The Siren Effect

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Chapter 2 (v.2) - Markus

Submitted: March 30, 2019

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Submitted: March 30, 2019



New faces filled the classroom, each of them a little excited and thoughtful about their aspirations. After associate directors informative and long speech Markus decided not to stretch his and end it quickly, leaving himself more time for improvisation and composition work. However, one student, with the colourful hair that brightly asks for attention, could not stop talking with everyone that was around him. Some of them listened, most of them ignored him.

“Please settle down everyone - which means be silent.” Markus stated, giving most of his focus to the talkative student.

The guy understood the subtle meaning but continued, exaggerating and gesticulating, talking about what he thinks about this place and what are his ambitions to become popular. It was said so confidently, you could say that the professor here was him, with the long years of experience and accomplishments. Confidence is needed in this career, but it also needs some extent, otherwise it becomes arrogance.  Markus had enough of hearing this impudent boy.

 “You there, with the neon green hair. What is your name?”

He not only said his name, but as most of the new generation adults, stated his sexuality and views about politics. If you would let him continue, he would burst from his pride overflowing from him. Markus checked his watch and interrupted.

“Oh, you don’t need to assert yourself to any shape or form. You may think that the popularity and acknowledgment you got in the regional contest is notable, that your beliefs are noble and that your opinions matter here.”

“But here is the thing” Markus said, putting his hands in the pockets “It means nothing here.  And, as easily you got here, as easily you can be dropped out. So, either be silent or leave.”

The guy didn’t even try to talk back and shocked by the professor’s approach simply left with a loud bang. Markus quickly went on, so not to let the uneasy silence fill the air.

“Well then, hello everyone! My name is Markus Linden, for you professor Linden. I’ve been a professor here for twenty years. I know all the ways how students try to stick up to the teachers. Don’t expect to come to me and bullshit your way through.”

He leaned on the table and smirked about his last sentence.

“Some of you desperately want to be musicians, some of you are musicians. All of you know that a musician must be capable in many areas of their expertise to give people what they would love to hear. You must constantly create and give and try to stay relevant. You must train until you become sick of it, and then train more until it becomes a habit. However, if you will only do that, I would suggest moving to classical department. Because, in this type of genre you must also feel and flow with the music. Your technique must be flawless. Your improvisation - decent to be played on our stage. I expect that some of you wouldn’t even survive the first week. One example already showed this today. But don’t let it that easily make you discouraged and have patience. Good luck.”

Murmuring students slowly left the room. Markus closed the classroom and went to the faculty. Occasional small talk with colleagues about the new students seemed invariable and the yearly invitation to the café to celebrate the beginning of the study year sounded dull. He declined, mentioning that he needs to work for some project and excused himself as he left the chatty room and went to the library.

The library is quite empty in the beginning of the year, just couple of people coming and shortly leaving. At first, he spent time by the laptop, answering e-mails and researching arranged songs and scores for piano and brass instruments. Without finding what he was looking for, Markus started checking the wide shelves. Near him for some good time a girl had been standing motionless. She somehow stood out even in her unchanged posture, lost in thought or maybe lost in the music sheets before her. He tapped on her shoulder, unintentionally freaking her out.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to surprise you. Do you need some help?”

“Oh, no. I’m fine. I just need copies of these.” 

“Sure, lovely. Give them to me and let’s do it.” He answered, taking her to the printer.

Markus looked through the sheet music as the copies were made. Well known jazz songs, all of them arranged for piano. For a new student some of these are too complex. He could give some recommendations, but not knowing either she is a pianist, singer or even a student, he let it be. She nicely thanked him for lending the helping hand, making him smile.

Finding the necessary songs and scores for the lessons Markus took his notes, blank sheet music and went to one of the empty classrooms down the hall. He sat there hour after hour, working either by the laptop or piano. For a month now, he attempted to write something new or at least catchy. Slowly the muse came to him.

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