Black Lace

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Chapter 51 (v.1) - Men Suck

Submitted: June 11, 2019

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Submitted: June 11, 2019




"No? What do you mean, no?" Sebastian asked, confusion apparent on his face. 


"What I mean is, I will not allow you to promise me the Moon and the stars. That kind of promise is for lovers. Two people that love each other unconditionally. And as much as it hurts me to say this, it needs to be said. You do not love me. Hell, you don't even know who I am. If we ever get back to that point again I will change my answer, but right now, I have to say no."


He was hurt. I could tell by his defeated demeanor, but what else was I going to say, yes? I promised myself I would never fall into the trap where I love someone but the feeling is not mutual. I won't subject myself to that kind of hurt again. 




"Any ideas on what we can have for dinner?" I asked Damien as I stood at the sink washing up the remainder of the dishes. Our dishwasher broke so I had to manually wash everything. 


"Whatever you want, you know I'm not picky." Damien groaned, seeming annoyed I asked. 


Walking away from the sink I snuck up behind him and wrapped my arms around his neck. When he was in a grumpy mood I always made it a point to show him I loved him. 


"You know I love you right?" I whispered in his ear as I nibbled on it playfully. 


Jerking his head away from me, he patted my arm and nodded his head. "I know you do." He breathed out. 


Pulling my body away from his I walked around the chair so we were face to face. His eyes were downcast and his bottom lip was sucked into his mouth being held in place by his top teeth. 


"What's wrong?" I asked, my voice shaky. 


Raising his gaze to mine, my stomach immediately knotted up. I could feel the tension in the air and knew whatever came out of his mouth was not going to be good. 


"You know I love you, Veronica. You have been my stars that lit up my dark nights and my sun during the day, but,"


"But what, Damien?" I interrupted.


He let out a breath he seemed to have been harboring for a while. "But I'm just not in love with you anymore." 


My heart instantly sank to the pit of my stomach as the feeling of pins and needles shot up and down my body. How could this happen? I thought we were happy. 


"Why? How is that possible?" I croaked. "I thought we were happy. I thought everything was going good." 


Standing up, he walked to the other side of the table creating space between us. He knew when I got upset I was a little crazy with my hand movements. 


"It was, V-V. I do love you, don't get me wrong. I am just not in love with you. I don't feel the chemistry anymore. I think we are both just, comfortable." 


I raised an eyebrow, stunned at the words escaping his mouth. Aren't you suppose to be comfortable in a relationship? 


"Who is she?" I blurted out, anger bubbling inside me. That had to be the reason he was doing this. 


"Woah, Woah. No one said anything about someone else." He defended. 


"If there is one thing I know about you Damien Hart, it's that you always find a woman who will take care of you."


"That's not true." He screamed back, slamming his hands on the glass table. His inner monster was beginning to come out and I took a few steps back. 


"The world doesn't revolve around perfect Veronica. Men don't swoon at your feet. In fact, they run. You're lame, boring. A sad excuse of a woman." 


A vail of red blurred my vision as I stomped full speed in his direction. "Get the hell out of my house, NOW!" I growled in his face. "NOW!" 


Instead of trembling in fear, a cocky smile crept onto his face. "With pleasure, bitch." He whispered in my ear before I heard the door slamming behind him. 


I slowly slid down the cabinets onto my butt and hugged my legs. Salty tears were streaming down my face staining my perfectly kept jeans. How could he do this to me, especially after four years? 


The more I cried and thought about him the sicker I got. I finally decided to make a vow to myself. I will never continue to peruse a man who doesn't feel the same as I do. I will never allow a man to promise me the world if he didn't love me like I loved him. 




"Veronica, did you hear what I said?" Sebastian questioned, lightly tapping on my shoulder to get my attention. 


Shaking the cobwebs out of my head I looked into his eyes. "Sorry, my mind was somewhere else. What did you say?" 


"I said, I understand." 


My ears perked up. Did I really just hear what he said? Did he just say he understood? 


Throwing my arms around his neck for a hug, he wrapped his arms around me and held me close. "I will do whatever I have to do to prove I am the one for you. I want to prove I can love you the same way that Alpha loved his protector." Sebastian admitted.


"I believe you." I breathed into his neck. Now if only he holds true to his promise. 


"Knock, Knock love birds."


Sebastian turned his attention to Tessa who had let herself into our bedroom and was standing at the doorway. She either had good timing or horrible timing. 


"I need to have a little chat with Veronica if you don't mind. Ya know, about girl problems" She quickly pointed to her lower region and made a disgusted face. 


In an instant Sebastian got up and left the room, no questions asked. He knew not to mess with a woman who was getting a monthly visit from her Aunt Flo. 


Giggling at her brazen attitude I patted the seat next me. 


"You told him no? What the hell is wrong with you? I can see your point but come on sis." Tessa groaned. She was as always the voice of reason, my go to when I needed advice. 


"I mean he is a total dickwad right now but give him a chance." She added. "Erik messed up majorly, but I give him the opportunity to prove to me how much he loves me." 


The more I thought about it, the more she had a point. Only I'd rather him prove it to me before I accept his promise. I have been hurt way too much.


"But what if he is just saying that to make me trust him again? Something is not adding up. If he really felt that way he would have made the promise a long time ago." I pointed out.


Running her hands through her hair she tapped her foot on the carpet deep in thought. "I'll see what Erik knows. Just remember V, not everyone is like Damien." 


I nodded my head in agreement but didn't honestly believe that. I've dated plenty of other men who have hurt me just the same. Dated me for the sheer fact that I was a business owner and had money. 


"Men just suck." I mumbled. 


Tessa sat down beside me and wrapped her arms around me. "A majority of them do, but sometimes we get lucky and find the diamonds in the rough. Like Erik and Sebastian." She smiled wide and started rocking us back and forth. 


"Why are you so smart?" I joked, laying my head on her shoulder. 


"It's a gift I guess. A gift that is sometimes annoying." She giggled. "Now let's stop talking about these pain in the ass men and start talking about that hunk that showed up looking for you." 


"A guy came looking for me? When?" I asked, dumbfounded that I wasn't told about this sooner.


Raising an eyebrow she let go of me and sat Indian style on the bed. "He came by yesterday. From the chatter around the pack house I heard he was quite the looker." 


That's why Sebastian was saying what he was. I knew there was a catch somewhere. 


"I'll be right back, I have an Alpha to choke."

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