The best excuse

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Is not always the one that sounds more realistic

Submitted: January 19, 2019

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Submitted: January 19, 2019



So I know you might be wondering why was I late to dinner, also why do I have my left hand bandaged, and why am I wearing formal clothes on a Wednesday at 4 in the morning, but I do have a good reason.


Honestly I thought you wouldn’t let me go on.

Ok, so I was out of work at 7 as promised, everything was taken care of when I called you, my boss had already gone home with her husband. No problem there, but after I called you on the elevator, once I entered the parking garage, well my car had been stolen. 

It was fine, you know I have insurance, I called it, called for a cab. I was gonna call you, and then.. I was.. sort of kidnapped. I mean, it wasn’t as bad as it sounds like, it was kind of a funny misunderstanding if you think it trough. Turns out they wanted to take Ed, the bald guy from Accounting, the one I told you always wear this weird brown suit to work, him. Apparently the database this guys had was outdated, and they thought I was the one they were looking for. 

They had nothing to do with the car being stolen by the way, that was completely coincidental. I still don’t know who took my car, now that I think about it…. Oh yeah, so , we’re on 5th Street, the traffic was crazy as always, and the guys weren’t local so they didn’t take the bridge to the overpass on , and I couldn’t see, cause I had one of those bags, the ones they use on movies, on my head as well as some handcuffs, also the van didn’t had any windows, so I couldn’t tell them anything. 

We were there easily like two hours, maybe more, so they got bored, started talking between them, I was bored as well, I start talking with them, turns out they’re really cool people. After a while we all realize they kidnapped the wrong person, I also had told them about the date, so they are incredibly apologetic about the whole situation, so they offer to give me a ride, oh yeah, when they took me, my phone shattered on the floor while I was struggling and well.. I think it’s still on the parking garage, or maybe not, I don’t think it was that cracked.  

Sorry, I got sidetracked, we finally were able to get out of the traffic jam, they had already untied me and all, I actually helped them take the return near the bank, so we could exit quickly. One of the members of the team , really nice guy, we actually exchanged emails.. He offers me his burner phone, it looked really funny, like one of those phone toys kids have, but it works, surprisingly. Also there was this problem with the handcuffs, no one had a key, so after a bit of trying, and the common ground that firing a gun inside a moving vehicle might be a bad idea, one of the crew members basically tried breaking it with a large piece of metal, he missed the first time, hence the bandaged hand.

I am dialing your number, we’re already four blocks away, we had already passed Alfred’s store, when they realize that they can’t just drop me from a suspicious van right in front of a restaurant full of people, and it makes sense, so they agree to drop me two blocks away, and, I still can’t really reason what happened. They opened the door, I see the street but the moment my two feet are on the ground, I am standing in front of my job’s building. I have no idea what happened, the toy cellphone tells me no time has passed at all, and your number is still half entered into the phone.

I entered the building, I mean it was super late, the streets were deserted, I didn’t wanted to get robbed, or kidnapped again, and that’s when I noticed something was off, at the end of the Lobby, on the central area, they were a lot of people dressed with long robes, and this security guy, who wasn’t Thomas, came up to me and handed me a robe and some formal clothes, and scanned me with this weird device, and I didn’t feel that it’d be wise to contradict him, so I got in, with my robe, thinking I could slip away trough the east exit. I couldn’t tell you for sure what was going on, there were some guys I know, and the boss’s second in command seemed to be running the whole show.

I try to be as discrete as possible when approaching the door, but there’s a bunch of people with suits and menacing looks and the whole stuff, so i decide to just go upstairs to my office and spend the night there, I manage to get to the elevators, the whole place is deserted, then this guy in a robe approaches me out of nowhere and, tells me he knows I got a burner phone and that he needs help getting out, that he has evidence. Evidence of what I have no idea, but he did threaten to tell everyone I had entered here with a burner phone, so I agreed. He makes a call with my cellphone, apparently his team doesn’t answer. So I call the guys from before, they do agree to help, but take a bit to arrive, meanwhile we wait on the second floor, he finally agrees to tell me what’s going on, but honestly I didn’t understand a single thing about it, it was weird that’s all I can tell you. I personally suspect it has something to do with the same kidnapping, but I really didn’t get it. 

The guys finally arrive, one of them works as distraction, as we climb onto the van. Apparently one of the van guys was brother in law with the guy in the building, so after everyone has said hello to each other they thank me and I think someone mentioned something about a deposit, I think there might be some extra money on my bank account but I’m not really sure. After much discussion of what happened and wether it was a trap or not, cause I told them about how I had got there, they agree to drop me right in front of the restaurant, one of the guys is even grabbing my shoulder just in case, but again. I stepped out of the van and I was who knows where, it was, actually I think it was later in the morning than it is right now, I- I don’t know time has been acting weird. I no longer had a phone so I just start running, as fast as I can, and I was able to arrive here, I don’t know how exactly, or why is it earlier in the morning, but… yeah that’s what happened. 

I- I’m really sorry.. I know it might seem odd but it’s really…

Oh, you do believe me? Thanks!…

Wait what do you mean today is Thursday?

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