Trump it

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is the story of a plus sized fraudster with so many trophies alongside the skeletons in his cupboard. He has brewed a very evil reputation in the elite American society and his indomitable game play has kept him afloat the blood of the crowd of victims beneath, screaming for revenge. His recognition of the presence of his unfriendly enemies who would go the length to have him killed informed his decision of contesting for the U.S presidency as a form of insurance against the oncoming backlashes from his foes. The read translates into how the president and his friends at the bureau go after his enemies.

Submitted: January 20, 2019

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Submitted: January 20, 2019















This is the story of a girl villain who in her mid-twenties has managed to pose a great deal of negative affluence in the rural city where she resides, her major roles in the plots of diverse crimes has placed her in an unquestionable seat of criminal authority in the street. She is primarily an assassin who is always on trail for hire purchase in the market of Revenge. In the dirty businesses all across the west, men tend to fraud each other and the victim finds justice in the reckless uncle they call vengeance.

At the bureau the agents were studying Fergie’s case since she was top of FBI’s list of most wanted criminals as the director of the bureau said.

Buchanan: This is another criminal that has managed to squeeze herself through the grey areas and the Blindspot of this agency, she has a common difference to everyother terrorist that has been blacklisted. Consistent with crimes and much more consistent at getting away with them. She is the local form of justice to the victims of illegal business transactions, drug deals and other forms of dupe as she earns a fortune for every payback she orchestrates. Earlier this week at a popular night club down town Manhattan, a foreign business mogul was assassinated; Mr Dave Spencer, a highly reputable businessman, who spent the first half of his life in Brooklyn and the next half in Russia, has several multi-dollar companies in Moscow, Donetsk and all across the west. Two weeks ago Spencer flew into the states on an alleged business trip to supervise his associate companies in the state. Bale! (The FBI director called the research personnel to explain further).

Bale: We did a background check on the companies and one of the three, a shipment outfit as at mid- march 2014 was dissolved over contraband smuggle related charges and the appeal for its reinstatement is still in court till date, If our guess is right, The Russian businessman who is also an ambassador runs companies as cover for his interstate drug business and other illegal activities.

Buchanan: One very unfortunate ebb in the fraud and illegal business network is the fact that you don’t know whose toes you are stepping on and whose foot is above yours. Only God knows how many people he has duped, scammed or even killed in the course of his criminal ventures and who knows how many are willing to break the bank to see him dead.

Bale: Actually we do.

Buchanan looked at him with a squid face as Bale continued.

Bale: So we’ve being able to narrow the unending lists of who could have paid to see him dead down to a lady named Shannon Mark. They met at an international business conference in Ohio. From few drinks to a few night stands after which they became partners, lovers and they eventually got engaged. On the surface they co-owned a company but there was more. On the 4th of august 2007, Shannon was arrested for attempted drug trafficking to the UK, according to the report; someone blew the whistle on her, someone who knew she was carrying coke. Months before her trip to the UK, there were testimonies by employees to countless cases of agitations by Mr Dave’s business associates and partners including Shannon which were mostly on financial injustice that were either not permissible or unwarranted, in other words they were displeased with Mr Dave for some reason.

One of the foremost agents of the bureau; agent Crosswell added.

Agent Crosswell: So Shannon became clumsy with Dave’s policies and she was also sleeping around. At some point Mr Dave got to realize this and he wanted her eliminated. He sent her on a business trip with drugs and blew the whistle on her. She got arrested and after spending half of the sentence in the state penitentiary in Riverdale, she pulled some really long strings which got her out and now she wants to repay a favour.

Buchanan: Fergie and her two lipstick buddies came on stage to perform at the club: Sensual atmosphere, deafening beats, brilliant dance moves, typical club party but when the ovation was loudest; dominoes fell, a bullet flew, blood splashed, another man down and that was how Fergie assassinated Mr Dave Spencer. She wouldn’t be an easy catch but guess what; you are being paid to do some pretty difficult things. She is young, she is slick, she hides under the colors of her youth. She is a dancer, model, drummer, singer. She is a damn performer and she plays all the shades of grey. Well the broth is about to get spoilt because we would be needing as much minds cooking and as many hands as possible. She has being on our list for too long it’s time to get her.

Donald trump, the republican presidential candidate is a business man who has grown to become a very big thorn in the flesh of many bigwigs in the elite American society. He has a reputation of fraudulent business and endeavours which has earned him a circle of enemies who would go the length to have him killed and he figured out that being the president was the perfect immunity to these oncoming backlash. The 42 year old was giving a speech on the National Cable Network and telling Americans why people should vote for him on TV, the republican’s talk soon got disrupted when Movado; the leader of a dreaded negro cartel, switched on the shower as the steaming water bursted against his dreads. Not long after Fergie; his girlfriend swiped the shower curtain as she bit her lips and slid out of her white towel. Movado looked across the landscape of her bare body and his face became stoned as she entered the shower proper. Movado slowly cornered her against the wall and held her neck tightly, then his hands went down slowly till he clutched her clitoris and maintained a soft grip. Their tongues clipped to one another in deep kisses as the feeling of a steady harmonic slide across her vagina took her off the ground. The kissing soon went south as he gently pecked her neck and then covered her nipples with his close-set lips. She became even more loosed as he went further down with his mouth, he spread her legs, covered her pleasure hole with his tongue as his teeth teased the surrounding flesh. 

Papers littered the table in the hotel room where Trump was with Tom and one of the congressmen from the Republican Party in a presidential suite in the outskirt of Philadelphia where they were planning their campaign in preparation for the presidential debate as they intended on cashing on the bad past of the other political opponents.

Tom: I think we might just have to change the game plan.

Trump: What’s that supposed to mean?

Tom: Hillary Clinton’s record as the former secretary of state is off the chart. She brought world leaders together in conferences. Initiated several programs to fight several outbreaks in West Africa. She did a lot but the idea is to draw America’s attention to how good a secretary she can be and how a good cabinet member never becomes a good cabinet leader. Also we would be hitting nails on the fact that your wealth of experience as a businessman is one quality required to drive the economy to the utopian state where we all want it.

Congressman: We could even offer Hillary a place in our cabinet which she will definitely turn down. That way her political experiences will not become so relevant.

Trump: It’s a great idea.

The phone of the congressman rang and he left the room to answer.

Congressman: Hi baby

Wife: Frank we rarely see you this days. You don’t sleep home; you don’t call .Your son does need you.

Congressman: Am really sorry but you have to understand that the election is here and we are core to the whole process, a lot of paper work has to be done and the politics behind has to be followed carefully, you know how it goes. I value nothing more than my family but this has to be done.

Wife: fine, just try and make out time for family, we do love you.

Fergie was walking down the street in a black Versace hoodie when she stumbled against a young man. After the clash the young man dropped a package which the young lady picked up. This incidence typifies how Fergie gets the details from her clients about next person that she’s gonna be paid to pull the kill switch on, while they run into each other, information and materials exchange hands. Fergie got into a local bar where she was drinking a glass of whiskey and a guy came to sit beside her saying

Guy: Do you know what looks good on you

Fergie: What

Guy: Me

Fergie: You would make a good poet, you should write valentine cards.

Then the guy came so close to her as she looked at him with suspect and continued wrapping the weed.

Guy: I like my girls bad.

Fergie did not respond then she opened the other piece of paper which contained the name of the man she had being contracted to kill alongside her pay.

Fergie: you have no idea.

Guy: There’s a motel across the street, you think maybe we could get a room?

Fergie looked at him with a pinch of excitement as she was in for a bit of fun.

The two fumbled into the hotel room ripping each other apart with kisses. The guy soon cornered her against the wall, while the romance became deeper, the lady slid her hands into his back pocket and he took his wallet.

She sabotaged the romance as she resisted the guy and said

Fergie: That’s enough, I don’t know, maybe we could do this some other time.

But the guy knew that Fergie took his wallet so he said

Guy: If you wanted the wallet you could have just asked.

Fergie: Then there would be no fun in it. Look you are not in my league and for the sake of everyone let’s just assume that this never happened. 

Fergie took a couple of currency from the wallet and threw it at him.

The rain had being prodigal for as long as length permits and it was readily sunny as the dreadgang went for a haircut. The three thug’s entry into the salon placed everyone at the edge of their seats as there was an arousal of discomfort and fear. Although there was no chance for the kingpin (Movado) as all the barbers were busy with customers. The owner of the barbershop knew the reputation that preceded Movado so he gestured the person whose hair he was barbing away for the young thug but Movado was humble enough to allow the barber continue the young boy’s hair.

