Black Lace

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 59 (v.1) - Chapter 59- Again?

Submitted: May 22, 2020

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Submitted: May 22, 2020



*Warning! Some strong language* 

"Wait, what waterfall?" I asked, strangely confused. "I don't remember there being any waterfall near our house." 

Rubbing her fingers along her lips, Tessa let out with a sigh. I could tell she was torn between telling me and letting it go. 

"Let's focus on one thing at a time here." She giggled, trying to lighten the mood. "I would like to assume your main concern right now is not only this rubble of ruins, but finding out the truth about Sebastian." 

As usual, she was correct. Finding out about the waterfall could take a back seat for the time being. At least I knew that she knew something. 

"Come, I fixed up the kitchen a bit so we can go sit in there instead of on this awful hard floor."

I shook my head, smiling at her not so subtle excuse for not sitting on the floor. Some things will never change.

"Ya know, thinking about this whole thing is bringing up a lot of red flags. Especially when Sebastian didn't know who I was. I found it really weird that he was willing to go through the steps of cutting my arm open to prove I wasn't his mate." I thought out loud. "Maybe the Sebastian I fell in love with was a cover of who he really is." But I quickly threw that out the window. He was too soft, too kind to put on a façade like that. 

Tessa ran her hands through her hair before finally deciding to rest her head on them. I could see the bags under her eyes signaling she was tired and the small, slow bops of her head told me she needed some sleep. Unfortunately, she would have to go back to the pack house cause I had nothing left to sleep on. 

"We can do this another day." I whispered. "Let's get you home."




The pack house was hustling for the first time since I could remember. Wolves were rushing in and out of the front door, up and down the steps, and out to the training area I assumed. It seemed like my days meshed together, leaving me with the looming question of what day it was. I very much felt like a child on summer break, staying up late and not caring to check what day it was. I was starting to wonder if I had missed something. 

The air was still heavy, like a fog that lingers over a calm lake, but I made my way into the kitchen anyway, curious of what the pack was up to. I didn’t make it too far before my ears perked up to Erik’s voice. 

"It doesn't work that way, man. We have to stop it at its source. Break the barrier so they can't travel through it." Erik's voice boomed. "Think of it like an invisible shield, only the "special" ones can come out of it and go back in. We know for a fact that we can't just teleport there, but we have two people who can.” 

Erik adjusted himself awkwardly in the chair, trying to get a better look at Mitch. The quizzical way he examined his face made me uneasy, but I decided to ignore it and cut through some of this tension. 

"What are we talking about?" I interrupted, both boys swinging their head quickly to look at me. 

By the surprised looks on their faces it was obviously something I wasn't supposed to hear. Eriks eyes widened and a small shake of his head was a clear indication to leave. I guess this was a matter that didn't involve the Luna of the pack. 

"And I'll be going...." I snorted, leaving the men to discuss their business. By the looks of it, Sebastian must have been upstairs in the meeting room and that's why they resorted to the kitchen. Not such a smart idea on their behalf when there were plenty of prying eyes and listening ears. 

Making my way up the steps I was careful to skip over the step that always seemed to whine when I walked on it. I had even resorted to insulting it, upset that it complained about my weight. 

Watching my feet as I walked to my room, I started thinking more about Tessa's story.  Could it really be possible that Sebastian use to seduce innocent women and then murder them and discard of their bodies like they were trash? No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't phantom him doing that. 

I threw myself backwards on Sebastian's bed and curled my arms up behind my head for cushion. Think Veronica, think.

A slight knock on the door pulled my attention back to reality. 

"Come in." I yelled, not moving an inch from the comfortable position I found myself in. 

"Hey Sis," Mitchell said, as he peeked his head in the door. "Is it okay if I come in?" 

Gesturing for him to come take a seat on the bed, he made his way in and closed the door behind him. 

He looked as if sleep had been evading him too. He had large dark circles under his eyes and a beard was starting to form. He was slouching and walking as if his feet were strapped to cinder blocks.

"What's the matter?" I asked, genuinely concerned. I didn't like to see my brother in this kind of state. I knew depression would be the next step if he didn't pull himself out of this funk. 

