Sun sustains our climate

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One day a human was warned about the last felt message in his soul. He took no answer in taking time to make this history. I feel those heroes are the greatest gift for the energy that takes our shape on the Earth comes from the Sun. In my request here, I pray let this delight serve our heritage never lost on the living Earth and may sustain us always during these times. :)

Submitted: January 21, 2019

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Submitted: January 21, 2019



Today my life finds a test,

Where challenges license your spirit for our aspirations,

Sometimes the rest will be my artist,

When choices bring the trust for an ambition,

Who may let the passion be my mentor,

Struggling for weaving the promise I accept these trials,

Your wordly acceptance motivates a heart rhythm in this silence,

A part of the time I take granted in your universal consciousness,

Tells me I am sorry for being complicated,

Please pardon me for being thankful,

Everyday this willingness makes a life born for your scripts,

Our passage of your guidance tank the energy your soul enchants,

Today I feel this magic everywhere,

People in these streets racing against the rush hour,

For always be a home sustain our survival,

When the safety be a tribute our life remakes everthing here,

A god of our simple answer retold this stolen script,

It is said angels who always drafted a hero on the living earth,

Wanted the deepest desire may the world be living everywhere anytime,

When the longest trials we took for our sustainence,

Let us know this story as a human,

Felt the gratitude of living humble before the heavenly order,

Where every directions requested a great note ever written,

Today I want to thank the Sun for the slow climate revival,

As a blessing for given in the truth with what we do needed as a grant of help,

Light that comes may not burn the living Earth without life,

How may we thank our universe there is a energy for our entire human race,

Who may devote unread messages as the life giver where we need as a gratitude of the great love,

One day Sun rise so lifted my heart from the living,

Strangled to find my path among the rare resemblence,

I found similar resemblence in everything I could ever think again,

If there is a part of trials I could spot in these thoughts,

Nothing moved my heart more than few memories I had on this Earth,

May be the sculpturer stopped for a moment,

And moved back in time what we have lost as the great vision,

I wanted to go back again in these rush hour,

Imagining that the Sun has our radience everywhere,

From the day a soul took refuge in the body,

Till the end a silence take reserve in the soul,

For the divine energy will come from an unknown source,

We see in the way that the world takes us,

Yet a heart embraced what we lived our lifetime for,

If we took these trials for our sustainence on Earth,

How far the living Earth may raise a message here,

More than the bible of love rarely left away from our trials here,

For everything we need here,

Today this Sun became as our visitor,

From time as an ancient vision recalled history,

From space as an earlier visitor recalled humanity,

From love as an rare valuable recalled hearts,

One may never feel the pain this Sun burn itself till the end,

For the journey itself gave birth for life everywhere,

In many struggles the truth shades us a promise,

If you want our history to move on ahead,

If you reserve our humanity need to offer this help,

Learn from the art your heart may work on this message,

Sun is our living star within the stipulated time,

Rays one day shines before the holiness of one Mother Earth,

How we may know any answer will be your grace as this may offer,

For it is not an answer that made the sin in the silence be broken,

There is only the time that stays away from inactivity,

Here you must understand,

The Sun speaks the same all the time you may ignite a hope,

Till now I was trying to highlight our progress as a trace for these friendliness,

I know a life gifted from your energy is never meaningless,

A heart I may fall in your exercise more to life,

May need to match the entire tribute in a hope ever rinsed in the hero within,

So the Sun finally asked me,

What do I ask from the Sun as a request?

"For I am nothing in a vain struggle to come late; I may know the Sun is my source who may know the truth what shines where I am; From your helping hand, let me step for a life passionate, I may never forget your message; The rest may be a heart only to count on, for I know, that you become a message from the divine artist who add color from the energy, I thank for this birth for a time that grants your blessing for all; I only wish I may be part of this freedom in your graceful helping hand."

It is so uncommon for the Sun to experience this uncertainity,

But I pray let us all heal the work for the most beautiful day you may be thankful for all,

How the drafted energy itself will be retaken like a train routed in an unknown tracks,

Yet it is so safe that the home lost for many will be reason for the strangers who will reap a solution in the dreams we seek as human,

Our world may not be lost without all the living creation I may be gifted,

For you always warned me,

It is not the fault of the Sun,

And such grants also has a twister,

Yet when I requested your stepping stones will take time,

Till I may wait here,

With a giving player I know as our future generation,

Who will hate wars for the wrong doings we do to others,

May be brought up in a home,

Where my child will take a story back when we all belong in a spacious home,

I may ask you for this future,

For all we have created is a new change from those grants,

Let us return your favor for the artist within,

Speaks for a world so loved in this request,

As one home for the entire loving family where we are now gifted here,

This is a message without any regrets,

For what I have written is a memoir of our future,

With what we have,

And without the grants we have not forgotten here. 

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