Whilst the young boy was having his hair cut, his father rushed into the salon mumbling complaints at the kid who he felt had spent more than 2 hours after he said he was going to the salon.

Dad:  John! This is almost 4:30, how many lifetimes would it take you to get a haircut.

Barber:  Am sorry but he came in barely, 30 minutes ago.

Dad: This is none of your business

Barber: Excuse me! You in my shop, this is my business.

Dad: Yeah, then we are leaving.

Kid: Dad, my hair is not finished.

The dad hit the kid hardly as he said

Dad: if the hair couldn’t be done in two hours then it will never be.

This got Movado very angry as the gang leader said

Movado: That’s enough, if the boy wants to stay, he stays.

The dad got angrier at how everybody felt the need to have a hand in the boy’s upbringing.

Dad: Sorry who you are again? Look I decide what happens to my son and If you need a kid to push around. Maybe you should go fuck a bitch.

The salvage response lit Movado up as this was very insulting, everybody in the salon was roaming and almost laughing but as Movado frowned at the spectators they realized that a line had being drawn and that there was no way the show wasn’t ending badly. The two other dreadgang members stopped the father and the kid with the half cut hair at the entrance of the salon as they were about leaving. This made the dad look back at Movado who gave a soviet smile and then said.

Movado: To think over the years, I’ve been looking for reasons, excuses that I can use to justify my crimes, my violence. (Then all of a sudden his friendly talk became very brutish, as he continued). The young man came here to spend some quality time trying to look good: isn’t that what we all come here for? (He asked the crowd in the shop). What you refuse to get is that this your little boy now has a mind of his own and he gets to choose what he wants to do.

Dad: Don’t think your threats and natty dreads will stop me from training my child.

Movado pulled a gun and pointed it at the dad’s chest; everybody in the salon became scared to death as he said.

Movado: I didn’t think so.  But now you have two choices: you either leave the boy to finish his haircut or your corpse would lie here wasted as he gets cut.

Dad: Am not leaving my boy here.

Movado was very impressed as he turned to the crowd and said “brave man”, then he pointed the gun at his forehead and cocked it. At this point the dad was very scared, the kid was stupefied and the spectating crowd hoped it wasn’t going to be another murder. Movado pulled the trigger but there was no bullet in the gun then he laughed outspokenly as what had just happened scared the dad to death. This left a taste of relief in the faces of everyother person that was there as the kid ran away from the salon but the dad was still trying to understand what had just happened. Movado left him in his amazement as he went to have his haircut.

The director of Federal Bureau of Investigation received Intel that Fergie was after another business man at a baseball championship but the Intel did not purge out the details of the person.

Buchanan:  A check was run on every attendee and we didn’t find anyone with a record that could have attracted Fergie’s assassination. Of course not every one of this shady businessmen get caught, so I had Bale come up with names of the attendees that had the barest form of criminal record or even charges  and we were left with three names.

Buchanan informed the field agents about the names of the men, where they were seated in the pitch and he sent them to Cleveland where the Baseball championship was being held.

As the batsmen prepared and walked into the pitch from the dressing room, one of the batsmen got hooked by fergie who held his mouth tightly as she stabbed him twice from the back. Moments after all the players had entered the pitch, she jugged in all dressed like a male baseball player. The FBI agents were there watching the match and also using binoculars to look out for any sign of Fergie but they couldn’t seem to find her. Soon one of the batsmen got injured and he had to be replaced meanwhile one of FBI agents discovered that one of the batsmen of the substitute team had been down after he was stabbed by Fergie. Agent crosswell was radioed about what had happened so the agent had every reason to believe Fergie was the substitute batsman so he focused his binoculars at the guys laying and poaching in the pitch, it was difficult to identify the fair lady but since he didn’t really know Fergie’s plans he decided to go towards the person that they thought was her target. Fergie started really badly as baseball wasn’t really her thing and almost everybody was disappointed with her then she got better with each trial. Her second to the last hit was record breaking and everybody was now thrilled with her so the fans  anticipated her last hit as this last round was the decider of the game. Agent crosswell got phoned by Bale from the office about someone who was equally important with a cunny business track record and who could be the target, then agent crosswell asked

Agent Crosswell: Where is the man seated?

Bale: He is seated on the second row from the pitch. 

At that point it just dawn on him that Fergie was going to hit her target with the baseball since the man was very close to the action so agent crosswell said into his radio ‘‘the queen we’ve been looking for is the batsman, I repeat Fergie is the bats man’’ and he  ran towards the new Fergie target and as the baseball was thrown at Fergie she bounced the ball with the bat and the ball went up directly and vertically up and the fans were clueless of what was going on as she was expected to smash the ball with every strength left since the hit was the match decider but she ended up tossing the ball with the bat and as the ball came back towards the bat, she smashed the ball at full strength in the opposite direction and the ball went ballistic towards the crowd. Everybody confusingly looked at the ball as it went to hit the forehead of the target as the man fell to the ground. Everybody around him attempted to run but at this point agent crosswell was just near Hugo Manganese, a politician from South America responsible for a huge chunk of the human trafficking from Mexico to the United States and who became Fergie’s hit. Agent crosswell tried to calm the crowd and go closer to the dead man but he couldn’t amidst the terrified crowd, so he released a bullet into the air and everybody around him closed out from him as they started to run. When agent crosswell finally got to the dead man, he checked his pulse and realized that he was dead hence he looked into the pitch and saw Fergie running away so he spoke into his radio.

Agent crosswell: she is heading for the exit

As Fergie was running to the closest exit, he saw two guards who pointed guns at her but before she knew it, the two guards were hit by bats from the hands of her two lady friends and the three of them ran out. Luckily for them they saw a group of bicycle parked outside the sport complex so they jumped on them and drove away but agent crosswell was quick enough to sight them and he ran after them. Soon the girls got into a junction and each of them took a different route but agent crosswell decided to follow Fergie who drove into a local street through a lot of corners which almost got Crosswell lost.  He guessed his way into a place where he saw two girls rolling a skipping rope over a girl who was repeatedly hopping as fast as the rope came close. The agent suspected that it was Fergie in between the ropes so he went closer in unsurety as he didn’t point the gun. When he got really close Fergie jumped outta the skipping and shot the agent in the arm and he fell to the ground then she took his gun away from him and said to him.

Fergie: Aren’t you the pretty one (then she looked at the wound and said), not so pretty after all. You would be needing more than a cute face and a gun to get me, now kindly buzz your ass of my hood before I choose to forget another bullet in your forehead.

She danced along the street as commoners crowded behind her as everybody celebrated her victory over the FBI who they saw as an enemy and the wounded agent leaped away in disappointment and pains.

Two men were seated at each end of a long table; one is dreadlocked and the other taut on suit and tie. The one on suit was giving the tell on the job he had for the notorious Movado.

Man on suit: He is a thorough business man who has a wild sense for money, we networked some business together and he scooped a gross of the income if not all, he actually has a reputation for this and I want the smart ass dead.

Then fergie’s boyfriend opened the file and saw that it was the republican candidate for the U.S presidency.

Agent crosswell had come back to the FBI station after missing out of Fergie and the director was questioning him for being so clumsy with the criminal. As he was being questioned a female was first-aiding his wounds and he soon gestured away the female paramedic.

Buchanan: I thought you had her on sight.

Agent crosswell: Yes I did, I thought I did. She came out of nowhere, left a bullet in my arm.

Buchanan: There’s just one word for this: incompetence, you lost her: you find her.

The grocery was scanty but colourful with fruits as the wife of Frank (the congressman) and her son went to a supermarket. Whilst the kid was busy clinching candies and chocolates into the cart that had being half filled by the mother. The child soon noticed Fergie who was moonwalking and dropping items into her cart. The boy was very fascinated by the moves so he went closer and chanted ‘‘cool’’ then Fergie noticed him, stopped and said to him

Fergie: Hi

Kid: Please can you teach me?

Fergie: Sure thing but it requires a lot of practice.

The young boy held her hand and brought her to his mum.

Kid: Mum! Aunty (he didn’t know her name so he paused trying to remember her then Fergie reminded him) Fergie agreed to teach me how to moon walk.

The mum felt so embarrassed as she said

Mum: Please, I’m sorry for the disturbance just that he loves dancing a lot. You can’t imagine how many things are broken in the house because of his dancing, He is something else.

Fergie: No it’s no disturbance it’s actually my pleasure. Am a dance tutor: Fergie (as she introduced herself to the mum).

Kid: Mum, remember the school dance competition would be on very soon, she could put me through dance lessons.

