The Occult Club (Part 3)

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Submitted: January 21, 2019

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Clara awakened to a darkness surrounding her. She was paralyzed and felt restrained. Voices could be heard by her. “What are you doing? I thought we were done with this?” Listening closely, Clara could distinguish the two voices. Another man shouted, “They saw too much!” A strange old man forcibly removed a bag from off of Clara’s head. Her vision returned and she saw a bright light that blinded her. The old man leaned in to a distance where his breath’s scent was smelled. Clara inhaled the scent of tobacco that the old geezer left as he asked her a question. In a soft voice it was asked, “How much do you know?” Clara tried to make out a sentence but noticed her mouth was stitched shut. Her arms and legs were pinned to a table and she was unable to escape. Her eyes were the only things she had control over. As she looked with what little vision she had, she noticed three injured bodies lying on a wall in front of her. The clothing of the bodies reminded her of three boys. But she couldn’t recall what she was doing before or how she had ended up trapped with two suspicious doctors.

One younger looking doctor said to the old man, “I think the operation was successful for this one.” Both men smiled genuinely as they looked at Clara. Simultaneously, they announced her name “Experiment 4, we are your parents.” Without any memory to denounce the name, Clara willingly went along with what the doctors said. The older looking doctor unstrapped Clara and unpinned her from the table. He then asked the younger doctor to assist her to her feet. Together, both doctors carried her over to a wheelchair and carefully examined her wounds. “We need to attend to these injuries before she bleeds to death,” said the younger doctor. A yelling was heard through the wall and both doctors urgently rushed out of the room, leaving Clara alone without restriction. A faint whisper was heard from one of the bodies lying against the wall across from the table that Clara was lying on. It faintly whispered in a haunting voice, “Leave.” Clara felt sad as she saw the bodies covered in wounds and what she recalled as red paint. Clara fell out of the wheelchair, crawled to the bodies and tried to mutter words, but the stitches kept her lips together. Both doctors reentered the room and noticed Clara was trying to interact with the injured boys. “Oh. This won’t do. We don’t need her remembering anything now do we?” said the elder doctor. The younger doctor grabbed “Experiment 4! Come with us!” arm and dragged her away. Without emotion, Clara gave the bodies an emotionless expression before following the doctors to the wheelchair. The younger doctor patted Clara’s head and kissed her cheek. The elder doctor pushed the wheelchair and the three left the room. Before reaching a full exit, one boy muttered, “Clara.”

To be continued… ????

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