this isn’t…” she hesitated for a second ”real, then we can just burn the whole place down, get rid of it”
One of the new employees hesitated “This doesn’t make any sense, wait, were did you get that from?”

Several employees were holding light up torches, after hearing this many of them realized it, and dropped them to the ground, some just decided to roll with it. They approached the building, they knew without any doubt, the building was gonna go up in flames the second the fire touched the walls of it. But just as they were going to set it ablaze. They all felt a shift.

The ground, roads and sky started to dissolve into pitch black. They had no option left but to run into the building.  They started to panic, but pretty soon panic turned into action. They started barricading the elevator door, making weapons out of what hey could find, preparing themselves,  then they waited. 

“Perhaps the creature created this…whatever  this is, and it won’t let us go, until…” the man trailed off, as he slid on to the floor.”

A young woman asked in “Perhaps if we make it till morning?” another person replied “For all we know time isn’t moving in here, we could be stuck here as long as it”

Albert interrupted in a quiet voice “It hasn’t attacked us yet, it didn’t attack me” he looked at everyone, Jenna shook her head “perhaps you didn’t give it time to do so”

They could either wait there for the creature to attack or they could go and search for it. They stayed there.

Time passed, it never became morning.

The clocks moved the seconds hand, but the minutes never came on, they never felt hungry, but they never felt rested. 

They took down the barricade, the windows looked towards the street, but they opened the main door only to be greeted by nothing but darkness.

The elevators doors opened to them, greeting them with open arms. They all entered, there was no use of staying behind. Existence in there was a barely tolerable by themselves, but to be all alone….Whatever was up there it was better than staying down here alone.

They all fit inside the small elevator, the one they all raced trough in the morning to arrive early because it couldn’t carry them all at the same time. They stayed silent, they looked at the floor, as the number changed, one after another, they passed the 8th floor of their three story building. They spoke no words. The doors finally opened to a floor without number

Their breathing was short, and yet they didn’t feel the need for it. They saw a shadow at the end of the corridor. A looming shadow, of an inexplicable shape, suddenly the rudimentary weapons they had taken from down the office seemed insignificant, they let go of them, only fall to the floor and melted into nonexistence.

The corridor was longer than usual, they were full of determination, there wasn’t a moment of hesitation, they were scared, but there was no going back. That was until they could see the door from where the shadow came trough. Suddenly they were drowning, there was no air, their feet were standing on nothing but air, suddenly everything was to real, the corridor was small, just a few meters to the elevator, they were sure that if they reached it, that if the elevators doors closed with them inside it,  that they’d be safe, that nothing will ever touch them again in this world.

A step backwards, it would be so easy, tears where making it’s way down everyones eyes, not a single sound could be hear, everything was happening so fast, all at once, but at the same time, time had stopped. There wasn’t the expectation of someone to break the team first, they knew deep within themselves, that they could get away, that everything else would disappear, it would be just them in safety, in comfort. But they would be alone, they would be no one.

They made a choice, and time suddenly restarted, it was as if falling, arms grabbing arms, trembling legs stepping forwards. A gasp for air, causing a furious wind gust.

Suddenly they didn’t have a moment to lose, they entered the room, it was waiting for them, with its elongated arms and torax, and many legs in a spider-like fashion, standing completely still. As soon as the group entered, the creature’s eyes opened, it stood straighter, and his hands, previously fist opened up, it started breathing, with a low growl coming out of his mouth, and waiting for them to make the first move. They were different as well, they weren’t a group of people they were something else, someone else, together a single being, but with separate minds, they charged against the creature.

No longer they knew what they were, their eyes were many arms and legs, a single mind made of many, the shouts of encouragement coming from within, moving, stopping, blocking the creature with its many arms, the spider like creature only had two arms, however it was bigger than them, also stronger, they felt it every time the creature got his arms into them, every time he threw them agains the wall.

But they were many they were everyone, they were none, a thousand thoughts, of escaping, surviving, a single thought . Fight.

Dawn started showing trough the window, as they smashed him agains it, the glass falling upon their shoulders as the creature had them grabbed. The creature threw them agains the wall again, it hurt. They started to melt, they started to separate, the loneliness that crept upon them was stronger than ever. They got smaller, and the creature just stood still. The hint of a smile towards his face, and standing still again, they looked at each other, some struggling to stand up, others with their breath short, beaten, they looked at each other, and a hint of their togetherness sparked one last time. One word crossing their mind at the same time, push.

They all charged again, the creature made no movement, made no resistance, it started to go trough the window, only to turn into a human the second his weight started to top outside, in an instant the dawn that had begun to show trough the window turned into void again, still light remained inside the building, they extended their arms to grab the man, who let a scream out as he was about to fall, holding each other they grabbed him, to stop the man who had only his legs left inside the building.

“Thanks he muttered”, they all had a second to recover their breath, when suddenly a pair of arms reached from the darkness that made up everything that surrounded the building, the arms grabbed the man, and pulled him and all of them downwards falling trough the window, only there no longer was any window, let alone a building, there was only darkness.

And trough darkness they fell.


There was no sign of anything out there, but the people they were falling with, darkness prevailed until they could distinguish the long arms that had dragged them down in the first place, they seemed to be falling towards them, at the speed that they were going it would be like smashing into concrete. Only they landed gently into the huge hands that were opened towards them.

Receiving them one after another, barely moving, careful not to hurt them, every single one of them fell safely into the hands that reached for them. The palms of the hands were twice their size, and yet so delicate. Suddenly light appeared from within the arms, showing the rest of the body, they saw a woman, with three sets of eyes one after another, and an expectant smile on her face

Another figure emerged behind her, dissipating the dark as his features appeared, the man that had started this all, the one that they had tried to catch from falling. He was slightly smaller than the woman, but still large in size. The woman turned to him and nodded, then she looked at them, she opened her mouth and spoke in a melodious and warm voice. 

“I’m glad you’re here my child”

They all stared at her in confused, she looked guilty, “I’m sorry we took to long to find you, your brother and I looked for you everywhere” Nothing made sense to them, they opened their mouths to speak, but found themselves at a loss for words, they felt joy, heartbreak, hope all at the same time. But they didn’t know why. 

The woman turned to the man , in search for answers, she looked so confused, so heartbroken, the man opened his mouth to speak but couldn’t find the words to do so. 

She turned back to them “You are my child” she pleaded, she gestured towards the man who seemed troubled as well “You are their sibling” The group at the hands of the woman looked at each other so as to make sense of what they were hearing, but as they looked at each other and their eyes met, it came to them. 

They were not many, they were one, the creature they had turned into. That was them. There was also something else as well, a spark of recognition, a sense of safety, the knowledge that this, being with them and each other, that it was who they are, who they were, who they should be.

They realized that they had once again turned into one single being, the woman was smiling again, and it somehow made sense, no matter how confusing it all was, it finally made sense.

They spoke, “What am I… What are we?”

She smiled even more, and gave a loud laugh, one of pure joy, before responding.

“You are teamwork my child, that’s who you are and that’s your name as well”

It was them, they didn’t have to ask each other, in just one moment they knew that to be true, it had always been so. She stood straight and looked at both her children with a loving gaze, then spoke again, “Now your brother and I will show you were the rest of us went to, they’ll be so happy to finally see you” she hesitated for a moment “If that’s what you want”. 

They just nodded, without any hesitation or doubt in their heart, the woman smiled and then turned around with them in her hands, their brother following closely beside them.

Then the darkness disappeared altogether, revealing the way home.

© Copyright 2020 Sereida. All rights reserved.

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