Mum: if you are really willing to do this it would mean a lot to us, but you don’t have to if it would cause you any trouble.

Fergie: Are you kidding me, it would be my pleasure.

With feelings of having failed and being termed incompetent, agent Crosswell went back to the street where Fergie put a bullet in him and he met Britney; one of the lady friends of Fergie (who had helped her escape from the baseball championship at Cleveland) at a bar. She was sitted across the bar desk trying to drown her sorrows as the agent came in a denim sweater and casual shorts. Agent crosswell said to the Barman.

Agent Crosswell: A bottle of Vodka Martini, please!

He then looked at the young lady who was staring lostly at the glass of whiskey which she was holding and said

Agent Crosswell: Bad day

But the lady was so lost in thought that she didn’t hear him on time then she replied.

Britney: Were you talking to me?

Agent Crosswell: Yeah, is everything ok?

Britney: Maybe, Maybe not. It’s all kinda confusing.

Agent Crosswell: Anything you could share.

Britney: I can only share a coke with a friend.

Then he pointed to the alcohol she was drinking.

Agent Crosswell: That aint coke.

Britney: And you are not a friend.

Crosswell looked away from the lady towards the Vodka bottle and wanted to give the young lady space, and then she said.

Britney: What do you care?

Agent Crosswell: Sorry, were you talking to me (he said this to recite or mimic what the lady had earlier said to him).

Then the lady smiled at the guy

Agent Crosswell: What do I care? Maybe I actually do not care or maybe am just a good guy who’s ready to lend a shoulder.

Britney: You mean a good cop.

Then the agent’s face became sour as she continued

Britney: Ofcourse I know who you are.

Agent Crosswell: Right, but it’s not about me. It’s about you.

Britney: Of course.

Then the two started talking and she grew fond of him as the chat continued for a time longer than natural and then Crosswell bursted the party with a question.

Crosswell: Three days ago, a man was assassinated in a baseball court. Mr Hugo was seated very close to the pitch. The game started, 21 minutes into the game, one of the batsmen got injured and a young lady came on for him. From her hits it was obvious that she had never hit a ball in her life but she got better, her second to the last hit was record breaking and her last was... A murder.

Then Crosswell pushed Fergie’s picture to her as he said

Crosswell: she is a great performer and a criminal and I need you to tell me where she is. Where is Fergie?

Britney: Don’t you just look so cute when you are looking for something.

Crosswell: Answer the question.

Then he held the Britney’s chin tightly as she then gently slipped his hand away and said laughingly

Britney: How am I supposed to know who this bitch is? If you have any other question, feel free to contact my lawyer: that’s if I have one.

This left the agent very tired as he realizes the girl is just stalling as she doesn’t want to answer the question.

Then she used her hands to rub the agent’s body who quickly removed her hands as he said “stop” then he left.

It was getting all frisky as the job the dreadgang had been contracted for was becoming more difficult than they had thought as they were only expert at salvaging bad situations but this was very much different. They were putting on strategies and methods to the madness of killing Trump. The gang agreed that they would kill him immediately after he becomes the president during his press conference as the one man that contracted them assured them that he could doctor the location and the details of the conference to suit the gang. But one of the members disagreed as he thought attempting to kill the president under the view of the press would be destructive as the cameras would be there and Movado replied him

Movado: Okay, do you have a better idea?

Member: No. But not during a press conference. It is definitely not going to work.

Movado felt insulted as his subordinate termed his idea as destructive and did not even come up with a better one. He held the member’s neck tightly against the wall and told him.

Movado: If you gonna be dashing people’s opinions like that, you should have better ideas.

The member revolted as he pushed Movado away and was ready for a fight but the other members tried to calm Movado down at the same time scold the other member.

Movado shunned them as he wanted to fight too and show the big mouth a big lesson. The fight started as Movado wiped his ass six ways from Sunday, he then shove him from the room into the street as everybody watched Movado lynch his gang member with his clenched fist till he lost consciousness.

Ever busy was the bureau as it felt like crimes were increasing by the day, Agent Crosswell was on an assignment as they went after a very notorious criminal. Whilst the hunt was on, Croswell’s mind was always after Fergie who had being the only stain on his competence since six years in the agency, so he was quite keen on solving the Fergie case. The agent found time to place a call to Britney (Fergie’s lady friend).

Crosswell: Am sorry for the last time, can we see?


























The landscape view of the streets in Dallas quickened speedily as Movado stared deeply from the Uber cab which was taking him and his girlfriend (Fergie) to Maryland where he was having a family re-union. The journey remained most confusing to Fergie who did not know where he was taking her as Movado constantly clutched his pained fist.

Fergie: You guys now fight each other?

Movado: It was more of a beating actually. I had to show them that I was still in charge; I can’t afford any show of weakness.

Fergie: And am wondering why Mr Strength hasn’t told me where he is taking me to.

Movado: It’s my family re-union

Fergie: Hmmmm! You’ve never talked about your family before and now you having a re-union. What are you not telling me?

Movado: It’s a long story.

Fergie: It’s gonna be an hour or two till we get to Maryland, Start talking.

Movado: It’s not just a long story.

Fergie: Fine. Driver stop the car.

As the driver stopped the car she wanted to come down but Movado didn’t allow that.

Movado: Fergie, common don’t make this more difficult than it is already.

He held her hand and drew her back to seat.

Movado: uuuhhhh!. Don’t you have secrets?

Fergie became very straight and direct as she said

Fergie: No, I don’t.

Movado placed his hands across her shoulders as he said “Come here”.

Fergie: If you can’t trust me with the truth, then am nothing to you. Am just a joke to you?

Movado: Don’t say that. You know what, I will tell you.

Movado told her the whole story about his family as they drove to his family house.

Agent crosswell went to Britney’s house hoping to get useful information about Fergie’s whereabouts.

He knocked once and the lady opened as she smiled and said.

Britney: what are you doing here?

Crosswell: I believe our last meeting ended on the wrong foot and I’ve come to straighten things out.

Britney: And what could that be?

The agent cornered him to a wall and folded his hands around her breasts

Crosswell: Where is fergie?

Britney: there’s no right answer to a wrong question.

Then she kissed him and kissed her back as he said

Crosswell: Yes there is.

He slid his hands into her pants clutched her private opening as she said with so much hush in her mouth.

Britney: she is like a ghost, nobody knows where she is.

Then crosswell took her to the bed and ripped off all her clothings.

Crosswell: Why does she do what she does?

Britney: She just enjoys it.

But Crosswell wasn’t satisfied with the answer so he paired two of his fingers together, dipped into his mouth and fingered the lady, prompting her to the truth

Britney: She watched her parents get shot by an FBI agent.

Crosswell: what do you for her?

Britney: nothing (at this point he was just licking her breast and stomach).

Crosswell: what do you do for her?

Britney: go down (as he wanted him to do the cunning clit).

Then he did and her face became orgasmic as she answered

Britney: We grew up together; we both had a thing for violence.

Crosswell: Who is she after, this time?

Britney: I don’t know that.

Then crosswell unbuckled his trouser.

Crosswell: who is she after now?

Britney: I can’t tell you that.

And so the sex started and she revealed lots of things that she didn’t want to.

Circus swamped the ambient with balloons and colored frails as the young students of Corona high school prepared for the dance contest. The wife of the congressman was all smiles in the hall as she watched kids perform on the stage. She anticipated her son’s performance and her husband’s arrival as she placed a call to frank; the congressman.

Wife: The show has started.

Congressman: Which show is that?

Wife: The dance competition. Don’t tell me you forgot. And to think that I reserved a seat for you in someone else’s name, cos I knew you wouldn’t come.

Congressman: It’s not my choice. You can’t imagine how much I want to be there right now.

Wife: I really don’t know what to say to you anymore.

After she cut the call, the heated conversation got Frank thinking as he realized he was marginalizing his family so he dropped everything and made sure he had his bum on seat in the school hall.

The deep pleasure from the last night sex kept agent Crosswell in bed till 7:20 in the morning when he woke up by the side of Britney and hurriedly dressed up for the office.

Movado was dressing up in his tuxedo while Fergie was in the kitchen cheffing the meals for the re-union. The dread man came into the kitchen all looking formal in his cute tux, his dreads well packed with a glass of wine in his hands.

Fergie: Uuuhhh! I’ve never seen you this handsome.

Movado: What can I say, I like to stay fly.