"A lot," he admitted, rubbing his hands down his jawline. "There was another attack at our boarder this morning. It wasn't anything major. We were able to stop it fairly quickly, but the infirmary gained two of our wolves for the time being." 

Another attack? We haven't had any issues since we stopped Alan, his bitch and the rogue wolves. 

"Who do you think ordered it? And was it rouges again or-?" I paused. 

He let out with a heavy sigh. "We don't know. We honestly know nothing. Sebastian is contacting other packs to see if they have any troubles. The only thing I can think of would be that it has something to do with you."

I could see the frown that was growing on his face. I knew that he was worried, but the pack would protect me if that was the case. I have full faith and trust in them. 

"The only reason I think it could be you is because this was less than 24 hours after your house got ransacked and ruined." I bopped my head, partially agreeing with him. 

"It's possible, but, it still doesn't make sense. Maybe I can talk to Jasper and Ace and see if they know anything. They might have gotten somewhere with their digging.” 

"I'd rather you not,” he interrupted. “Listen, I know that you are part Healer and I have no issues with that, but Sebastian on the other hand." He stopped talking and gave me a knowing look. "Let's put it this way, he is not thrilled about having to work with Jasper. The only reason he has agreed is because of how adamant you were."

I knew he was making a good point, but it stung a little to hear that my own mate didn't want the extra help to figure out what was going on. Especially if it had to do with me. 

I sighed loudly. "Fine, I won't say anything to them. But, if it comes down to needing more people, I will be asking them to assist us." 

"Agreed!" He smiled while patting my knee lightly. 

"So, what were you and Erik talking about down there?" I asked curiously. 

"Oh, no you don't." He laughed, seeming amused by my weak attempt. "I see what you tried to pull there." 

I laughed along with him knowing damn well I wouldn't get an ounce of information out of him, but it was worth a try. 

I knew all too well of the seriousness of what had happened, but I needed to lighten the atmosphere, calm Mitchell, even if it was something small. 

Getting up from off of the bed, he raised his arms high above his head and leaned backwards. I could hear the crackling of his back the farther backwards he leaned. "I'll let you get some rest. I still have to go find Sebastian and see what he has found out." 

I nodded my head in agreement as he slowly walked to the door and grabbed the silver knob. He turned around slightly and gave me a cheesy smile before slipping back through the door in which he came.

It was beginning to look like there would be another war coming to a head fairly soon. I was still confused on who was even out to get me. I had taken care of Miranda and the conniving Alan, so there weren't very many unruly wolves left to create havoc. 

I wanted to crawl back into bed and forget about the past few days but it was nearly impossible. I was just going to have to get up and deal with this mess that loves to find me. I knew that I would get through it, I always did, but that didn't stop the guilt that I had and the heaviness that always sat on my shoulders. 

Raising myself up and off the bed, my feet found my pair of pants from the night before. I was so frazzled by everything that I don't even remember taking off my clothes and climbing into bed. I bent over and picked them up, beginning to search the pockets for anything I might have shoved in there. I learned pretty quickly that tissues and paper do not mix well in a washing machine. I had one more pocket before they would join the rest of my clothes in a hamper that was situated by the dresser. 

My hand caught on a piece of paper and fear ran through me as I pulled it out. There was the taunting note, staring me directly in the face again. 

"Are you ready to give in? Ready to let the darkness turn your worries and fears into pure bliss? I have asked you twice and twice," I read out loud before noticing that there was more to the note that I didn't finish reading. I was startled by Sebastian who was walking into the room so I just shoved it in my pocket. I continued reading. "You have ignored my attempts. I can no longer secure your safety. May you continue to reap what you sow." 

This note reminded all too well of my interaction with Miranda and how she used to play those wicked mind games. I knew that I needed to show this to Sebastian, but with all the drama and the way he acted when he saw Jasper, I didn't think it was the best time to push it on him. I just hope that by not doing so, I didn't endanger my pack. I could never live with myself if anything were to happen to them. 

I sat quietly for a few moments tracing the words on the note with my finger. The struggle that was going on inside my body was torturing, like someone was grabbing my insides and twisting them as tight as they could. I felt nauseous and a little bit nervous the more I thought about telling him. 

Just maybe, there might be another person who could help me. 

