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Moments..enjoy it.

Submitted: January 19, 2019

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Submitted: January 19, 2019



When the dark sky smiles with lights

and the mind forgets unwilling fights

When everyone gets what they desired,

Sorrow becomes lonely and tired

When eyes are curious and nothing is furious

When heart desires to beat and still something is there to meet

When voice sings again

and head forgives pain

When silence starts to ring and wishes can sing

When butterfly kisses and angel starts to dream

When strory starts to tell and 

hearts start to smell

When fingers are together and everything is clear

When hopes are near and someone is dear

When smile touches the limit  and

limit gets a gift

When everything is over and new life's waiting

when past's gone and mind is dancing

When everything is fair

and I don't need someone's arms

When people stop to care

and life teaches a new term

When desire promises to be alive and

I'm loved by life...

Then this moment stops and lears to survive

After that it whispers

"I'm here,stopped till you die

I'm for you and never gonna say you bye."


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