He approached her and tossed his lips against hers. After a long teasing kiss she told him to help dice the potato as she went to get a drink for herself. When she got there, she heard a big bang on the door, she went and opened the door with her too hands pulling each half apart. The crowd outside were smiling and murmuring to each other when she brought the door ajar and everybody turned to her with mystery in their face and with this question in their heads “Who is this”.

Fergie smiled and said

Fergie: Hi

Nobody replied but immediately Movado came into the sitting room and was coming towards the door, his family members that he had not seen in years came running towards him for a hug. Fergie looked from a distance as hugs exchanged bodies with smiles as they chanted greetings and wishes at each other in their local dialect. After the hugs, everybody stopped to watch the moment between Movado and Oscar; his father as they hugged deeply after decades of feud.

Movado: How was your trip?

Oscar: Long, very long but it was worth it.

One of Movado’s nephews ran towards him and hugged him. While this was going on, the dad noticed Fergie who was staring from a distance.

Oscar: Frank (Movado’s English name) aren’t you going to introduce me to this young lady.

Movado: Yes Ofcourse. Umm, this is Fergie. My girlfriend.

Fergie did not really know how to greet him so she tried to peck him left and right but it went sour as he wasn’t expecting that.

Oscar: So this is how you greet your elders, interesting!

The dad left after he said this to a small round table at the corner of the sitting room where he saw his youngest son and his wife pouring wines from the bottle on the table. Oscar came towards them with so much gladness as he asked the son.

Oscar: How many children do you have now?

But the son’s wife decided to answer.

Son’s wife: Four, we have four. And frankly speaking we do not have any intentions of having more.

Oscar hit the shoulder of the son hardly as he said to him aggressively

Oscar: What’s wrong with you? Now your wife answers for you.

The heat got too much for the youngest son and his wife as they left the place but their presence was replaced by that of Fergie and Movado who came to get some drink.

Miller, the right hand man of Oscar who is much associated with the devious evils of the Local government chairman said

Miller: The scents from the kitchen are quite impressive.

So he posed a question to the cook (Fergie).

Miller: So for how long have you being a cook?

Fergie: Officially seven years. By the last quarter of the year, I would have being running my restaurant for seven years.

Miller: Great

Fergie: So what do you do?

Miller: I work for the Local government (as he said this, he gestured to Oscar who was looking at Movado). I work on the outskirt. You know, behind the scene.

Fergie: Mysterious. Let me go check the food: excuse me.

Miller: Need a hand

Fergie: Sure

So Fergie and Miller left Oscar and Movado to their selves as it was obvious that they had a lot to catch up on.

Oscar offered Movado a walk with him as they went round the big family house talking in their local dialect

Oscar: 14th of March 2013.

Movado: Is that your new birthday?

Oscar laughed and said.

Oscar: My hand was against the bible, the crowd of thugs and commoners watched me swear an oath to serve the people as the new Local government chairman. They knew my evil reputation but they also knew I was one that didn’t resist the truth and so they supported me. For a while I even believed that this was why I wanted the office but when I got there I realized it was the power and the influence that drew me. People need to be lead with strength and strong authority which is simply what I exemplify. So when I heard that you were a banker, I was surprised. I was shocked

Movado: And why is that?

Oscar: You are like me: impatient, strong willed, wild, and a little bit shady, that doesn’t sound like banking.

Movado: And it hasn’t occurred to you that people do change?

Oscar: True, people could change.

Oscar’s only daughter (Diana) came in on them and said

Diana: I want to make a toast and we want to take the family selfie.

Oscar: What is stopping you?

Diana: Both of you

So Movado and Oscar went to join the rest of the family at the dinner table.

Diana: Am so glad every one member of this family is here today to celebrate another re-union. Am even much happier that this time the family is actually complete with the presence of Frank after a very long time. And I will also like to make a very big toast to the one responsible for these beautiful meals, Fergie.

Immediately after this Oscar brought out a cigar and gestured at Miller to light it up. Diana was quick to shun the action as she said to Oscar

Diana: Dad! Please no smoking.

But Oscar did not care as he let the cloud of smoke outta his mouth. Then he said

Oscar: I also have something to say; many of us have not seen each other in a very long time. It may surprise some of you that it really weights on me heavily. Am not the type to emote unnecessarily but I have to say that this is one of the happiest moments of my life?

Everybody thought that he was done with his speech as they clapped and said bravo but Oscar was still standing as he said

Oscar: Am not done. Any life, no matter how long and complex it may be is made out of a single moment, the moment when a man finds out once and for all who he really is. When Frank was sixteen years old, he was a wild kid: Motorcycles, hunting, girls and what not. He always had a temper with his two brothers: Miller and George but the only time he was affectionate was with little Santino. When the family is all together, it is important to recognize the ones who are not. Little Santino was the youngest, the baby and Frank loved him very much, he taught him how to fish, how to cook. On little Santino’s seventh birthday, Frank took him for a company trip at Ranchako. They were supposed to stay up until midnight for his birthday but little Santino never made it to midnight. How is that again?

He asked frank.

Movado: I was teaching Santino how to start a fire.

Oscar: Teaching how to start a fire to a seven year old. Little Santino might not have adhered very closely to his instructions as something that he said caused Frank to throw a rock at his head

Movado: It was not a rock; it was a small rock, almost a pebble. Santino was dancing around with the touch; he almost started a forest fire.

Oscar: So to save his precious forest, Frank threw a rock at his little brother’s head.

Then he got tired, didn’t he?

Movado: He wanted to lie down

Oscar: And what do you do with an head injury?

Frank: I didn’t know

Oscar: Frank said, you go and lie down. I will wake you up by midnight on your birthday. So little Santino went to sleep.

Wife: That’s enough.

Oscar: When your brain starts to loose blood, you get drowsy. Always keep someone with a head injury awake. Because the next morning on his seventh birthday, little Santino did not wake up. Frank went to sleep and forgot to wake him up at midnight. He lead him asleep all night long. Before checking him again he went fishing, he made a pot of coffee while little Santino laid dead.

Wife: It was not his fault. He was only sixteen years old.

Oscar: He knew better

Wife:  He couldn’t have saved him.

Oscar: Yes he could have, you know this. One thing am sure of is that Little Santino would have being alive today if it were not for you.

Frank: Am sorry.

Oscar: Ofcourse you are sorry, you killed your little brother it makes sense to be sorry.

The wife of Oscar couldn’t take it anymore as she said

Wife: Are you done?

Oscar: Yes I am done, now that we have remembered little Santino.

Then Oscar held up a glass of wine and made a toast.

Oscar: To little Santino

And the rest of the family mumbled the toast “To Santino”.

The heat just got turned up as the family and loving re-union soon became an event of controversy. Fergie cornered Movado to the kitchen where they were discussing

Fergie: I think we should go

Movado: No

Fergie: Is your father always like that, cos what happened was obviously not your fault.

Movado got angry as he said

Movado: How is it not my fault? I know my father is who he is but he is right about what happened to Santino. You can go if you want to.

Fergie stared at him for a while in disbelief then she left back into the dinner table where he saw the whole family dancing subtly to a local folk song and she caught up with Movado’s mum as she danced with her and asked her if they could switch seat positions on the dinner table as she wanted to seat close to Oscar and the mother agreed to it as she also wanted to seat close to her son.

Soon everybody was sitted again but this time Fergie was next to Oscar and Movado was at the other end with his mum Fergie said to Oscar

Fergie: Maybe you should apologise to your son

Oscar: Frank! What For?

Fergie: He was a kid, Kids are meant to make mistakes.

Oscar: He was sixteen.

Fergie: Don’t you think you could have consoled him instead of kicking him out your family.

Oscar: Ohh! You would fit right in.

Fergie: Is that right?

Oscar: Let me tell you how this family works; Everyone is on Frank’s side and am left to look like a spiteful old man.

Fergie: Pardon you?

Movado noticed the conversation between Oscar and his girlfriend was taking longer than natural, so he intruded as he stood up and said

Movado: Am glad everyone is enjoying themselves. I will be back with desert.

After Movado said this Oscar looked at him with pity and disgust in anticipation of what is about to happen next as he walked away to the kitchen.

Then Oscar asked Fergie

Oscar: Do you love him?

Fergie: am not sure yet.

Oscar: Well we are about to see.

After the delicious desert, Oscar said to his first wife.

Oscar: Dora, Why don’t you go and lie down for a little while.

This came surprising to her as she did not understand the reason for this

Oscar: And please take the little ones with you.

The wife protested saying “Why” but with the message from the face struck at her she quickly took the little ones and went away.

Oscar: Better. Now we can now all be real people. So Frank.

As he called out frank’s name, he became uneasy on his seat as he answered

Movado: Yessss.

