No Air

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Loneliness adds beauty to life. It puts a special burn on sunsets and makes night air smell better.

Henry Rollins

Submitted: January 19, 2019

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Submitted: January 19, 2019




My Body

Sensations reaping

Erratic heartbeats spiraling into a tornado of passion

The sweeten taste of ecstasy slowly seeping

Shh…soft whimpers of anticipation

Feel my breath dormant to yours

The extension of your soul sinking deeper

Anchoring in the haloed silken passage of my divinity

Taste my yearn, surrendering my Sacred Chakra unto the three Heavens

Tears stains where inks stains have tattooed my heart


My Mind

Fading into the pigmentation of my fervent skin

It’s carnal feast of pleasure I do indulge

Falling prey under the masterful calling

Body trembling, with an overshadowed need

Mysticism of it trance from its heightened greed


Head thrown back surrendering me, taking me, enthralling, seducing my existence

Chained to his voice

Imprisoned, ecstasy bottled deep within my soul

Begging to the celestial of my mind


My Heart

The comforts of my body to bow until the woman within

Of sweet mercy, I beseech you, search my window of pleasure you have awaken, opened

Carrying me on your whispers

Closed eyes, the curtain of enlighten has been drawn

The master key of my pleasure abyss has been unlocked

Physical atonement, remnants of it desired reasons has reached its zenith


My Soul

Pulling the essence deep from within my Chi

Endorphins my body creates

Mingling, cascading, creating the passage to flee

Free me, oh God free me from such sweet torture

Love lashes, my fate cannot flee, the feeling I cannot hide

Alliance of mind, body, heart, and soul

Begging for the feeling like it’s my drug of choice


No Air

Aroused, demanding, softly erotically playing the lyrics of my body

Is there such a name, is there such an escape of this emotion

Ripples of colors as paradise I have climaxed unto

Self-pleasing myslef

Laying my nakedness on the throne of his desires


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