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Flashfyre and Aurora continue their interesting conversation as Flashfyre begins to detail the specifics behind her unique question.

Chapter 7 (v.1) - Blurring Lines

Submitted: February 11, 2019

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Submitted: February 11, 2019



Claymore Academy, Aurora's Quarters, 2:13 p.m....


"The common misconception that skills earned or learned playing games is not applicable in reality is something that was disbanded many years ago, when the first lines of virtual testing for combat simulations rolled out; YukiTex Industries and a joint-agreement with another corporation produced a line of off-the-market, full-dive training simulators for their contractors--an off-the-books government entity looking for more-effective ways to train their soldiers. Even though the testing proved moderately effective, research began to delve into the idea of making the simulations as realistic as possible, and that meant increasing the programming and design of the full-dive experience.

Meanwhile, another program was put into place as a contingency for the raised concern that naturally-occuring Special Skills may begin to run in short supply, thus the creation of Claymore Academy and the Synth Volunteer Program launched--all of that to say this, AutoKill, about four months ago, a breakthrough in dive-ready technology produced by YukiTex Industries led to the creation of a virtual world that could be hosted through wireless, linkable devices called neurochips; when placed on the back of the neck, these neurochips sync up with a device called a statwatch, which serves as the computing interface, and project the wearer's mind into a system known as WorldOS. Now recently, there was something that happened in America with the neurochip design, and the official story was covered up by YukiTex Industries, but all of the devices were confiscated and shipped back here to Japan to be properly disposed of, 'officially'," Flashfyre reported, crossing her legs as Aurora shifted her eyes between the large rug and Flashfyre's gaze.

"So, what does that have to do with me?" Aurora inquired cautiously. Flashfyre let out a comforting giggle and straightened her back.

"A majority of the neurochips and statwatches were destroyed as ordered, but a few of them were actually bought by Claymore Academy's research branch in Alaska, known as the Onya Research Academy; they were able to isolate the coding and reprogram the neurochips to work with a nanomachine feed, which not only helps regulate the physical and mental tolls taken by using a Synthetic Special Skill, but also provides us with a far-more effective way to gather data; the new interface isn't a virtual simulation, but more like a heads-up display, and we are supposed to start testing in a week or so. I wanted to ask you, since you have proven that your skills from a virtual world can be annexed and utilized in reality, would you consider volunteering for the Zero-Four testing?" Flashfyre presented, standing casually as she watched Aurora's facial expression switch from relaxed to somewhat shocked.

Aurora's eyes shot back and forth as she began to run her mind over the details of Flashfyre's explanation, especially dealing with the neurochip released by YukiTex Industries. Aurora had caught some of the rumors and news leaks around school dealing with the incident in America, and from what she could tell, the going story was that the neurochips' WorldOS system was compromised, leading to thousands of high school teenagers being killed at the hands of a rogue artificial intelligence embedded in the virtual world. Witnesses from the event were taken from the public and questioned in secure facilities, but ultimately YukiTex Industries' biggest virtual project, The FREY was shut down, mere months after her own run-in with the WorldRunnerOS system that led to her first heroic acts alongside the user named Shaded Fox. The government had covered up that issue too, calling the entire affair a programming malfunction, but allowed Aurora to be praised a hero for both winning and shutting down the game. Aurora returned to Claymore Academy not expecting any special treatment or attention, but as word continued to travel around the campus and outside world, she soon found herself the new center of attention, as opposed to her silent, nearly-unrecognized status in her prior year.


Part of her began to wonder if she was selected based on her actual skills, or if she was now being solicited because of her past experience with full-dive technology. Then again, Aurora was being approached by a member of the very guild she hoped to be annexed into someday soon, and wondered if this might be her chance to show her true talents.


"I guess I would like some time to think this through; I just got back into classes and I want to make sure I really have a handle on my skills before I allocate myself to another form of testing," Aurora reasoned, standing nervously as Flashfyre nodded her head in an authoritative, comprehending manner.

"I see, and that's a very astute and reasonable request, AutoKill; let's see how you do for a week, and then we'll reconvene the offer, okay?" Flashfyre agreed, approaching her front door swiftly with a smile. Aurora nodded and bowed as Flashfyre exited and closed the door quietly, and Aurora flopped backwards onto her bed with a sigh.


"A member of Fifth Guild directly consulted me...maybe I am making some waves after all," Aurora whispered to herself.

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