Oscar: I bet you can’t wait to get out of here?

Movado: You know I think you are not wrong about that.

Oscar: It’s been so many years and so little I know about my son; Like for instance what do you do for a living this days.

Movado: You know what I do, we’ve talked about this.

Oscar: Yeah, I know you dress well enough to make people believe that you are a banker but is that what you really do to make ends meet?

Movado: Yes

Oscar: That’s not quite true is it? Infact I was so curious about what my son was doing and not being able to contact him that I had Miller hire private investigator to look into it.

Miller drew out a folder from under the napkins on the dinner table and handed it over to Oscar

Oscar: Why do you disrespect this family by lying to our faces?

But his wife intruded

Wife: Oscar, stop it. Whatever you think you are doing.

Oscar: Darling, am sorry to be the one to tell you this but your beloveth son is a notorious criminal; one of the FBI’s most wanted.

The wife laughed in disbelief as she said

Wife: Am sorry for my husband but he has a sick sense of humor.

But it was as if he was the only one that shared this opinion as everybody wore a Gucci frown and they were left unsure of what to think. Oscar then asked Fergie

Oscar: Did you notice?

Fergie: your sick sense of humor? I cashed in on that pretty quickly.

Oscar: Nah, I meant what your husband does for a living. Did you notice?

Fergie: He is a banker and I think we should go.

After she said this she stood to leave alongside Movado but Oscar threw a picture across the table as he said

Oscar: Did you know this guy; he died during a robbery attack.

Then he threw another picture as he said

Oscar: This pregnant woman and her unborn child died in a ceasefire between the police and a notorious group.

He threw another document as he said

Oscar: The list is endless.

Wife: who are these people?

Movado: I do not know them.

But this got Oscar angry as he hit the table, stood up and said

Oscar: Ofcourse you don’t know them. These are just a few of the people whose lives has being collateral for your criminal activities.  Be a man and tell the truth, tell your mother, brothers, sister and your little girlfriend. Tell them so that, I will have to listen to them begging me to let you into the family. I always knew but now they also know. You are a killer at sixteen and you are a killer now. You are evil and if you don’t tell them the truth. Your girlfriend will. 

All eyes went towards Fergie as Oscar added

Oscar: Tell them

Fergie: I have nothing to say

Movado: Leave her out of this

Miller:  Tell them

Fergie: I don’t know what you are talking about.

Miller steered and skewed out of his chair as he brought out a gun, cocked it and pointed it at her forehead.

Miller: Talk

Movado: Miller, put down the gun

Diana: What’s going on?

Movado: I will tell the truth, after you put down the gun.

Miller held the gun still pointed to her head as he would have loved to pull the trigger

Movado: Miller put down the gun.

But Miller retracted and kept the gun away.

Diana: Frank what is this?

Movado looked at Oscar and said

Movado: how many people have lost their lives because of you?

Oscar: This is not about me.

Movado: That is what all this is about. You seat there accusing me of murder when you are responsible for worse crimes.

After he said this, Miller pointed the gun at Frank who walked towards the gun as he said

Movado: What are you going to do, Miller? What are you going to do?

At this point the mouth of the gun was against Movado’s chest as he looked straight into Miller’s eye who was hesitating to pull the trigger. All of a sudden Movado hijacked the gun from Miller’s hands and pointed it at Miller who was on the ground as he was shocked.

Wife: What are you doing?

Oscar: Frank is about to kill another one of your sons.

Then Movado removed the magazine rack from the gun and gave the empty gun back to Miller as he went towards Oscar and said passionately.

Movado: You forced me out of my family. You left me with no one; I was invisible, because of you I was alone since I was a kid.

Oscar: Not because of me

Movado: Because of you. If it were not for Diana, I would not be here. She told me I could have my family back. And I thought if there was a chance that you would let me back in. If you agreed to forgive me then I will forgive you.

Oscar: I don’t need forgiveness for anything.

Then Movado held Oscar’s face and said

Movado: I will never see you again

Oscar: Finally we agree on one thing.

Movado hugged his mum and siblings and then they left.

The director was talking to an agent in his office when he saw Crosswell walk into the office and he went towards Crosswell.

Director: Why are you just coming by this time?

Agent crosswell: Am sorry for coming late but right now I think we have a bigger fish to fry.

And the agent explained the whole plot about where and who Fergie was supposed to murder later that day.

Agent crosswell: Later today, Northvale high school would be having their arts and performance day where the pupils get to showcase their talents on stage in front of the parents.

Buchanan: Are you saying she would be on stage.

Agent crosswell: She is not a student, so she would not be performing but there is only way to be sure.

Buchanan: Am tempted to ask; where did you get your information?

But the agent refused to answer

Buchanan: Where were you last night?

Crosswell: That is irrelevant.

Buchanan: I decide what is irrelevant.

The director looked at him with so much grin and then told Bale to do a background check on all the attendees to the show.

Buchanan: Crosswell, round up a team and head for the school.

The team got to the school and they tried to scope the area.

Agent Crosswell: Am going backstage.

Bale: I thought it’s a kid show, why would she be performing at such.

Agent Crosswell: Actually she’s like the climate; you never know.

Then the agent went backstage and he saw a crop of kids preparing and dressing up for the show and one of the school officials came up to him and asked what he was doing there.

School official: Can I help you sir.

Agent crosswell: FBI, am just trying to ensure that nothing goes wrong

School official: is something supposed to go wrong?

Agent crosswell: There is a lady whom we believe is here to disrupt the show but we are not really sure how.

School official: Who is this lady?

Agent crosswell: She is a criminal, one of FBI’s most wanted, we don’t know who she is after, how she is going to execute her plans but we do know what she is here for.

School official: trainer!

Agent crosswell: What do you mean by trainer?

School official: I saw a young lady, black, skinny, low skin cut, about my height.

The school official tried to look for her but unfortunately Fergie alongside the congressman’s son that he had been training had just walked into the stage. Agent crosswell tried to run after her into the stage but the school official stopped him as she said to him

School official: You would just be causing so much panic for something you are not sure of.

Agent crosswell: She is a terrorist.

School official: You didn’t even see her.

Then the agent went away as he realized that he didn’t have enough reason to climb the stage.

Light came unto the duo as they stood still all dressed Michael Jackson like, Fergie looked all stunt on tuxedo with high heels as the young boy held her hand in freight. Crosswell thought she was after the son of the congressman so he tried as much as possible to keep the congressman’s son and wife on sight so he motioned towards the stage but the stage soon became dark and Fergie left the scene for the drum set as she was supposed to drum to the Billie jean track that the kid was about to dance to. The sudden disappearance of Fergie from the stage got the agent confused as he saw just the kid on stage dancing and he went backstage where the performers changed their costumes hoping to find Fergie but he didn’t.  The young dancer flipped the stage with thrills and frills sent down the spine of the onlookers. Soon the congressman came into the hall at the front seat near her wife. Agent Crosswell came back to watch the performance after he couldn’t find Fergie, unfortunately with seconds to the end of the performance he found out that Fergie was the one drumming and he went towards the stage. The agent did not want to start the shooting as it was a crime for an agent to unduly cause chaos in public places when there are not enough reasons to, so the team must wait for a move from the criminal before reacting. The performance was over, Fergie came and joined him and they walked together to the front of the stage. The congressman’s wife went to hug his son in front of the stage but agent crosswell prevented her from doing so. While the agent was busy trying to prevent the woman from getting close to Fergie, the congressman went straight towards the son. The father and son were already in their exclusive moment when the Agent realized or guessed that the man was the congressman, he shouted ‘‘stop’’ as he pulled out his gun but it was too late as Fergie drove the blade of her heels into his chest and watched him fall to the ground. The pandemonium became indescribable as everybody was running towards everyother person that was running away. The congressman’s wife ran towards his husband on the floor while Fergie headed for the exit no quicker than agent crosswell noticed and sparked after her while speaking into the walkie talkie saying

Agent crosswell: We have a man down; I need an ambulance on the stage right away.

In the pursuit, Fergie ran through a corner and bursted into a road where a car was parked. The driver of the car was putting the bag of goods he bought from the store close by into the car’s boot when Fergie jumped and rolled over and across the car and slammed the booth then she fell to the ground. The driver was very surprised and did not understand what was going on. Fergie pointed a gun at him as she slipped into the boot and then she told the driver to drive.

The driver entered the car and drove off as the driver went off just in time as the agent Crosswell saw the car driving off and he knew he could not meet up.