I quickly stepped into my sandals and made a beeline for the door. I knew if there was anyone who could decipher a thing like this, it would be him.


Jasper POV 


"Great, just what I didn't fucking need!" I screamed, as I repeatedly pounded my fists into my desk. Every wolf that walks this god given land has messed with my plans. They have either ruined it from the inside out or simply screwed it up by making their mere presence known. 

"Damn it all to hell!" I growled, trying to regain some of my composure before screaming at my poor assistant through a small metal box that sat on my desk. 

"Is he here yet? What is taking him so damn long?" I asked, extremely irritated. Unfortunately, my attempt to calm my singed nerves was futile. Releasing the small black button on the intercom I waited anxiously for her response. I didn't have time to waste, I needed to continue my plan. I needed to know what they knew, see what they saw. There's only so much I can do from where I'm standing. 

The nasally voice on the other end of the box confirmed my suspicion. " Not yet Commander, I'll send him in as soon as he arrives." 

Frustrated wasn’t even the word for how I felt. It was way more exaggerated than that. But, for now, there was nothing I could do about it. I would just have to sit and wait until he decided to make an appearance. 

I grabbed my jacket from off of the back of my chair and draped it over my shoulder. I had a meeting scheduled with the other Healers that accompanied me to Veronicas house. This was their chance to show me what kind of investigators they really were. 

The meeting room was only two doors down from my office, making my trip extremely short and easy. I stopped at the door, took a deep breath and slowly clicked it open. 

To my surprise, all of the Healers were already seated and ready to go. I was always late due to unforeseen circumstances, so I never knew if they were on time or not. Walking over to the head of the table, they each nodded with respect, welcoming my presence into the room.

"Now let’s get started shall we? Does anyone have any leads on who was at our Healers house yesterday?" I asked the large gathering of men that were all seated around a solid oak table in the meeting room. "We need some kind of information. We can't allow things like this to happen to our members." 

Healer Jackson stood up ready to be addressed. "I was able to rally up a group of scenters and had them do a perimeter sweep of the home last night. Of course they picked up our scent and the werewolves, but they hit on something else that they had never come across. They assured me it was also not a human." 

I furrowed my eyebrows, contemplating on what else it could have been. "Did anything else come up?" I ask curiously. 

"They also said that because there was still a wolf  in the house, along with a human Healer, they were having trouble getting past the two. Eventually, the other scent had faded. They were able to triangulate an area that was the strongest." He paused for a second, scratching the back of his head. "It was dead center between the pack house and our Healers." 

It pissed me off to know that he was there with her, all alone. I'm sure the dirty dog was probably basking in all of his glory. Sure, I knew they were together later on in the night, but when she said she wanted to be alone, I thought it meant just that, alone. 

"Very good, Jackson. Keep working on that lead. Anyone else have anything to add?" 

The Healers all glanced around the table looking at one another while shaking their heads. I could feel the anger starting to bubble up inside my chest. Maybe these fools needed to know that she wasn't just a regular Healer, that she was My Promised. Maybe that would light a fire under their asses. I wanted to one up the wolves to show Veronica who fought and found answers for her. That she belonged here with the Healers. That she belonged with me. My men needed to work harder and faster because time was starting to slip away. 

I adjourned the meeting early since there was no other information to share and slowly slinked back to my office. As soon as I sat down I buried my head in my hands and focused on my breathing. I knew the duties that came with being the Commander, but I didn't know just how hard and stressful it really was. The fact that I now had to work side by side with Sebastian made it that much more stressful. 

"Commander," the intercom crackled. "Your guest has arrived." The woman on the other end announced. 

Sitting up straighter in my chair, I adjusted the papers that were scattered on my desk into small piles, giving the appearance it was tidy and in order. I wanted to ensure a positive and peaceful interaction with my new friend. We were going to be working closely with one another. 

"Send em in."

Closing my eyes for a brief second I heard the click of the door. Finally, he was here. I slowly stood up from my chair, waiting for the last second to make eye contact. This was a trick I learned from Healer Frank. Make your guest beg for the first initial eye contact. 

"Hello, I'm Commander Jasper..." 

"I know who you are." 

As my head snapped up and my eyes met hers I could barely contain the excitement that shot through my body. 

"Well hello Kitten!"

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