The house party was lit by the presence of friends and homies at Fergie’s, this kind was held once every month. The ladies were having a swell time when Fergie came in and the one, who betrayed her; Britney, came to her offering a glass of red wine as she ushered Fergie into the party. For a very long time Fergie played along and nobody noticed the anger that she was nurturing inside.

Soon she made a toast.

Fergie: I like to make a toast to everyone; for our consistent support for one another. This distinct characteristics has being what is making this family soar and happy. But while we celebrate the ones who are the ingredients of these lofty successes we’ve all being achieving, it is also important that we identify the ones who betray us and the ones who are out to bite us when we are not looking (at this point the ladies were sour and they didn’t know who Fergie was talking about). I was out on a very important assignment earlier today, unfortunately for me the cops were just there waiting to bite me. Yeah somebody sold me out, one of you betrayed me. Today could have easily gone the wrong way but it didn’t and there’s no way I would allow it repeat itself.

Then she brought out her gun and pointed it at Britney who betrayed her as she asked.

Fergie: Did you betray me?

Britney: I don’t know what you are talking about

Fergie cocked the gun and pointed it at her again as she repeated

Fergie: Am not going to ask again did you betray me?

Britney: Yes I did (this she said with so much scare in her voice).

Fergie: They did not hear you.

Britney increased her tone as she said

Britney: I betrayed her; I told the FBI where she was.

Fergie shot her in the leg after which she said

Fergie: Please let the party continue.

And the fun continued once again.

It was the day of the presidential debate. The candidates were behind the pulpits that flagged their party. Donald trump represented the republican and Hillary Clinton was for the democrats.

Donald Trump leveraged on the fact that there was a way that the election could end up in a win-win for both parties as Donald trump brought up and out facts about how Hillary Clinton was one the best secretary of states that the US had ever witnessed and he would be willing to make her the secretary of state if he is elected. He also pointed out the fact that her excellence as the secretary of state shows how efficient she can be when playing the supporting role but being the president would be too much to ask from a lady at 64 who was nursing prostate cancer. Most of the agents were gathered at the bureau watching trump’s debate when the director came and called Agent crosswell to the office.

Director: For some reason you’ve being so below per on the Fergie case and this forces me to put you off the case

Agent Crosswell: Don’t do that. I’ve never lost a case.

Director: Maybe, but on this case it sure seems like you losing.

Crosswell wanted to drag on the argument but the director interrupted and said

Director: That’s enough, you are off the case.

Fergie got another job to kill Mr Trump, the person who offered her the job was talking to her in an abandoned car.

Man: This is a very difficult job, lots of people have being contracted but none has delivered. For the stress, we are willing to double the usual pay.

Then the man pushed the file towards her. She opened it and saw that it was the Mr Trump (the president to be) then Fergie said.

Fergie: I can’t

Man: excuse me

Fergie: I can’t do it

Man: Why not. He’s not the president yet. We would give you all the support you need.

She remembered overhearing his boyfriend talking about getting a contract to kill the same person; Trump.

Fergie: It’s not that, I just can’t.

After the presidential debate, it became obvious that Trump had an edge over the lady opponent and he thought he deserved some political respite alongside his campaign manager. Mr Trump got into the hotel room in his presidential suite with his campaign manager as they were still discussing the happenings of the presidential debate. After some time, the two became tired with the paper work and Trump went to get a bottle of wine with two glasses. As the republican picked up the glass, Fergie who had sneaked into the hotel room before they arrived said with her gun pointed at him.

Fergie: Drop the glass

Trump: Who the hell are you?

Fergie: Do you care, drop the glass.

Trump dropped the glass and walked into the main room and Tom saw Trump walk dead into the room as Fergie kept the gun pointed at his head. Tom headed for the telephone but Fergie was quick to halt that as she pointed the gun at Tom who them composed himself in fear.

Trump: What do you want?

Fergie: What I want is immaterial. A man paid me half a hundred thousand dollars to have you killed.

Trump became scared as Fergie added

Fergie: You right, am here to kill you.

But Trump maintained his composure.

Trump: I am the president to be and I would not allow a pretty face like you spoil that just because of five hundred thousand dollars.

Fergie: Yeah! The president to be, until then you are just a businessman, a conman who has made a wealthy living from fraud, stealth and swindling other businessmen, your choice of lifestyle has left you with no friends, no attachments. Your partners are strangers; dozens of people would pay to have you die; now you are jumping on a political position to provide you with insurance against these oncoming backdrops.

Trump: I outsmarted them, its time I put my mind and skill set to something less pedestrian; politics. And just so you know I fear nobody. If they want to come after me, let them.

Fergie: You are very cocky and you would have made a great president.

Then Fergie cracked the gun to shoot but Trump rushed a word or few

Trump: A million dollar. I will triple whatever they are paying you.

Fergie: Keep your money.

Immediately one of the room service officials came in to the room with champagne in his hand and Fergie pointed the gun at her.

Official: Please, please! Don’t shoot. I only came to deliver this.

Fergie: On your knees, both of you (As he gestured the gun to Tom and Trump).

The two men went on their knees as Fergie told the female official to tie tom up. After Tom was tied up, Fergie told Trump to tape Tom’s mouth and put him the closet as she removed her underwear to cover the CCTV camera in the room. When Fergie finished covering the camera she faced the gun at the hotel official and shot her in both legs. Then she told Trump to get his coat but Trump who was still traumatized by the blood flowing from the official did not hear her as he said

Trump: Sorry

Trump then walked to get his coat and Fergie added a cap on his head to disguise him as they left the room. Fergie stopped a taxi and they entered the car

Taxi driver: Where am I taking you to?

Fergie frowned her face and said as he held the gun to Trump’s waist

Fergie: Just keep driving

Trump: You know, you really don’t have to do this.

Fergie looked at him and said

Fergie: Are you still talking.

Fergie noticed that the driver wanted to make a 911 call since he had seen the gun, so Fergie pointed the gun at him and said to him

Fergie: Throw out the phone

And the driver threw out the phone

Trump: If you really wanted to kill me, you would have done it in the hotel room.

Fergie: Ohh. Trust me you would not die that quickly.

Then Fergie told the driver to go through a turn that lead into a wide street with lots of uncompleted building.

Trump: Where are you taking me?

Fergie: You would get to know soon enough.

Trump: Please. I will pay you whatever you want.

Fergie: You still don’t get it.

Fergie then told the driver to pull up at an abandoned warehouse where she came down and opened the door for Trump and pointed the gun at him as she said.

Fergie: Move.

As they were going, the driver called out to them for his pay

Driver: Hey, my pay.

Fergie pointed the gun at the driver and said

Fergie: Remind me, how much is it.

But the driver jumped into his car at the sight of the gun and drove off. When Fergie turned towards Trump, he hit the gun out of her hand and punched Fergie to the ground but the lady did not allow Trump get to the gun as they fumbled against each other. Fergie gave him the beating of his life as he took the gun from the ground and bailed Trump up and took him to the second floor of the abandoned warehouse where there was a handcuff stuck to a pole at the middle of the scanty warehouse. Fergie cuffed Trump to the pole and walked away

Trump: Please don’t do this. You can’t abandon me here.

As he said this he could hear Fergie saying into the phone “Everything is set”.

While Fergie walked out, Trump struggled with his cuff as he wasn’t just gonna watch his life waste away. His agitations were futile as the more he struggled the more grip the cuff had on him. Not long after the man who contracted Fergie came in with three guys armed to the socks. The man smiled as he saw Trump cuffed to the post.

Man: Trump. Do you remember me?

As he said this, the two guys uncuffed him and tied him to a wooden chair

Trump: Yeah, I would have, if only you were important to me.

Man: confident as usual. Let me refresh your memory with this story.

He said this laughing then he continued as the pitch of his tone increased

Man: A man called Me did business with another man called You and (his tone climaxed as he said with anger) you stole from me.

Trump: Ohh, so you are one of those losers.

(His voice then reduced as he said)

Man: Yeah I did lose to you but now am going to make you pay.

One of the guys who followed the man brought out a kit that he rolled out on the ground from the linen sheath, it was wrapped in.  Trump became least confident when he saw the different sizes and types of knife and syringe.

Man: Fun time

The man brought a really sharp knife as he ripped Trump’s shirt with it.

Trump: Please, don’t do this. I will give you back, all I took from you. Double, I will double the amount.

Man: Not so confident now are you. Well this is the double. The sight of your hand on the ground shaking away from your body; that’s the payback. The warmth from the stain of your blood on my shirt, that is the equivalent of what you stole from me.

The man told the guys to cap side Trump with the chair as one of them punched Trump twice and kicked the chair, so Trump fell to the ground on the chair as his back was now against the ground.

The man removed Trump’s socks as he wanted to rip off his toes but Fergie came to the rescue as he shot the three guards that followed the man who hired him. Trump was clueless of what was going on as the position of the chair denied him the chance to see who was shooting his enemies.

Man: What are you doing?

Fergie shot the man who hired him too as she went to untie Trump.

Trump: I don’t understand.

Fergie: Get moving.

Fergie took Trump to a car parked by the road as she broke the side glass of the car with her elbow and then cut out some wire close to the steering as she joined them together making the car to start. The two of them got into the car

Trump: Why are you doing this?

Fergie: Do you care.

Trump: Either way, thank you pretty face. You saved my life. I owe you one

Fergie: Actually you owe me a million dollar.

Trump: Do i? (He asked this question with so much doubt).

Fergie pointed the gun at him

Trump: Fine, Fine. How am I supposed to get that amount of money?

Fergie: That wouldn’t be so difficult for the president of the United State.

Trump: So you think I would win the election.

Fergie: You wouldn’t still be breathing right now if I wasn’t sure you would.

Trump: Fine. So where are you taking me.

Fergie: To somewhere exquisite where you and I would enjoy the last moments before you become the president.

Trump: Your faith in me is quite romantic.

The two got into a private Hotel and ensured an unhealthy overdose of sex and alcohol. While the fun endlessly continued in the room, the dread gang was buildings away in the warehouse planning on how they were going to kill the president as a press conference was being arranged for the president outside the hotel. This press conference arrangement was workable because the man who contracted the dreadgang had a big reputation in broadcast media in the country.

Sounds of Trump’s phone ringing woke him up in the hotel room as Fergie’s leg was crossed against his.

Fergie: Please could you help me get my phone.

Trump checked the pocket of her short where the phone was ringing and realized it was his phone ringing in her short.

Trump: Uhhhn, my phone. 200 missed calls, 15 voice notes and a message.

While Trump stared at the screen, Tom called again.

Tom: Hi Trump

Trump: Hey Tom

Tom: You sound quite excited

Trump: A bad day turned out really really great.

Tom: I can see.

Trump: What do you mean, you can see?

Tom: I know where you are. As a matter of fact, there is a crowd of Americans waiting outside the hotel for your victory speech.

Trump: Victory speech: What are you talking about?

Tom: If only you did not disappear with your criminal friend, you would have known.

Trump:  Known what?

Tom: You won the election and there’s a crowd waiting outside for you.

Trump went close to the side of the room where he could see a mass of Americans waiting for him.

Trump hung up the phone and dressed up and wore his suit as he was leaving. Fergie was in bed biting her lips and staring at him, this got the president tripping as he came back and kissed her.

Trump: You know, we should really do this again.

Fergie: Sure. All you have to do is take off your suit.

Trump: I meant our deal, our partnership. There are so many people I would prefer dead.

Trump dropped his card and said

Trump: Am just a phone call away.

The steps of Trump into sight doubled the volume of decibels from the anticipation of the citizens for the newly elected president. Trump waved his hand as he walked to the podium with smiles and gladness.

The dreadgang was in place as Trump was about to kick start his speech. Fergie was looking at the crowd from the hotel room then she noticed some of the dreadgang and she figured out that they were out to assassinate the president so she texted the president and as trump wanted to step into the podium after being introduced he got the message.

“Its Fergie, your life is in danger you need to leave now. I don’t have time to explain”.

When trump saw the message he paused as he was already on the podium then he looked into the crowd and turned to Tom and told him that something was wrong but the campaign manager couldn’t really understand why he would feel so amidst the rejoicing atmosphere. While he was still contemplating, the president walked briskly away and the guards followed him as they chanted ‘‘Mr President’’. While the president was walking away two bullets hit the floor near his feet and guards shielded the president back into the hotel and soon the FBI were after one who had taken the shots. The steaming crowd soon skewed in pandemonium as the FBI ran after Movado who they saw take the shots. The agents cornered Movado’s car to a stop and movado came out of the car and ran but agent crosswell followed him on foot as he was shooting at him. Fergie drove into the scene and opened the door of her vehicle to movado who jumped into it and fergie drove away but the FBI was still on the chase as agent crosswell got into a car and informed the bureau about the car Movado and his lover were speeding on. They drove round the metropolis, blurting traffic lights and vehicular rules. During the pursuit fergie ran into another vehicle and her vehicle tumbled as agent Crosswell went slowly to the car that was downside up and found just fergie who was barely conscious as Movado had escaped.

The Canadian who had given the dreadgang the job of killing the president was watching the news and he saw how there was an attempt on the life of the president elect of the United States although the attempt didn’t come through, he became furious as he knew they had blown one of their only opportunity.

Fergie had being captured by the bureau and agent crosswell poured water to her face as she lunged back to consciousness then he said

Agent crosswell: There was an attempt on the life of the president of this country, the plan failed. We had eye on the criminal and you helped him escape. Why?

Fergie: How was I supposed to know he had an attempt on the president’s life?

Agent crosswell: So why did you help him escape.

Fergie: Cos I hate the bureau.

Agent crosswell: What is your connection with this man (as he pushed the picture of movado to her)?

Fergie: I saw the FBI running after someone and I helped; I’ve never seen him before.

Then agent crosswell came to her upfront and upclose as he said

Agent crosswell: Am going to ask this for the last time. Who is this man?

Fergie: My pastor (he said this irritatingly).

This made agent crosswell to slap her and then he continued the ask saying

Agent crosswell: Why did you help him?

Then fergie voked catarrh into her mouth and spat it at agent crosswell and the agent gently rubbed the catarrh from his face with so much disgust then he brought out an interrogation kit as he was keen on torturing the criminal but the director of the bureau came in and said

Director: Stop! We’ve being asked to let her go.

Agent crosswell became so surprised as he responded

Agent Crosswell: Excuse you  

Director: president’s orders

Crosswell looked at the smiling Fergie with so much hate and disappointment.

All in black as the reverend prayed at the burial of the congressman who was killed by Fergie.

Priest: Before us is a man who served our country, devoted his life to building a right nation, a united state for you and me. It will be very heroine for us not to recognize the precepts that this heroes stood for. Dear beloveths drain your eyes and suspend your sorrows, for he might be gone but the legacy and reputation that great men like him leave behind is an inseparable part of America. May his honorable soul rest in peace.

The burial precession was all over the news on TV as the dread gang was watching the burial precession on the news as they were worried about the cruel twist of fate: a position their failed mission had placed them.

Fergie walked into the room looking all military as she was very vexed at the fact that Movado hung him out to dry for the FBI. Movado noticed the anger in her face but he thought he could fake his way through it as he said

Movado: Hey fergie.

She slapped him and replied emotionally

Fergie: You are a bitch. You left me out there after I came to help you.

Movado instructed everybody in the room to excuse them and they did as he said.  Then she came to Movado and said to him

Fergie: You dumped me to the police

Movado: Easy, you know I am forever grateful for your help but they were after me not you, you didn’t commit any crime, at least not that day. The full US security was on me, I needed to get away as quick as possible. You are one half of me. I did what was best and I got the best outcome: you and me free.

Then fergie drew his dread painfully

Fergie: Don’t play politics with me, you let them arrest me.

Movado: I knew you would find your way out.

Fergie: No you don’t. You only cared about yourself. It has always being about you.

As the situation got loud and uncontrollable, the big butt bitch that Movado fucked the previous night came into the sitting room where the two were in just her G-string as she covered her breast with the stretch of her arm and said

Bitch: What’s going on?

Fergie looked at the lady with so much surprise and Movado looked at Fergie in so much confidence as he played the game of “No remorse”.

The bitch came to Movado and placed her hands around him as her breasts were teasing Movado’s dreads.

Fergie quietly left the room with utmost disappointment especially because he looked like he had everything in control and all planned.

The NSA president telephoned Buchanan and informed the director of the bureau about the intentions of the president to make Fergie an agent of the FBI.

NSA president: Hey Buch!

Director: Hi Miller. To what do I owe this?

NSA president: Look the president wants someone in the bureau.

Director: Then send her so we could conduct tests on her and if she is good enough, Why not.

NSA president: You are not listening,

Director: I am listening. If we take in agents just because of whom some powerful person want then the bureau would be nothing more than the Boy Scout.

NSA president: Well I wasn’t asking.

Director: I must say, I am really disappointed.

NSA president: You think I give a fuck about who gets into the bureau and who does not. This is simply chain of command and I am just following orders and if I were you I would too.


Director: Fine, but who exactly is this person.

NSA president: You will know soon enough.

Fergie was putting pegs on her clothings as she held a basket to her waist when a Helicopter flew to where she was and dropped. Everyone in the neighborhood felt threatened as the Helicopter had an FBI label. Fergie was behind a long wrapper spread across the rope as the official came out of the helicopter went towards her as he knew Fergie was behind the rope. As he screwed the wrapper to one side he saw Fergie with a gun pointed at him

Fergie: What do you want?

Official: I was instructed by the FBI’s director to take you to the headquarters

Fergie: For what?

Official: Apparently the president wants you on the Special Task Force. Can you just put that gun away?

Fergie: Can I at least get dressed.

Official: Take your time.

Fergie got to the bureau where she did her medicals and was introduced by Buchanan to the rest of the team.

Buchanan: It is my pleasure to introduce to you, Fergie. She would be joining the special task team for a while.

Immediately Fergie went to their glass plan board (where the team planned their strategies with pictures and clues pinned to the board) where several of her pictures were mosaicked on the board as she said.

Fergie: Hnnnn! I didn’t realize I was a big celebrity around here. Does anybody want a selfie?

But everybody had a smug face as she realized nobody had time for a laugh.

Fergie: What! It was a joke.

Agent Crosswell: We would appreciate it; if you could just shut up, grab your sit and listen to people that have helpful things to say.  

Fergie: I knew it.

Agent Crosswell: knew what

Fergie: I should have left a bullet in your head, when I had the chance.

Crosswell looked at her with so much distaste but agent shinny broke the seeming fury as she started talking about their next case.

Agent Shinny: 21st of May 2011, Polaris bank attack, millions of dollars were lost. 2015, a major member of the state’s house of assembly was killed. 2016, Brooklyn massacre and recently a major attempt on the life of the president. All this events are products of this very criminal.

Movado’s face came up on their screen as Agent crosswell looked at Fergie distinctly and said

Agent crosswell: All these events may seem very unrelated but each one of them are attacks that had failed until this particular gang gets contracted and their involvement sabotages the situation and initiates the criminal act initially intended. They went off their stride when they accepted an offer from an executive of a tech company in Manhattan. The Canadian gave the gang a sum of 2.5 million dollars in cash to deliver the head of the president. This was the first time the gang would be carrying out an attack first hand and they failed.

Agent Shinny: Two gunshots misfired from the crowd came close to the president who was giving his victory speech at the oriental hotel in Texas. They were lucky and quick enough to get away.

Buchanan: The Chinese started the production of plastic eggs and ships tonnes of this product to West Africa where poverty and malnutrition is rampant. This they did against the reprimands of the WHO and EU and now they are seeking to enlarge the market. Two days ago, a container containing tonnes of plastic eggs was intercepted at the seaport in Vegas, although the goods could not be traced to anybody. We got an Intel that the dread gang has being contracted by an unknown foreign national of north eastern origin to recover this container.

Agent Shinny: So if we follow the gang, they would definitely lead us to the one responsible for all this.  

Fergie: Two days ago?

Agent Crosswell: What does that mean?

Fergie: There’s no use going after him. It’s already too late.

Agent Crosswell: Maybe we wouldn’t need to go after him if you hadn’t saved him.

Fergie: You lost him because you couldn’t do your work well. You all suck. There are some criminals that you just can’t catch with this plenty protocols you all follow.

Buchanan: Enough, you are certainly not here to undermine our integrity nor protocols. Crosswell get to Vegas, shinny lead a backup team to the port.

Fergie: And what am I supposed to do?

Buchanan: You stay here with Bale.  

Fergie: And do what? You need me out there.

Buchanan: Give him any assistance he needs.

Agent Crosswell: We know your history with Movado.

Fergie: You know nothing.

The team dispatched out to Vegas. One of the administrative offices of the port caught fire necessitating the entrance of the dreadgang who came in as the fire fighters. While they were putting out the fire, one of the uniformed officials there got a call from the bureau.

Agent Crosswell: This is FBI, we believe there’s an imminent attack on the port, if our Intel is anything to go by, the personnels that will initiate the attack are already in the port.

Official: What are they after?

Agent Crosswell: There was a container seized two days ago containing plastic eggs. The gang has being contracted to recover the container to the owner.

Official: Gang?

As the official said this he looked at the fire fighters who all had dreads.

Agent Croswell: Can you identify any group of persons in the port that will naturally not have being there.

Movado who was holding the pipes gushing out water noticed the official who had looked at him with suspicion, Movado looked away and then directed the pipe towards the official, the strong current of the water from the pipes took the official and hit him against a container. The gang soon ran to the fire vehicle and brought out arms as they opened fire on the custom and port officials present. A big container truck bursted into the port as the crane driver drove towards the container containing plastic eggs which was secluded from the other containers. The crane lifted the container and placed it in the truck. The FBI came into the scene as the team lead by agent Shinny drove into the port shooting at the gang. The gang soon ran into a Chevrolet 4x4 jeep and drove around and out the seaport through the backdoor. As the FBI bus attempted to go after the jeep, the crane driver hit the FBI bus with the container he was carrying and this tumbled their car.

Immediately before the FBI bus tumbled Agent Shinny informed Crosswell that the gang was heading for the exit over the phone.

The truck carrying the container followed the Chevrolet jeep that Movado was driving but Agent Crosswell was in another FBI bus close to the exit of the sea port where the truck carrying the container soon drove out past and the FBI bus quickly followed it. When the driver of the truck and his assistant realized they had followers, they opened fire on the FBIs who also opened fire on them. Not long after they realized that the jeep which Movado was driving was wheeling behind them. The gun battle did continue as they drove into a wide bridge and two of the other guys in the jeep came up from the open top of the Chevrolet car and started shooting at the FBI. The truck in front also bent to a stop thereby blocking the road as they continued firing at the FBI bus. Agent Crosswell didn’t expect the abrupt stop of the truck in front so he ended up colliding with the truck and the FBI bus tumbled. The gang’s truck and jeep continued their escape journey.

Bale was with Fergie who was bored of staying so she was about leaving when Bale asked

Bale: Where do you think you are going?

Fergie: Some place where am useful

Bale: You can’t just break orders.

Then she came back and unbuttoned her shirt as she used her hands to gradually unclose her breast close to Bale. This sensual act freaked him as he couldn’t comport so he told her.

Bale: Just go

Fergie: I thought as much.

Agent Shinny managed to get out of the bus that was hit by the container and she radioed Croswell who couldn’t reply. Agent crosswell got out and a power bike driven by a road safety official got to the scene and wanted to remedy the situation as he was asking about what had happened but Crosswell knew there were more pressing issues so he told the official.

Agent Crosswell: They can’t go scot free.

Official: Who are you talking about?

Agent Crosswell: The ones who caused the accident.

The agent took a shotgun from the jeep and told the official to go after the gang but the official resisted, so Crosswell showed him his badge and said

Agent Crosswell: This is a matter of national security, Please you need to drive.

Road safety: But you are bleeding

Agent Crosswell: Am fine, just drive the fucking bike.

The official spun the bike to its highest speed as he drove after the dreadgang. As the gang was speeding along one side of the bridge, Fergie was driving towards them on the other lane in a white ambulance van. When she was close enough to the red firefighting truck, she crossed the lanes shot the tyre and hit the truck from the front side and the truck eloped into the sea as the bridge was over water. Movado quickly steered his car to the other lane and drove past the van that was close to the end of the lane. Fergie turned and went after Movado. Her chase was strengthened by Crosswell who was by the side of the van on the power bike in pursuit of the gang. All the bullet exchange was futile as the car were not driving straight and this made the gunshots wavy and inaccurate. Movado noticed two state police cars that blocked the road in front but they took their chances as they ran into the cars and came to a stop as the jeep wrecked and the dread gang came out with wounds and started shooting. Fergie and crosswell retaliated with sporadic shooting that took out everyother member of the gang except Movado Who was shielded by the opened door of the jeep. Fergie soon shot him in the leg and then in the stomach and then in the forehead as he was now against the side barricade of the bridge. She went close to him and she kicked him into the sea. Tears rushed down her eyes as she watched Movado splash against the crowd of waters 34 feets below. Agent Crosswell went to look at movado and then he noticed Fergie who was deep in stare of the dead body floating over the sea. Crosswell knew they had a relationship and that Fergie was hurting so he offered an arm and she hugged Crosswell as she cried saying.

Fergie: I loved him. 







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